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Claimed by Callista Inkitt

In ancient times, tribal love-making is rough! Yehseeka is determined to remain an independent warrior, refusing to surrender even when Callista chooses her to be his Queen.

The Red Wing Mansion Inkitt

Alix is a backpacker out travelling before she goes to college. She takes the odd job to clean a haunted Red Wing Mansion in Clue, never expecting to have a close companion in the resident ghost; Claudius Fontaine, who has a favoured preference for being called Sir.

Soulstess Inkitt

In all of Xena, the most expensive commodity is Magic. It’s so rare, it’s solely harvested by scientists who specialise in accessing The Dig where all magic is found. One fairy, a rare Soulstess called Zora, has her magic harvested and then she’s discarded on the streets of Zour. As she grows older, she seeks revenge, with two obstacles to conquer. She’s unable to be violent in any manner whatsoever. She’s also unexplainably and intangibly in love with the scientist who ruined her; his name is Giovanni.

Shadow Alpha Inkitt

Evelyn is a Lupine virgin sacrifice to Ferir the Shadow Alpha, the Eternal Wolf who is called upon to influence Lupine behaviour. Ferir is immortal and hasn’t been worshipped in centuries, but now a virgin bride has come his way. Not only is this bloody gift unexpected, but for the first time in his immortal life – his bride absconds from his allure. Ferir is moved by this, and wants to teach Evelyn some Lupine manners and the basic rules of ancient lore. Descending to Earth as a college student, he’ll start a new pack – and a new war, while Evelyn is at the center of it all, and his dark affections.

Ransom Inkitt

Emmett Ransom. CEO, model, violinist and billionaire. He also has two different coloured eyes, purple and blue. Oh and he’s also a shithead boss. Cheryl simply needs work experience, but after bumping into the back of his car, now she owes Emmett. To avoid paying for the damage, she agrees to a short and unpaid internship. Cheryl notices something is wrong, however, when she realises Emmett sets out the first rule, that she must call him Mr. Ransom, yet everyone else is allowed to call him Emmett. Cheryl should just walk out, but the air of dominance and power coming from Mr. Ransom keeps her coming back for more.

Alpha’s Rule Inkitt

Maia Royale’s haven is Half-Moon Academy even though she is from an unwelcome pack seeking refuge in enemy territory. She is accepted to study in Moon Territory and loves her new life away from her home town in Cave City. Everything is fine, until her old pack crosses the border and pulls Maia into an order set for execution. Maia’s only way to live is to impress a royal member of Pack Moon over a period of 6 months. Out of all the Alpha’s at the college, she finds out that she’s commanded to tail Alpha Baden; the secret son of the Prime Alpha.

As everything becomes a complicated mess for Maia, however, it only get’s more problematic when Baden’s ex-friend Chase, comes in to stir up old tension from the past…


Dark Nine [18+]


Mars is a Kor – one of nine Gods in the Dark Ninth, a planet completely devoid of sunlight and female kind.
The Ultimate Chase ensues, because you can only run from these kind of mates.
The Dark Nine have incomparable needs, can Diana satisfy every single one?


A Wild Raven Inkitt

23 year old Raven is about to meet her match in 36 year old Coal – the eldest son of Devonshire Ranch. This cowboy has a broken heart and distrusts deeply – but so does Raven. Having no home and wandering about from state to state, Raven looks for temporary work anywhere she can to work with horses. The unlikely match will bond over their love of equines – and their shared power of being able to communicate with animals.


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