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DeepDissonance 🌟 {SOUNDCLOUD} 🎧

I’m making music as DeepDissonance on Soundcloud. My songs are a mix of dark ambience, trance, witch house, electronic and techno etc. It’s a chaotic ride. I’m obsessed with making music as much as writing! I’m completed new to this but have to start somewhere. Check out my tracks :

C. Swallow: Radish Fiction Exclusives

My Radish Fiction exclusives are on wait-to-unlock timers and include sequels of my most successful series. Blas Archangels and Faeted Lovers are the only full exclusive series locked to Radish Fiction for full monetisation. Purchasing any of these exclusive seasons, supports me and my full time writing: Blas Archangels {Ashwings, Ashfall} {1-hour wait-to-unlock} Faeted LoversContinue reading “C. Swallow: Radish Fiction Exclusives”

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