Blas Archangels


Blas Archangels


Radish Fiction & KISS

Book 1 : Ashwings

Fallen Archangels will ruin you at the Lavent Ashwing. Do you dare cross the boundary? Once you do, you have one chance to exit, and if you choose to stay, you can never leave again. Everyone is born with a unique strength on Ora. Ivy, an 18 year old, is the owner of a purified soul who collides with the toxic world of E.W an Exotic Wanderlust and a galaxy revered Breeding Palace that holds all the secrets to her demise. Will Ivy fall for the Fallen Archangels inside, that are set on tormenting her for her tears?

Book 2 : Ashfall

Ivy is the new Angel of Ashfall at the Lavent Ashwing, able to judge the Fallen. She is bound through her generous heart to want to save the Blas Archangels from hell after she put them there on a whim. When Ivy has a change of heart, will the Blas Archangels forgive her – or will they find punishment is far more fitting for the crime of burning them to the One Below?

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