Requiem City Audiobook / Twin Dragons [GALATEA]

The Requiem City Audiobook is now LIVE on the GALATEA app.

‘C. Swallow’s Twin Dragons Series’ is also LIVE on GALATEA.

Chronological Reading Order: Dragon’s Princess, Dragon’s Shadow, Dragon’s Slave, Dragon’s Blood, Dragon’s Pet, Dragon’s Leash, Requiem City.

Immersive Adaptions: Dragon’s Princess and Requiem City.

Author’s Originals: Dragon’s Shadow, Dragon’s Slave, Dragon’s Blood, Dragon’s Pet, Dragon’s Leash.

Release Dates for The Twin Dragons Series [Galatea]

My original writing for the Twin Dragons Series, GALATEA release dates;

Dragon’s Slave Book 1 29th April

Dragon’s Blood Book 1 30th April

Dragon’s Shadow Book 1 1st May

Dragon’s Pet 2nd May

Dragon’s Slave Book 2 3rd May

Dragon’s Blood Book 2 4th May

Dragon’s Shadow Book 2 5th May

Dragon’s Blood Book 3 6th May

Dragon’s Leash 8th May

You can download the GALATEA app and go to ‘Coming Soon’ and set notifications for the release dates of these books, if you would like to be prepared 🙂

C. Swallow: Radish Fiction Exclusives

My Radish Fiction exclusives are on wait-to-unlock timers and include sequels of my most successful series. Purchasing any of these exclusive seasons, supports me and my full time writing:

Blas Archangels {Ashwings, Ashfall} {1-hour wait-to-unlock}

Faeted Lovers {1-hour wait-to-unlock}

The Mermaid That’s Sweetest {Part 2}{12-hour wait-to-unlock}

Draconess {Volume 2} {1-hour wait-to-unlock}

Mastering Wren 2 {1-hour wait-to-unlock}

Frankincense City [Vol.1] {The Diamond Spy, Princess of the Shadows, Ultimate Underworld}{1-hour wait-to-unlock}

Frankincense City [Vol.2] {Reigning Shadows, A.R.M.Y, Kitten, K.R.WH0R3}{1-hour wait-to-unlock}

Star Crossed {1-hour wait-to-unlock}

Star Cursed {1-hour wait-to-unlock}

Blas Archangels : Ivy is the new Angel of Ashfall at the Lavent Ashwing, able to judge the Fallen. She is bound through her generous heart to want to save the Blas Archangels from hell after she put them there on a whim. When Ivy has a change of heart, will the Blas Archangels forgive her – or will they find punishment is far more fitting for the crime of burning them to the One Below?

Faeted Lovers : After a mysterious war between Mortaldom and Faedom reaches a bloody end, 4 friends all meet as young orphans. One year later, these four orphans are swiftly torn apart by cruel fate. Vlaric and Vladimir have to join the enemy army. Missy is forced to join a church, while Mona, remains at the orphanage as a naive girl and she grows up alone, only dreaming of one thing; reuniting with her friends. The four friends will only be thrust back together again as adults. From that point, destiny will ensure romance mixes with blood and vengeance. If they can survive it all, lost crowns and more await. 

The Mermaid That’s Sweetest : Mermaid Lily killed her best friend, by accident, when she was eight years old. Ever since, she’s been too haunted to touch the ocean again. She’s not only plagued by her past, but a reoccurring dream, which was once peaceful and is now turning… strange. She doesn’t know it yet, but she’s connected to a darkness that could kill her, and that darkness is her mate; an Erebos. They are the kind of Mermaid that feasts on the blood of their own kind – and they are infamous for being the most dangerous threat to the island where she lives.

Draconess : Enslavement was sudden and forced for Chyronex, who is the sole Moon Priestess of Swendula. Within her Moon Tower, the insufferable warlord has deemed her residence is now his and she is his war prize. It would be a simple tale of slave fighting against master, but her warlord holds many secrets behind his carefully chosen words. Later, when the King arrives after months waiting, Chyronex will soon find out the real purpose of her enslavement. Unfortunately, Chyronex will only learn her true nature while everyone around her tries to control it. Overtime, as she realises the power she holds inside her soul, she will have to choose risking everything fighting for her beliefs. The smart way to do so is staying quiet and obedient until the moment is just right… and even then, she’ll have to prepare for the consequences of fighting back. A warlord, a prisoner, an insane witch and a King will be a part of the tightrope Chyronex has to navigate, in search of her true identity.

Mastering Wren : Fate decides that two people, with completely different values and lives, shall be thrown into the same workplace. Wren’s life seems to be filled with awkward stuttering, an overthinking brain and an anxious tremble to her hands. Theo already has what everyone is searching for at his age; the gift of the gab, a fantastic reputation, wealth and a fiancé. With what can only be an accident of destiny, throwing these two together… will the unthinkable occur?

Frankincense City : Terribly good things await Alyssa when she lands a job as a spy. Even if infiltrating the Black Lair Clubhouse to steal a ring from the Lord of the Underworld is risky business. Three women have already lost their lives attempting such a feat but Alyssa is determined she will be the first to survive. There is just one problem. Dale has three close, notoriously dangerous men that protect him at all times. Imposing, armed and highly intelligent, the four gangsters together, are known as STRIKE. They lead the Gang of Shadows; where Misfits with mutated Gifts awarded by a Dooms Day now a century past, rebel against the Government in Frankincense City [FC]. Will Alyssa complete her mission for the government organisation who hired her… or will she take the other positively evil alternative? Because, STRIKE might just have a better place for The Diamond Spy. That is, if she is partial to the idea of being shared by the four evil villains of FC, who all have the worst kind of intentions.

Star Crossed : Jasmine is now seventeen, but she was born and abandoned on the wrong planet. A crucial, connecting gate-way was cut off from Earth #18 leaving her stranded with an unknowing prince, his brother and a timid air-user. Everyone on this planet can harness magic, but nothing can compare to these unwitting members of a species called Gems. High school prevails as a second issue while the DFS [Die Fight or Survive] competition is the number one priority. Jasmine’s team, The Embers, are runner-ups from last year and they don’t plan on coming second again. They want to win and so they will try… in the face of another unwitting member of their species, who may stop them first. Or perhaps the Gems themselves will cause chaos, through illegal portals of their own, as they will do anything necessary to get their prince to return… without Jasmine Madeira Citrine by his side.

Star Cursed : Royal Dark Gems are male magical beings, searching for their missing female counterparts known as Royal female Gems. After 1000 years of their absence on their home planet, Kiyr, Dark Gems finally locate the rare females residing on another planet; Earth. But are they the Gems they are searching for, or are they Star Cursed, reborn on another planet? Sapphire is a focus point for the Dark Gems as they believe she is their missing princess. Sapphire is abducted along with a selected group of forty-nine other females from Earth. Enslaved for the Dark Gem’s selfish desires, will they manage to escape? Will they manage to unravel the mystery to their unknown past?

Wolf Dominion, Andromeda, Diamonds in the Dark and Whittaker Ebooks!

My stories are still and always will be free on Inkitt, Wattpad and Radish Fiction. When they are complete, I also put them on Amazon as an option if you wish to buy and own a copy! Please rate and review my ebooks on Goodreads to let others know what you think x

Ebook: Wolf Dominion
Ebook: Andromeda
Ebook: Diamonds in the Dark
Ebook: Whittaker

Snowred (Kingdom of Alma) | PAPERBACK and EBOOK

Snowred (Kingdom of Alma) paperback $12.99 USD and ebook $3.99 USD now available for purchase on Amazon!


A dark fairy tale, uniquely twisted in all the wrong ways. Ellie, an extremely shy and meek 20 year old, gets kidnapped by Snow, a legendary werewolf warrior who may be the flint to start her fire, if he doesn’t kill her first.

Buy a copy to support my writing, while it’s still 100% free via Inkitt, Wattpad and Radish Fiction!

The sequel Whittaker is being created via my patreon, check it out for first access!

Author ——- C. Swallow ♥

Twin Dragons Series Signed with Galatea – Immersive Stories

Galatea – Immersive Stories is an app created by the infamous Inkitt. [Infamous for being the only app with the balls to pursue and publish debut authors who’ve never been published before, by analysing complex analytics to find which books will sell!]

Who am I? I’m author C. Swallow and I’m signed with this new app; Galatea.

It only took years of intense patience, constant updating, passion and faith to find success in the writing world. Sure, every app that approached me and offered to pay me for writing was an absolute bonus along the way. It gave me a reason to pursue writing full time. I’ve agreed to it all, Wattpad Futures Program, Radish Fiction, Inkitt Reader Royalty Program then Inkitt Icons, and recently I joined Patreon to help me create newer projects.

However, signing my Twin Dragons series with Galatea – Immersive Stories has meant hitting the jackpot. The future of this ingenious, immersive fiction app is so exciting and it’s only just the beginning.

First, Requiem City was published on Galatea, 9th of April 2019.

Now, Dragon’s Princess joins the successful multimillion dollar business as stated by Forbes! Of course, of course, it sounds great… but what makes a fiction app so damn uniquely brilliant in all aspects?

Galatea not only has special effects and music as you read, best-selling authors, Hollywood script writers and amazing talent from all around the world working behind the scenes, it’s also forever expanding with concepts and more stories all the time!

This is the best reading app out there, like Netflix but for book lovers.

Download Galatea – Immersive Stories and check out my newest release, Dragon’s Princess!

But wait, what’s the user experience like?

For every story on the app you can read a new chapter every single day for free. You can check which seasons are in production and which seasons have been released recently by checking out the ‘news’ tab in the top right hand corner of the home screen. If you choose to read more all at once by buying points, the authors signed with Galatea get paid!

Don’t forget to check out the ‘free points’ tab in the top left hand corner of the home screen. There are plenty of ways to earn points to binge read for free in exchange for your time making reviews, answering polls/questions etc!

Author ——- C. Swallow ♥