FAETED LOVERS (10 Chapters) – C. Swallow

Faeted Lovers -·=»‡«=·- Chapter 8 -·=»‡«=·-
Stripped bare, I hold my breasts tightly as we’re made to line up with the other naked virgins. Missy shakes from head to foot, blushing so red as a whole army leers at us being staged, on show. All us innocents, had to fuck a whole army.
I really hoped Vlaric and Vladimir knew what they were doing.
I watch them as they stand back, while Agatha screams to the heavens in some strange language.
I think Rexion understands, because when I glance up, he’s smiling and nodding, his eye patch making him easy to spot near the front lines.
He catches sight of me and winks, and I want to die.
This was so humiliating.
Vladimir and Vlaric stand by Rexion, heads held high… seemingly just another willing part of the baptism.
When Agatha is done screaming, she changes her tone and her words, so we can all understand, “This baptism by our God of Earth, cleanses the hearts of the men in your army, and brings them closer to purpose and fulfilment. For the proven glory of our God, I ask, that if the Goddess of Damned Eioth is real, that she strike these virgins down and prove herself a worthy deity,” Agatha points to the virgins all lined up. The girls wait, obediently, “I didn’t think so. Now, men, become the Brethren of Earth, and find your son in these girl’s bellies. But first, bring the whip, Penelope, so we may purify the two who attempted to abscond, murdering an innocent holy soldier on our soil–”
“Agatha?” a shrill fearful plea, escapes the lips of the naked virgin, closest to the head of Ceremony.
“What is it?” Agatha hisses, turning, totally infuriated that she has been interrupted.
But the girl is shaking. Foam frothing out of her lips.
She drops.
And then the next girl drops.
Then the next.
I glance at Vlaric and his blue eyes focus on mine intensely, and he tilts his head down, indicating… to follow.
Oh, shit. I look at Missy, she looks at me.
“I don’t feel so good,” I whisper to her, winking as secretly as I can.
I fall to the soil.

Missy collapses last. Next to me, her eyes are focusing on me.
I slowly close mine and I hope she follows suit.
The Nightingale Army fall into a shocked silent.
Eioth striked them down!” one of the men screams, breaking the silence.
“Blasphemy!” Rexion snarls and the army must watch as I hear the perpetrator be dragged forward, and plunged through with a sword. I can’t see it, but I hear it all.
“They’re dead! They’re all dead!” Agatha shrieks, “It is a sign from the God of Earth! They were all impure! Sluts!” she rambles off anything, anything at all, to avoid the topic of Eioth, “No one touch the skin of the bodies, they are cursed.”
“This is insanity,” Rexion stalks forward, “Stupid old hag, you call yourself a Sister of the Ceremony, what kind of fool do you wish to make me out to be?”
Agatha cries out and begs, “Please! I did nothing!”
“Sir!” Penelope’s voice is heard, and I feel a boot collide with my back, kicking me, more soldiers walk close to peer in at us. I try not to breathe. The army are looking at us like insects, I can feel their gazes linger in confusion, “Please, sir, please, it’s a sign of something. Our God is forewarning us.”

“Of what?” Rexion snarls.

“Um. It is a sign of infertility. A war is coming,” Penelope suggests.
“…infer–… my God, you’re right… a… a war,” Agatha agrees, “A war with any Eioth supporters. Any at all that still roam or breathe on our land, must be killed.”
“…you may be right,” I hear Rexion rumble, “Our God will not allow fruit until the soil is cleansed. The girls were a warning… Nightingale Army!” Rexion booms to his battalion, “Mount your horses, there will be no rest tonight, we have a sign of war. We go to the nearest town, Hawkeye, and we kill any Eioth supporters. Introduce yourselves as an Eioth faction and whoever runs to you, line them up… and slaughter them.  Behead them all. Until such time, we are not worthy by our God. Your baptism remains delayed. If you are God fearing, God worthy men, you will do as I say… understand?”
“I beg your pardon, everyone in Hawkeye is our Breathen,” Agatha tries to challenge Rexion and fails.
Penelope screams and I hear the wailing death of Agatha as she is clearly killed on the spot.
“Useless and impure, do you have a problem with what you just witnessed?” Rexion snarls at Penelope.
“No, no, no,” she repeats, quietly.
“Now we must burn the impure vixens that fell before us –” Rexion murmurs.
“May I interject,” Vlaric, I hear him intercept at such a tense time. The army falls silent to listen to his words.
I hear Rexion’s rapid breathing, increase…
“If this is another one of your books you’ve read,” Rexion growls.
“As a matter of fact, you may wish to hear this,” Vlaric speaks proudly, “Burning the bodies is a matter of usual course, however, those of Eioth faith, often burnt their bodies while harbouring another, co-joint belief. If you place their dead bodies in nature… they will be eaten by the wolves and the bears… and Eioth will be without them. They will not be accepted as Eioth. They will be punished and your God will be indebted for straying their souls from the Goddess. Do you understand?”

“Punishing the impure in death,” Rexion concludes, “You are one annoying genius, Vlaric. Keep reading, will you? Though… since it is your word… and since there is a chance you could be wrong… you can do it yourself.”
“I’ll help,” Vladimir murmurs.
“I thought you’d say that,” Rexion laughs loudly, “You two are some strange soldiers… I don’t like it. But… I’ll take your word… Now! There is no rest for the unworthy, I said mount your horses… first we cleanse Hawkeye, then we move to our next destination. Doven Falls!
The army cheers and heads off, while I wait patiently.
In the next hour, I lay still and I grow cold, while the army retreats from this tainted Church of Earth.
Throughout the time I wait, I hear bodies being dragged.
Vlaric and Vladimir don’t say anything to keep our situation secret. So, I’m silent and still as they work.
Eventually my wrists are picked up and held in hot strong hands, which grip hard and haul me up. I’m dragged while I hear Missy also, being pulled.
As we loll our heads, dragged through dirt, past bickering chickens and the snort of horses… we finally reach soft long grass and we’re laid at the base of a tree.

I feel a warm coat smack into my face and I open my eyes, catching the garment to see Vlaric glaring down at me.

“Fucking dumb little shit,” Vlaric stands over me, hissing, “You could have been quartered!” I hold his coat to my body, while Vladimir drops his own black coat on Missy, who is next to me, before standing back with Vlaric, “Why did you run?” Vlaric turns to Missy as she sits up and slips the coat on.
Missy glares at him but says nothing, she simply finds her feet and raises her head high. Her cheek is still bruised from Agatha’s cane. Her hand cut from the glass of the window.
I jump to my feet, following suit, slipping on the coat and pulling it closed.
“Thanks for saving our lives,” I murmur, growling it, feeling guilty but also relieved and thankful.
Vladimir snorts at my seemingly ungrateful attitude.
“Why did you try to run?” Vlaric repeats, “Why?”

“Does it matter now?” Missy asks, quietly.

“…and why did you throw wine on us?” Vladimir speaks to Missy, “We were here to help you.”
“I understand that now. Stop rubbing it in,” Missy hisses, “We’re alive. We’re all alive. We’re all… together again. Can you believe it –?”

“Shut up. You two can stay in Hawkeye,” Vlaric snarls over the top of her, cruelly, “You’re a nuisance I do not need, Mona,” he turns to me, shaking his head, “You have no idea what is at stake.”

“I might not understand politics and war, but I thought we were friends,” I speak while tears start rolling down my face.

Why are you crying?” Vlaric asks, exasperated, “Cry baby.”
“I’m allowed to cry!” I snarl, hiccupping on a breath, I turn to see Vladimir awkwardly change his stance and hold a hand… over a rising bump in his groin area.
Oh, my, goddess.
My eyes widen and Vladimir coughs as he looks the other way.
“Funny ole’ night,” Vladimir murmurs, walking away into the bush.
Very stiff.
Missy first laughs loudly, before bursting out into hysterical tears also.
I cry more when she cries and then Vlaric is left alone, staring at us crying.
“What in the Goddess has happened to my plight,” Vlaric shakes his head and spins in frustration, hands in his blonde hair… until he pauses… and spins back around.
I’ve gripped Missy’s hand, as we cry together.

“Eioth, shit,” Vlaric hisses, just as Vladimir comes stalking back into view, the same look of shock on his face.

“Did you realise what I realised?” Vladimir speaks low, turning and watching us, “…tears of red, tears of black…”
“…yes,” Vlaric agrees.
“What?” Missy squeaks out, blinking away her tears, “What do you mean?”

“Vladimir is a… and I…” Vlaric sighs, “We’re special… from our past… where we were raised… and we had prophesied destinies.  It was such a stupid line of the prophecy. Shared concubines, tears of red and tears of black. To be handed back to back. Hand in hand. Bruised and Bled. Silence now, never again.”
“Oh, yeah. Silence now, never again. No more peace, that’s what that means…” Vladimir murmurs, cheekily, “I see why that was added in.”

“Concubines?” Missy whispers, sucking in her tears, her hand gripping mine tighter.
“Yes, it was our Eioth destiny… our Goddess… is generous… and… what are you doing?” Vlaric eyes Missy as she takes her hand from mine and walks up to Vlaric’s chest.
I watch in shock as she seemingly paces up, seductively, while at the last minute, drawing his dagger from his belt and pushing it up against his throat.
“You think you can enslave me?” Missy snarls in his face, “Damn you to the roots.”
She spits in his face. Then stands back. Still holding onto the stolen dagger.
Vlaric is frozen in total shock, with saliva dripping down his cheek, past his forehead.
My palm is on my lips, a chuckle in my throat. Vlaric’s eyes focus on mine, and he warns me not to laugh. But his look just about does it.
I fall to my knees and burst out laughing, crying and laughing.

Vladimir even snorts and Vlaric glares at him next.
“Do something,” Vlaric hisses at Vlad.
“…do what?” Vladimir asks.
Missy turns her glare to Vladimir, now, pointing the dagger at him.
“Keep your cock in your pants, pretty boy,” Missy growls, “Your hand dipped where it shouldn’t when you slid my dress from my body in front of that crowd. I will not forget.”
Vladimir loses his smile at that.
I saved your life, woman!” Vladimir snarls, “Ungrateful cow!”

“We have the horses, you can both walk,” Vlaric also adds, turning, “Ungrateful peasant bitches.”
“…I agree, Vlaric,” Vladimir turns and walks with his buddy.
“Stay there and don’t move!” Vlaric snarls over his head.
As they leave, Missy turns to me, smirking and winking.
“You never let a man know you’re interested,” Missy giggles, “Or they use it against you. It’s best to let them think they’re worth nothing. They try harder. They’ll buy you things.”
“You’re positively evil,” I whisper, “I love you.”
“Oh, Mona, my flame, if we are their concubines,” she puts on a derpy tone and screws up her face, before unscrewing it, to whisper at me, “Then they shall be my soldiers to command. Do you understand the logic of what I say?”
“Um. Missy. What’s a concubine?” I ask, feeling nervous, “I’ve never heard of such a term.”

“Well, it’s…” Missy purses her lips, “Never mind.”

“But –”
“I don’t think you’d like to know,” Missy whispers.
“I want to know!” I yell it.
“No!” she yells back at me, and then we end up in a screaming match.
“Tell me! Please!”

“You. Don’t. Want. To. Know!”
All the way up until we’re interrupted.
“What the in the name of Eioth, are you two complaining about?” Vlaric and Vladimir appear with the horses in tow.
“Mona doesn’t understand what a concubine is,” Missy giggles, “She’s so adorably naïve!”

“What is it?” I hiss at Vlaric and Vladimir, “Tell me!”

Vladimir attends to his horse, avoiding my eye. Vlaric just looks at me in shock.

“You…” Vlaric shakes his head, “Shall never know.”

“Agreed, or she just might slaughter you while you sleep, sweet Vlaric,” Missy flounces forward and expertly saddles up on the other side of Vladimir’s horse.

“Hey!” Vladimir grabs the reigns and she kicks him in the face.

“My horse now! I love horses,” Missy kicks into her flank and trots off down the path, laughing as she goes.
“Cow!” Vladimir yells out, stepping forward to Vlaric’s side.
They both glare at me now, as I can’t keep the smile off my face.
“Let’s ride,” Vlad whispers in Vlaric, “Together. She can walk. Smug little shit.”

“Mona is with me!” Missy yells out from the distance, riding back, “With me, my flame! Let’s go!”
“I like her,” I whisper, “More than you two.”
Vlaric forces on a fake smile, while I mount with Missy.

“I came back because I don’t know where I’m going,” Missy admits, shrugging, “Where are we going?”

“Follow us,” Vlaric growls as he mounts the second horse, “And shut up.”
“Silence now, never again,” I repeat, “Yay!”

“Tut, tut, hurry up!” Missy hisses.
“Smart ass,” Vlaric growls at me while kicking the horse, both of them now strive ahead, leading the way as we trot behind.
“We go to Doven Falls,” Vladimir announces, sitting behind Vlaric, “Where we can take the concubines to an inn where we can get them drunk and compliantly obedient. While you and I work on our own tasks, Vlaric.”
“Mmmm,” Vlaric rumbles back, while staring at us over his shoulder, shaking his head, “I think I’ll still prefer whores over those two concubines any day. At least we can ditch tavern wenches.”
“We can hear you!” Missy threatens from behind as we follow, “Watch your tongue, Vlaric, or I’ll swallow more than just your cock.”

“Now we’re talking sense, Missy!” Vlaric is joking.
I think?
“Tiz a good thing you’re both handsome,” Missy yells out.
A small silence.
“…tiz a good thing they’re both fuckable…” Vladimir growls, in a whisper.
We still hear it.

“Tiz a good thing they’re both destined to serve, it just means at some point, they’ll break and in my opinion? It’ll be when they’re slobbering over us. We should train them both to get fucked in the ass, just so we can have them at any point. Without bearing babes.”

They’re trying to be quiet, but I pick up on what they say and I think Missy does too.
“We can still hear you!” I call out, smirking, enjoying the adult banter.
Vlaric looks over his shoulder, meeting my eye, “I don’t care. Mona.”
Vlad looks over his shoulder too, once Vlaric faces forward.
Vlad just smiles, handsomely.
I blush over Missy’s shoulder and I hug her waist, popping my chin near her neck.
“I think they want to sleep with us,” I whisper, my heart thumping.
“Of course they do, that’s what concubines are.”

“Sure. But they’re more special, Mona,” I’m so excited, because Missy is going to tell me what they are, finally, “Concubines are whores to royalty… I wonder who these two liars have always been?”
“We can hear you!” Vladimir mimics our tone.
“Do you think they’re knights?” I ask.

“Mmm… probably just small entitled lords of an insignificant village… although I’m sure they’d bull shit otherwise.”

Vladimir and Vlaric burst out laughing.
And they do not stop laughing.
“What’s so funny?” I call out.

But they do not answer.
“They’re probably servants of a kingdom long past,” Missy hisses, “Idiots.”

“You’re not wrong, Missy,” Vlaric calls back, without looking back, “Princes do serve their Kingdom.”
“…and a concubine shall serve their prince,” Vladimir happily growls.
Missy and I fall silent.

They had to be joking.
And princes… well, shit, they become kings.
“Who’s your prophesied Queen?” Missy eventually calls out.
“The local goat, or a stag,” Vlaric calls out, “Any would be better than you two.”

“That’s fine,” Missy calls out, “Because women don’t want to fuck pigs anyway.”
Now we burst out laughing, and Vlaric and Vladimir bitch quietly together.
It’s fun being together again.
It’s also fun being grown up, I decide.
█▀▀▄ █▀▀█ █▀▀ █▀▀█ █░█
█▀▀▄ █▄▄▀ █▀▀ █▄▄█ █▀▄
▀▀▀░ ▀░▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀░░▀ ▀░▀

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