LYCAN NIGHTS (Complete, 13 Chapters) – C. Swallow

Lycan Nights -·=»‡«=·- Chapter 8 -·=»‡«=·-
Angel’s POV
I wake up in the morning – almost feeling like I could float with the power soaring through me. The whole pack fucked me. Eight men; eight Lycans.
An incredible shame fills me alongside the power trip, as I sit up in the empty room, alone, looking around.
So, that’s how I lost my virginity.
To demons.
I’m pretty sure they count as sex-demons since all it was, was pure pleasure, and no pain.
I find a hand-written note. From Sardonix – he left it on top of the blankets.
We’re in hell conducting business as usual. We understand if you feel overwhelmed or skeptical about this whole experience – especially as your senses return without us near. Whatever you decide next, whether you leave or stay, we will support your will. Don’t worry about LC, we can protect ourselves. Worry about yourself. Your soul. Which I own, whether you leave or stay for now (winky face). This is unusual leniency on my behalf, but darling, we have eternity.
Signed, Sardonix.
My lips twitch up, and I feel the love and romance from this note.
But also the clear warning.
I fold it and place it aside. I roll out of bed and I take a hot shower. I find no marks on my body. No soreness. No evidence of defilement. Aside from one thing. The demon seed leaking down my thighs while in the shower. There was a lot of it. Like… a lot.
It was the physical manifestation of shame and guilt, and I find it hard to look at it.
Why? I don’t care about my dad anymore. I care about my mother. My friends. My home. That I left, getting caught up in this demonic whirlwind – and like a fool I begged to get fucked by satanic fucking priests – who turned into demonic Lycans.
I know the cross from my father was cursed and brought this sin toward me, but it did nothing to sway my soul from God even after the acts I have committed.
And now, I feel his heavy judgement from above.
I need to repent, like pronto.
I get dressed in a spare dress in one of the wardrobes. It’s a sparkly black onyx, with small straps for the shoulders and it’s not very long… but it’ll do.
I take a small trip back to Sardonix’s penthouse, and a cleaning lady lets me in, expecting me.
She leads me to a bedroom – the master bedroom. Of course my stuff is in his room.
The space is clean and grey, with a black bed, black curtains, a huge tv and fire place, even a dresser for a Lycan’s favoured bitch to enjoy. It’s so ‘prince charming’ aesthetically – excuse me, the prince-of-hell kind of charming.
I sort through the clothes, I grab a more suitable outfit to return home in. My washed jeans and white shirt.
There’s even a new phone for me.
Sardonix really knew how to set a girl up.
There’s no more notes.
Although I do find a list of contacts in the phone – every priest in TLT. Now I know all their names. Sardonix, Clypto, Gamma, Astral, Pluto, Comet, Tron, Star. Beyond cool names – and beyond shameful I didn’t know half the names when they fucked me.
The reason I am so full of shame is because I loved every moment of their temptation last night.
I had been burning all night.
And it felt so good.
But I knew that was bad.
And I also remembered what Sardonix said when he squeezed a line of blood from my arm.
The devil. Being my father? Yup. Fuck, no.
That scared me.
Obviously, he lied. Right? To manipulate me into falling faster? I mean, but what a – what a strange… thing to say at all, for any reason.
I call a ride in, and I go all the way back to Riccochet.
This is unusual leniency on my behalf, but darling, we have eternity.
I keep reading over that line while in the cab.
Over and over.
I need to go to church.
Two months later
College was going great. Everything, actually, was going great. My confidence was soaring. My father was staying out of my hair. My mother was proud of me, and I was proud of her. I didn’t care what her past was, I knew she was a good woman.
And my new friends were awesome.
My teachers were amazing.
College was amazing. Oh, I already said that. But seriously, everything was amazing! Haha!
Oh, and Church was a place of absolute redemption. I restored my faith.
And most of all; I killed the lust. I really did! In my prayers I even told God, even if the devil himself, was somehow involved in my conception – I was still loyal to God and my soul was pure. I had sinned. But I had sought forgiveness and received it. My light was in-tact.
And then one random day, at no particularly special time, or for any particular reason, I get an incoming phone call.
For context, I never answered when it was a literal Satanic Priest involved in my deflowering. I hadn’t even been thinking of their names. It really helped to dispel their power over me.
But at this time, while finishing college classes for the day, and walking back to my car, I get the random phone call. I’m expecting it to be my friend Saddie since we’re meeting up soon for a Friday night movie, so I answer it on impulse after seeing the Sa – and the rest? -rdonix? I was kind of in a weird space, and I accidentally answer his call without registering the different caller-id.
“Hey, Saddie,” I answer, “…are you there early?”
“…bad time?” Sardonix asks, his deep voice penetrating my ear drum – well duh, where else does sound go – but it really does penetrate through my ear, and sink into my head, immediately changing my thought process, making it lean a little, toward him, toward… fuckinghell. I mean –
I gulp, remembering my advice, speak the truth and nothing but the truth, “I accidentally answered your call,” I speak in a robotic way, forcing myself not to say his name, it was my ultimate power to resist his call, but at the same time, I try to maintain politeness, “…anyway, since I answered, how are you, is there something you need…?”
“I can hear the strength you’ve attained,” Sardonix sounds patient and amused, “…hmm… I’m calling to remind you, Angel, of what I can offer you if you wish to dance with some demons tonight… it’s a full moon… we’re feeling quite hungry… and it can be you or a few random in-house-whores, but it didn’t seem fair to discount you completely… so that is my offer – if you dare it,” he sounds a little twisted and demonic at the end there, losing his own politeness.
I breathe out, and I answer comfortably, surprised by the strength within me retaining itself thus far, “I chose distance, and I’m keeping it,” I answer very pointedly, “You said you’d respect any decision I made.”
“Of course, Angel.”
So why did you call me?” I snap a little now, also losing my politeness, as I stop by my car and put the keys on the roof, “Did you think you’d tempt me?”
“Not to make you sound like a bit of a dumb brat, but we’ve already fucked you – you’re not exactly a martyr anymore,” Sardonix is playing with his words, I can taste the chase off his tongue, he likes this… he wants to play with me, even if it’s just on the phone. I have to end the call or risk this spiraling.
“Be that as it may,” I don’t deny that I submitted back then, while under the influence of extreme stress brought on by my asshole step-father, but even that is no excuse, all that matters is my faith toady, in this moment, despite my past mistakes, “I will end the call,” I look up at the sky, looking for the sun, instead I see the full moon, as a cloud floats by, “Oh my God, I see the moon,” I blurt that out, “It’s a really big moon… have you seen it? I need to take a photo of this for class. Um. Um. I have to go.”
“I’m looking at it right now. You see the yellow tinge, and how it’s magnified, do you know what that means?” Sardonix drawls, quietly.
“No, what does it mean?”
“The gates are open, a little wider,” Sardonix doesn’t say which gates, and his words start to sound… abstract.
He wants to keep talking so badly.
I almost feel sorry for him.
What if he is… what if he… misses me – it doesn’t matter.
Oh, God, help me.
I put my hand on the top of the car, and I chew on my lip, as I think.
“Are you still there, Angel?” Sardonix asks.
“Oh yeah,” I respond, “I just want you to know I don’t hate you, or dislike you, at all, I really appreciate what you did for me, and I didn’t even have a bad night… when we… sinned together…” I whisper that, “But I do regret it. I can’t worship demonic entities, or the devil, with you. I can never do that. I submit to God,” my tongue presses to the top of my mouth.
I bring the phone away from my ear and I hover my finger over the end-call button.
My teeth chatter together, nervously, I can’t press the button.
I’m just thinking.
I’m just thinking.
I slowly put the phone back to my ear.
“I’ll let you go, darling,” Sardonix speaks, as if he was also waiting, and contemplating every thought in his head as well.
I open my mouth, blinking.
He’s going to hang up on me.
“God’s tests are so intriguing…” I blurt, “For me to really know I’ve moved past you, that I’ve reasoned above your temptation – we should actually meet one more time. And then I want to walk away in your presence. Remember when I had jelly knees,” I laugh at myself, “Thinking back, it’s kind of funny.”
“You are a funny girl,” Sardonix agrees, speaking so handsomely, “What time? I know where you live.”
I chew on my lip again.
I check the time, and I think.
Movie is a couple of hours.
“I’ll be out of the movie theatre at 9pm, and then maybe we can meet in a parking lot, or… outside a fast food place…”
“Ricochet has a beautiful national forest, why not there,” Sardonix suggests, “Somewhere private. In case you don’t resist.”
Of course I will resist,” I snap, almost yelling through the phone, “Don’t make fun of my faith, Sardonix – it’s not weak.”
“You said that, not me,” Sardonix keeps calm, “I’ll give you time. Let’s meet at 3am.”
“Witching hour – my favourite time.”
He hangs up on me.
I pull the phone away from my ear, remembering he gave me this phone. I really should give it back to him.
I put the phone down, clutching it tight.
I open my car door and I get in.
Witching hour.
I’d meet a cult at 3am under the full moon in the middle of a national forest in Ricochet.
What could go wrong?
Fucking, fuck.
Why do I feel angry?
Sardonix had a huge ego.
And I kind of wanted to prove to him, that he wasn’t just extremely sexually attractive and completely perfectly domineering and manipulative to bitches to the point he could get anything he wanted out of them – what was my line of thought?
Oh, yeah.
A test.
God’s test.
I would face my greatest temptation, and with a clear head, I’d walk the other way.
No jelly knees.
And finally, like crossing a finish line of a massive two month marathon of redemption and prayers, I would be truly free of sin.
I’d been in training for 2 months.
It’d count for something.
█▀▀▄ █▀▀█ █▀▀ █▀▀█ █░█
█▀▀▄ █▄▄▀ █▀▀ █▄▄█ █▀▄
▀▀▀░ ▀░▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀░░▀ ▀░▀

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