LYCAN NIGHTS (Complete, 13 Chapters) – C. Swallow

Lycan Nights -·=»‡«=·- Chapter 4 -·=»‡«=·-
Angel’s POV
I walk through the GW lobby until I’m out on the street. I don’t go far with bare feet, just the sidewalk, curious about the ins and outs of this place.
I’m glad I can leave.
I return to my room and find my ID and pocket bible in a draw by my bed.
My phone isn’t here. I guess I lost it when I fell back out the door of the truck.
I turn on the television and I sit cross legged on the bed, with my door open… I was hoping to see who would walk by, since I seemed to be in some guest rooms specifically lined up with the TLT section.
Exorcisms huh… I wonder if I really do need help with that. A priest came over from the catholic church right next door, so clearly, they were a legitimate organization.
Unless that’s what they wanted me to think.
I see a shadow in the door and I look up to see a bell boy with bags of clothes, “Ms. D’Cruz, your clothes,” he drops off three bags worth.
I smile and wave and he heads off.
I look down at the three bags, full of outfits.
Why… so many…
I walk over to have a look.
They’re all the right size, most are dresses.
There are some shoes too.
They thought of everything.
I bring all the clothes in and I shut my door.
I lay out everything, looking for anything strange. Even the panties are just a generic bunch in a packet, nothing creepy. The socks are the right size… no bras though, maybe the only weird thing was that?
Nothing else is out of the ordinary. If anything, whoever ordered all this was very generous. There were enough clothes to last more than a week… I guess they felt sorry for the fact I was kidnapped and this was a part of the special attention?
So at least they’re genuinely looking after me right?
Unless I’m… huh… unless I’m going to end up as some virgin sacrifice at the end of it.
Oh, God, what if I am?
All those movies about fattening up the sacrifice, pampering them… before the brutal end… why was my mind so dramatic?!
I try to shake off my worry as I put the dresses up in the closet on the empty racks and the new shoes onto the shelves.
I choose a yellow sun flower patterned day dress.
I go into the bathroom, and I finally see something strange.
The mirror has a sheet over it…
I stare at the sheet for a bit, worried… until I see a note on the sink.
It says: ‘Avoid mirrors, they’re windows to other worlds’ oh…
Ok… that was a bit strange.
I grab the edges of the sheet and I take it down. I’m not worried about my reflection.
Besides, now I’m able to see how dirty I am.
Argh. Ew! My brunette wavy hair is a total mess, in tattered knots, sticking out all over the place. I look exhausted even though I slept with dark rings under my brown eyes… and my clothes are full of dirt and sweat. Lovely. No wonder Sardonix wasn’t even looking at me, nor appreciating me leaning over his desk – I probably smelt like pure panic-sweat. He even had to slyly cover his mouth and nose with his hand. Argh.
Feeling embarrassed about my lack of self-awareness up until now, it’s time to take a long, hot shower.
I undress, and I throw all the stinky clothes into a pile.
When I get into the shower I turn on the water and I look back at the mirror.
Nothing out of the ordinary, until I turn my back, get an itch just to quickly look over my shoulder again… and immediately, I see eight pairs of red floating eyes staring at me.
Lycan eyes.
I blink again… and they’re gone.
Oh shit… my heart races… but that confirms it.
I am possessed, or hexed, or whatever… so I’m in the right place… I hope.
Sardonix’s POV
The pack congregate in my office, curious what the outcome is.
Clypto sits on the seat opposite me, kicking his heels up.
The rest stand around, waiting and expecting a disappointing answer.
“There’s a few things you need to know about Angel D’Cruz,” I also decide to push back and kick my heels up, crossing my ankles, pressing my fingers together, “She’s definitely affected by our pheromones, she can barely sit straight, let alone stand… so that’s confirmed,” I tell them the good news first, but now the nitty gritty, “There is something legitimately concerning about Angel, however… she’s a walking magnet for rot… she’s in danger of a premature death,” I hold out my hands, “And that’s not a lie. I have a solution. We protect her. She needs to be guarded.”
“Right… so we’ll indoctrinate her,” Gamma speaks up, happily smoothing out his suit top, as he thinks of the process.
“Well… it won’t be that straight forward, unfortunately,” now the really bad news, I take my heels off the desk and I stand up, barely keeping in a sadistic smile, “Her father is the Chief of Police, that means he also oversees Lycan Control… now, our client is not close to him, but as soon as he finds out who and what areas his little girl is hanging around, he won’t stop until we’re annihilated. He’ll have Lycan Control on our doorstep within minutes. So, I have a plan… she’s relatively young compared to the women we deal with… she barely turned 18 a few months ago, she’s also clearly naïve, and far too trusting… so no, there won’t be indoctrination into TLT, in fact, she’ll be kept separate from that… I’m going to take it slow… how about that, we’ll start there,” I can’t help licking over my canines.
“You’re not going to share?” Clypto asks, “You know we like the smell of her too.”
You’ll wait your fucking turn,” I lose my temper unexpectedly, leaning over the desk with both my hands, I snarl at him and the rest of the pack, almost shifting on the spot.
I close my eyes for a moment, I keep my anger in check, and I stand up, fixing my suit collar. I was feeling a little possessive…
I take in a large breath, and I exhale, calming my instincts to fuck right fucking now.
I take a seat, while my pack try to keep in their need to laugh at my reaction.
“Dis…” dismissed… I was going to tell them all to fuck off politely… but… my small mirror, that I set up on my desk, is open, and reflecting back to me…
The amount of women I had seen naked, was countless.
But it’s like I’m staring at a naked woman for the first time in my life.
I put a sheet up to avoid this.
But the bitch took the sheet down.
My reaction is enough, the pack practically jump over my desk to have a look into the mirror also.
My brothers all crowd around me.
Before we fucking know it, our combined dominant hormones are raging, as are our pheromones. We can’t hold the demons at bay. The beast is coming out. We all shift together – and our clothes rip to shreds. Fucking annihilation. Our control is gone.
My chair breaks in half, and we all stand around each other, fighting to look at the tiny mirror… showing this fucking slut pup.
My heart is thumping out of my chest. My breathing goes up a notch.
Angel D’Cruz gets into the shower, and turns on the water.
As if God is mocking me, this chick is designed like a damn goddess.
Her smooth bronze skin is glistening like a diamond.
I could only guess how sweet she smelled right now… but then she looks back suddenly, directly at the mirror, and her gorgeous brown eyes watch us back – temptress.
She looks straight at all of us.
Eight of us raise out claws and try to slam the mirror down.
Clypto gets there first.
The mirror shatters on the desk.
All eight of us, completely shifted in this tiny fucking room, packed in all around me… while we hear through the walls… our ears attuned… the shower… on.
If we don’t calm down, we’re going to break down the walls before we even bother trying the hall.
For the first time, I feel threatened.
Our instincts drove women wild.
Sure, we loved them back.
But never like this.
Everything felt out of control right now.
“To hell,” I snarl, “We hunt rot, stay away from her,” I command my brothers, and I open a portal to hell right here in my office, “Let’s move.”
My brothers go first.
I’m last.
But as soon as they’re through, I hesitant.
Fuck it.
I close the portal.
Then, forcing restraint, I shift back to my human self.
No… the answer might surprise you because it even surprises myself. I wasn’t staying to go near her. I’m staying – because I promised I’d be here for her, all she had to do was ask for me… if she needed me.
I pick up my broken chair and I sit my naked ass onto it.
I open a draw, and I take out a new suit.
Where the hell are you? Clypto connects to my mind.
I forgot I made a promise to Angel.
Yeah fucking right, you want her all to yourself, boss!
They all chime in with their brotherly and playful insults.
I block them out.
“Fucking bitch,” I slam my fist into the desk, standing up and putting on my new suit, “Fucking slut pup, you beautiful bitch,” I get it all out of me, “Why are you so fucking gorgeous… why do I fucking care so much, I don’t fucking care!” I pull on my pants and I loop through a spare belt.
I press a button to get an assistant in here asap to clean the mess.
Shirtless, I stare at the box of rotting souls I trapped in Onyx gemstones.
Original, I was going to trick Angel so she could stay a little longer but that wasn’t a trick before…
There was something wrong with her soul.
I hadn’t seen that type of reaction before.
Every aura should be balanced, but… I take a seat, half naked, too into my head to move.
Did someone curse Angel?
I curl and uncurl my fingers.
I always had the answers.
Why not now?
I open my TLT Ritual book.
I find the direct line to Lucifer.
Kill something.
I roll my eyes and look around for something in the room.
I use my Lycan senses to focus.
Would a big fat moth hiding in the drapes do? Let’s see.
I walk to the drapes and I pick up the moth, crushing it in my hand, “Phantasy,” I growl out loud, “Have you been watching this chick?”
You sacrifice an insect to speak to me? Insulting, Sardonix… Phantasy drawls in my mind, you owe me… or you could have come to hell… what’s the problem.
“Why would a soul, attract so much rot?” I ask, “To an extreme level. Like a rot-magnet. Everything is balanced but how do you fuck someone up so bad they attract the absolute worst bad luck…”
Someone in her family wants her hurt. Probably her father.
“Why would her father want that…” I murmur, my mind racing.
Think. What does he want, Sardonix?
Chief of Police in Dire Wolf City? Probably power. The biggest issues in this city were the supernatural…
He was also overseeing Lycan Control.
Oh, fucking hell.
If he did this to her… I think he wanted an excuse.
Clypto said it in the car but I brushed it off as nothing.
“I think she’s bait,” I calm down, realizing that’s probably the most correct explanation.
So mortals want an excuse to hunt your pack, Phantasy laughs, manically. I whisper curses under my breath but I don’t insult the fucker directly. He always loved at chaos. Phantasy drawls, my favorite hound, if you need help… you let me know, and I’ll unleash hell on them, do you understand me? A brand new hell is one door away from this world now.
“That won’t be necessary,” I end the connection, tilting my head and considering that… you understand… I was a dark mother fucker… but I wasn’t the devil.
I liked to have my fun in this world.
I didn’t want to watch it burn like him. You had to be careful with Phantasy… he might be Lucifer’s shadow, but he was still his worst parts.
It’s in that moment of my deep thinking that I smell a burning, rotting stench, and at the same time, I hear a blood curdling scream from Angel, a few doors down.
Someone else already?
I shouldn’t have told her to relax alone.
If she got hurt it would be my fault. She was my responsibility.
I run like hell to save her again.
Angel’s POV
I was just finishing my shower, when I turned around in the fog, and in my bathroom doorway, I see a fucking stranger standing there, looking in – a hand down his pants.
It’s a totally random dude in a work suit and he’s sweating profusely with both his hands now ripping at his shirt, trying to undress. Fucking perv!
I scream as loud as I can.
The strange creep tries turning around to slam the door shut, but just as he manages to get it closed I scream even louder.
The door he just locked from the inside now explodes into tiny fragments.
I stop screaming.
And I watch.
I’m entranced. It happens so quickly.
A giant Lycan launches through the door and his jaws crush over the man’s head, exploding the whole thing, crunching through the skull like nothing…
The headless body tumbles over, and the Lycan swallows the head he just bit off…
I finally move, I slowly back up against the tiles… frozen but this time… honestly not scared.
The gore was disgusting.
But the horrific demon was not scaring me at all.
Even as the red eyes turn to me, I see empathy.
It’s Sardonix – I know it’s him.
He notices I am calm, and he steps over the body, hunching over to fit into this bathroom, he comes right up to the shower glass, looking in at me while blocking the view of the corpse.
“Can I thank you again?” I ask him boldly, and the question that leaves my lips has an air of total confidence, “…or will you lie to me again…” I whisper that bit though.
Sardonix doesn’t shift into his human form, instead a demonic low vibrational growl leaves his throat, echoing through my whole soul, as he turns to the mirror and looks down at the sheet and back to me, “You’re a brat,” he snarls a reprimand, “…tell me, are you okay, bitch?”
I gulp and I just cross my arms over my naked chest.
The glass is stopping his smell from getting to me.
It’s… kind of… annoying me…
I instinctively step forward and I reach for the handle of the shower door, and Sardonix starts to growl again, deeper this time – a dark warning.
“No?” I whisper, hovering my hand by the handle, “…I want to… I want to get closer to you…”
“And do what,” Sardonix tilts his wolf head, suddenly amused, “Touch me?”
I don’t feel naked with him being this beast… and for some reason his question makes me feel cheeky.
I lean toward the glass, “Maybe I want to give you pat,” I smirk.
Sardonix eyes roll over me from head to toe, then back up to my eyes.
I gulp… he’s pissed.
And then he shifts.
I watch as Sardonix becomes a man.
I instantly blush and try to reach for the door, so I can get out and reach for a towel.
However, Sardonix holds the door shut, so I can’t get out.
My eyes are staring at his naked feet.
His whole body was so fucking sexy and gorgeous it was fucking ridiculous. I’m too shy to stare at it. So, now suddenly a coward, I keep staring at his feet, with my hand on the door, one arm around my breasts, “Can you… just move, please?” I ask.
“I want to apologize,” Sardonix speaks over the glass.
“About what?” I ask his knees.
“Your faith…” Sardonix sounds awfully serious.
Now I look up at him, meeting his eyes, at the mention of faith, “Why are you apologizing for my faith?” I ask him, frustrated.
“You won’t be worshipping him anymore,” Sardonix explains to me, far too sadistic as he holds his mouth in a curled half smile, “I’m sorry to inform you like this, Angel, I wanted to break it to you slow… but I don’t know how else I’m going to explain to a cute little faithful Christian girl… that you’re actually a Lycan’s slut… it goes as deep as your bones, your blood, your soul… so I’m sorry… it’s just who you are.”
I blink.
Did he just call me a slut? How fucking dare he?! I would not be disrespected like that!
I wrench open the door out of his hand, and he slips up because he doesn’t expect me to pull it so hard. I lunge out as I slap Sardonix across the face. However, in my dramatic step toward him, my foot almost falls into a pool of blood that’s been leaking toward his feet.
“AH, no!” I squeak and jump into him.
Sardonix saw it coming, and even though I just slapped him across the cheek, he helps me by hoisting me up off the ground.
My naked chest is pressed to his, his arm tight around my waist, while my feet now dangle off the floor.
“You’re very fucking welcome, you annoying brat,” Sardonix seems pissed I’m so close to his face, as he reaches up a hand and forces my eyes closed, “Hold on,” he walks us, while covering my vision, as he steps over the mess… closes what’s left of the bathroom door, which isn’t much, and then he deposits me by the bed.
We both look to see the window was forced open.
Sardonix walks over, and I stare at his naked ass as he shuts the window.
I’m chewing on my lip when he turns around, looking all business, but now watching me just stand there, totally naked, just… fucking entranced by him.
His smell got to me again but this time it wasn’t overwhelming. Now I’m just basking in it.
Sardonix walks right up to me, giving me another generous opportunity to sniff him, as I stand still by his torso, I carefully lean closer to smell him, while he stands on my side.
And we both totally ignore the murdered corpse in the bathroom.
Sardonix drops his mouth to my ear, to slyly say, “…Angel…about that slap…”
Oh, what? He was rude as hell. He deserved it!
However, I can’t even guess what he’s about to do.
Sardonix abruptly leans over and around my back, with one arm, he lifts up my whole body by my waist and I tumble forward, almost upside down! In this position he spanks me.
One hard slap to my ass cheeks. It’s punishing.
It also sends a rush of fevered blood right through me.
I’m so turned on.
I wish he’d spank me again, but just as I wish it, Sardonix drops me.
To the fucking floor.
I land on my hands and knees, looking up at him.
Sardonix just stands over me, raising a brow before he carelessly walks over me, and he makes sure the door is shut and locked.
“Now,” he turns around, while I’m still on the floor, glaring up at him, “Angel – you need to pack your things because you’re coming with me.”
I slowly move up onto my knees, “…but why…?” I ask him, truly curious.
Sardonix twirls his finger, “Face the bed while I clean this mess up,” he says it so forthright. I can’t help but listen. I stand up and I spin to face the bed obediently this one time, as he speaks to me from the bathroom as he cleans up, “I’m conducting a legitimate investigation into your adjusted aura, someone’s trying to hurt you, and until I figure out who… until I stop him… or her… you need 24 hour protection. That’s not a fucking joke.”
Then he goes abruptly quiet, almost like he disappeared into another realm.
I don’t look.
But I hear sounds… strange sounds.
I feel a blast of heat around my ankles.
But I don’t look.
After another minute, after total silence, I hear Sardonix’s feet pad-pad across the carpet toward me.
I had the dress laid out in front of me.
But something was seriously affecting my brain because instead of dressing, I just stood there naked waiting for him… to… well… to come back.
I feel Sardonix’s heat travel across my whole spine… as he stands right behind me, looking over me.
He doesn’t touch me.
But still his heat is exuberant.
“Did you clean it up?” I ask, carefully even if the answer is somewhat obvious.
I feel his breath, on my ear… it’s hot…
“…you need to get dressed, darling,” Sardonix murmurs right next to my ear… and this time his lips do touch me, they caress along the top of my ear – and then his teeth bite me playfully…
Nervous, I curl my head down from the spike in heat that travels down my neck.
I blush as I look at him, but he’s moving back to the hotel door.
“I’ll be back in 60 seconds,” Sardonix looks at me over his shoulder, “…Angel… you better be dressed…” it sounds like a final warning, before my exorcist casually walks out of the room naked.
I smile.
And I kind of feel insane.
Did something break in my mind or what?
He left, but why? Oh… I guess… clearly to get clothes of his own.
I stand there for a solid 30 seconds before I move at all.
…what did he say?
Get dressed.
I turn to the sunflower dress and I decide that won’t do.
I reach into the bags and I pull out a short strapless black dress.
Yeah… this.
I put it on, and then I move to get my necklace from the bathroom – and when I turn back to it… the door fragments are gone, the door is gone… and so is any trace of the murder.
I walk into the bathroom to check.
A portal must have been opened… because I don’t know how everything was so clean…
I tentatively pick up my cross, and I clasp it around my neck myself.
Considering how quickly my life had changed? I was surprisingly calm.
Because for whatever reason… I felt ridiculously safe with Sardonix.
And I craved him too. It’s all I was thinking about honestly.
That random spank… his smell… he was so fucking tall and sexy.
And so protective.
…the problem?
My absolute lack of clarity or boundaries… every single thing in my life, outside this situation, had melted away… I didn’t care about anything.
Nothing else mattered anymore.
I just wanted to smell him again.
And… I just wanted to be next to him again.
Maybe Sardonix was a poison that I can’t stop drinking… but he’s so fucking sweet
I don’t think I can stop.
█▀▀▄ █▀▀█ █▀▀ █▀▀█ █░█
█▀▀▄ █▄▄▀ █▀▀ █▄▄█ █▀▄
▀▀▀░ ▀░▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀░░▀ ▀░▀

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