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Author C. Swallow

Hi! I’m author C. Swallow and I write dark romance, fantasy, science fiction, paranormal and erotic genres. I write prolifically as my imagination is limitless! I enjoy providing my readers with an escape through the different worlds I create. All of my novels are inspired from music. My series are free to access, with some sequels paid-to-access to support my career. I write full time online under the username @ CSW1995. You can find my work via Wattpad, Inkitt, Radish Fiction, Amazon, Patreon and GALATEA.

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DeepDissonance 🌟 {SOUNDCLOUD} 🎧

I’m making music as DeepDissonance on Soundcloud. My songs are a mix of dark ambience, trance, witch house, electronic and techno etc. It’s a chaotic ride. I’m obsessed with making music as much as writing! I’m completed new to this but have to start somewhere. Check out my tracks :

C. Swallow: Radish Fiction Exclusives

My Radish Fiction exclusives are on wait-to-unlock timers and include sequels of my most successful series. Blas Archangels and Faeted Lovers are the only full exclusive series locked to Radish Fiction for full monetisation. Purchasing any of these exclusive seasons, supports me and my full time writing: Blas Archangels {Ashwings, Ashfall} {1-hour wait-to-unlock} Faeted LoversContinue reading “C. Swallow: Radish Fiction Exclusives”

Twin Dragons Series Signed with Galatea – Immersive Stories

Galatea – Immersive Stories is an app created by the infamous Inkitt. [Infamous for being the only app with the balls to pursue and publish debut authors who’ve never been published before, by analysing complex analytics to find which books will sell!] Who am I? I’m author C. Swallow and I’m signed with this newContinue reading “Twin Dragons Series Signed with Galatea – Immersive Stories”

Frankincense City Series | PAPERBACKS and EBOOKS

I have released my FRANKINCENSE CITY SERIES as PAPERBACKS and EBOOKS on Amazon [prices in USD]. This series has sci-fi, action, erotica, mystery, comic-book universe vibes and it is set in a post-apocalyptic dystopia. Warning, 18+ readers only. BOOK 1 – THE DIAMOND SPY PAPERBACK $13.99 Ebook $3.20 The Diamond Spy Blurb Terribly good thingsContinue reading “Frankincense City Series | PAPERBACKS and EBOOKS”

Music : DeepDissonance

I recently joined soundcloud to upload electronic dark ambient music as DeepDissonance