Frankincense City [FC]


Frankincense City (Volume 1) Radish Fiction

The Diamond Spy

Alyssa falls in love with the villains of Frankincense City; 4 hot super soldiers infamously known as STRIKE. Terribly good things await Alyssa when she lands a job as a spy. Even if infiltrating the Black Lair Clubhouse to steal a ring from the Lord of the Underworld is risky business. Three women have already lost their lives attempting such a feat but Alyssa is determined she will be the first to survive. There is just one problem. Dale has three close, notoriously dangerous men that protect him at all times. Imposing, armed and highly intelligent, the four gangsters together, are known as STRIKE. They lead the Gang of Shadows; where Misfits with mutated Gifts awarded by a Dooms Day now a century past, rebel against the Government in Frankincense City [FC]. Will Alyssa complete her mission for the government organisation who hired her… or will she take the other positively evil alternative? Because, STRIKE might just have a better place for The Diamond Spy. That is, if she is partial to the idea of being shared by the four evil villains of FC, who all have the worst kind of intentions.

Frankincense City (Volume 1) Radish Fiction

Princess of the Shadows

Whilst in the New World city of Avalon, Alyssa acts as the unwilling escort for Rueben Simeon, unofficial douche bag prince of Avalon. Her entitled owner believes her genes were simply designed for pleasure but he has no idea she intends to rule the world; which she plans to reclaim from the shadows. The underground is the only place Alyssa may be reunited with STRIKE – four super soldier gangsters that are no where to be found. They are her lost loves, although mean, crazy and lethal, she knows they are capable of rebellion. If Alyssa can reunite with her beasts and find her friends, perhaps they can save all FC inhabitants from slavery and return everyone to FC; the city they ruled from the shadows over a year ago in the face of a corrupt government. Unfortunately for Alyssa, she can’t just choose to worry over mere enslavement. Hacksaw, the ghost legend of FC who was responsible for forcing 1 million FC inhabitants into this situation, is still out there, and she can’t ignore he was the one to set these events into motion… all because of her face. A face that resembles a love he lost over a century ago.

Frankincense City (Volume 1) Radish Fiction

Ultimate Underworld

A long time ago, Ultimates could rule the world, after all, they were built too. However, gangs have replaced their once significant standing in the last three cities on earth. Frankincense City is now ruled by violent teens, Atlantis is run by a military coup and Avalon is ruled by Jessica ‘Red’. 7 long years have passed since the once formidable gang of Ultimate Super Soldiers, STRIKE, were once feared around the globe for their power and influence. Now, they’re under ‘Red’s hands; as broken pets who lost their greatest love and the only child they had to look after. Little do the members of STRIKE know that their first love is alive and coming to save them. After 7 long years, STRIKE may just get to break free of their personal hell… only to step right into a new one. Because their once subservient girlfriend is no longer a door mat. Instead, she is now the most dangerous woman on the planet.

Frankincense City (Volume 1) Radish Fiction

Frankincense City (Volume 2) Radish Fiction

Reigning Shadows

Two Love Stories inc. Alyssa: Our beloved Kitten is now an unofficial President of Frank City, a place once ravaged by pain and suffering is now peaceful and united. Her dolls are her close squad who protect the city from any rising discord. Her daughter, Sally, is a ray of lightning as always and her son, Casey, is a powerful machine, who may or may not be desperately hiding a terrible, bloody secret. All the while, old enemies lurk in the dark, plotting their next move to disrupt and discredit Alyssa O’Brien; the one woman who has the genetic makeup to truly reign over not just the world, but the shadows and the beasts that walk within them. Viola: On the run from her unstable psychotic ex-boyfriend, Casey, will Viola outrun him forever or try to help him face his demons? Her challenge is that she’s seen the horrific monster that lives within him. A monster that comes out to play when Casey uses his power; mind control.

Frankincense City (Volume 2) Radish Fiction


Sally has trouble falling in love in Frankincense City, being the daughter of the Gang of Shadows that rules the underground. She’s not allowed to talk to boys, basically ever. It’s especially hard when a single night on the town, while trying to expand her friendship and identity, will impact and change the lives of four innocent teenage boys from Atlantis forever. They’ll meet her again 6 years later and when they do, the tables will be turned. The boys will be different, known simply as A.R.M.Y. They are looking for Sal’ and they’re hungry for revenge.

Frankincense City (Volume 2) Radish Fiction


After 18 years in a coma, Alyssa was played by the Ultimate enemy, and now she has to reclaim everything, but nothing is as it seems and everything she ever knew – is over.

Frankincense City (Volume 2) Radish Fiction


EVIE.VANA-ALON.K.R.WH0R3. Designed for REIGN. Error. Release. Ignition. Start. ¸„.-•~¹°”ˆ˜¨ ¨˜ˆ”°¹~•-.„¸¸„.-•~¹°”ˆ˜¨ ¨˜ˆ”°¹~•-.„¸¸„.-•~¹°”ˆ˜¨ ¨˜ˆ”°¹~•-.„¸¸„.-•~¹°”ˆ˜¨ ¨˜ˆ”°¹~•-.„¸ K.R.ROBOTICS [KANE REIGN ROBOTICS].

Earl; Cyborg. Political Head Banger. Jose Upgraded.

Clarence; Cyborg. Cool n’ Cruel Asshole. Serge Upgraded.

Miles; Cyborg. Freaky Precision Master. Ace Upgraded.

Kane; Cyborg. Mastermind. Megalomaniac. President of Avalon. Dale Upgraded.

Frankincense City (Volume 2) Radish Fiction

Frankincense City (Volume 3) Radish Fiction


Ariel gets tricked into Andromeda; a city full of 3 million human mutants with 0.05% wolf DNA. They’re all off the grid from the 3 other Desolate cities of the Earth. Andromeda is a strict place, governed by Earnest Winter and patrolled by Four Zenith Alphas; w/ 3.9% Alpha DNA. Ariel needs to work out how the hell to survive, especially when she finds out the only reason she was brought to the wolf-hybrid city was simply to be a chew toy for the Zenith Patrol; Wade, Irving, Micha and Terrell. Ariel may be able to evade them for a time, and may even work out how to escape back home, but she’s a curious leopard-human hybrid, and everyone knows curiosity killed the cat. ‘ANDROMEDA’ is the Official Prequel to ‘DIAMONDS IN THE DARK’.

Frankincense City (Volume 3) Radish Fiction

Diamonds in the Dark

A secret baby, a secret city and a turf war between the most powerful soldiers ever created. The Zenith Alphas are coming to take over Frankincense City [FC] and they’ve already laid their first claim by seducing the President of FC’s daughter. Ariel is a young woman with tyrian eyes, just like her father. Ariel also inherited a unique insanity from her mother; hence she craves danger and is immune to fearing the big bad wolves coming over from Andromeda. Will Ariel’s high-risk gene-code be the ultimate demise to her family? DIAMONDS IN THE DARK [The Sequel to Kitten]

Frankincense City (Volume 3) Radish Fiction

Kings of Hell

Will Frankincense City [FC] finally become the dominant power on this desolate planet we call Earth? For the Kings of Shadows to reign over this hell, they’ll build a special task force, ULTRA – designed to sway the New World agenda, and to block imminent annihilation of FC, at all costs.

Frankincense City (Volume 3) Radish Fiction

Fantasy X Volume 1 Inkitt

Kidnapped into a cult mansion full of Dominants, how will Lucy survive if she is also falling in love with her Master, Zac? [18+ ONLY | EROTICA] Imagine living a normal life, only to fall right into everyone’s nightmare… or everyone’s secret dark fantasy. Lucy is suddenly forced to be a slave in a mansion full of extremely attractive men and women. Sounds like heaven, but it’s far from it.

Lucy will struggle with stockholm syndrome and ever fading reality. Logic and lines become blurred as everything she has ever known, is flipped upside down. Her Master Zac is lethally irresistible and Daisy, a slave Lucy befriends, might be the only person that keeps Lucy tied to sanity.

The Diamond Spy Prequel and Stand Alone Read. [Straight Hardcore Erotica with some F/F Scenes and Very Dark Themes, 18+ ONLY]

Fantasy X Volume 2 Inkitt

Fantasy X Sequel! The world is infertile in this cyberpunk age, and we need to get breeding to save it. Hardcore themes inc. 18+ | BDSM | Scifi-Fantasy | Polyamory | Erotica.


A squad of genetically engineered super soldiers – known as Ultimas – fall in love with a girl who’s designed to match them in every way possible. In a post-apocalyptic world, only 3 cities remain with 3 million people on Earth. 1 million of which are mutants whom survived Dooms Day and the gene altering bombs that killed 85% of the Earth’s population.

Alyssa O’Brien graduates from high school and lands a job as a spy. During her second mission, she runs into the most dangerous villains of Frankincense City. STRIKE are a gang of super soldiers, and once Alyssa crosses paths with the beasts of FC, her life will never be the same again.


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