Frankincense City Series | PAPERBACKS and EBOOKS

I have released my FRANKINCENSE CITY SERIES as PAPERBACKS and EBOOKS on Amazon [prices in USD]. This series has sci-fi, action, erotica, mystery, comic-book universe vibes and it is set in a post-apocalyptic dystopia.

Warning, 18+ readers only.



Ebook $3.20

The Diamond Spy Blurb

Terribly good things await Alyssa when she lands a job as a spy. Even if infiltrating the Black Lair Clubhouse to steal a ring from the Lord of the Underworld is risky business. Three women have already lost their lives attempting such a feat but Alyssa is determined she will be the first to survive. There is just one problem. Dale has three close, notoriously dangerous men that protect him at all times. Imposing, armed and highly intelligent, the four gangsters together, are known as STRIKE. They lead the Gang of Shadows; where Misfits with mutated Gifts awarded by a Dooms Day now a century past, rebel against the Government in Frankincense City [FC]. Will Alyssa complete her mission for the government organisation who hired her… or will she take the other positively evil alternative? Because, STRIKE might just have a better place for The Diamond Spy. That is, if she is partial to the idea of being shared by the four evil villains of FC, who all have the worst kind of intentions.



Ebook $3.20

Princess of the Shadows Blurb *blurb contains spoilers to book 1*

The last three cities on Earth have changed forever. All mutated inhabitants of Frankincense City [FC] have been evacuated into the two New World cities for labour and slavery. Alyssa O’Brien of FC is in such a position – she has no idea where any of her friends have been taken. However, she is also in a position to restore her lost city. Whilst in the New World city of Avalon, she acts as the unwilling escort for Rueben Simeon, unofficial douche bag prince of Avalon. Her entitled owner believes her genes were simply designed for pleasure but he has no idea she intends to rule the world; which she plans to reclaim from the shadows. The underground is the only place Alyssa may be reunited with STRIKE – four super soldier gangsters that are no where to be found. They are her lost loves, although mean, crazy and lethal, she knows they are capable of rebellion. If Alyssa can reunite with her beasts and find her friends, perhaps they can save all FC inhabitants from slavery and return everyone to FC; the city they ruled from the shadows over a year ago in the face of a corrupt government.



Ebook $3.20

Ultimate Underworld Blurb *blurb contains spoilers to previous books*

A long time ago, Ultimates could rule the world, after all, they were built too. However, gangs have replaced their once significant standing in the last three cities on earth. Frankincense City is now ruled by violent teens, Atlantis is run by a military coup and Avalon is ruled by Jessica ‘Red’. 7 long years have passed since the once formidable gang of Ultimate Super Soldiers, STRIKE, were once feared around the globe for their power and influence. Now, they’re under ‘Red’s hands; as broken pets who lost their greatest love and the only child they had to look after. Little do the members of STRIKE know that their first love is alive and coming to save them. After 7 long years, STRIKE may just get to break free of their personal hell… only to step right into a new one. Because their once subservient girlfriend is no longer a door mat. Instead, she is now the most dangerous woman on the planet.



Ebook $3.20

Fantasy X Blurb

Imagine living a normal life, only to fall right into everyone’s nightmare… or everyone’s secret dark fantasy. Lucy is suddenly forced to be a slave in a mansion full of extremely attractive men and women. Sounds like heaven, but it’s far from it. Lucy will struggle with stockholm syndrome and ever fading reality. Logic and lines become blurred as everything she has ever known, is flipped upside down. Her Master Zac is lethally irresistible and Daisy, a slave Lucy befriends, might be the only person that keeps Lucy tied to sanity. The Diamond Spy Prequel and Stand Alone Read. [Straight Hardcore Erotica with some F/F Scenes and Very Dark Themes, 18+ ONLY]


PAPERBACK [3 in 1] $22.99

EBOOK $6.99



These books can also be read for free via Inkitt and Wattpad as well as Radish Fiction. Buying them via Amazon helps support my full time writing career.

Love, yah CrAzY author, C. Swallow.

Published by cswallownovels

Read my novels for free on Inkitt, Wattpad & Radish Fiction. I'm also published on Galatea and Amazon.

2 thoughts on “Frankincense City Series | PAPERBACKS and EBOOKS

  1. I’ve been reading all your books and I really love you’re writing and storyline. I love that you truly adapted the characters speech with the Era in Chyronex. Can’t wait for the rest of the series.
    And can’t wait for the dragon twins series to be available on Amazon. Galatea isn’t really that much fun for binge readers.

    Liked by 1 person

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