FAETED LOVERS (10 Chapters) – C. Swallow

Faeted Lovers -·=»‡«=·- Chapter 7 -·=»‡«=·-
It’s not long before the gag hurts my mouth, the horse reigns numb my wrists, my arms feel like they’re going to snap out of their sockets, my elbows are sore from rubbing on the headboard, my feet are cold, my back itches, my back aches and my stomach growls.
I’m hungry and feeling feral. What felt like a good idea, whether I was tricked into it or not, is starting to feel like a really good reason to stab Vlaric and Vladimir through.
Argh. Not only that, but hours upon hours had passed, practically all of daylight… and the sun was now setting. The light was dimming quickly, and I was losing hope.
Everything is getting too much, until I hear the sudden sprinting of fast, light footfalls down the corridor.
I nearly die with fright when my door barges open and Missy comes flying through.
“Stop that reckless sprinting, stupid girl!” I hear the screech and shrill sound, from a woman that must represent hell itself.
Missy slams the door shut and turns to me, wearing a white gown that covers every inch of her skin, though it strains on her huge bosom.
My eyes light up with Missy’s dramatic appearance, but she truly looks panicked and full of nervous energy.
“Little flame, it’s so very good to see you,” Missy’s voice has changed, higher pitched, but she sprints to my side in an anxious rush and grips my cheeks in her hands, kissing my forehead three times, making loud “Mwah” noises before whispering directly into my ear, “No matter what Agatha says, no matter what she does, lie about everything, act completely submissive and do not challenge her –” Missy pulls back and stands aside, spinning around, hands held behind her back.
She adopts a smirk of cruel amusement as the door barges open and three other women file in.
One is old, the witch, with greying red hair, and a permanent scowl set into her small features. She wears total black, while the two obedient smug little bitches at her sides are dressed in grey.
“I wanted to see her first, Agatha, my sister,” Missy explains, ice cold.

You dumb cow,” the old bitch picks up a cane she uses to hobble around with, “Strip your sister bare so I may appraise the bruises only sluts adorn.”
Oh, no.
“Get to work, Missy Titsy,” one smirking girl with red hair cut to her scalp, giggles.
Clearly Missy’s huge boobs were apparently something to insult.
Okay, then.
“She is a virgin, I know, because she is so ugly,” Missy lies, I hope, through her teeth, “Trust by her ugly face. Look. She even breathes like a virgin should. Like I. Desperate to be impregnated with a loving child of the Earth –”
Missy can’t keep the sarcasm out of her tone and I’m shocked to the core when Agatha steps forward, raises the cane and smacks Missy across the face until it leaves a visible red mark.
I scream through my belt, kicking out my legs, garnering the attention of Agatha, as Missy doesn’t flinch but I see her holding back the tears, even as she’s forced into silence.
“Miss Tits is useless, again, as usual,” Agatha bumbles to her two little hounds, “Undress her, you two, now,” they flutter forward to grab my pants, ready to tug them down.
I’m seconds away from being violated by the most evil hag I’ve ever encountered. While tied up, I can only fill with a blood rage.
Yet, seconds away from being humiliated –the door is kicked in.
By none other than Fredrick himself.

“Look who’s arrived!” Fredrick comes in, sober, arms high as he barges past Agatha and scares the two hounds into heeling, “What were you going to do? Prepare her for me? I’m on your list of fuckers tonight, little bitch… you’re getting split by ten well endowed men…” Fredrick slobbers above my head, while reaching for one of the girls.
“To me,” Agatha snaps and the hounds retreat, “Please, sir, remove yourself. We are preparing her.”
“What are you doing?” Fredrick turns, smiling, “Do you wax her clean of hair… and rub lavender perfume into her pussy petals?” he laughs robustly, “I assure you, the soldiers don’t need encouragement to defile the young lass virgins that you’ll appease us with tonight.”
“You’ll be baptised,” Agatha snarls, “It is a sacred ceremony. Do not talk of it in such uncouth terms.”
“Nothing sacred about fucking little girls in the ass,” Fredrick is smart on that note.

Agatha storms to the door, opening it wide, “Please, sir, your time will come.”
“Ah, well, right you are,” Fredrick puts his hands on his hips, strolling away, “See you soon, little stealing slut! Feather’s my horse!

Once Fredrick is gone with his wailing mouth, Agatha is now distracted and murmurs to her hounds, telling them to go elsewhere.
Missy remains to face Agatha, who grabs some keys from her dress pocket.
“I do not trust either of you,” Agatha spits through her teeth, “Little cows, the both of you. Besides. Virgin or no, the men won’t notice. You’ll both remain in here while your robes are prepared. Twenty minutes until the baptism, where you’ll both find real purpose, in rearing children of the Earth,” Agatha slowly smiles and slams the door shut.
Missy turns to me, we lock eyes as the door’s locking mechanism clicks into place.
A few seconds later… we are finally alone.
Missy lunges at my restraints in a frenzy, freeing me as quickly as she can.
I groan as I sit up and smack my lips together to make them feel better “…where’s Vlaric and Vladimir?” I ask, rubbing my sore arms.
“Drinking with the soldiers,” Missy drops by me, grabbing my knee, she frowns, “Don’t you worry, I threw wine over Vlad’s head and onto Vlaric’s uniform, for treating you with such hostility. To think we were friends once–”
“What? Missy! It was an act, they are on our side, secretly,” I whisper.

What?” Missy pauses and I explain the story.
That they were saving us, we just had to keep patient.
“Oh, you think us, as damsels, need saving by men?” Missy chuckles, “Now that I have a friend, you and I, we shall escape. Together.”

“But they’ll need to know our plan,” I murmur, “They’re coming with us, wherever that may be. We go together.”
“Then they can meet us on the road,” Missy shakes her head, “Because right now, we’re escaping on our own. Come on.”
“How? We’re locked in, aren’t we?” I ask, getting to my feet and stretching while Missy heads to the window, trying to open it and failing.
She looks around the room and picks up a steel door stopper. She turns and aims, “Simple. We break this window. We run like hell.”
“Wait,” I hold up my hand, stopping Missy from launching the steel stopper, “What if they expect girls to run? Surely the girls fight for their freedom?”
“Not these girls,” Missy whispers, gulping, “They know their place. Since birth. I was lucky to be indoctrinated later on in life, because I knew the difference between slavery and empowerment. The other five girls who were like me, who rebelled… they were punished so severely they died in closets from starvation or being tied out at night in a pig’s pen, to freeze to death in winter. I’ve survived all those punishments. I will not bend over and have ten soldiers rape me in the name of Agatha’s God. Are you with me or not?”
“I’m with you,” I nod and Missy drops the steel stopper briefly to hold out her arms instead. We embrace tightly for a time and then part, “Do you think Vlaric and Valdimir are handsome now?” I whisper, coy, and hoping to change the subject.
“So, so,” Missy flutters her eyes, pretending to think, “I think you’re sweeter than a sun’s morning ray, though… Goddess sent, that you are, my flame. I have dreamt of a reunion like this. Now. Let’s cause havoc.” 
“Speaking of flame. We should burn something down on the way out,” I whisper, turning with Missy to the window.
The window smashes open, but the first hole is small.

We use what we can to make the opening bigger.

As we look down, we see two floors of tiny cracks to edge around.
“Slip to the first main ledge, then jump, we have no choice, we don’t have time to go slow,” Missy pulls herself out the window first, instantly cutting her hand open on shattered glass.
I notice Missy barely flinches, she just sucks the blood out and watches me, “Be careful, flame.”

“Why do you keep calling me flame?” I ask.
“I forgot your name,” Missy admits, flushing, “They made me forget.”
“Mona,” I murmur.
“My flame, symbolises my hope of getting out of here… I knew you’d come… I saw it, my heroine – you,” Missy presses a finger to the middle of her head.
Mind’s eye.
Okay, very cool! She saw me coming through a sixth sense!

I had heard about it, but thought that kind of power was a myth.

I try not to tear up about Missy and her story thus far, but I still cry too much even at 18, so by the time Missy slips to the first edge and jumps, I’m sobbing as I follow.
My fingers go white as I grip the outside sill, my eyes blurry with tears, lowering myself to the first edge precariously.
Missy did it so quick, she had clearly done it before. Running away.
It makes me so mad that she had to fear and fight for her life!
The rest, for a time, is an emotional blur.
We don’t have time to take in all our surroundings.
My feet are bloody and sore from the jump, Missy hoists me to my feet and we run hand in hand, through a dull, grey courtyard, around the castle.
There are too many windows from the castle itself facing outward and I’m sure a hundred eyes witness our daring escape.
There is absolutely no logic. But the desperation in Missy is real. I thought I was strung to the wild side, but even I knew I couldn’t reason Missy to slow down.
It’s like she was waiting for this day, for a time too long.

We round a corner and just pass the backs of soldiers heading into one portion of the castle.
The sun finally dips below the mountain edge and the dimming light fades to dark quickly.
“We’re out of time,” Missy hisses, in a panic as we reach the last part, an open grass path, which held the entirety of Rexion’s army.
I tug Missy back around the corner, out of sight.
“No,” I barely whisper it, afraid to be found.
The Nightingale Army are all out front, some sitting, most standing… Agatha is yelling a language I’ve never heard, but it sounds like some kind of prayer as the ceremony begins.
When I glance around the corner of the castle wall, the girls ready for sacrifice are being lined up in grey robes, and one by one, a chosen soldier, strips the robe from each girl.
You hear roars of laughter and it’s the most sickening thing I’ve ever seen.
I turn back to Missy, “We can’t,” I hiccup on a breath, “We can’t leave these girls to this –”
“We can’t save them,” Missy whispers back, “They’re doomed, whether they regret it or not, they’ve prepared for this their whole lives.”

“No,” I hiss back, but even I admit deep down, our hesitation might just cost us.
I turn to spy once more on the crowd, but this time I zone in on the black and blonde heads of Vladimir and Vlaric, chilling against shields, I assume… pretending to be an eager part of the crowd.

I look ahead, our destination of the stables is directly ahead of us.
It was by horse.
Or by foot.
“We can’t risk running,” Missy murmurs, “We need the speed of horses.”
“But that poses an even greater risk,” I hiss.

I scream in fear and turn into Missy as we both spin to see Fredrick leering at us. He has approached from behind, after clearly stalking us down. He lunges at me and grabs me around the waist, hoisting me up. He’s laughing robustly, and my hand finds the handle of his sword.
I fumble against it, but I can’t grab it properly, however, it’s a perfect signal for Missy.
She lunges for it, pulling out the long weapon, holding it up and ploughing the metal through Fredrick’s neck.
Even I gasp. Her accuracy is incredible with the heavy weighted weapon. Fredrick roars in pain and unhands me, collapsing, his warm blood already splattered over my outfit.
His desperate cry of pain causes the ceremony to fall silent.
Oh, shit!
“Run!” Missy drops the sword and grabs my hand to sprint with me.
We run past the stables, choosing to leave by foot.
However, it was too late.
Without much of a sound, the soldiers simply watch as the nearest group of men sprint straight for us.
I look over my shoulder and I see Vlaric and Vladimir launching into the race, throwing off their weapons to speed up in an attempt to overtake the other men.
Missy and I keep running and I assume Vlaric and Vladimir will help our escape.
However, as the sound of feet on rubble becomes more near, I know Missy and I are doomed on our run through the main exit. My feet are cut from stones, I’m becoming considerably slower with each and every step.
And then Missy trips. We both fall forward, only to be dragged upright.
I scream out, until I feel a hand over my mouth and I look up… oh, thank you, it’s Vlaric.
“Idiot, quiet, I got you, shh, shh,” Vlaric is desperately trying to reassure me that he’s on my side.
Missy isn’t so compliant or trusting. She screams bloody murder as Vladimir squeezes his arms around her waist.
“Shut up!” Vladimir tries to shut her down.
“We got the stray girls, it’s okay!” Vlaric commands the other soldiers, “Head back! We’ll bring them through!” his order seems to work. The others back off, while congratulating them on their catch.

Vlaric and Vladimir do as they promise, dragging us back toward the curious and patient Nightingale Army.

Trust, Mona,” Vlaric spits the words out, clearly pissed.

I wish it was that easy.
I don’t know how we’re meant to trust, when we’re taken through the leering crowd and dragged up to Agatha’s warmest smile and then promptly pushed down to kneel at her feet.
“We caught them before they escaped,” Vladimir states the obvious.
“The virgins murdered a soldier trying to deliver them to a beautiful destiny,” Agatha shakes her heads, “They will face harsher times. They will be whipped before they are penetrated.”
“Of course,” Vlaric half shrugs, “Whatever requires purification, right?”
I hesitate in my breathing… because there was a potent kind of venom in Vlaric’s tone. Something I’ve not heard until now. It’s dark…
Agatha even pauses in her smile, her brows creasing.
“…you do look… quite familiar… soldier…” she whispers, unconventionally, “But first,” and then Agatha is quickly back on track, “Strip them naked.”

“No!” Missy cries out and I grab her hand once more.
“Stop,” I whisper, “It’ll be okay.” I don’t care that Agatha hears this.
Missy glances at me, and she forces herself to nod while tears roll down her cheeks.
“My pleasure,” Vlaric replies coolly, leaning down and slowly taking off my leather jacket.
Vladimir also leans forward and grabs the back of Missy’s dress, popping out the buttons.
The army behind them cheers them on. I can even hear Rexion’s distinct laughing from somewhere near the front lines.
I guess this was a part of Vlaric and Vladimir’s plan.
Although how the young men were planning to save us?
I could not yet comprehend.
█▀▀▄ █▀▀█ █▀▀ █▀▀█ █░█
█▀▀▄ █▄▄▀ █▀▀ █▄▄█ █▀▄
▀▀▀░ ▀░▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀░░▀ ▀░▀

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