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Author C. Swallow

Read my novels for free with no advertisements between chapters via Inkitt.

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I have 2 official Wattpad accounts, the original CSW1995 and CSWx1995 for all new stories.

Author C. Swallow

Hi! I’m author C. Swallow and I write dark romance, fantasy, science fiction, paranormal and erotic genres. I write prolifically as my imagination is limitless! I enjoy providing my readers with an escape through the different worlds I create. All of my novels are inspired from music. My series are free to access, with some sequels paid-to-access to support my career. I write full time online under the username @ CSW1995. You can find my work via Wattpad, Inkitt, Radish Fiction, Amazon, Patreon and GALATEA.

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The Silver-Wynter Series

The Silver-Wynter Series is free on all platforms, with links and descriptions provided below. All books in this series can be read and understood as stand alone reads. Themes 18+ HORROR-EROTICA, PARANORMAL, GOTHIC-ROMANCE, DEMONS, VAMPIRES, LYCANS, WITCHES, DARK-FANTASY. Dark Academy Blurb: Darc is hellbent on seducing and twisting Wynter to his will. Wynter is anContinue reading “The Silver-Wynter Series”

Requiem City Season 5

Season 5 / Book 5 is now LIVE on Galatea REQUIEM CITY SEASON 5 / BOOK 5Chapter 1: The Scent of NightChapter 2: NightmareChapter 3: BurlesqueChapter 4: Rex of BloodChapter 5: That’s More Like It Chapter 6: Stark VisionChapter 7: The Brother’s DivideChapter 8: Let Her FightChapter 9: Date With a DevilChapter 10: A Dragon’sContinue reading “Requiem City Season 5”

Requiem City Audiobook / Twin Dragons [GALATEA]

The Requiem City Audiobook is now LIVE on the GALATEA app. ‘C. Swallow’s Twin Dragons Series’ is also LIVE on GALATEA. Chronological Reading Order: Dragon’s Princess, Dragon’s Shadow, Dragon’s Slave, Dragon’s Blood, Dragon’s Pet, Dragon’s Leash, Requiem City. Immersive Adaptions: Dragon’s Princess and Requiem City. Author’s Originals: Dragon’s Shadow, Dragon’s Slave, Dragon’s Blood, Dragon’s Pet,Continue reading “Requiem City Audiobook / Twin Dragons [GALATEA]”

DeepDissonance 🌟 {SOUNDCLOUD} 🎧

I’m making music as DeepDissonance on Soundcloud. My songs are a mix of dark ambience, trance, witch house, electronic and techno etc. It’s a chaotic ride. I’m obsessed with making music as much as writing! I’m completed new to this but have to start somewhere. Check out my tracks :

C. Swallow: Radish Fiction Exclusives

My Radish Fiction exclusives are on wait-to-unlock timers and include sequels of my most successful series. Purchasing any of these exclusive seasons, supports me and my full time writing: Blas Archangels {Ashwings, Ashfall} {1-hour wait-to-unlock} Faeted Lovers {1-hour wait-to-unlock} The Mermaid That’s Sweetest {Part 2}{12-hour wait-to-unlock} Draconess {Volume 2} {1-hour wait-to-unlock} Mastering Wren 2 {1-hourContinue reading “C. Swallow: Radish Fiction Exclusives”

Twin Dragons Series Signed with Galatea – Immersive Stories

Galatea – Immersive Stories is an app created by the infamous Inkitt. [Infamous for being the only app with the balls to pursue and publish debut authors who’ve never been published before, by analysing complex analytics to find which books will sell!] Who am I? I’m author C. Swallow and I’m signed with this newContinue reading “Twin Dragons Series Signed with Galatea – Immersive Stories”

Music : DeepDissonance

I recently joined soundcloud to upload electronic dark ambient music as DeepDissonance