A Wild Raven 🐎 PAPERBACK $9.99 USD

A short story.

Blurb : 23 year old Raven is about to meet her match in 36 year old Coal – the eldest son of Devonshire Ranch. This cowboy has a broken heart and distrusts deeply – but so does Raven. Having no home and wandering about from state to state, Raven looks for temporary work anywhere she can to work with horses. The unlikely match will bond over their love of equines – and their shared power of being able to communicate with animals.

A 5-Star Review from user: Turamaria on Inkitt : This story was the perfect amount of everything. Beautiful story line without lingering on any particular issue or event. Perfect style of monologue because lets face it, this story speaks to most people. Like, when you see a face and you just know what they are saying πŸ˜‚ There are too many little perfect things about this, that if I was to say more, I’m sure I’ll give away the plot. Amazing story Author ❀️

Love ~ Author C. Swallow

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