LYCAN NIGHTS (Complete, 13 Chapters) – C. Swallow

Lycan Nights -·=»‡«=·- Chapter 7 -·=»‡«=·-
Angel’s POV
A strange thing happens. I’m left to stand in the middle of the dance floor, to dance with the other girls.
It’s so packed already, the other bodies help me stand up straight when Sardonix and Clypto walk off.
Sardonix said he’d come back soon.
It’s so dark I try to see past the dancers, listening past the deep demonic music, to spot where Sardonix vanished too.
I’m not sure but I think he is at the bar, meeting his pack who walk in from the outside. He is embracing a woman with long blonde hair, and she clutches him back.
I’m watching all this with squinted eyes as I get tossed back and forward between the moving waves of clubbers.
It’s all female here.
For some reason tonight must have some sort of special discount… maybe it was the full moon.
I get moved and pushed back and back even further, until I’m spat out of the moving bodies, and my back hits the wall.
I get a moment to breathe.
I’m panting from the heat.
I gulp, and all around me, the girls all look thirsty, some are even licking the sweat off each other’s necks.
I need some air to gather myself.
Sardonix left me in the crowd clearly to give me a moment to reconcile my thoughts.
I know it wouldn’t be long for him to come get me, but I just feel abandoned all over again. But then something else happens.
The wave of girls who were dancing closer to the music, look suddenly distracted, as their heads all turn to the left, and their legs move left… to the darkness, the darkest part of the club.
When I look from my position on the wall, I see eight Lycans, red eyes, as they drool, their teeth bared, they’re hungry – and they’re looking over all the flesh to pick and choose from.
This isn’t Sardonix’s pack.
I watch as one Lycan reaches out and grabs one of the dancers. She squeals in delight as he swings her into the darkness.
I freeze up against the wall, as I watch the dance happen in a tribal way.
The music doesn’t exactly cause comfort, only an escalation as the steady low bass rocks through the floor, and another Lycan reaches out and grabs one of the girls, no, two females – dragging them back into the dark.
I notice some females are confused. They want to be chosen, but they can’t move or speak, they only stare and hope.
Seeing them, all the sluts together – staring like mindless whores, wakes me up a bit.
I’m scared all of a sudden.
I edge along the wall, seeing a door leading to the female restrooms.
As I shuffle toward it, I see a small crowd of more naive females, crowding around the door, trying to get in.
I can’t fit through them. But there is another door, just next to me.
Punishment Room – Onyx. VIP.
But when I look underneath the door, I see no lights are on.
It’s empty.
I try the handle and it opens. I quickly turn and slip inside, shutting the door and flicking on the light.
Inside I see the most basic equipment.
A beam.
A bench.
A cross.
Ropes, a couple of chains.
Just basic bondage to… keep someone very still, in various positions.
I’m only in here a second though, when the door slams back open and I look up to see a Lycan peering in at me, snarling. Feeling like I just got in trouble at school, he snatches my arm and pulls me back out, slamming the door shut, before I know it, he’s pulling me back into he darkness.
I scream – where the hell is Sardonix!
I get pulled into the heat of the blackness, but then further still.
I end up in a back corridor, the Lycan stalking his way and dragging me so quickly to the back, to a side room.
He stops us by a closed door, the light on underneath.
“Who are you?” I beg him to answer me, but he just rolls his impatient eyes over me and opens the door, showing the inside.
I immediately calm down when I see Sardonix and his whole pack in this room.
And the whole room… is fascinating to say the least. It’s all black and mirrors and fairy dust – sparkling through the air. It’s like a little slice of a fairy tale. The bed is absolutely massive, enough for a pack of Lycans. I guess they booked it.
In the room, Sardonix is on the bed, totally naked, along with the rest of his pack in human forms, who are spread around the room in different positions.
“Surprise, bitch,” the Lycan above my head, mocks me for being so scared.
“Thanks for the help, dad,” Sardonix salutes him, and Onyx then laughs as he pushes me in and shuts the door.
I hear a lock turn from the other side.
I reach back for the doorknob.
I shake it. It doesn’t budge.
I’m just facing a room of eight gorgeous gods, totally naked. A lot of them have tattoos.
Sardonix is still wearing his rings.
He’s reclining on the bed with Clypto and a few others. The rest lounge around the room and stare at me.
Their human forms makes me blush so much harder than their monster forms.
Sardonix knew this.
So the bastard planned to make me this nervous.
I turn and I face the door, covering my face with my hands.
“Oh, relax, puppy. We’re in here because they’re busy choosing a new pack of whores out there – while they’re mating… we want our turn but a different kind… it’s just a thing that happens under a full moon… we become insatiable… there’s no limit on the number of whores we run through…” Sardonix explains.
“Limitless lust? Well last time I check, t-there’s eight of me… I mean eight of you and one of y-mme,” I get all jumbled up, speaking into my hands.
This is so embarrassing!
But I can’t win like this. I can’t do this so freaked out. If I am this shy, they’ll swallow me whole.
I need to show strength.
I slowly take my hands from my face and I turn around.
That’s as much as I can move.
Facing the bedroom, all the mirrors, so many reflective surfaces, it seems like more of them are in here than there actually are.
Sardonix is the only one who moved, he is standing off the edge of the bed, about to approach me.
But now that I’ve turned to face him he’s halted still, tilting his head slowly.
None of them talk.
But I seem incapable of speech.
I walk toward Sardonix, one stiff step at a time.
I had been refusing to breathe in through my nose, knowing what would happen when I did.
He lets me get so close, until we’re flush.
I’m staring at his collarbone, carefully breathing through my mouth, as I start, “I have… to tell you something… my… father… wants you all alive…” I breathe it out a bit all over the place, but at least I try, now… for the next part, I close my eyes, “And I’m the bait. If you think… if you think I’m somehow special to you… I’m not… not really, I was just cursed… I never agreed to this. And my father, he knows… he knows I’m with you,” I open my eyes, Sardonix hasn’t moved. I search his eyes with mine. I put my hand over his abs, thinking he might back off, but instead he stays still, allowing me to touch him. I curl my fingers into his hot skin, prodding him with my nails, “I believe a sick part of him, wants you to kill me – because he said my mother was a prostitute…” I finally breathe in through my nose, “…I don’t want to die, I want to live,” I finish it with that.
Sardonix steps back a little and looks to his brothers.
Then back to me.
They’re all staring at me.
My knees don’t buckle this time.
It is in that moment… I stand straight. Something is wrong.
“…where… is the cross…” I whisper.
“…interesting… I placed it in hell, it’s a whole realm away from your soul,” Sardonix takes another step back from me, anticipating fear off me, working out what I just worked out.
I look around the room, my eyes flickering between each beast.
I’m smelling.
I’m not… I’m not succumbing.
It’s not that I don’t want them, it’s that I’m thinking a little too above the water line.
With clarity.
“Sardonix,” I whisper, “When you walked away from me and left me on the dance floor… and you went away, were you checking to see if –”
“If the curse was the only reason you were dying to fuck us,” Sardonix answers, “Maybe.”
“What do you think?” I ask him, raising a brow as I back up to the door again. A locked door, “Why is the door really locked?”
“There’s something wrong with you,” Sardonix looks… angry. He turns from me, hiding his rage. The rest of his pack are dead still. I know, in a second… if he orders my death, they’ll morph, and I’ll be torn to shreds in seconds, I hope this fucking works out… “Or if it’s not her, it might be me,” Sardonix murmurs that to himself.
“Boss,” Clypto warns him, “She admitted what the problem was with her father.”
“It’s not bait,” Sardonix says, so cold, turning back to me, “…they’re screwing with us… Onyx knew something was wrong with this girl…”
“I don’t understand,” I speak up, “I…”
“I need to see your blood, pup,” Sardonix snaps as he spins to me and holds out a hand, “Now.”
He doesn’t force it, but I want to know what he is going to check.
I walk out with my arm held out to him.
Sardonix takes it and lifts my arm to his mouth.
Before his lips even touch me, I start to shake with terror.
I try to look, but it’s hard to watch.
He uses his canines to scratch the surface of my skin on my forearm, creating a tiny red line.
I wince and he pulls back to run his thumb along the cut.
The blood that seeps is metallic, with a silver sheen.
“Phantasy,” Sardonix half smirks, looking at me, “…your real father is the devil…”
Fucking no.
“No,” I just deny it, shaking my head.
“Oh yeah,” Sardonix keeps my arm apprehended in his grip, but I pull and when he doesn’t let me go, I move closer to him just to slap him across the face again, this time hard. He unhands me quick as I stumble backward to the door again, “What does that mean, Sardonix? Tell me.
“That fucker made you to torment me,” Sardonix answers me, “You know what the answer is… you’re not a slut-pup… you’re not inclined. But…” Sardonix holds out a hand, showing me the tiniest tremble in his fingers, “…you see that, Angel…?” I nod, and he explains, “I’ve never trembled in front of a whore before… but it’s your sweet smell… we believe our fates collided. You belong to us. But you don’t want us. Is that right?”
Sardonix looks stricken by this revelation. But he’s just wrong.
I immediately speak out against this, “I do want you,” I answer, “I do.”
Sardonix looks up at the ceiling… he doesn’t believe me.
So, he makes a rash decision.
One moment he’s a human.
But in the next, he lets the beast rip out of his skin.
I watch as his Lycan morphs, now towering above me, holding me in his shadow.
Instead of succumbing, I am repulsed.
I immediately throw myself back against the door that I still can’t get past, but I’ve moved so quick that my head swings and bangs back against it. Ow, fuck.
His Lycan now stands right over me and his pheromones smell amazing this close, but the telling difference is I don’t fall over onto my face. Instead, he smells good – and I want to run.
I chew on my lip, before I chew out, “Still… I swear… I do want it… I’m just a bit more… aware of the wolf.” Sardonix stoops his Lycan snout toward my forward facing eyes, and I hold his red gaze without looking away, “And I do feel like I’m gonna die,” I admit to him, “Like very much… every fiber of me thinks you’re going to kill me.”
“What does your heart say, pup?” Sardonix inquiring about my heart, so deep, so sexy, in his Lycan form, almost has me laughing.
But I quickly pretend to choke on the laugh before it escapes my throat, knowing not to disrespect him like that.
The fact is, that question was still very relevant.
Because it makes me realize what’s actually gone wrong.
Sardonix interpreted this situation completely incorrectly. Because he didn’t know what I did when I left him by lunch time, when I was at my father’s terrace early, and there for hours…
“My heart says yes,” I answer him, before I tell him straight what I worked out, “…and Sardonix… I think you got something a little wrong. It’s not that the cursed rot-magnet cross isn’t here. I’m not a slut-pup right now because of one reason only. I prayed all day, to God, for his help. I prayed for help.”
Fucking whore,” Sardonix dramatically turns from me to snarl, before laughing manically to the ceiling, drool dripping past his fangs as he keeps laughing, while the others start to shift with his sudden explosion of emotion. What the fuck. He drawls demonically to the others, “She praayyyyed…” he turns slowly back to me, “You little slut, you prayed for protection when faced with this temptation… and you received it. God’s laughing at me because of you… you smug little puppy.
“But I’m still inclined, just… very Christian in my soul,” I whisper, raising a brow, “You said sorry about my faith this morning, but I’m sorry, Sardonix, the truth is I believe in God, I believe in heaven, I believe that’s where I will go when I die. And I pray because I know he hears me.”
“You’re not a sinner,” Sardonix agrees with me savagely, nodding his large Lycan head, leaning in close to me, only to drawl “…yet,” that one word and promise sends a small shiver down my spine.
I avert my eyes to every other Lycan in the room.
I hold up a hand, maybe rubbing it in a bit too much, by making a joke, “I swear. I’m still a slut-pup. I solemnly swear it. On the bible,” I smirk a little when I drop that little bomb.
Sardonix growls so deeply at my sass, letting out his frustration, “…all eight of us are not exorcists, bitch, we’re Satanic Priests –”
I put my hands over my ears, pretending not to listen, “Didn’t hear that last part, sorry… ha… ha?” I slowly slide my hands down off my ears and I arc both my brows up.
I was trying to be funny.
Clypto said I was funny.
B-but… now Sardonix is dead silent.
As are the rest of them.
Sardonix slyly reaches up a silent, deadly claw… and it touches the top of my dress, he wants to slide it off me, or cut it off me… so the brat in me takes over and instead I slide down with his claw.
It can’t cut me.
Although I do end up on my knees.
I smile up at him.
But then I can’t see him.
Because his gigantic dick is swaying up in front of my eyes.
I bite my lip again.
Sardonix does nothing.
I do something.
I open my mouth and I stick out my tongue.
I lean forward, and I hover my tongue just in front of his dick.
Sin was temptation.
But my innocence was his temptation.
This was my weapon.
Sardonix is entranced by the fact I just hover my tongue so close, without doing anything really in essence.
“…this right here… is pure insanity, my brothers,” Sardonix growls out to the pack, who pace forward to look at my antics.
Martyrdom, maybe, whatever you want to call it.
I’m able to hold myself like that for a good minute, before I need to pop my tongue back into my mouth, but as I do, a bunch of drool just escapes my mouth, which had been building up on the back of my tongue.
I quickly swipe it away, trying to hide it.
I look up at Sardonix, to see if he noticed – oh, he did, and it makes him very, very happy.
“I can help with that growing, unrelenting thirst,” Sardonix drawls over me, leaning down, grinning with all his teeth. That’s all he does. He gives me a special Lycan smile.
Oh, fuck it’s terrifying.
I’m focused on how sharp… how big… every fang is… and how close they are to me.
He gets soo close his teeth brush against my forehead, down… to my cheek, until he’s just smiling with all his teeth right next to my face.
Boom. Boom. Boom. My heart skips a few beat. That’s the smile he gives someone before he bites their head off. I know it.
Prominent and stark fear of my life overpowers me – and that special holy spell breaks.
When I breathe in, the pheromones slam straight into my whole being.
I’m drowning just like that.
Oh no –
I pant, I start to turn a bright red, and I pull away from his smile to ask, “Why, how, how did you –”
“You just had to pray for something else a little harder,” Sardonix explains, quietly, “Like a prayer for your life,” he pulls back up, out of my space, to see me struggling to try and stand, but every time I try to get up my muscles can’t hold me.
I’m like a jelly.
“Ah, I can’t get up alone,” I tell him, I know it’s obvious but I have to say it.
Sardonix offers me a claw.
I grab it, and he hauls me up quickly.
I end up on my feet, barely, but stumbling toward him for support.
I fall into his chest, right next to dick.
I hold onto his fur, my nose buried in his abdominals. I lean heavily onto him.
“It’s no fun being a martyr, bitch,” Sardonix pets through my hair with a claw, “I just feel bad for having to break your faith that quickly… I respect your devotion – it’s just funny how quickly you bend,” he’s telling the truth and it’s embarrassing, I pull on his fur a bit, upset, “Don’t worry, slut, we think it’s adorable.”
“Nooo,” I pull away from him, looking up at him, “Fuck you. I was winning.”
“Fuck you. I won,” Sardonix snarls over me, until I stumble back and fall on my ass.
The moment I’m down here, they stand all around me in a circle.
Eight giant Lycan cocks, swinging around me like a damn merry-go-round, I don’t know where to look.
“You want to know why I won, bitch?” Sardonix asks, trying not to laugh, “Because I’m the mother-fucking master of your innocent little soul. Do you submit to me?” Fuck that speech. I slap his dick with my hand, looking away from him, “I’m going to pound you straight through if you slap me again, darling,” he drools right over me, into my hair.
My dress.
It’s oh-so itchy.
I need to get it off! Like now!
I pull at it and I’m too uncoordinated to lift my arms over my head, so my Lycans help.
They all offer a claw.
They shred the dress.
Not me.
I watch it fall away in ribbons.
They were so precise their claws didn’t even brush my skin.
The randomly delicate way they can harness their claws when they can be so fucking brutal, has me staring up at them all with wide eyes.
“…you’re all so kind of cute… what the hell…” I say, in shock.
“Time to fuck the new puppy,” Clypto suggests, “Who’s tired of hearing her speak? Quiet, pup. Time to learn a new trick.”
Argh! What an asshole.
In defiance, I try to crawl away, even though I’m naked and so fucking turned on.
I crawl between their legs and I keep crawling toward the bed.
I try to crawl under it, Sardonix steps over me, swipes me up and tosses me on the bed. I float onto it like a ballerina. At least that’s what it feels like.
Again. Somehow when I’m handled by these giant demons.
They do it gently.
I have landed.
So yes,I now lay on my back, completely star fished.
“Wow,” I whisper at the ceiling, “You guys are really good at this –”
But then all the Lycans lift up my legs, either side, spreading them… they move in for the kill.
I watch as the pack start licking over my feet – my legs, my calves, under my knees, everywhere… meanwhile Sardonix and Clypto, they dive in, snarling a little at each other as they both lick straight for my pussy, fighting for it.
I try to watch, but my neck just dies on me.
I lay back… oh… my… fucking… hell.
My blood is on fire.
My eyes roll back into my head.
I forget to breathe.
I swear I almost die the first few times I feel Lycan tongues rolling my clit, so mean and greedy about it too. They are relentless and my body is purring.
But then I do breathe.
And each exhale and inhale is all fucked up because 8 Lycans are loving on my pussy and all my legs, warming me up.
And I hadn’t even fucked them yet.
I curl my fingers into the sheets, and I lift my hips, fucking myself back on Sardonix’s tongue, which has licked right over my entrance a few times.
I look at him.
Begging him with my eyes.
Sardonix grins again, this time between my thighs, but he moves up, not down.
He’s large teeth are right above me, his cock is kissing my wet, dripping pussy. He teases me with it, and he doesn’t move.
So I crawl down, like I’m possessed.
I shuffle and move side to side, to get his cock inside me.
I struggle to fit it in an inch or two, unable to lift myself up and move back far enough – so the pack help.
They lift up my legs, and they pull me back onto his dick, while Sardonix slowly thrusts forward, which means he goes in fast anyway.
My insides stretch to accommodate him, and my spine curls back in intense, uncontrollable pleasure. I think I’m cumming –
“Fuck me please!” I beg him to start.
Sardonix first moves his head down to mine, curling over to tell me, “I will bitch.”
I don’t know why he said something so fucking pointless.
Until he starts to fuck me.
I didn’t know it’d be like this.
His dick slides so fucking far into me, only to retreat and slam back in, over and over again. He’s. So. Mean. My feet get licked, fangs scrape against my skin, but all they do is tickle me, igniting my nerves to feel simultaneously singed and teased; it’s driving me insane to the point I’m kicking my legs, but I can’t really move them at all because they all hold them so tight. It’s almost torture.
I’m fucking screaming in the euphoria of this moment.
Meanwhile, Sardonix is pulling my hips further and further up, so he can get deeper and deeper into me.
I feel his dick pulse and warmth floods my womb, but he keeps fucking me, until his dick locks inside me, the knot at the end of his cock enters my body, stretching me wider.
He licks my face as I’m barely breathing, “Cute bitch. There’s more coming.”
He so generously moves off my body, his cock leaving me, to allow room for the next.
I lie there as another moves over me, filling my pussy to the brim again.
I think that’s how it’ll be, one after another until Clypto nudges in too, “Make room, Pluto. Move.”
No way.
Clypto starts to edge his dick in next to Pluto.
Me too,” a third Lycan from the pack nudges in from the other side.
I stare at all three of them with wide eyes, but I don’t say no.
I kind of want it. Which means I’ve lost my fucking mind.
Three Lycan dicks fuck me, sharing my pussy.
My body accommodates them.
I don’t know how, but even as it does, I’m responding.
My body is cumming over all of them and it never ends.
So, this is how intense it can get.
Three, max.
I lay back and enjoy the triple time euphoria.
Eyes closed, floating away… but I can’t as a hot, hard, long dick, lays across my face.
When I peek out, another Lycan has joined, wanting their pleasure too.
I stare at the head of the dick and I open my mouth for him.
The Lycan cock moves over my tongue, to the back of my mouth. Angle perfected, he fucks my throat, and I already feel him pulsing, dumping his cum into my stomach as he throat fucks me hard.
Two others lean close to lick over my breasts and ribs.
One rubs their dick over my open, twitching palm.
I only realize Sardonix is one of the Lycans licking over my breasts, when he laughs and it’s so distinct to my senses, it’s right over my heart, the vibration rocks right through my soul – that sexy cheeky demonic chuckle of his.
I was weighed down under all of them, moved by all of them, consumed by their lust, being pumped full by all of their demonic seed, stuck somewhere between heaven and hell.
After falling from my belief.
Sardonix had dragged me down, back to the pheromones.
That’s half way.
He’s laughing because he wasn’t going to stop.
Not until I was burning in hell with him.
█▀▀▄ █▀▀█ █▀▀ █▀▀█ █░█
█▀▀▄ █▄▄▀ █▀▀ █▄▄█ █▀▄
▀▀▀░ ▀░▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀░░▀ ▀░▀

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