Twin Dragons Series Signed with Galatea – Immersive Stories

Galatea – Immersive Stories is an app created by the infamous Inkitt. [Infamous for being the only app with the balls to pursue and publish debut authors who’ve never been published before, by analysing complex analytics to find which books will sell!]

Who am I? I’m author C. Swallow and I’m signed with this new app; Galatea.

It only took years of intense patience, constant updating, passion and faith to find success in the writing world. Sure, every app that approached me and offered to pay me for writing was an absolute bonus along the way. It gave me a reason to pursue writing full time. I’ve agreed to it all, Wattpad Futures Program, Radish Fiction, Inkitt Reader Royalty Program then Inkitt Icons, and recently I joined Patreon to help me create newer projects.

However, signing my Twin Dragons series with Galatea – Immersive Stories has meant hitting the jackpot. The future of this ingenious, immersive fiction app is so exciting and it’s only just the beginning.

First, Requiem City was published on Galatea, 9th of April 2019.

Now, Dragon’s Princess joins the successful multimillion dollar business as stated by Forbes! Of course, of course, it sounds great… but what makes a fiction app so damn uniquely brilliant in all aspects?

Galatea not only has special effects and music as you read, best-selling authors, Hollywood script writers and amazing talent from all around the world working behind the scenes, it’s also forever expanding with concepts and more stories all the time!

This is the best reading app out there, like Netflix but for book lovers.

Download Galatea – Immersive Stories and check out my newest release, Dragon’s Princess!

But wait, what’s the user experience like?

For every story on the app you can read a new chapter every single day for free. You can check which seasons are in production and which seasons have been released recently by checking out the ‘news’ tab in the top right hand corner of the home screen. If you choose to read more all at once by buying points, the authors signed with Galatea get paid!

Don’t forget to check out the ‘free points’ tab in the top left hand corner of the home screen. There are plenty of ways to earn points to binge read for free in exchange for your time making reviews, answering polls/questions etc!

Author ——- C. Swallow ♥

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