LYCAN NIGHTS (Complete, 13 Chapters) – C. Swallow

Lycan Nights -·=»‡«=·- Chapter 13 -·=»‡«=·-
Angel’s POV
I’m hauled off the soil of hell, over Sardonix’s shoulder, I’m taken as a hostage for show to some secret location for the devil.
The kind of location you enter and don’t leave – so it stinks, it’s ugly and it’s fucking gross.
When I’m dropped to my feet, my sneakers sink into a puddly of fresh gore, I’m inside a pentagram etched into the red bricks of hell, it’s within this strange and closed-off underground basement of hell. Close by I see a cauldron with a fire underneath, and steam coming out of the red top.
It’s stirred by a headless corpse.
There are no windows, only steps down to this death pit.
All around are discarded bones.
I notice ghosts hired for labor, float in, picking up select bones to take out of the pit.
Sardonix’s pack stand around me, while they wait for Lucifer to approach and oversee the sacrifice.
I watch as the fallen archangel himself floats in from the steps, wings spread to lighten his landing. Lucifer’s black archangel wings drag heavy as he comes in to see that his hounds have done his bidding.
I notice the devil looks genuinely shocked they obeyed.
“Well done,” he murmurs, looking at each member of the pack as he comes forward, “But I can smell she is not pure.”
“You’re my father by blood, of course I’m not pure,” I call him out. Why not? I was going to die anyway.
Lucifer looks mildly annoyed I interrupted him mid speech.
“You fucked a bunch of hellhounds, Angel, that’s why you’re not pure,” Lucifer fires back, “And now you’re going to die – and I’m going to eat you. So no more chit chat, you’ll be soup soon enough.”
“You ready, bitch?” Sardonix asks me, directing my attention back to him.
I glance over my shoulder to Sardonix, who keeps his claws at his sides, his eyes focused on me intensely.
“Begin,” Lucifer commands the pack.
No part of me wanted to use the spell he gave me… at least, when I was on Earth and it was easy to imagine resistance, I didn’t want to use it.
Now I simply didn’t want to find out what would happen if I delayed a second longer.
Right now I was in hell, in some death dungeon, about to be murdered and fucking cooked.
Logic hits me in this moment between life and death.
Maybe this was the only way he could help me.
Maybe Sardonix was doing this against his will – blackmailed into it.
I have no idea why I didn’t think of that. I have no idea what will happen next, but there’s only one way to find out.
Before the pack annihilate me for their boss, I say the black magic spell gifted to me from the head of TLT.
dimittis ignem”
I expect to get some kind of quick getaway portal, or maybe I’d be blessed with enhanced speed to run for my life.
I don’t expect fire to explode all around us.
And then I’m fucking flying.
Above the trees, the entire chamber burns below, although the demons and Lucifer do not get affected by the hellfire.
I am floating above a powerful fountain of fire beneath my feet, like I just became a self-propelled rocket.
I am staring at the fire storm below, entranced by this sudden and engulfing power.
This was strange, unnatural – there was no way two words could ignite this kind of hellfire.
That’s because it isn’t yours, you hijacked it, I just haven’t turned off the valve yet – get out of here. Go, Angel. You’re burning up all my points in hell the longer you stay.
Sardonix speaks in my mind and the joke at the end has me smiling a little – but then I notice Lucifer arching his wings below, about to fly for me.
A female whisper, above me? In the air?
I turn to see a mirage – hidden with invisibility, holding out a hand toward me, a spark in another hand.
“Take my hand,” the female voice asks of me.
I reach out tentatively. We hold hands.
Immediately the fire ceases, and then the realms fold and bend as soon as I take her hand. With our skin to skin contact, I can see her.
A fairy with purple translucent wings, a black bob of hair and cheeky green eyes, wearing a mini red silk dress.
I spin with her, falling through space – until I slow, no longer falling so rapidly, with the help of her hand, I levitate and then land softly on a bed of black silk.
I look around the room at all the mirrors… I recognize this room.
One of the guest accommodations in Onyx Lycan Nightclub.
R.I.P my virginity.
Within all the mirrors I see a Lycan reflected back a hundred times, as the fairy sits on the bed beside me, still holding my hand tightly and reassuringly.
The Lycan in the reflection has black furless skin, painted with gold, and his red eyes are focused on the fairy.
“Come here, bitch,” he says, holding out a small box…
“Anubis, you didn’t,” the fairy gasps with excitement and flies up to the reflection, reaching out a dainty hand, she grabs the small box from his much larger hand, as he reaches out to meet her half way.
The black pristine claws glint with all the mirrors and the fairy’s natural glitter, sending out rainbow light diffraction across the room. It’s slightly disorienting, but then Anubis is gone, and the fairy spins back to me and flies over, while I sit up on my elbows.
I feel a little bad the bottoms of my new sneakers are trailing hell’s gore across the fresh black silk, but that shouldn’t be a major concern for the moment.
“My name is Cleo, but today, I am standing in as groom. I, name of Sardonix, Onyx Junior, I –” Cleo’s speech is cut short and stopped from opening the small velvet box, by the very naked figure in the room who just stepped out of a mirror – covered in small amounts of black archangel blood.
As Sardonix walks through as a man, Cleo notices and she turns to smile at him, as he smiles at her. Petting a hand through her black bob of hair, Sardonix boldly reaches down to kiss her on the lips – quickly, before snatching the box from her fingers, side stepping the blushing fairy, and then dropping to a knee beside the bed.
“Anubis is a king of lore loopholes – but we have to make this quick, okay bitch?” Sardonix winks at my shocked expression, slightly contorted with jealous rage at the kiss he generously gifted to the fairy. Although they both saved my life so I really shouldn’t be complaining.
As Sardonix goes to open the velvet box, I glance in at the mirrors and I can see his pack fighting off Lucifer – distracting him with some kind of brawl.
The pack is getting pretty badly cut and bruised by the blows handed out by the archangel – shit. They did all this for me?
Sardonix coughs, “Ahem, Angel,” I focus back on his gruff voice, and his raised silver brow, as his red eyes guide mine down to the offering. Inside the box, on display, are two gold rings, “Will you be my wife? Under Satan – not God. Agree and then say yes.”
“A satanic marriage proposal?” I whisper, “Ah – ah, y-y-yes,” I stutter, following instruction only.
“Great, now say I do,” Sardonix picks up one ring, “You’re going to be my slave, cheeky bitch,” Sardonix can’t help teasing – although is he really joking? I hold out my hand and then recoil my fingers, “Babe, quick,” Sardonix tries not to laugh at my indecisiveness, “Come on, Angel, or you’re going to fucking die. This has to be willing. Will you be my wife? Say I do. Give me your finger.”
“Um – ah, yes. I mean, I do? I do, I do,” I hold out my finger again, the wrong one. Sardonix shakes his head and grabs my hand roughly, correcting the finger I was meant to give. Then he slides the ring on.
Just as I see a hell born fury walking toward the mirror – direct from hell, covered in black Lycan blood.
Lucifer is coming out to witness this.
I see Lycans through the mirror, still rolling around in pain in the background.
Sardonix murmurs, “I fucking do too, bitch,” he makes sure I hear it as he places the second ring on his own finger.
Sardonix throws the box back to Cleo, who catches it and waits aside, as an archangel now waits behind Sardonix menacingly.
“You cheeky pup,” Lucifer murmurs at Sardonix, who is still kneeling in front of me, his hand intertwined with mine, as he looks over his shoulder.
“Meet my wife – your daughter,” Sardonix rubs it in with a smug, gleeful grin.
I pale – I don’t know if he should be treating Lucifer with such disrespect.
However, the archangel can’t hide his dark amusement.
Breaking out into a grin, Lucifer bursts out laughing.
“I’m proud of you, bloody hound,” Lucifer puts his hand on Sardonix’s shoulder and my newly wedded Lycan turns to offer his hand to the devil.
They casually shake hands.
Lucifer shrugs this all off, “It was just a test, anyway, to make sure I trained you well enough in deceit, son,” I’m pretty sure that’s a dad joke from the devil, since Sardonix grins and looks back at me with his bright and glorious teeth.
“Plus, I scored myself a pretty obedient house pet for eternity,” Sardonix adds, “Mate or not – you’re stuck with me, Angel,” he shows me his ring, “Forever.”
I blush as I sit up properly and I look to Cleo for some female support.
Her hands are clasped over her heart and she has tears in her eyes as the witness to our joining.
“Congratulations, bitch, welcome to the family,” Cleo flies forward and embraces me, knocking the breath out of me as I’m pushed back into the bed, and she doesn’t let me go from her fairy-death squeeze.
I can’t breathe for a second, as her adamant display of love is quite aggressive.
I wheeze out and Clep finally lets me go from her arms, just to kiss both my cheeks.
Then she sits up, straddling my lap, and I’m just blushing extra hard… especially when she sends a dirty, utterly filthy whore look to Sardonix and Lucifer, who are both suddenly entranced by the display of a fairy sitting on me.
“Ahuh,” I say awkwardly. What I meant was – get off, but I was still kind of in shock.
Lucifer tilts his head, happy with himself as he turns and walks through the mirror closest by, tired of our affairs.
“You’re very pretty, all the Lycans will love you,” Cleo tells me, smiling slyly at me still – her thoughts are beyond below. I wonder if she is trying to teach me something.
As I keep looking between her and Sardonix, I get the feeling she is a little too experienced in manipulating demons into their own kind of submission. Sardonix is iron hard at her display, clenching his fist as he holds himself back from escalating this too soon.
Bewitchment? Or a Fae’s way with words.
Sardonix is quite spellbound by the scenario, delayed in his reaction as the other Lycans pile into the room. Great, perfect timing.
They are beat up, limping and bleeding black blood all over the place.
The are also darkly curious by the fairy straddling me, but soon she is thankfully off me, flying around the room and complaining about the blood they are leaking everywhere.
“You’re ruining my favourite room,” Cleo yells at them, “Clean that up immediately!”
As she flits around annoying everyone, Sardonix snatches her wrist and pulls her out of the air, forcing her back down onto her feet.
He clasps her chin with his hand, as he threatens her, “Leave or I’ll make you clean it up yourself, you naughty slut.”
“Oh I just helped you,” Cleo whispers, “For free too. Show some gratitude.”
“I’m too damn handsome to pay for you,” Sardonix chuckles and she storms off, clearly annoyed, she leaves the room.
I can finally get up off the bed, standing up, I look down at my ring, and then around at the injured pack.
“What the hell just happened?” I walk straight for Sardonix, to ask him, as the rest of the Satanic Priests of TLT shift to mortal form, finding spots around the room to rest with their injuries.
Some collapse onto the bed, nursing broken bones and bleeding cuts.
“I dedicated myself to protect you, and you dedicated yourself in obedience to me, by the loyalty of hell, we can’t murder one another,” Sardonix explains, “Pretty fair trade, huh?”
“Just to save me, when you could have just ended me as commanded,” I murmur, “And all of you, taking a beating from the devil – to give you time to hitch me like this?”
Sardonix looks mildly irritated, “Is that not good enough for you?”
“No, I’m just… in fucking awe,” I whisper, “I love you. You protected me. You risked everything.”
Sardonix nods along with my compliments.
“You should thank us all,” Sardonix reminds me, and I happily turn from him, ready to kiss them all on the cheek in thanks, “Not literally, come back here,” as I try to walk away he grabs me and pulls me back to face him, looking deep into my eyes – way too intense.
“What?” I ask, still in shock.
“I… like you,” Sardonix whispers, “Don’t you like me?” he mimics my tone.
I stare at him with true confusion, until I realise he is mocking me about before, in his office, when I couldn’t ask him directly about… love.
My face starts to contort with anger, and Sardonix leans down to steal my breath in a hard and quick kiss.
Like a mortal female trap, I am stun locked by the hard and swift kiss by the handsome bastard.
Frozen, Sardonix lifts me up and carries me to the bed, putting me between two of his groaning brothers, he crawls on top of me, grinning down at me as I lay there like a corpse once again.
“Fading adrenaline making you numb, love?” Sardonix asks.
“Yeah,” I admit, “I can’t believe I’m not dead.”
Sardonix covers my mouth with his hand, and he shakes his head.
Have more faith in me,” my Lycan sounds boyish – and his brothers laugh at his desperation for my affection, “Shut up,” Sardonix quickly snarls at them, but he thankfully removes his hand from my mouth, now just gently caressing my throat instead.
“Sardonix… what happens now?” I ask, “The truth please. No riddles.”
“We live dangerously,” Sardonix answers, finally truthfully, “Your father will want our heads on pikes in his headquarters when he finds out I married you and I fuck you every day.”
“He doesn’t have to know, I can just stay in the penthouse for a while until I work out what to do next,” I tell him, seriously, “Your safety is important to me too, Sardonix. You and the pack saved my life twice now. I owe you everything.”
Sardonix really likes this. He looks a little too warmed up inside, so I note how he avoids my gaze to kiss my neck instead, trailing fire in my blood as he starts to seduce me, while mischievously speaking against my skin, “You’ll need friends. You and Cleo should grab a coffee and get to know each other.”
Ah – this fucking horny typical man.
I don’t respond and Sardonix looks up to see what’s wrong.
“Stop imagining girl on girl, it’s not going to happen,” I whisper at him, and I feel all the pack waiting on every word.
I start to glare at all of them, but Sardonix is smirking.
“Okay,” Sardonix answers, coy, before grabbing my tshirt and ripping it open down the front crudely.
“Calm down, cave man,” now I joke, “I could have just taken it off. Like a normal person.”
Sardonix looks at my large breasts and he doesn’t breathe for a minute.
I wait for his brain to turn back on and he looks at me, as he grabs both of them and starts kneading my tits, like they belong to him – well I guess they do.
“I only saved you because what a waste,” Sardonix breathes heavy as he looks me over.
Shallow demon.
I smirk, however.
“So now we fuck?” I ask, feeling cocky.
Sardonix shakes his head, “…the pack are too injured.”
“Oh,” I murmur in abrupt disappointment.
Sardonix tries to keep a badass serious look on his face, but he smiles so handsomely at my expression.
He looks so mortal in this moment.
We speak simultaneously.
“Wife,” he tests the word.
“Master,” I test a different word. I internally cringe, “I mean – well, whatever,” I try to change it, but it’s too late.
“That was really, really cute, god I hate cute,” Sardonix snarls to himself, getting off me, he spins me around, keeps his hand on my back as he tugs down my jeans. He keeps me on my protesting front – and he leans down to bite my bare ass with his teeth.
I yelp out, and he bites my other cheek with the same force.
“So gorgeous,” Sardonix whispers over my skin, “I can’t wait to see you all pink.”
I prepare to scream a protest if he dares to bite me so hard again – but instead I feel him move lower.
And before I know it, Sardonix’s face is between my legs and his tongue is in my pussy, licking deep.
He slips a finger in, then another. Suddenly he is immediately starting to finger fuck me to a high heaven before the drop to hell.
I’m caught off guard by his sudden desire to play with me, so I clutch onto a cushion between Gamma and Star and I bury my head – embarrassed by the brothers either side of me, just intently watching my facial expressions.
Sardonix fucks me so perfect with his fingers – that by the time his tongue even lightly caresses my butthole to tease me further – I cum hard.
I think I squirt too. I feel it.
I scream out my pleasure into the cushion and kick back at him, while Sardonix wrestles my legs back down, biting my butt cheek again so I stop thrashing with the orgasm.
My body trembles with wave after wave.
Sardonix starts to fuck my pussy with his fingers again, curling in to hit my g-spot every time, while his tongue circles my butt again, making me feel so overly sensitive.
I keep trembling and wanting to kick back, but he holds my legs captive with one arm.
“I can’t take this,” I gasp out, “Stop doing that awful stuff. Stop teasing me. GIVE IT TO ME!”
I immediately feel the heat of hell explode behind me, as he answers my call.
I feel his Lycan’s fur against my shoulder, as a set of claws appear next to my cheek, shredding into the cushion.
When I look back, Sardonix is towering over me with a grin, and his Lycan cock is pushing into my entrance.
“Be quiet, slut, do as you’re told, shhh,” Sardonix grins next to my cheek and I hide my face back in the wrecked cushion – as his cock seeks and splits me open, plunging straight into the depths of my pussy.
He starts to fuck me apart, rough and deep.
My body squeezes so hard, but nothing can stop his patient rhythm.
Sardonix fucks me slow… not fast… and I have a feeling, as I drool uncontrollably into this pillow, and look at my ring next to my eye…. this is going to be a long, long night, isn’t it?
“I’m sorry, just keep… keep going,” I give in as my eyes roll back into my head as the pleasure drowns out all my other senses.
A huge orgasm is going to flood out my thoughts too.
I cum again over his hard and hot shaft, I squeeze so hard, I feel like I black out for a second as I enjoy the demonic drowning a little too much.
I gasp back awake, as I feel light sharp teeth poking my shoulder.
Sardonix woke me.
“Stay awake,” he barks the reprimand and digs deep with his cock and rests it inward, so I’m full and pulsing over his throbbing length. He stops thrusting for the moment. I open my mouth but I know only moaning will exit.
So I pant instead. I just have to breathe to stay awake. I forgot to breathe before.
I muster up the strength to fire back something.
“Is that all you got?” I whisper, knowing it’ll piss him off.
Sardonix growls deep, insulted as I hide my smile into the pillow, a little slow – he must have seen my desire to be utterly provoking.
“You cheeky whore,” Sardonix chuckles, as he doesn’t fuck me at all, he stays still within me for a little while longer, making my hips twitch, “Curiosity killed the dumb Lycan slut,” he teases me – right before he starts to fuck me to oblivion.
At some kind of demonic speed, which I’m sure is illegal, I fucking fly through to another line of executing orgasmic waves. This is a cruel way to reach another orgasm.
Sardonix makes it explosive.
My brain ceases to exist, I almost feel myself float outside my own body.
I pull myself back down, however, trying my best to stay conscious.
Trying to survive this perfect fucking from this handsome, perfect, protective soul. That I’d have forever.
I mean it when I say I’ll pay him back.
All of them.
I’d defend their lives with my own.
I owed them as much.
But more than that… I loved them. They were my Lycans now.
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Thank you so much for reading, check out the full Lycan Soulmates Series page here.
Love, author C. Swallow
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