LYCAN NIGHTS (Complete, 13 Chapters) – C. Swallow

Lycan Nights -·=»‡«=·- Chapter 5 -·=»‡«=·-
Angel’s POV
Sardonix and I meet when we are both dressed. He has a new suit on. I have my black dress. I can’t help thinking we look kind of cute together, as he presses for the lift. I stand close but not too close.
“Where are the others anyway?” I ask him, “You know, the others… the other, um, ha, ‘exorcists’,” I hold up my fingers and curl two up and down to suggest I think it’s just a disguise for their real souls – literal demons.
“We are real exorcists,” Sardonix watches the lift doors open and he waits for me to step in, but I’m also waiting for him.
We both step at the same time and our shoulders touch.
In a little awkward dance, Sardonix turns and I turn, we both face the doors as they shut after he presses for a number, and I have somehow managed to stand directly in front of him, so I’m kind of leaning on him a teeny bit.
It was an accident.
I should move off and out of his space.
But my feet feel like lead, I can’t move them.
So instead, I kind of… purposefully now, like a bit of a brat, I lean myself back into Sardonix, and he slowly puts a hand on my waist, grabbing my hip around the dress… my nostrils flare and I chew on my lip, but he shoves me off him.
I stumble forward and my hands slam into the doors.
What the fuck was that!
Was he… shy or something? He wasn’t shy when he picked me up and spanked me! When we were both naked!
I look back at him, and Sardonix doesn’t look irritated… he looks legitimately mad. His eyes flash a deeper demonic red, and he stiffens as he watches me… but he says nothing. Is he even breathing?
I want to ask why but even I don’t say anything.
Now both giving each other the silent treatment, I turn away from him, and when the lift reaches the fourth and top floor, it opens and I step out immediately.
“This way,” Sardonix rudely slides past me and I expect to see a hall and door ways to different hotel rooms.
Instead, this is the entire top floor.
It’s so open, with glass windows looking all around the very center of Dire Wolf City, with a gorgeous view of St. Michael’s Cathedral.
I shuffle forward a few more steps and halt as I take in the dark floorboards, the fire place, the den-like feel of the whole open living area… it stretches the whole way across. I see a grand piano, artwork on the wall, a chandelier made of… what I hope isn’t bone, but might be… and the theme is very fucking cozy. I walk to the open backed couches, they’re like massive pads… like… very strange designs. Fluffy rugs. This is like the ultimate sleep-over venue.
I now watch Sardonix’s back as he walks through toward the open kitchen and admits, “…congratulations, you’re the first female to ever walk in here…” he sounds so menacing for no reason, I roll my eyes while he’s not looking.
I slowly turn around and at the back end I see some bedrooms.
Mostly this place seems unlived in.
“Why here?” I ask.
“This place has so many spells protecting the boundaries, it’s impenetrable to rot,” Sardonix explains, so professional, switching off any personable traits as he opens a cupboard and takes out a large glass.
I walk over to an open-ended couch and just sit on it, as my exorcist and secret-beast fills himself a harmless glass of water and gulps it down so quickly.
I stare at him.
He notices.
Filling up a second glass, Sardonix drinks it while staring back at me the whole time, then he puts it down a little loudly and snaps at me, “What do you want?” his fingers are tapping rapidly along the countertop by the sink.
“Why are you so on edge, I’m your guest,” I remind him, feeling relatively calm, “…well… to be fair, I guess we do need to talk… about before… and about everything…”
Sardonix slowly makes his way around the counter and toward me, “I think we should keep this strictly business. I know I said you’re naturally a Lycan slut… you’re inclined to like us, don’t get offended,” he snaps that off, and holds up his hand, “Even so. We’re keeping this professional.”
“As you keep saying,” I nod, responding quietly.
“There’s something wrong with you, Angel,” Sardonix takes a stiff seat, very far away from me across the rug, “…I need to figure that out with a clear head…”
“…mmm…” I hum but I keep staring at him, “Now what… Lycan?” I try to say that mysteriously, but I don’t know if I sound sexy or naïve… ha… but Sardonix looks away from me, clenching his jaw and fiddling with his hands a bit too much, “Are you shy? Like what?” I ask, “Um hell, we were both naked a second ago and –”
“Darling,” Sardonix forces out the word, gulping, before he strains… his face is trying to look anywhere else, until he breaks, “Listen bitch,” he snarls and gives into his natural hot-headed temperament – shit he’s feisty – letting out the steam, Sardonix finally looks at me and admits the truth with that look, just natural frustration, “You need to stop tempting me to f –”
What’s the problem? Tell me straight!” I ask him, bouncing in my seat a little and cutting him off, kind of rudely.
“I want… I want…” Sardonix licks his teeth, his voice getting deeper and deeper, trying so hard to say a lie, until the truth just spills out, “I want to fuck you to death, you dumb slut,” Sardonix then loses all sense of emotion, leans back into the couch and looks at me with cold eyes.
At first I started to smile because I knew he was going to crack and start being honest with me.
Now I lose that smile.
And my natural confidence wavers.
Because that was the truth…
“…why would you say that… I mean, why, what the actual heck,” I whisper out, “Last night… I thought you saved me from that monster…”
He wasn’t a hero.
“I’m a much bigger monster,” Sardonix tells me straight, “So stop giving me puppy eyes.”
“You know what? I think I should leave now,” I try to stand up, but he also jumps to his feet, holding up both his hands.
“Stay or –” Sardonix warns me.
“You just said you want to kill me –!” I hiss.
Fucking hell,” Sardonix puts his hand on his head, about to deny it, before looking like he can’t lie, “…well…”
Excuse you. What do you mean well,” I now clutch the back of my necklace and I take it off, holding the crucifix in my hand, I hold it out toward him, “Stay away or God will intervene. I’m leaving!”
“You wanted the truth,” Sardonix stays calm, and sits back down as I back off toward the lift, almost as if the threat of the cross worked against him, “…and you’re free to leave… but my truth doesn’t change.”
“That’s not reassuring!” I scream, running to the lift and smacking the button over and over again.
“You’re going to die out there,” Sardonix calls out, “…but if you do leave… I suggest paying a visit to your father… he might have answers you’re looking for.”
Why is he so calm.
“What answers,” I snap, as the lift slowly comes back up to level four.
“Go, I don’t care,” Sardonix looks away from me, cursing under his breath, calling me a bitch again and a slut… I can read his lips.
I don’t respond.
The lift dings.
The doors slide open.
I put my hand out, to keep them from closing as I turn to him, and he also looks at me at the same time.
I can’t believe I’m about to fucking say this.
But my gut is twisting with unresolved shit.
I feel like we have more to talk about.
“…I will go to my father…” I tell him, gulping and calming down a bit, “He lives in this city… but… but do you… do you want to take me out tonight, maybe? Pick me up from two streets down, first street, the third terrace to the right,” Sardonix slowly raises a brow after I’ve just disclosed my address to someone who just said he wanted to fuck me to death, “I’ve never gone out,” I gulp, trying to think of an excuse, “If I am going to die… if there is something wrong with me… a magnet to rot… whatever… will you take me out first, show me around? Nine o’clock,” I tell Sardonix my proposal, even though he says nothing.
I walk into the lift and I press for the bottom floor.
The lift doors start to shut.
They are sliding so slowly… it takes an eternity, and I can hear him walking toward me.
For some stupid reason I start to blush heavily.
Sardonix’s fingers curl around the doors before they shut, and he opens them back up, to look in at me.
“You want this to be personal?” Sardonix clarifies, “…and not business…” I nod, agreeing… and Sardonix seems far more calm now, “Are you a virgin?”
“Um. I’ve kissed a guy before… twice,” I tell him, raising a brow, I wasn’t totally in-experienced.
Sardonix can’t help but smile now, finally showing emotion.
“You’re going to die tonight,” Sardonix tells me with a wink, then he drops his fingers from the doors… and lets them shut.
I watch the doors edge closer together… then seal shut.
My mouth is open in pure shock.
Because I have no idea if…
…I…don’t understand… him…
Was it meant to be some kind of…
Or was it meant to be…
I can’t even finish a thought. Not a single thought.
I’m terrified.
And I’m excited.
I look down at my hand over the cross.
One thing was for sure. Walking out of here alive was a miracle considering how scrambled my brain was. That sexy motherfucker threatened me and I asked him out on a date.
God, I need an intervention.
I was going to visit my Father. And tonight, I’d stay inside. I definitely… wouldn’t… check for him at nine o’clock…
I’m already thinking about it.
The lift stops on the ground level and slides open.
I’m surprised to see Priest Oswald again in the lobby, walking in from the outside.
He came back and looks busy typing something on his mobile phone.
I quickly walk toward Oswald, and I stop him, grabbing his robes, “Father,” I step in front of him, interrupting his text. Oswald comes to a stop, and looks me over. He says nothing. So I ask him, a very simple question, “…will I be okay… after seeing demons… do people… heal? Or do most… not recover… or even… die… horrifically…?” um, yeah, that question turns morbid, real quick.
Oswald thinks about it seriously, before giving me one rude word of advice, “Pray,” he growls and walks past, “I have somewhere to be.”
I don’t know if it was his demeanor or the fact I believed he was also being honest in that way that he was also very rude… by being so simple…
I’m doomed.
With a heavy weight of dread, spreading through my gut, I gather some supplies… and I walk to my father’s home.
I had a decision to make tonight.
Tell my father everything
…or wait outside at nine o’clock.
█▀▀▄ █▀▀█ █▀▀ █▀▀█ █░█
█▀▀▄ █▄▄▀ █▀▀ █▄▄█ █▀▄
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