Dark Nine Book-Tree

For Patrons Only

The tree represents the Dark Nine series…………

…. at the end of Chapter 37, read: Dark Lullabies for Airy’s branch with a Preistiuz Kor, Pulsar ….

…. at the end of Chapter 45, read: Dark Nine Regalis for Regalis’ branch with Kitty ….

For passwords, become a patron for $2 USD a month, cancel anytime. Link: patreon.com/CSW1995

‘Dark Nine’ is free to read via Inkitt, Radish Fiction, Wattpad and my author website. ‘Dark Lullabies’ and ‘Dark Nine Regalis’ are exclusive branches to the series, for patrons only.

Love, Author C. Swallow

This page was last updated 28th of May 2023

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