Wolf Dominion


Wolf Dominion Volume 1 Inkitt

Will Ryder survive the Alpha’s kiss, or fall into an easy trap of seduction that she may never escape from again? On Genesis, the Wolf Kind rule and Human Kind is on the brink of extinction. All Human males have been slaughtered and all the females left behind are taken as slaves under Wolf Dominion. Alpha Skye oversees and maintains the Wolf Kind’s power, and he doesn’t foresee any humans as threats; they are only pets in his eyes. Ryder is a human female with one goal. Assassinate Alpha Skye. Why? Of course; vengeance. Which might be a problem, when the Alpha’s lips find their mark on her mouth.

Wolf Dominion Volume 2 Inkitt

Ryder is determined to become Luna of Wolf Dominion. To do so she’ll have to wrestle rule from 4 other Alphas and the Imperator of Cat Dominion. There’s also the problem of being in love – with all of them.

The Rose and The Wolf Inkitt

Myra is a princess who inherited her father’s empire of blood. Her possessions involve riches and jewels – and most peculiarly, a man. Although surely he isn’t a man, but a thing like a man – because rather, he is a killing machine, and Myra has no idea what to do with him. This Raygar ‘thing’.

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