LYCAN NIGHTS (Complete, 13 Chapters) – C. Swallow


Blurb: Lycans, half man, half beast, are birthed from hell to hunt rotting human souls, and tonight they’re going to kill a rotting man, to save sweet Angel from a horrific end.

On a gloomy Friday night, 18-year-old Angel is kidnapped, and not by prince charming either – rather, she’s fallen victim to a real perpetrator of crime. On the night that should end her life, a guardian angel in the form of a beast will save her.

Sardonix leads the cult ‘The Lycan Temple’ or TLT, where women lust and fight over demonic Lycans who exorcise sin from their bodies. Women flood to TLT without a fuss and the Lycans get everything they want with an endless supply of willing participants for their satanic rituals. However, on this one strange and peculiar night, Sardonix will stumble across a crime and end up saving an innocent instead…

This collision of TLT and Angel, is not random.

Instead, as Sardonix and his pack will all soon learn, the night they meet Angel has been destined from the start.

Afterall, she’s their once-in-a-lifetime soulmate.

She’s also a devout Christian.

Author’s Note: New readers welcome, but for full context, I suggest reading Onyx Lycan Nightclub first.

LYCAN NIGHTS is a COMPLETE and FREE story. 13 Chapters.
Lycan Nights -·=»‡«=·- Chapter 1 -·=»‡«=·-
Sardonix’s POV
My pack and I ride in the night.
I drive with Clypto, while Gamma and Astral drive behind us, Pluto and Comet behind them and Tron and Star last of all.
Four black sedans with tinted windows, so we can make our presence known to every city we visit for our TLT (The Lycan Temple) gatherings.
Being Satantic Priests and Lycans of Hell had a special place in the mortal world.
Fucked up chicks, who needed some exorcising. Or help with sin. We could help with that.
We also ate rot; the worst of the worst, those with rotting, decrepit souls who had lost all humanity. So, we could also take that burden away.
Were we a cult? Yes.
Did we get away with it? Yes.
And what did I love about it the most? Obviously, watching the women kill each other to get to me and my brothers. We didn’t lay a finger on them. They were incensed with our young-blood demon souls.
We were intoxicating, to say the least. We evoked delicious lust, and it fed us from what it attracted; slut pups. Our whores. However, none of us had found our mate, our very own ‘Lycan Queen’ to join the pack.
We were too young. We were sowing our seeds, as they say. So, all our whores were temporary, at least, the members of our church – were certainly temporary.
The cute fairy Cleo was my side-bitch, and the Luna Witches back home liked to have a taste sometimes… however, they were all mated and had their purpose sorted.
Clypto and I talk about our lack of a soulmate now as I drive through back country roads, on our way back to Dire Wolf City.
“…do you ever wonder what kind of mate we’ll share one day?” I ask Clypto, my second, smirking to myself as we drive through the Ricochet country-side at a perfect dark and ominous 4am, we were leaving after our event was finished an hour earlier at the Witching Hour.
“Nope,” Clypto shrugs one shoulder.
“Why?” I ask, intrigued by his firm response.
“I can’t imagine any woman being able to control all of us,” Clypto drawls, “No female will match us.”
“Me neither, what bitch could?” I laugh sharply, grinning, “Every female we’ve ever met… they’re all good little lap bitches. I guess our young pheromones are still too strong. There is never resistance. No questions. Sometimes I still find it hard to understand that they kill each other just to fuck us first. It’s hilarious but… it’s getting old.”
“Still easy magic,” Clypto grins with all his white sharp teeth, “And it’ll be easy like this for a couple more centuries, I’m sure…”
“Kind of boring, don’t you think?” I murmur as I drive us into an unlit area of the road, but as soon as that happens, a putrid disgusting smell swipes up my nose, “Ah, fuck, what the fuck is that,” I pinch my nose shut, and just ahead we both see a red truck pulled off the side of the road in the dark.
I switch off our headlights.
“That’s one hell of a rotting soul giving off that stench,” Clypto’s nostrils flare, as his Lycan snarl starts to break out, “…wait… Sardonix… there’s another soul in there –” a victim of the rot.
I see it.
In the moonlight, my eyes adjust to see a struggle in the front seats.
One of the doors is open on the opposing side, a foot hangs out.
This rotting soul, a man, was leeching off whoever he had just tried to kidnap.
I park behind the truck.
I kill our engine and Clypto and I instantly morph as we step out of our car, our clothes shred off our skin as our fur grows and our teeth too.
Clypto jumps onto the back of the tray on the truck, looking in at the struggle within.
I stalk straight up to the driver’s side.
The rest of the pack park their cars behind us.
What I see inside makes my hell-heat spike with the need to kill this fucking rot.
I guess tonight, we were feasting on some mortal flesh.
Angel’s POV
60 seconds earlier
Nothing ever happened in Ricochet, like ever – it was a peaceful, quiet town. Literally all I did was walk to the convenience store around the corner from my house, to buy some snacks for the sleepover I was having with my friends from college. We all met that week – photography students – then we thought we’d have some fun Friday night.
However, we ran out of munchies.
While they all had a good time, I decided to run off and be back in a minute.
That minute never seemed to fucking end, when halfway to the store in the dead of night, a man jumped out of his parked truck, and dragged me in at gun point.
I never saw it coming, even though I hadn’t recognized that vehicle before, I couldn’t see anyone inside.
And it was just my bad luck or naivety or both that made me carelessly walk so close to the doors, completely sure nothing was amiss.
However, in that moment my easy life flipped upside down.
I had been having the best night with new friends and then I was thrust into a nightmare I was sure I wasn’t going to make it out alive from. The old man was too calm and showed no emotion while driving us off, as he kept the gun pressed to my side.
With sudden thoughts of the horrific ways I was going to get murdered – everything in my brain amplified, with my heart beat, shifting from innocent mindset to survivor, warrior.
Sounds were drowning out around me.
I was suddenly hyper aware of everything in my state of panic.
Hoping to find something, anything, I could grab a hold of to fight.
However, the predator was clearly experienced.
I had no way out, and nothing to use to defend myself.
So in the dead of night my captor drove us out of town, pulled off to the side of the road, and as the truck slowed to a stop, in the middle of absolutely nowhere… I knew this was it.
Soon. I’d be dead. He was going to kill me.
I don’t even bother negotiating nor begging with this inhuman thing beside me.
I sit still, as the truck rolls to a halt and as soon as the engine is cut, I reach for the door and attempt to open it. I only get a foot out, and of course I can’t leave when the man has already grabbed my arm and won’t let go.
Neither will he say a comforting word.
He didn’t see me as a person, just a small animal to hurt and kill.
I turn my eyes to see this man’s soul – and I see absolutely nothing behind his stare. The gun now ends up pressed under my chin.
My captor lets out an abrupt animal-like noise, more a grunt.
It’s just a strange sound that signifies; you can’t escape this and it’s all over now.
Part of me is angry that this is a stranger. I didn’t know him. He didn’t know me.
It was opportunistic. I was going to die for no reason.
My fear turns into a strong sense to fight. There was nothing left to do but try.
I try grabbing the gun with both hands, but he’s too strong, so I only end up holding the barrel, while it’s still firmly pressed underneath my chin.
A bullet is about to go through my head, I feel it coming.
I start to cry as I realize there is nothing left I can do.
In that moment, I see a flash of light outside, possibly another pair of headlights, but in my state – it’s just a flash of heaven.
Death was eminent.
I squish my eyes shut. His fucking disgusting hand reaches for my t-shirt, and simultaneously the truck bounces up and down as there is a loud THUMP behind us.
Was this a miracle?
Someone else was here!!!
I open my eyes, with my shirt twisted in this guy’s hand, the gun still under my chin, my eyes flick to the side to stare out the rear glass, a dark shape… indescribable… then I look to the psychopath’s side, as a dark shadow also moves over the perpetrator… it’s another dark, giant mass of… fur? My eyes swerve to look back at the giant shape also on the tray, and it moves again.
A head, a giant wolf’s head… leans over to stare into the two front seats.
The truck is so heavy at the back it tilts toward this bi-pedal wolf creature, whose red eyes slice over me… and then focus on the driver.
The driver can see the beast creature on the back tray as well and now he is frozen in sudden emotion – confusion mixed with terror of the unknown.
Outside the driver’s door, another head bows down and glares in at the situation.
Two beast like creatures…
The gun is taken away from my chin, the stranger’s hand untwists from my shirt and I simply lean, in slow motion, back toward the open door, which is still held open by my foot.
As I’m watching the two beasts look in at the driver, the man tries to point the gun out to the beast outside his driver’s window.
But both beasts show all their teeth – and then their arms and claws smash through the side and the rear windows, shattering glass, and shredding straight through my captor’s skin.
The shock of the violence has me falling backwards out the door, onto the side of the road.
I scramble back, adrenaline making me shake from head to toe, as the door swings innocently back shut, covering half the scene of the killing.
I see two lumps of a body, one half pulled out the back into the tray, the other half out the driver’s door.
I hear the sounds of bones breaking, crunching and blood exploding in all directions as teeth and claws shred into my captor’s body. I can’t see the colour, it’s too dark. It’s just a bunch of black movements and noises of death as clouds creep over the crescent moon.
I keep crawling back toward the grass, off the gravel, and I keep moving, further and further away from the truck.
Eventually I enter the long grass and watch as more bi-pedal beasts stalk forward.
Six more.
They’re fucking giant creatures. 8-ft wolf men?
They all have red, glowing eyes, vibrant crimson even in the darkness. It’s like an inferno in their souls.
I flinch when one beast glances over at me, a strong breath fogs into the air, they must have massive lungs… I close my eyes and cower, but when I peer out again through squinted eye lids, the wolf-man looks away from me.
A few more see me.
They all look away.
Their focus is looking into the truck and around it.
They’re not interested in me.
None of them approach me.
Knowing that makes me safe, but still completely hyper-alert and hyper-aware after everything that has happened thus far, I keep crawling back slowly into the long grass.
I had never seen anything supernatural before in my life.
I knew these creatures were not of this world.
They looked like demons.
My back hits a fence post, leaning out and broken from the rest of the fence.
I hold onto the wood for support. I sit up, and I watch the creatures closely. It looks like they’re sharing a meal and licking off blood stains from the vehicle.
From the driver’s side, I see the Lycan who first made the kill, start to stalk around the front of the truck. His claws land on the hood, and he launches over the front of the truck to the other side, standing up and looking straight down toward my position… then finally… this one… he must be the leader of the pack… he starts making his way in long demonic strides toward me.
Oh my, his teeth and claws are fucking massive.
It’s not that I scream into the night.
I scream until he abruptly stops approaching.
I feel like I might faint.
However, the creature holds up a hand, as if to hint at being uninterested in devouring me next.
And then I watch, as magic swirls in front of my eyes.
The beast morphs into a naked man.
He must be around 30 years old, striking silver hair, which looked nothing like his grey fur, although the red eyes of hell remain. He hopes this will calm me down.
I was a devout Christian.
I did not want to stare at the demon much longer.
I avert my eyes from his naked body, as he waits for me to relax.
I just turn my head into the fence post, and I breathe in deeply.
As I do so, I smell something.
Musky, very intense, a powerful odor that invokes a strange powerful feeling inside my gut.
All my muscles, so tense, immediately uncoil, but the relaxation is so strong and overwhelming, my head spins with the heavy flow of blood now pumping through my opening veins… but the lack of oxygen being sucked into my lunges from my tightly held breath doesn’t help.
With intense relief, I now realise, for whatever reason, the fact I am not dead right this second, means I was saved.
I was going to live another day after all.
My head is heavy with the impossible miracle that just saved my life.
And just as quickly I begin submit to the warm embrace of a welcoming fainting spell.
“What’s your name?”
It’s a sneered and angry question that demands an answer. So weird, he doesn’t sound like a hero nor the man he morphed into… he is something else… or maybe it’s just his deep tone that caught me off guard…
“…Angel…” I speak with my face against the fence.
In my last seconds of consciousness, I feel a hot impossible large breath over my head. A beast’s huge exhale. Some kind of furry force, smooth sharp claws, very carefully picking me up from the ground, holding me up so high, higher, in the steadiest arms I’ve ever felt. I was a feather. He was a giant beast.
The smell hits me again. Much stronger than before.
Like home.
I’m out like a light.
█▀▀▄ █▀▀█ █▀▀ █▀▀█ █░█
█▀▀▄ █▄▄▀ █▀▀ █▄▄█ █▀▄
▀▀▀░ ▀░▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀░░▀ ▀░▀

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