LYCAN NIGHTS (Complete, 13 Chapters) – C. Swallow

Lycan Nights -·=»‡«=·- Chapter 10 -·=»‡«=·-
Angel’s POV
The car rolls across the earth, in a forest that is pitch black, the full moon is hidden by thick cloud, it’s cold… it’s wet… it’s horrible. It’s 3.20am.
I watch them move methodically.
Clypto turns off the car, leaves the keys in the car, and gets out of the car.
Sardonix opens the door and holds my waist to keep me in, on the warm seat.
I watch as he slips out, and slams the door back shut.
He walks around the bonnet and talks to Clypto in front of the windshield.
As they talk, they undress and start folding up their clothes.
I hear tires rolling in and I look out the side window to see more TLT sedans coming in.
I wonder if they are bringing anymore ‘sacrifices’. I watch morbidly as the three identical black sedans park, and two sets of priests from each come out.
It’s just TLT.
There’s no one else.
I’m the only female.
I gulp.
I was back with the whole pack who took my virginity.
And I feel like a virgin all over again.
My knees shake as I wait, watching the group meet up, undress and shift, one by one.
Sardonix and Clypto are first to switch to their fur.
I watch as the pack go over a low park fence, jumping from the gravel carpark into the national forest.
Sardonix and Clypto turn to me.
The beasts I am not afraid of. It makes no sense. I calm down now that they are all fully demon.
I open the door for Sardonix, he reaches in and he scoops me out, laying me over his shoulder.
His warmth is so comforting, while I’m high off the ground, looking around into the dark with eyes that can’t adjust as well as theirs.
I had been speechless thus far, but now they start to run.
I expect an adventure to ensue, watching the trees fly by, however, the trip only lasts a couple of senses.
Blurring trees become painted spears in the darkness, the sky fades and becomes a streak of darkest grey.
As Sardonix stops running so mind-blowingly fast, my head feels a bit dizzy, but now I can make stuff out around me. I see we are in a stranger part of the forest. Where the forest looks slightly… dead… but still alive. The dark crusty trees slowly disperse, and I see black soil and bones… it’s like a bone-garden…
I keep looking around, not understanding why this place feels warm in the air, too. It was freezing a moment ago.
I look up at the sky, and nothing moves. Crows are frozen in flight. The trees don’t sway. The only thing I see, when I look down at the ashy soil, aside from bones, is the occasional red puddle.
Puddles of crimson blood –
And then, as my Lycan strides us forward, we enter a place.
A whole building.
This whole area is just wrong… it’s a strange realm I refuse to acknowledge as exactly what I think it might be… I look around the red stone temple instead, with broken stained glass windows, and more pools of blood across the light colored tiles.
It’s a Temple – and there are… 24… thrones sized big enough for Lycans.
Sardonix shrugs me off his shoulder into his arm and his set of claws, depositing me onto the floor.
I cringe and roll away from the pools of blood to look around as the pack’s claws echo across the walls and along the titles.
The place is empty.
Of any souls whatsoever.
Although I swear I see the occasional grey shape, moving past the shattered windows on the outside.
I hear a creak from the rafters up high above, and when I look up, I see a swinging cage.
It’s being lowered by one of the Lycans, off a thick chain.
The cage is low in height but long in width. It’s big enough for a female mortal to squeeze into… there’s a spot on top for… escape? I watch as it clatters to the tiles, and there is one area at the back you commando-crawl into, bars to hold onto the other end… and a hole in the middle… to… raise your ass. Not to escape.
What the fuck is this ritual I’ve agreed to walk into…?
I turn to see the thrones lined up in this temple. All are made from varying materials but one in particular toward the middle, stands out to me.
It’s labelled; SARDONIX, Throne of the Slaughterer.
“Throne of the…” I whisper, feeling myself turn pale as the Lycans pace around me, grinning at me.
I avoid all of their stares to look at Sardonix, taking a seat on his throne, sitting back, slouching in it, his claws clicking alone the throne made of bones.
“I provide the most sacrifices to our lord,” Sardonix explains to me, from a fair distance away.
“So you’re a murderer –”
“Not really,” Sardonix smiles slow, “Slut-pups fight to the death, fighting each other to fuck us first, our pheromones drive them wild. I simply exist. I can’t help that I invoke such a response, Angel…”
“Is that why in the car, I was losing my mind?” I ask, blinking rapidly, putting my hands into my hair, stressed out.
“It’s not that bad, usually,” Clypto speaks from the right of me, all of a sudden, terrifying me into barking out a cry of fear as I find my shoulder touching his leg as he stands next to me. But I pull away and scramble back along the tiles, accidentally scampering back into a pool of blood.
My Pjs are ruined. They were a new set, too!
I stand up and I awkwardly shimmy out of the blood stained pants before anymore blood touches my skin.
Left in panties and my long sleeve top, I hold my breasts tight for comfort, as I glare up at Clypto, who hasn’t moved away nor moved closer, he’s just watching me a little too intently.
The Lycans had stopped pacing to stare me down and tilt their heads, because… I gather they really liked it when I yelped out.
“…w-what’s not… usually that bad…” I ask a question, hoping that will delay the next steps of the process.
“The twisted mind of a slut-pup is only the terror of submission, and the subsequent pulling back… against your destiny…” Clypto growls to me, it’d be poetic, if it wasn’t a monster wolf-head grinning with all his sharp teeth at me.
I look away from them all and stay where I am.
I try to think of another question.
“…why are we mated… why are we chosen… why me…?” I ask the ground.
“Who knows,” another of the Lycans speaks out, “…no one really knows why although Lucifer tries to take credit… it’s simply that some souls are chosen and others are not…”
“But… why do I want it so bad,” I whisper to my feet, chewing on my lip, nervously, “Why do I crave you?”
“You don’t have to think, slut puppy, just listen,” Sardonix calls out, in a soothing demon-priest kind of tone… I can’t help but think he’s done this too many times… “Get in that cage. Submit. We’re going to fuck you again tonight. We’re going to mark you as ours for eterniy. To seal our bond in blood… the perfect time to do so is on a full moon… everything is ready.”
“Okay, but then,” I ask this question a bit louder, looking back at Sardonix, now standing from off his throne, walking down the steps to the bottom, stalking slowly toward me, “What. Happens. After. We fuck?”
Sardonix jumps forward and I close my eyes and wince at his sudden movement.
His claws scratch against the tiles and his hot breath floods over my face.
I expect him to say; we eat you alive, we fuck you to death, we’ll take your bones for the garden full of dead whores
You come home with us.”
Oh –
The Lord Almighty.
I wasn’t going to die, after all.
I peek through terrified eyes, to see Sardonix looking at me, waiting for an answer.
“Okay, I’ll do it,” I whisper, and Sardonix grins.
“That’s cute you think so, puppy,” Sardonix laughs as he grabs my ankle, stands up, and drags me to the back of the cage.
He doesn’t have to say any instructions.
As my hands reach for the cage, I look in and I feel the first hint of my submission… a true submission to fate… and the pheromones don’t just flood into me, they lock into my very cells and bind with me.
And now I feel everything, to an extreme extent.
I’m. So. Itchy. In this damn top!
Before I crawl in, I undoe all the buttons and throw the PJ top away from me. I even kick off my panties.
Naked and panting, I crawl desperately into the cage, I hold onto the bars at the end, and I raise my butt. It’s difficult to do it on my own.
But I get some help.
Sardonix puts his claws under my belly, and lifts me up much higher… so I can accommodate all of them.
I feel his hot breath between my butt-cheeks and my whole-body shivers.
I moan, very quietly, but I try to keep it quiet.
“M…” I chew my lip instead.
When will they fuck me?
I want them to fuck me now.
I just don’t want to say it and end up sounding like a crazy slutty bitch though… would they think less of me if I… was openly like that? No. I don’t think they’d care, they’d only –
Sharp teeth.
I feel them scrape against my butt.
I whimper out, but Sardonix doesn’t bite me – not yet.
Instead, he licks my butthole.
Wait. My second entrance?
Oh, no.
Oh, fuck.
I can’t contain the question.
“Are you going to fuck my ass?” I call out, so preciously, I didn’t mean to sound so naïve, I just wanted to know, for sure – and as Sardonix licks over me again, the pack chuckle as they pace over with hard cocks, ready and waiting.
“We all are,” Sardonix tells me straight, as he licks me again, straight across my clit, along my pussy, right back up to my ass. Lubing me up, “Did you submit your soul to us, Angel?”
He asks it like it’s a pop-quiz.
“Depending how you answer, bitch, I mark you now… or after,” Sardonix puts a single claw to the back of my spine, and I feel my blood immediately start to thump faster and hotter toward my womb.
Oh… my god… I can’t think… I can’t think.
But I do start to drool, my eyes rolling back into my head, when I feel his hot demon cock, press against the entrance to my ass, and his claw gently moves off my back, almost tickling all my senses.
I drool so much it’s insane.
I get a morbid thought, wondering if bitches choke on their own drool, these pheromones were fucking insane.
But luckily death evades me.
I don’t think about such a morbid thing anymore.
Not when Sardonix’s cock, hot and wet with my juices and his saliva, presses into my body and stretches my second hole.
As his dick enters me, stretching me out with every inch more he takes, the more my pussy squirts out extra juices, and if feel so ripe I could explode with an orgasm any moment.
I bite my lip as he sinks in fast once half way in – and I hear a loud clang. Then a hot snarl above my head.
When I turn to look up at Sardonix, his teeth bite onto the bars.
I start to grind my hips backward, even though I can barely move.
I can only fuck him back a tiny bit, before he grins, pulls out – and starts to fuck my ass fast and hard.
I hold on for dear life, as my body feels nothing but extreme pleasure, drowning out all other feeling and thought.
My muscles shiver in delight as they contract and explode with my first natural climax, as his Lycan dick slides deep, only to pull out and fuck me deeper, until I slowly, with each new thrust, start to feel his hot Lycan balls touching my ass, then pressing against me, then smacking me, sending more pheromones up my nose.
I almost cough they’re so strong.
I feel Sardonix’s dick pulse and release a huge wave of Lycan cum into my body.
I scream now as I cum again, but it’s mostly because he pulls out of my body, and I want to be filled again – immediately.
My wish is granted.
Two Lycans take his place. I feel their tongues first.
Then the two struggle to share me, one fucks my ass and waits for the other to stretch me and fit right next door. Then they fuck my ass for a few strokes, before there’s a pause – and a third Lycan comes forward, but this one slams his cock straight into my aching and sad pussy.
It’s not sad anymore.
All my wishes come true.
I’m also thankful for the cage in this moment, as being fucked doggy-style, by massive fucking Lycans, is causing a lot of excess demonic energy to be absorbed by the cage, while my ass is kept in place for them to share between them all equally.
I realise then that the cage is just as much for my pleasure, as it’s for theirs.
I get lost in another wave, always bigger than the last, from the Lycan cocks pounding my ass and pussy wide open, only for them to leave and immediately get replaced by another set.
Toward the end, I gurgle a bit, and I’m slightly freaked out when I swear I can taste cum in my mouth.
I swear they filled me so full. The fuck.
Just as I feel like I can’t take it anymore, and my body is completely numb from the orgasms so much bigger than the last, every time –by now I become a fuck toy only for Lycans in this moment. I forget all other purposes I can strive toward.
There are simply no other options.
Just my ass up for them to take, but for a few seconds, my holes are empty.
And I don’t know why.
I open my eyes, feeling like I was almost fucked to death by my own orgasms – when teeth sink into me.
No warning.
Oh, shit.
Oh, fuck.
It’s not just one bite.
Sardonix bites my left ass cheek and Clypto sinks his teeth into my right.
What should be painful, is rather a magical moment of unity.
I feel a fire of burning magic, swirling out from their bites, spreading through my body, wrapping around my womb, heart and mind.
Like chains, they spread around me from the inside and lock into place.
And then I feel hot Lycan tongues licking the shallow wounds clean, helping the Lycan mating-marks heal. There’s no pain.
A Lycan pushes me down, back into the cage, before grabbing my ankle, and sliding me out on my tummy.
I look.
It’s Sardonix.
My arms drag along the floor, as I’m twisted around and I lay on my back, free of the cage, now just looking up at all the Lycans, looking quite satisfied.
“…that… was… fucking unholy…” I am breathless as I struggle to breathe the words out.
“We want to fuck you again, darling,” Sardonix speaks to me, and even the sound of his voice has my eyes rolling backwards, showing the whites. My body shivers, with a mini orgasm, and when I can look back up at me, he’s smirking, and I’m blushing from how easily he affected me, “…but not here… and not as Lycans… as men… but first we’re taking you home.”
“Your h-home,” I whisper out, almost panicky at the thought of being separated from them, only to end up back in Ricochet.
“Our place,” Sardonix corrects himself, looking so put together, so unbothered by all the fucking they just did, as he glances at all his brothers, slicing his claws back and forth casually, almost sharpening them as he does that, “Afterall, she’s scared of us when we’re men,” he grins, and then laughs so loud it echoes throughout the temple.
They all start to laugh demonically while I’m just smiling like an idiot looking up at the rafters.
If I could get up, I would.
But I’m too numb to move.
Honestly, I think I pass out to the sound of their laughter.
Haha… wait… they were going to fuck me again.
I know then; next I’ll be waking up in their penthouse.
Back in Dire Wolf City.
But this time it wasn’t going to be a one-night stand.
Which means…
Oh, shit. Oh, fuck. Shit. What have I done?
Logic shoots through my head, like an arrow of knowledge gifted from God.
I’m… I’m bound to demons.
I’m bound to demons forever.
I start to whimper, and I cry awake from my micro-nap, in the middle of hell inside their Lycan Temple.
I succumbed to their temptation.
The very thing I had been preparing not to do. I failed.
The pack have quietened their laughing and now they see me whimpering and crying on the floor.
They all scoop me up, and each Lycan licks a hot tongue over me.
But my skin is too sensitive.
It’s a Lycan-kiss from the whole pack but it’s making me jumpy.
Sardonix pulls me into his arms, and cradles me away from the others.
He looks down at me, and he sees the fear of God in my eyes.
“Don’t be scared,” Sardonix actually sounds soothing, “We’ll never leave you… we got you, bitch.”
It’s so… so… fucking… SWEET!
If I could scream with joy I would.
I smile a little bit.
But then I pass out for real.
The joy is too overwhelming.
Because what he said was truth, even if he was a demon.
I knew I’d never be abandoned again.
Sardonix, ironically healed a wound inside me, filling a void within I didn’t even know I had.
█▀▀▄ █▀▀█ █▀▀ █▀▀█ █░█
█▀▀▄ █▄▄▀ █▀▀ █▄▄█ █▀▄
▀▀▀░ ▀░▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀░░▀ ▀░▀

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