Requiem City Season 5

Season 5 / Book 5 is now LIVE on Galatea

Chapter 1: The Scent of Night
Chapter 2: Nightmare
Chapter 3: Burlesque
Chapter 4: Rex of Blood
Chapter 5: That’s More Like It

Chapter 6: Stark Vision
Chapter 7: The Brother’s Divide
Chapter 8: Let Her Fight
Chapter 9: Date With a Devil
Chapter 10: A Dragon’s Bloody Appetite

This list of chapters for Book 5 will be updated as more chapters are added!

Season 1 – 4 is rewritten and adapted for an immersive experience

Season 5 is C. Swallow’s original writing, ongoing***

Exclusive to Galatea

Published by cswallownovels

Read my novels for free on Inkitt, Wattpad & Radish Fiction. I'm also published on Galatea and Amazon.

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