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A Wild Raven 🐎 PAPERBACK $9.99 USD

A short story. Blurb : 23 year old Raven is about to meet her match in 36 year old Coal – the eldest son of Devonshire Ranch. This cowboy has a broken heart and distrusts deeply – but so does Raven. Having no home and wandering about from state to state, Raven looks for temporary…

The Red Wing Mansion {Free & Complete}

The Red Wing Mansion is now complete at 28 chapters. BDSM, GHOST-ROMANCE, DARK FANTASY, SUCCUBUS, 18+. Blurb: Alix is a backpacker out travelling before she goes to college. She takes the odd job to clean a haunted Red Wing Mansion in Clue, never expecting to have a close companion in the resident ghost; Claudius Fontaine,…

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