Hi! I’m author C. Swallow, I’m 24 years old from Melbourne, Australia. I started writing when I was 14 years old. I can write romance, fantasy, science fiction, paranormal and erotica. I write full time online under the username @ CSW1995 and author name; C. Swallow.

I currently have 33 works and I’m always creating new stories and series along the way. Music helps me write; it’s a source of never ending inspiration. My patrons help keep me on track with all my weekly updates, and at my prime, I can balance writing new chapters across ten different books each week. I write every day of the year – there is no need for breaks when it’s what I love to do. This is more than a job or a hobby. Writing is my life.

My Twin Dragons series scored a publishing deal with Inkitt, and is currently being published on the immersive fiction app – Galatea, you can find Requiem City and Dragon’s Princess already adapted, rewritten by professional Hollywood screenwriters. I also have some self published paperbacks and ebooks on Amazon. You can check out my free works on these apps; Inkitt, Wattpad and Radish Fiction.

Check out the blog to see the latest news and announcements about my writing.