LYCAN NIGHTS (Complete, 13 Chapters) – C. Swallow

Lycan Nights -·=»‡«=·- Chapter 2 -·=»‡«=·-
Sardonix’s POV
Now Clypto drives, while I look over my shoulder from shotgun to the back. The girl we saved from an early death is laid out in the backseat, dressed in a black shirt, blue jeans and no shoes – they got lost somewhere in the process.
Angel… even her name… and then everything else about her… she was strange and it was hard to pinpoint why.
We’re all driving toward a hospital in Dire Wolf City and I was holding two items I took out of her pocket and from around her neck.
“I doubt she was hurt but it’s best to be safe than sorry, I didn’t smell blood,” Clypto murmurs, as rattled as I am by her presence, “Hopefully she forgets us and Lycan Control won’t be notified – if they think we’re terrorizing innocents, if she misconstrues what she saw – they’re coming for us. They’re dangerous pests, Sardonix. They have new weapons and that officer Mika, he’s always waiting to pounce on a slip-up into their domain – like hearing that we’re kidnapping innocent virgins now. Did you do the spell or not? To make the bitch forget –”
“No,” I answer, “Just calm down.”
“You can’t just assume she’ll forget what we did, and considering she’s an innocent, she’ll probably remember it all as an attack on her too… she’ll put the blame on us, or the authorities will use the excuse anyway to crack down on our wanderings.”
“Clypto, shut the fuck up, I can’t think straight,” I speak quietly, “Drive and listen to some music or something.”
“Boss,” Clypto speaks anyway, “What are you holding?” he turns to see the crucifix and a small pocket bible in my hand, “Are you fucking kidding me, Sardonix, she’s a faithful innocent and clearly a virgin…” Clypto shakes his head and stares out the window, “She’s like bait, I swear… Lycan Control will use her, to get to us. Also why didn’t you spell her to forget?”
“I did a spell, I made sure she’s sleeping soundly and having sweet dreams,” I tell him, “Please. I need you to calm down Clypto. I need to think –”
“But why does she smell like that,” Clypto’s voice tapers off, and he immediately turns on the radio, drowning out his own rapid thoughts.
After an hour we complete most of the drive back to Dire Wolf City and I see the hospital lights in the near distance. Soon we’d miss the major turn to our favorite hotel, the GW, right next to St. Michael’s Cathedral where Priest Oswald and secretly Onyx, our father, was a resident.
We had to make a decision soon, before the next exit.
Clypto wasn’t all together incorrect about what she could potentially report to the police. It was really bad news for us if she thinks we were terrorizing her… and she did scream
In all we did, we stayed far out of normal mortal affairs, unless mortals were coming to us.
Then it was different.
But this girl could indirectly be the cause of a lot of trouble if she talks bad about us.
I turn down the volume of the music.
“I have the solution,” I tell Clypto, “You’ll turn left, take this exit.”
“…the GW…?” Clypto looks sideways at me, “If we go home, with an innocent… we don’t even know if she’s… inclined, Sardonix, this is a risk –”
I can’t help laughing, as a smirk spreads across my face, and I grab the wheel to make sure he turns left, “Never heard you so scared,” I tease him, “Not until this little girl in the back – she’s 18 by the way, I checked her ID.”

“Like that changes kidnapping a faithful fucking innocent Christian virgin,” Clypto bites back at me.
“You love it,” I sing song, barking laughter again.
“Shut up, boss, this isn’t funny… even though it is kinda funny…” Clypto gulps again… he’s fucking salivating. Poor Lycan brother.
“The difference, between you and me, is I know… despite this,” I lift the cross and the pocket bible, “I think there is a possibility she’s still inclined. But here’s the problem. She smells weird, doesn’t she? Strangely sweet…”
“No pup has ever had that aroma,” Clypto gulps hard, a second time.
“Stop drooling, dog, she’s not going anywhere,” I assure him, still smirking, “Like you said, letting her go is too much of a risk for Lycan Control.”
“So what do we do?”
“…we make her disappear… for a little while…”
“She’s not a slut pup, I bet there’s no way,” Clypto shakes his head, “That sweet smell is an innocence that is straight up holy… she’s favored by God. She won’t be inclined to us.”
“If she’s so favored by him, maybe God sent us in to save her life then,” I explain.
“Yeah, right,” now Clypto licks over one of his sharp canines, “That bitch does scare me, though.”
“The little innocent scares me too, just a little,” I admit, smirking at our panic – this was all a little too exciting for me, “Here’s the plan and I’ll tell the others. We lie to her, for a small time, we tell her she’s hexed and she can’t leave our protection until we lift that hex. In the meantime, we work her out. But I don’t want anyone swearing in front of her, scaring her… everyone stay as mortal as possible. We have TLT whores to satisfy those other lusts in the meantime. And for the love of dear uncle Lucifer, don’t show her that she scares you,” I smile wider just thinking about it.
“I’m used to easy whores,” Clypto explains himself, “Or the Favoured back at the club, but I’m not used to that thing in the back there, Sardonix.”
“Her name is Angel,” I tell him now, just to see him wince with the word.
Right now, my curiosity was raging.
I had never felt so completely focused on a singular female before.
Cleo came close. I loved that fairy.
But this chick in the back… she’s something else…
█▀▀▄ █▀▀█ █▀▀ █▀▀█ █░█
█▀▀▄ █▄▄▀ █▀▀ █▄▄█ █▀▄
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