LYCAN NIGHTS (Complete, 13 Chapters) – C. Swallow

Lycan Nights -·=»‡«=·- Chapter 6 -·=»‡«=·-
Angel’s POV
“There’s a reason I allowed your mother to have full custody of you,” my dad has returned home late from work, it’s almost nine pm. When he walked in, he immediately wanted to tear me down, ordering me off the kitchen stool, where I had been waiting for him with a smile, but he just walks into the kitchen, he doesn’t even hug me, addressing me so ice-cold, “Since you’re an adult now, the disgusting truth is something I won’t keep from you anymore, Angel,” he turns to me, while washing his hands briefly in the sink, and wiping his cool hands over his face and into his greying black hair, he then calmly ignites a couple of bombs to cave in my whole world while I stand there in shock at his temper, just confused, barely prepared for what he’s about to say, “You’re not my biological daughter. Yup. Accept it. Before I met your mother, she was a prostitute on the side of the road in Ricochet,” he now holds onto the counter and leans down to glare at me, admitting it all at once, “I’m ashamed to say how we met is because I solicited her illegal services. It’s disgusting, I know. However, we were both young and when she told me she had you, a small kid, you know what, because I’m a good guy, I felt sorry for her and you, so I married her. Ten years later she divorces me and takes half my hard-earned money. Meanwhile she hasn’t worked a day in her life. If the truth be known, I didn’t want you, Angel. It’s a matter of pride. You are her responsibility, not mine, and you’re not and never will be my blood. I think it’s safe for me to now tell you, adult to adult, you can’t just come into this house without an explicit appointment first. Right now, you’re breaking and entering. I could have you arrested for trespassing. How did you even get in?” he seems to enjoy telling me all this, all at once, without even letting me process one thing at a time first.
I stand in still in shock.
Until I try to get a sentence together.
“I… well I found a spare key in the pot plant, the way you used to bury it in the soil… back home,” I say this all so quietly, feeling beyond numb, barely able to even comprehend that he said my mother was a prostitute. I had no idea…
“Mm, well, I shouldn’t be surprised, you’ve always been a disrespectful brat, haven’t you,” he forces on a fake smile, and he looks ready to break something. He looks so stressed out.
I’m the one he just completely shat on, and he’s upset… how is that fair?
“You’re lying to me or something,” I whisper, still in denial, “It’s late anyway, dad…” I said dad before I could register I probably shouldn’t be calling him that anymore.
He shakes his head and looks away, “Alright. Fine. Stay the night and leave in the morning. I won’t be paying for a ride back. Find your own way, or get your mother to pick you up,” he won’t even look me in the eye as he turns from me now.
“Do you know who my father is?” I ask, gulping saliva down a dry as hell throat. I feel like I’m going to throw up.
“Probably a drug dealer, she had affiliations with the worst of the underworld when she was selling herself –”
“Okay I’ve heard enough,” I tell him, “I heard you the first time you don’t have to keep rubbing it in that she –”
“Let’s be civil about this,” he slowly turns to me, looking sadistic as hell, “Don’t come here again, Angel. And don’t make any noise. I like a quiet house after I spend all day at work… do you even know how many hours I work? I don’t just run this city, I supervise the supernatural scum that bleed through this city,” I don’t care. I’ve already turned to walk out of the room, and he calls out, “…have you ever heard of Lycans, Angel? Come back here while I speak to you.”
I pause in the corridor.
Sardonix said I’d find answers here.
From my f… from that prick.
“No,” I call out.
“I said come back here while I speak to you. I need to see your face as you answer me, so I know you’re not lying like your mother.”
I get my back up.
I check the time on a clock off the wall, it’s ten minutes to nine o’clock.
I turn and stride back into the kitchen, crossing my arms over my chest, “No, what the hell is a Lycan?”
“Lying to me…don’t worry I see it… and oh I thought you’d know,” he says, admitting what he knows, “TLT was in Ricochet last night, the same night you went missing, and ended up here, in exactly the city where they reside between TLT events. Coincidence? I don’t think so. I know how you got here. They attract corrupted females. When your soul is poison,” I blink, he just said my soul was poison. What the… could this reunion get any worse?
“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” I gulp, also feeling nervous.
His eyes flash.
He knows I’m lying again.
“I’m the head of Lycan Control,” he tells me, chin jutting out with pride, “Do you know what that means?”
“Have you been dreaming of them?” he asks me, raising a brow.
“Why are you asking me this –”
“Because your mother loved them,” he tells me, “She used to come here, to OLN.”
“I don’t know what that is either…”
“OLN. Onyx Lycan Nightclub, where prostitutes go to get murdered, they copulate with the beasts and get pulled down into hell for that to happen. You realize that means death. Do you have any idea how dangerous they are?” somehow this is turning into a lecture about a topic I didn’t want to even discuss in the first place.
“They sound dangerous,” I agree with him.
Finally, he relaxes, waving his hand, dismissing me as he turns back to the fridge to make dinner.
He offers me no food, not even water.
And other than the sushi in the morning, I hadn’t eaten anything else all day.
I spin, I walk upstairs to a spare bedroom, feeling defeated, disgusted, totally confused…
However, as I’m pacing slowly upstairs, my hands curled tight into fists at my sides… I can hear my father head out into the courtyard to make a phone call.
Going outside specially so I can’t hear the words exchanged.
I walk across the hall into his office and I edge the window open, one floor above the courtyard.
I sit on the floor, lean my head back and listen.
It can’t possibly get any worse.
As I face his desk, I listen to the cold air and his voice.
“It actually worked,” he starts the call, sounding giddy, “We need the evidence. When that is secured, we will strike… yes, the curse our beast gave me worked, Angel attracted the rotting signatures, and the rot attracted TLT… I believe she’s been with them since last night. I need photographic evidence when she returns. I want them all alive. Not dead. Do you understand? I want the entire pack, contained. They’re young. Remind everyone. They’re aggressive, rash, completely egotistical – and they will completely overestimate their ability against our attack. If the plan goes south, we retreat. If anyone is injured or killed, I want you to follow the procedures I outlined carefully…” he returns inside, still talking below, just more quietly.
I stand up, wondering if he saw the open window.
As I look over his office, I accidentally see a picture framed on his desk, of a giant Lycan in chains.
And on the desk, a partially open file on : Lycan Phire.
I open it, glancing inside. First page is identity details.
Lycan Control possesses : 1 Lycan.
Name / Nicknames: Phire / Zarphire / Name Origin: Sapphire. Demonic potency is at 100%.
Blood relations: Brother – Obsidian. Obsidian is deceased, 100% D-potency. Onyx’s uncle. Onyx 50% D-potency. Distanced, no relationship to speak of.
No other direct-blood relations.
Summary: Phire is fully compliant and sufficiently Under Lycan Control for the past 50 years, found in an enclosed tomb, already in ancient binds which we have never removed. Magic type of ancient bindings is still unknown to this day. Trust level with officers is 1-2%. Beneficial to LC for acquiring information through bribes of innocent flesh.
Note: A Lycan alone loses power without a pack or his King. Phire is the last of the demon-bred Lycans. He is only useful for anatomical study of a demon’s design and information extraction while held under constant guard and surveillance.
Flipping through the pages, I scan through recent Lycan Control plans.
I see lists of wanted individuals:
MOST WANTED: ‘Hell pack’. Sardonix. Clypto. Gamma. Astral. Pluto. Comet. Tron. Star. 25% D-Potency. May be able to control due to their humanised soul.
Potential bait:
A TLT participant infiltration. No longer viable. 3 failed attempts. Result: loss of participant’s life to TLT ritual.
Undercover virgins. Once attempted. Potentially viable. Failed attempt. Result: Eaten.
Creation of a rot-pull magnet – Person ADC is currently testing for this method.
That’s me, Angel D’Cruz.
But how was I made to be one?
There is a page on me.
Person ADC (rare blood potency)
50% celestial-potency. Fallen or pure… not determined [ N/A ].
Method: With a cursed cross, as by Phire’s instruction and co-operation, the rot-pull magnet is effective while the cross is on ADC skin.
Aim: Capture Sardonix and company alive with the rott-pull magnet. Find evidence of interest in an innocent virgin mortal with rot-pull potential. Categorise all developments.
Final step: Initiate plan LC2.
Potential outcomes: Success rate estimated 35% in the capture of the Hell pack. Failed rate estimated 65% if ADC flesh is too desirable, ADC may perish.
Warning: The Lycans too dangerous to approach while the investigation is underway are Onyx and company. Do not consult. Do not engage.
Other potential outcome if warnings are ignores: complete obliteration of Lycan Control.
See note on LC1 tests. All officers and doctors perished. Cause of death: Eaten by Onyx and company. Reason? No remorse. No mercy shown. No survivors.
I check the time.
I close the file and I quietly walk out of his office, into the guest room.
My dad is still downstairs but he has stopped talking, so I think the phone call is over.
I walk to my window and I look down to the road.
Part of me believes he won’t be waiting, but then I notice the sedan across the road.
The tinted window is down, Sardonix is looking out, his arm hanging out too, and his eyes are on me the moment I’m looking for him.
My two choices had changed dramatically.
My father was experimenting on me. Telling him I knew about Lycans was not going to help me. Apparently, half my blood was… celestial? I didn’t understand at all.
And as for my date with Sardonix… according to that file… I could actually die, a 65% chance… of being eaten. Not exactly the outcome I was hoping for with my exorcist, but he was a satanic Lycan cult leader too, so what the hell was I expecting…
I chew on my bottom lip, Sardonix is still looking up at me, patiently waiting for me to make a decision.
I make up my mind as I open the window all the way and I carefully climb out, aiming to take the risk of falling onto the grass, and hopefully not hurting my ankles too bad.
If only I had wings, right?
“Angel,” my dad – I mean that prick – is suddenly in my doorway, saying my name, I am already half way out the window when I look back in at him, “Why are you jumping out of the window… are you crazy…?”
“Yeah, maybe,” I tell him, showing no-emotion, “No thanks to you.”
“You can walk out the front door,” he tells me, like it should be obvious.
“Not really,” I respond with my monotone I’ve adopted just for him.
“…I know what you’re doing… have they hurt you?” he actually sounds like he cares when he asks this, “…the Lycans… I know you’ve been with TLT… have they hurt you… I want to know, I need to know,” he almost seems to expect an answer of the affirmative kind.
“Actually, no, the Lycans saved my life – and they haven’t touched a single hair on my head,” I tell him, “The only person who’s hurt me in the last 24 hours, is you,” I turn and look for the grass. Before I jump I look back at him once more and I call him by his first name, finally acknowledging all the shit that just came out of his mouth ten minutes ago, “Oh and Jason,” I feel my rage bloom in my chest as I tell him, while my heart is simultaneously breaking, “I hope you fucking die,” my throat closes off, I can barely finish the sentence and it hurts to say it, when I held love in my heart for him, for so many years… now it was hate.
I turn before he can see my tears break through, and I jump off the sill to the grass.
My ankles never touch the ground.
A flash of lightning blinds me.
I feel strength, heat and movement.
I close my eyes in the rush of the air on my skin.
And when I open my eyes, a second later I’m in the passenger seat of Sardonix’s car – not exactly on the seat, rather, on Clypto’s lap, with Sardonix back in the driver’s side.
Sardonix caught me. Maybe he’d be a good boyfriend after all… I don’t know why I think that… I don’t even feel excited anymore, just the newly found simmering rage.
I blink and squeeze a few tears out of my eyes, while Clypto’s arm snakes around my wait and holds me, as Sardonix pulls off, holding in a smile, his brow twitching up, happy.
We’re all dead silent.
I just wipe away my tears and look back up at Clypto, who is relaxed in the seat, clearly used to holding females on his lap.
He probably considered me a prostitute of some kind. Maybe that’s what slut-pup meant.
As I’m thinking and my gut is still twisting, I see a drop of blood on Clypto’s neck, it dried up – I don’t know what from, but I distract myself by sucking on my thumb and rubbing it over the blood stain, “Hopefully that’s not my blood by the end of the night,” I tell him, super morbidly, feeling hysteric, I’m even slowly smiling like a crazy bitch.
Clypto smirks back at me, thinking it’s cute I cleaned his neck, as he drawls, “Relax, bitch. We’re not going to kill you.”
I pause, only to splay all my fingers across his neck, feeling his heavy heartbeat through his artery, just beneath his skin, so powerful… and I don’t squeeze when his eyes look me over, incensed by my smell, as much as I am by his pheromones.
I feel bold, I feel desire, mostly because I feel so fucking angry and lost after all those revelations in my dad’s house – I mean that prick’s house.
I just want a distraction.
Need it. Pronto.
I look to his neck, then his mouth, avoiding his eyes, I lean up to Clypto’s mouth, and I hover my lips there, in front of Sardonix.
“You say that to all of them… and you kill them anyway,” I speak into his mouth, just to breath in his breath.
It’s like a drug.
My body uncoils and unfurls, my blood and temperature blooms.
Clypto is getting hard under my lap. I feel his length between my ass cheeks, only separated by thin layers of material.
He’s big.
That makes me nervous, so I pull away from his mouth, after being as sassy as I could…. I now reach for my cross and I rip it off.
This is the curse,” I tell them, quickly changing subjects, “My father’s gift to me in the mail, on my 18th birthday, eight weeks ago…”
Sardonix reaches over and takes it out of my hand, he says nothing, but he’s keeping it – pocketing the cross and chain.
He faces the windshield… looking a little jealous.
Clypto’s hand moves down my hip, resting a little lower, to exactly where the black dress is riding up my thighs. His fingers remain at the edge.
I put my hand over his, and he thinks I’m going to pull his hand between my thighs.
Instead, I pull it back.
“Hands off the merchandise, Lycan,” I whisper, like a real brat, as I lean back into him anyway, my head underneath his chin, “Just show me around this city. I want to see the underworld. I didn’t agree for any of you to take my virginity. Just because it’s a date… I’m not that kind of girl who gives it up in one night,” says me, as I feel myself rubbing and grinding into him, just a little bit, over Clypto’s lap, breathing heavy.
I feel lust swirling in my stomach, but the emotion is too raw, and so strong, that as I’m talking, more, fresh tears well up. I stop grinding back and forward.
Instead, I feel that raw emotion swell up from my twisting gut, into my throat, and I can’t hold it back anymore.
I burst out sobbing and hold my hands over my face.
Sardonix just drives as I cry my heart out.
Clypto’s hand slowly moves to the top of my head.
After about a minute, he starts to push me down by my shoulder and my head.
“Get down, brat,” Clypto whispers into my ear, even as I’m crying.
Fuck you,” I snarl, even as he’s moved his seat back, to effectively push me onto the floor near his legs, so I’m now stuck between them.
I can’t see properly through all my tears.
I try to wipe them all away.
Meanwhile Clypto’s hand has slipped around my neck and up to my chin, holding my head up, he tells me seriously, as if instructing me, “Crying doesn’t invoke sympathy in us.”
It’s a light warning, as he lets me go, I watch as he reaches into the back for a box of tissues and grabs a few, bringing me back a couple. I snatch them out of his hand, and I stare at his pants as I blow my nose into the tissues
Oh… crap.
He’s so fucking hard now, his pants can barely contain him.
Luckily I am able to cover my smirk with the tissues.
Meanwhile, Sardonix is still silent.
I look up at him now, and his eyes are on me, while the car is stopped at a red light.
He slowly shakes his head and then looks up, driving off.
“Where are we going?” I ask, sniffling.
“To a nightclub,” Sardonix answers, he’s stiff too.
“To play with you, Angel,” Sardonix growls out his impatience as he doesn’t look at me again, “Stop being a brat or you’ll pay for it. Don’t take your daddy issues out on us. It will not resolve in the way you think it will, slut.”
Oh, fuck him.
I don’t think I want it resolved.
I think to myself…
I don’t even want to talk about what I found.
It was too painful.
I couldn’t even face it.
I just wanted to get really, really far away from reality, and lose myself tonight.
I didn’t even care if I died.
I didn’t even care if they…
I didn’t care.
That’s just it. I feel broken. I just want to scream and cry.
“Why’d you push me down here anyway?” I ask Clypto, husky from crying, as I’m now glaring up at him between his legs.
“Pretty sure shifting right now would break the car in half, slut pup,” Clypto looks relaxed, not really mad, just eager to get to where we are going, “…you’re a vixen for a virgin…”
“I’m just cute,” I smile sarcastically as I lean into his leg, and I bite his inner thigh – hard. Close to his balls… heheh.
Clypto grabs a fistful of my hair and jerks my head back.
“What the fuck, bitch?” Clypto asks, his red eyes flash… is he scared or… what?
I just smile up at him, cackling as he looks terrified.
“You think of eating me, I eat you,” I say, crazy, while more tears pop up and flow out of my eyes, “Haha…?” I start to sob again, he lets go of my hair and I sob again, “Oh, God. I’m fucked. I’m so fucked. I’m so fucked up. Clypto,” I hug his leg, crying into his knee, before trying to bite his knee – honestly just because it’s hilarious when he freaks out.
“Bitch, please stop,” Clypto pulls my head back again and I laugh louder.
“You’re so funny,” I whisper to him.
I watch Clypto side glance to Sardonix and look away.
He keeps a hand in my hair, keeping me away from his junk.
“I knew you’d attract us some psycho bitch,” Clypto whispers under his breath, glaring out the window, before glaring back at Sardonix, “She’s matching you… quite… well… I’d say your souls are perfectly aligned…” Clypto looks down at me, his nostrils flaring before he shakes his head, “Behave bitch, last warning…”
“Or what,” I whisper, “You’re going to disown me too…?”
Oh. Is that what happened, your daddy disowned you?” Clypto asks with fake sympathy, leaning down, closer and closer to my face, “Tell me about it –”
“ –e,” he, I try to answer, leaning up to him as he’s leaning down to me, but Clypto bites me back. First he kisses me, mouth to mouth – but he bites my lower lip, and he growls demonically without letting me go.
Clypto’s red eyes glare into mine, he almost makes me bleed and I beg him – I’m not sure for what, to continue or stop… so I just whine in the back of my throat and he lets my lip go free, only for me to whimper. I want him back. To do it again.I open my mouth and I reach up with both my hands, I try to kiss him again, my palms on his cheeks, trying to pull him back down, but he leans away from me in punishment.
He shakes his head at me, irate.
“You need to calm down, bitch,” he tells me, “Behave for me.”
I whine louder and swing my head back, drunk with sadness, but I accidently bang the back of my head on the glove box.
“Ow,” I grab the back of my head, and I start to cry again.
I just don’t cry as hard as before.
Because I’m kind of thinking about that kiss.
And the way my mouth feels so hot.
I slip my hand to my lips.
I lick my lips.
I taste him again, for a second.
I also taste a tiny bit of iron… blood. So he did make me bleed. Ass.
But him. His taste… I want it.
I go quiet, realizing a simple fact.
If I behave.
Maybe we can kiss again.
I look up at Clypto, obedient, hands in my lap, and I wait.
I hope he understands my look.
Kiss me again.
Clypto gulps as he watches me comply, but his expression stays hard.
Bonus points for me for not being scolded again.
He looks out the windshield, ignoring me.
Meanwhile Sardonix lets out a long-winded sigh, and checks his phone, as he’s about to pull into a park.
He looks extraordinarily impatient.
But they’re also avoiding me.
The car comes to a stop.
We’re here.
“Where are we?” I dare ask, in a cute-broken whisper.
Sardonix tells me, without looking at me, “Oswald Lycan Nightclub – oh, I mean Onyx,” he shakes his head.
They’re both so condescending. Both clearly love shaking their heads at me.
But wha… what the heck did he just imply?
Sardonix looks at me.
Raises a brow. He waits for a second of logic to seep into my brain that’s been drowning in feeling.
Oswald’s… Nightclub…?
“Does Priest Oswald own this club?” I ask, totally confused.
Sardonix smiles.
He doesn’t answer, but he seems proud of my attempted question… I think?
They both start to get out of the car.
I dramatically crawl out, before getting to my feet on the sidewalk, feeling wobbly.
“We are all in danger,” I mouth under my breath, as I slowly pull out my dress so it’s not riding up my ass in public.
Before I know it, Clypto is standing at my back, an arm on my elbow, his fingers under my dress, tugging it down at the back, and Sardonix, he is at my front, also helping me pull down the dress.
For a split second, I feel both their fingers on my skin.
Clypto’s is just under my ass, an incidental tickle while having to place a firm grip around my dresses trim. Same with Sardonix, but his fingers brush over the top of my thigh, next to my panties.
They tug my dress down at the same time.
Sardonix sees the look in my eyes, so he snatches my throat in one hand, he smiles into my doe eyes as he acknowledges my euphoria, “You liked that… yes?”
“Mmhmm,” I bite my lip as I sound out yes.
“Good. But we only did that, to do this,” Sardonix’s mouth now smirks over mine, tempting me with a maybe-kiss but not delivering as his hand goes back under my dress from the front, as Clypto reaches under the back.
They both grab either side of my panties and pull.
The Lycans tear my panties in half.
One second they’re on me, the next I’m bare under the dress.
In that moment, I could feel everything.
Sardonix’s fingers curled over and under the material, his knuckles and the satanic rings on his fingers had rubbed over my clit, for a split second… while Clypto, he’s finger tip, brushed the outside of my wet, aching pussy. They both touched me so delicately, and that… that touch… their demonic touch… oh fuck. I can’t even remember how to stand on my own.
“Nice party trick,” I manage to whisper up toward Sardonix, right before my knees buckle and my legs give out.
I wobble pretty bad, collapsing between them.
But before I hit the ground, they both hoist me up, and hold me between them.
Sardonix at my front, Clypto right along my whole spine.
They look at each other over my head.
“…she’s kind of funny…” Clypto murmurs, drawling so quietly. He seems happy about that.
“…yeah… she’s just a little puppy… it’s kind of cute but she’s very green,” Sardonix growls back. It’s like I don’t exist, even though I’m squished between them, “…as long as the others approve…”
Clypto barks laughing, Sardonix chuckles.
I laugh too.
I don’t know why.
But when I laugh, they both stop.
“Shh,” Sardonix is so rude.
I stop laughing anyhoo.
I want a kiss.
Quiet, obedient and compliant, they both stand back, and grab a hand each, curling their fingers through mine.
We start to walk in together.
I’m grateful.
I need their help to keep steady for what’s to come next.
Whatever it is.
I want it all.
█▀▀▄ █▀▀█ █▀▀ █▀▀█ █░█
█▀▀▄ █▄▄▀ █▀▀ █▄▄█ █▀▄
▀▀▀░ ▀░▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀░░▀ ▀░▀

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