FAETED LOVERS (10 Chapters) – C. Swallow

Faeted Lovers -·=»‡«=·- Chapter 10 -·=»‡«=·-
Doven Falls had ponds, perfect mossy ponds with tree trunks the thickness of family cottages. In fact, there were such ruins of ancient cottages here, where Vladimir and Vlaric ventured.
Missy and I followed them to the place of blue, green and moon water. The whole place had light, from glow worms, fire flies and other strange things that had luminescent qualities, like night butterflies.
Missy and I have been following from a bit behind, taking our time slowly because we are not used to trekking at night on foot.
When we turned to see where we’d end up, first it was the scenery that held out attention.
Then, the fact we couldn’t see Vlaric or Vladimir anywhere!
But we could certainly hear them.
I could hear Vlaric’s drunken foot falls and soft chuckling.
But it didn’t sound… so real… it sounded… strange and wispy.
Like it absorbed into the air or something.

“We can hear you, boys, but we can’t see you,” Missy speaks as if she is enchanted by it all too and she steps forward boldly first, while I hang back by a tree.
My heart is beating fast, like I can feel something coming.
I’m not sure what it is I’m expecting.
“Over here!”

Missy’s head turns to the sound of Vlad somewhere ahead, and his deep laugh when we can’t spot him.
“He’s hiding behind a tree,” I suggest, while leaning on mine, my hand wrapped around the mossy trunk.
I feel a bug slither across my hand and I flick my fingers to get it off.
I hear a crunch by my tree. The hairs on the nape of my neck rise.
Wait… I step back, starting to smile… but that easy smile falters on my lips at what I see.
The side… the side of something richly red and golden. Robes? Shimmering skin, like it’s reflecting the humidity in the air… or giving off it’s own mirage effect. Was this person boiling?
But it’s no stranger leaning against the other side of my tree.

My eyes dare look past the bare feet and the royal clothes, past the neck to the familiar jaw… the pointed ear… and Vlaric’s head finally turns so I can be captured by his blue eyes, now swirling like miniature portals, with his blonde hair set rather naturally, as if combed back but wisping out at all the perfect angles.
It’s not really a human I’m staring at. Rather something totally strange.
My hand is already pressed to my chest as I take a step backwards, my words gone as Vlaric finally steps out and toward me, a little wobbly.

“…don’t you like what you see?” Vlaric whispers it at me and my heart flies into my throat.

It’s so sexy, and my face just starts turning bright red.

Oh, no.
I spin around and quickly stalk off to the next tree to hide myself.
One step, one lunge, a jump over a log and –

“…hmm, Monaaa?” Vlaric is in front of me.
Did he teleport?
I walk right into his chest and freak out, flailing my arms in panic as I yelp out, “Wah! Um! No! Go away! Ah – neek!” I don’t know what I’m saying, but I manage to push myself back and I run around into the clearing, where I halt in my anxiety attack to see Vladimir spinning Missy around with one hand in the clearing, in a slow dance… teaching her how to… how to twirl.
He is in contrasting blue and silver robes, his dull eyes turned lily-pad-green with his black hair settled under a silver crown of sparkling twigs dripped in sap.
Vladimir smiles handsomely up at me and Missy is grinning.
“…they’re just a little bit more handsome now… don’t you think…?” Missy whispers in a sigh, twirling around away from Vlad’s hand, towards my red face and my clasped hands in front of me.

I’m looking down a lot.
I’m… so… embarrassed?
Because looking at Vlaric in that state had made my blood rush out of my head.
To other… parts of me.
“Oh, my, Goddess,” Missy halts in front of me and looks past me to Vlaric who’s stepped out from the tree.
Even she is impacted as she swoons.
I stumble past Missy to head for a tree or a boulder to sit by, to gather my wits and my speech.
“Monaaa?” Vladimir steps in front of me, “Are you okay?” he genuinely sounds concerned.
“She’s shy,” Vlaric explains from back there, in his new god like voice.
Even Vlad sounds ethereally superior in some way.
It’s freaking me out!

“I’m not shy,” I lie in a mutter and stumble past Vlad to the pond. I look into my reflection and I see how red my cheeks are, how wide my own deep blue eyes have become. My lip trembles and I slowly get down onto my knees and pick up a stick, pressing it into the water, making ripples, “I’m. Not,” I gulp, “Shy,” I tell myself this a bit more firmly.
Okay. How to avoid it? Vlaric and Vladimir are extremely hot… princes… of a different species; the Fae kind!
They were really, really entrancing.
I couldn’t think straight. My reaction was so stupid and embarrassing.
Eventually I look over my shoulder and see Missy spinning between both of them, a little bit more confident.
I’m not jealous, but I am annoyed at myself for being so impacted by it.
I decide to stay facing them and I sit on my ass, holding my knees with my arms.
I watch from over here as Vlaric stands still… yet the ground trembles under his feet.
The obvious power makes me nervous.

My heart beat catches up again and I see the glowing bugs flittering around Vladimir’s head.
“I could dance forever,” Missy exclaims.
“We could make you,” Vlaric warns her beautifully and then glances over to me.
I’ve narrowed my eyes.
“You better not!” I call out, “Don’t… don’t you…”
“What, Monaaa?” Vlaric asks, just a tad offended.
Don’t enchant Missy forever. I didn’t even know if it was a joke, but I felt it wasn’t and I felt… threatened.

“Mona, come dance!” Missy laughs and keeps twirling.
“Missy!” I snap, “Stop spinning around like that, you’ll get dizzy. Stop!” I yell it a bit louder and she abruptly comes to a halt. Missy is dizzy and she stumbles into Vladimir’s chest.
He steadies her but simultaneously glares over at me.

“Why are you acting like that, Mona?” Vladimir is unimpressed, “We’re not going to hurt her.”
“I just don’t want you playing with her if she doesn’t realise she’s enchanted by your handsome… powers…” I try to explain myself but it comes out awkward.
Vlaric starts towards me and my heart starts racing again.
I sit still and start physically trembling all over as he gets closer.
“…at least your instincts are good…” Vlaric gives in to my worry and slows down, totally aware of my distrust. I didn’t know this Vlaric. I didn’t know what he was capable of. What his real desires were.
I didn’t… I didn’t know what to think.
Vlaric slows down even more and ends up leaning on one boulder near by, squatting slowly and then choosing to sit at the base.
A few feet from me.

Still… close, but not enough to make me uncomfortable.

Missy holds Vladimir’s hand as he steadies her towards us.
I watch as Missy is helped to sit by Vladimir’s hand. She lets go of his palm and then leans back in the moss… I narrow my eyes as she lies down, puts an arm above her head… and then starts sleeping.
In seconds.

“…oops,” Vladimir chuckles awkwardly, genuinely a little unsure of his own powers.
“Why is she sleeping?” I ask, pointing at her.

Vladimir sits on top of a boulder, rolling his eyes and then looking to Vlaric as if to say… you explain.
So, I stare at Vlaric instead and he inhales a deep breath.
I wait patiently, my brow slowly rising.
“Mona…” Vlaric begins, “Our… enchanted state is… well, it is a bit toxic…”
“You poisoned her?” I hiss, glaring at both of them, “Fix it!”
She’ll be fine, when she wakes up,” Vladimir talks over the top of me, shaking his head, “Mona, listen, she’s fine. We can make weaker beings sleep because it’s a basic Fae requirement to steal souls into our realm. But – obviously – we’re not going to steal anyone’s souls tonight.”

What? No, way!
“Missy!” I yell to test his statement. She doesn’t hear me, “Missy!” I yell a bit louder. I flinch when Vlaric leans forward, as if he’s about to silence me somehow, “What are you?” I hiss, “What the hell?”

“I’m not a darn goblin, Mona, stop your dramatics,” Vlaric growls, “Listen. And we’ll tell you.”

“You better bloody tell me, because I don’t trust you like this…” I gulp when they both look offended, “I don’t mean… I don’t mean I don’t trust you as Vlaric and Vladimir. I know you’re my friends. But… you seem… very dangerous now. I don’t know why but I can feel it. I feel… the danger.”
“We can kill you with one word, so yes, danger,” Vladimir scoffs and leans back on the boulder, laying his hands behind his head as he stares up at the night sky, “You explain, Vlad, I’ll nap and try to bring Missy back to consciousness so Mona stops complaining.”
“You can’t pull her back from there, she’ll wake up in a terror. You’ll have to kiss her awake,” Vlaric growls, “Gently. And even then she’ll just hate you if you do that without her permission.”
“Well, let me try to wake her gently… in the Ether Realm… without a nightmare ensuing… I’ll try,” Vlad stills and I’m so confused, but I focus on Vlaric, since he is conscious with me as the other two sleep.
“Did you poison those virgins?” I ask.
“Yes,” Vlaric grimaces, “It was temporary death. Like… paralysis. They’ll awaken in the woods if they haven’t been eaten by wolves.”
“Sounds delightful,” I murmur.
“Us Fae actually enjoy wolves as pets,” Vlaric smiles of a fond memory, “…some even turned into… people, from my memory… and you sure have a wolves’ temper. Don’t you, Mona? And a wolf’s name.”
“I found out some information at the Inn. I have flame hair. I’m a possible… Falcon?”
“Just a name for a distinguished wolf line,” Vlaric smiles, as if understanding deeply.
“I’m just a girl,” I point to my chest, but then I point to him,  “You’re a Fae… thing.”
“A Fae Thing?” Vlaric smirks, and the handsome beauty in it hurts my eyes, I squint as he continues, “I’m a Prince of Faedom. Everyone else below me are Things. At least I would have seen as such if I grew up in my real home. Empyer.”
“…okay,” I pretend to understand what the hell he’s on about.
“Vladimir and I were trained out of the realm, we could be nothing but mortal pass the line of Bird Song… every town from this point on, leads to Faedom… where Rexion plans to slaughter… and we plan on slaughtering him… so… it’s pretty simple…”

Vlaric is still drunk and is half-heartedly explaining.
“It sure is simple,” I murmur.

Vlaric closes his eyes and rests his head back, “…stop lying… I can hear it…”

“You’re ugly,” I snap, smirking.
He opens his eyes.
“You’re really annoying,” Vlaric growls at me and leans back, “Lies make my kind… uncomfortable. Even when they’re obvious.”
“Good to know,” I whisper, feeling mischievous.

“…and your only truths are just as worrying as your lies…” Vlaric chuckles, “You’re. Really. Maddening.”
“No, I’m not maddening!” I snap.
“…argh…” Vlaric pretends to shiver, “A lie. Again. Stop that.”
“If you don’t stop teasing me, I’ll throw mud on your precious outfit,” I pick up a handful of mud and Vlaric opens his eyes, raising one side of his pretty cape.
“Give it a shot and see where that mud ends up,” Vlaric is too confident.
I bite my lip and then can’t help it.
I throw the mud at his cape.
It doesn’t hit his prince attire.

It disappears.

And ends up on my tongue.
It’s… gooey. I scream in disgust as I spit it out and I see a worm wriggle around.
That was just in my mouth! Ew! Yuck!
I keep spitting while Vlaric is just laughing under his breath.
Argh! I scramble to my feet and I curl my fingers into fists.
I look down at Vlaric and he slowly raises both arms, to welcome me to a fight.
“…don’t hurt me, Mona, I beg you…” Vlaric pouts… and patiently waits for me to pounce.
I look at Missy.
And then back at Vlaric.
“I know that look in your eyes. You’ll over power me, force me down… and kiss me,” I state, boldly, raising a brow, “I’ll fall asleep and you’ll just laugh.”
“For someone so stupid and impulsive, you’re occasionally very smart when it comes to fae things,” Vlaric laughs at his own pun and looks at the pool while I glance at Vladimir and then Missy.
Her eyes are flicking and a slight moan of fear escapes from her lips.

A kiss…

I’ll just kiss her awake!

Hmpf,” I stalk my way past him and kneel beside Missy.
I brush her hair off her cheeks and glance back at a confused Vlaric.
“Since you’re so useless,” I mock, “I’ll do it myself.”
Vlaric looks smug and half shrugs, watching me lean down and kiss Missy quickly. Just a peck.
I lean up and nothing happens.
I wait.
“…it doesn’t work unless Vladimir does it… it’s his magic…” Vlaric tells me this now.
“Really? You –” I growl.
“What? It was cute,” Vlaric smiles and curls his fingers. He wants me to come closer, “You look cold, Mona. Come sit. I promise I won’t enchant you away.”

“Is that what the Fae all say before they steal guileless souls?” I ask.
I stand as I speak and I brush off the dirt, waltzing over and sitting down next to Vlaric and leaning into his side.

His arm wraps around my waist and he looks into the water near by, his lips… pursed.
What… wait…
Why did I walk here?

Why did I… how did I…?

“I didn’t willingly sit next to you,” I speak in a monotone, the calm before the storm, “Vlaric…?”

“I couldn’t help it, you’re far too adorable when you’re temper flies away,” Vlaric laughs awkwardly and I press a finger into his ribs, hoping it irritates him.

He just squeezes my hip and find my hand slipping to the top of his thigh. I shuffle in a bit closer. He’s so warm.
I pop my head under his chin and I know my breasts are squished up right under his nose, but I don’t care. When I glance up…
…Vlaric is staring directly down.
At said breasts.

Wait, how come I –?
“Stop doing whatever you’re doing!” I complain, jerking away from him… I pull back a bit… but then I quickly crawl back into his side and this time I sigh sweetly.
Damn it!

“Eek! No! Don’t kill me –” Missy screams awake and Vladimir rolls off the boulder.
I watch to see Vladimir hold her hand. He waits for her to calm down as she wakes from a terrible dream.
It’s disturbing. Missy is covered in sweat and her breathing is all over the place.
Vladimir grabs her chin and forces her to look him in the eyes.
“I’m sorry,” Vladimir says it intensely, “I can make you feel better? Just one kiss. Should help.”
Missy hesitates but ends up nodding slightly.
As Vladimir leans into kiss Missy, I wish Vlaric’s lips would brush my hair… and then… then my cheek… and maybe… even the corner of my mouth… and then he could pull my hair back and kiss my neck.
And then…
I’ve closed my eyed.
I don’t know how, but I can feel it happening as I think it.
Vlaric’s lips are so soft on my throat, feeling my heart beat, as he kisses down… to my collar bone.
I sigh and lean into Vlaric, his fingers releasing my hair and threading through the flowers as I… I…
I smell potent alcohol on his breath when his lips hover up and over mine; it’s what breaks the spell.
Argh! No! Not again!

I fully pull myself away from Vlaric and slap him as hard as I can.
“Horrible prince! I knew to keep my distance! You’re playing out my… my…” fantasy… and feelings. As if he was in my private mind!
I storm away from a smug Vlaric and hide behind a different boulder, “I want to go back to the Inn now!” I call out, refusing to look back.
No one calls to me.
A few minutes pass… and then…

“Kiss my feet… please?”
What was -?

Missy asked what now?
Too curious, I look over my boulder.

Vladimir has a hand on her stomach, one brushing her cheek as he kisses her collar bone… then her chest.
Vlaric has approached both of them and he gracefully leans down, picking up Missy’s feet and kissing them… both of them.
What in the world?

I watch, eyes narrowing as they keep kissing her. So sweetly.
They don’t do anything else, but they end up making Missy giggle dreamily. Eventually, she lies still on the moss after a long inhale as Vladimir leans back up to her face and breathes in her breath.
Vlad doesn’t kiss her… but he’s about to… just like Vlaric did to me.

I watch Missy’s eyes flicker, her breath pauses as Vlaric’s last kiss ends up tickling the inside of her knee and Vlad’s brushes hers.

What the -?!” Missy suddenly screams, slapping Vladimir, then almost kicking Vlaric in the face, “Get away from me!” she gasps and scrambles back while Vladimir and Vlaric smirk and look innocent in that… that secretly toxic way.
They think it’s funny.
“Let’s head back, Missy!” I call out, standing and stomping my way to her.
I grab her shocked hand and pull her up with me.
We glare at them and then spin, waltzing away.

I make sure we hasten our steps.

“Hey! It was just teasing!” Vlaric calls out to both of us, good natured – or so it seems, “…didn’t you realise, Missy? Mona kissed you too!”
We’re already a few trees down the path and Missy halts, blushing a bit.
“What?” Missy asks me, “You did?”
“I thought… I thought it’d wake you up…” I try to explain, “I don’t know, can we just get out of here?”
Missy nods, but we remain hand in hand as we trudge along.
I look over my shoulder, watching Vladimir and Vlaric follow us.
I can’t help my blush but I still glare at them, and I see the transformation.
Their features change back to mortal men, including their clothes.
Vlaric wobbles a bit but is smiling the whole way. Vladimir is watching me with a mischievous look in his eye… but he’s also… a little guilty.
Handsome bastards.
“We’re sleeping in separate quarters at the Inn tonight!” I call back, “Deal with it!”
“Don’t be like… like that…” Vlaric’s half hearted attempt ends with him slowly teetering to the side… and then falling dramatically… passing out on the path.
Oh my…
Vladimir swears and kneels beside him, “Wake up, you fool! Vlaric!”
“Have a nice night in the forest!” Missy calls out, “Enjoy the bugs!”
“Damn it,” Vladimir seems annoyed, but more at himself.
“Seems we’ll have the room to ourselves,” I say to Missy, “Good riddance.”
“They should have better manners,” Missy couldn’t agree more.

We strut back hand in hand, while the Fae Princes fall far behind.
I was annoyed and intrigued by it all. But hell, they had a lot of explaining to do in the morning.
█▀▀▄ █▀▀█ █▀▀ █▀▀█ █░█
█▀▀▄ █▄▄▀ █▀▀ █▄▄█ █▀▄
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