LYCAN NIGHTS (Complete, 13 Chapters) – C. Swallow

Lycan Nights -·=»‡«=·- Chapter 9 -·=»‡«=·-
Angel’s POV
After the movie, I go home. I pace my room that night while my mother sleeps, and I’m holding a new copy of the bible.
I pace and pace but eventually I feel like looking up at the moon. It usually brought me peace, for some reason.
So, I push aside my curtains and I kneel on the floor, putting the book on my lap, as I look up at the sky. The moon is looking right at me, directly above and in front of my line of sight. It’s illuminating everything.
I breathe out through my nostrils, slow, and I clear all my thoughts.
Until I think of nothing.
Nothing. I feel some semblance of peace –
Buzz. On the bedside table. My phone.
I reach behind me to grab it and bring it onto my lap.
10.30pm. Sardonix. I’m going to bite you tonight, Angel, fair warning; tonight is a rite of passage. While the gates are open, we’ll go through all together.
I stare at the words. I take it means this; he was going to fucking kill me. Eat me. Like. What.
I don’t respond.
What the hell does that mean? I almost text that. But I delete it. Why? I almost text that too, but I delete that also. Why did I have to say anything? His message confirmed something for me. I wasn’t going to meet him, in the forest, at 3am – ever. That was beyond messed up. Why did he say that. Why.
I throw my phone along the floorboards, away from me, and I close the curtains.
I was going to sleep.
I get in bed and I lie wide awake staring at the ceiling.
Be honest.
Be honest and nothing but.
Squirming and unable to get comfortable nor sleepy, I get out of bed and pick up my phone again.
No new texts from Sardonix.
But I know what to say now.
No. The meeting is cancelled – forever. Go away.
Send; tap.
I lie back down, and now I get a marginal amount of mental relief.
I relax.
The phone is at my thigh.
I pick it up to look at the screen reluctantly.
He’s asked a question.
Did I scare you?
Obviously! The question annoys me, it also scares me further. I glare at the screen, thumbs hovering over the keyboard.
I’d be mentally insane if the thought of you biting me, didn’t sc…
I delete the message.
He didn’t say plural. O-oh oh!
I change the message.
Is it some kind of… mark?
I send that.
He responds lightning quick.
Did you think I was going to eat you? Hahahaha!
He’s laughing at me!
Now I’m kind of chuckling, but I quickly stop that nonsense and message him again.
It’s not funny… actually I delete that message.
I don’t know what to say.
Sardonix sends through another text. Sleep, I’ll wake you closer to 3am with a wake-up call. I’m picking you up. We’ll be out front.
3am date? Funny man. I text it and send it before I realise what I just said.
…not walking away from me anymore, darling?
Goodnight. I send that. Quickly. Which makes me look super defensive. Fuck me.
I relax when I remember the basics.
I was going to meet him – and then walk away.
3am was just the deadline, nothing else.
With that in mind, I manage to fall asleep.
My phone rings and wakes me up with a sudden jolt.
I sit up in bed immediately, although disoriented.
In a flannelette PJ set, long sleeves and long bottoms, I look over my pink clothes and realise I’m completely unpresentable.
I answer the call and put it to my ear.
“-ey?” I ask, almost confused about what was happening.
“Out front,” Sardonix is short with me, hanging up.
I put down my phone and I slip out of the bed.
I rub my eyes and walk to the curtains, pulling them back.
Out front is a black sedan.
Sardonix is standing outside the passenger door, waiting for me, in a full black on black suit, with silver hair glinting in the moonshine. He looks gorgeous. He’s just staring at his phone, not looking up at me as I peek out at him.
I look to my bible on the window sill and I open the cover to pull out the note I wrote to myself.
Instructions: walk close to him, look him in the eye, say no even if it’s a lie, turn and walk away. No. No. No. No. NO – I’ve scribbled it like a bit of a mad woman, really trying to hammer it home, and never writing down his name.
My heart strings tug in the direction of gratitude. He saved my life.
But… and this was a big but… he was demonic, satanic, literally entered hell on ‘business’ and wanted to bite me. My thoughts are also a little scrambled at 3am, as I knew they’d be, so I just read the note again.
…look him in the eye, say no even if it’s a lie, turn and walk away. No. No. No. No. NO.
Remember it like a robot and you will be the first person – or one of the rare few – to directly win against a demon’s charms.
That’s the plan, bitches.
I open my windowsill, and I pull off my socks. I climb out the window and leave it wide open.
I bring nothing with me.
It wasn’t necessary.
My bare feet hit the grass and I turn around to see Sardonix now pocketing his phone, waiting for me to walk up to the car and him.
I pace awkwardly through the garden, avoiding nettles.
I hold my hands out in the cold air to balance myself and even my feet are freezing in the wet dewy grass, but I reign in that outside distraction.
I stop at the edge of the lawn and don’t step onto the cold concrete of the sidewalk. I look up past Sardonix’s shiny black boots, all the way up his fancy priest-outfit and I finally look him in the eye.
Sardonix watches me, and his eyes do hold that warm sway over me, but my instructions were simple.
Walk. Close. Look. Eyes. No. Turn. Walk. Away.
I step forward onto the concrete – no, fuck. I already fucked up. Ignore it. Mistakes happen.
I hold my cold feet on the pavement, looking up at Sardonix as he stares at my bare feet quite pointedly, before looking up at my eyes.
“Get in the car,” Sardonix seems annoyed, as he turns to grab the door handle, opening the car door.
“No,” I reach for him to stop him opening the door, and in my advance I put my hand on his arm and I’m flush with his front, looking up into his eyes, as he turns back to me, tilting his head.
“No what?” Sardonix whispers, darkly, so very curious for me to elaborate.
“No,” I force out the word, patting my hand down his suit along his arm, I guess I’m trying to make it look like I’m ironing out his suit, which looks ridiculous so I try to take a step back.
I stand on the freezing pavement and I lift my feet one at a time, trying to get warm and take off the icy edge, “No, it’s cold,” I tell him, “I’m going back inside.”
I turn.
“Get in the car… where it’s warm. On Clypto’s lap.”
“No, it has to be on your lap,” I turn to him, pointing my finger at him, accusatory, “Listen, Sardonix. You are making logical sense about getting warm but you need to give me a minute to sort out my thoughts okay –”
“Of course, Angel,” Sardonix fights, so hard, to keep in a smile of amusement. He’s trying to play my game, for me. A gentlemen.
He knocks on the window, Clypto is already on the move. He opens the car door and steps out, about to move off to the drivers side. But he looks at me and I smile a bit, and Clypto runs a hand through his black hair and his red eyes focus on my gaze a bit too bold, as he reaches out a hand to my cheek – stepping past Sardonix, he kisses my cheek, leans back with a wink and moves to get around the car.
I watch as Clypto strolls off with a smug stride around the vehicle, while I’m blushing beetroot red – and Sardonix is so pissed off he’s almost taking a gun out of his belt, glaring at Clypto for getting in the way.
But he puts the weapon back, even though I saw the end of it.
And he turns to me, but his eyes are still pissed.
“…fuck that Lycan,” Sardonix snarls out demonically but quietly – it’s so sexy – before reaching for my face, he grabs my cheeks. He kisses me on the mouth.
He’s so tall he holds my face up, and my lips mold against his, as his tongue moves into my mouth, over my tongue.
I breathe his pheromones directly into my lungs. Direct hit.
Oh, no.
Sardonix whispers against me, “Bitch, get in the car,” I blink as he pulls away from my mouth, looking short tempered still. He sits down into the passenger seat and his hand has already slid down to my wrist, pulling me onto his lap. I don’t object, my feet were freezing out here.
I sit on the side of his lap, with my back to the tinted window.
They keep all the lights off to make it less suspicious.
Sardonix slips his hand around my waist, sliding under my flannelette top, he places his hand on my naked skin, because his palm helps to warm me up.
I kick my legs up over the middle and press my feet into Clypto’s lap, to warm up my toes.
“No, what?” Sardonix asks the windshield, his hand once squeezing my waist, “What did you say no too?”
“To you,” I admit, “To this.”
“Start driving,” Sardonix growls to Clypto.
“NO,” I yell and Clypto is conflicted, but he doesn’t drive off, “No to this, I’m not doing this again.”
“Oh… you’re walking away,” Sardonix finally catches on, taking his hand from my waist, “Then get out.”
No,” I look him in the eye, enraged, “Who do you think you are ordering me around like that? My life matters too, you know…” I grab Sardonix’s hand off his knee and I hold it with both of my cold ones, warming them up.
“If you want out, puppy,” Sardonix forcibly takes his palm from both of mine, only to then raise his finger to boop me on the nose, before putting his hot mouth on my ear. “Then get out of the car,” his deep punishing octave travels right through my spine. OoooOoo… um. I’m not sure what he said but I know what to say.
“Stop. Stop. Telling me whatever, because no, I won’t do what you say, no,” I speak through gritted teeth.
“Can you hear it?” Sardonix asks Clypto, now smirking at his brother, “Angel,” Sardonix changes tactic, “Stay.”
No,” I growl at him. Clypto laughs deeply, Sardonix grins handsomely, “No,” I whisper at him looking so bloody amused, “No, I – you don’t understand what I’m doing –”
Sardonix gives one last look to Clypto, they both share a deep knowing purely demonic thought together, and then Sardonix focuses on me again.
And he stops playing.
Sardonix reaches up a hand and cups my chin, gently, lifting up my head, while I’m keeping my eyes downcast, refusing to follow his instructions.
No, no, no, no – just don’t forget the no.
Sardonix says nothing as he holds my face up and I keep my eyes focused on the gear stick.
“Typical slut-pup, you’re just trying,” he moves my head left and right, trying to get my eyes to lift up to his, “…to outwit this… feeling…” Sardonix’s other hand, lifts under my top, and lays across my womb, along my waist band of my PJ bottoms, “Just get out of the car, and go inside, and close the window – and go to bed, and we’ll go far, far away,” Sardonix is not playing, he is being perfectly reasonable.
But even so my instruction whines out of my mouth.
“Uh-no,” I say it before I can stop it, “I’ll do whatever I want,” Clypto slowly starts to drive off, and I look up in a panic, “I didn’t mean that – I didn’t mean that.”
“You realise you sound insane,” Sardonix is still holding my chin, and with this I look up and meet his eyes, “Don’t repeat a priest’s instruction to you, just say how you feel. Speak.”
It’s a command.
I gulp.

I whisper the truth.
“I want you really badly,” I say it, “Can I just…” I reach for his hand under my top and I take it out, to hold between my cold hands again, “I just want to warm up and you’re like a heater. And it’s really nice.”
Sardonix nods, unable to keep in his amusement while Clypto drives off.
I sandwich his hand between both of mine.
Looking for violence.
Like I’m now some kind of palm reader.
I don’t know what’s happening to my mind but it’s gearing toward instinct and feeling.
And again.
No matter the logic of it all.
I feel safe with him.
His hand is merciful between mine, letting me hold it, spin it, mess with his fingers and even spin his satanic rings around.
I lick my tongue over my own teeth, as I look up at Sardonix.
“For two months I lied to myself,” I admit to him, “I want you. And I can’t stop it. Do you think there is still something wrong with me, Sardonix?”
He nods and when I frown, he moves his lips to my ear to explain.
“You’re going to take off those clothes or I’m going to burn them off you… and for the record,” Sardonix trails his nose down my cheek bone, and positions his mouth near mine. I turn right into him, and our lips are a tiny hairs-breadth from touching, “You’re a Lycan whore, a bitch – you’re a slut-pup… our puppy,” Sardonix presses his forehead to mine and I close my eyes, as our lips finally touch but we don’t kiss, we just feel each other.
I put my hands in his waist band, while he puts both of his hands… behind him, somewhere else. Where? Who cares.
I nibble on Sardonix’s delicious bottom lip, lightly – while he brings his hands back, grabs my wrists, and slides something cool around them.
I pull away from him and look down in shock – to a pair of handcuffs.
What – what is he doing?
Sardonix pulls both my wrists behind my back and cuffs them both together.
He’s too quick.
I’m straddling Sardonix, but now I’m restrained. I look up into his eyes, my gaze questioning.
Sardonix happily explains, “It’s just for fun. It’s a rule when going into hell… bring the Christian martyrs tied up,” he whispers that in my ear.
I pull right back and show him my fear, “Wait – wait a second. What do you mean. What’s really happening tonight?” I ask him, quickly.
Sardonix brings his hand up to my cheek, and rubs his thumb along my mouth, “Maybe I’m sick of this bond, too?” he whispers, “Hmm? Eternity is a really long time and requires patience.”
“I don’t understand… are you going to sacrifice me?” I ask him.
Sardonix looks at Clypto.
They exchange another purely demonic look.
“Clypto?” I whisper, begging him for an answer, “Clypto.”
“Ah – yes?” Clypto tests the word, saying it in such a way, I can’t tell if he’s being perfectly honesty or perfectly mischievous.
Regardless if it’s a joke.
He just said yes to a sacrifice of me in hell.
Now I scream.
But as I scream, Sardonix seems relaxed.
When I abruptly stop screaming, I look at him for his answer.
“Mmhm,” Sardonix nods, a sparkle in his eyes.
He said yes too.
Oh, no.
Oh, fuck.
Oh, no.
The gates open a little wider.
“Pull over, Clypto,” Sardonix abruptly tells him. The car pulls onto the curb. He opens the door, “Get out, Angel, last chance,” he tests me again.
“NO, no, no, no,” I yell at Sardonix, moving my head into his shoulder, before choosing to bite him.
“…harder, baby,” Sardonix mocks me, whispering into my ear, “Relax, darling – it’ll be quick and painless.” Clypto roars laughing at the next ‘joke’ and Sardonix joins in.
As they both demonically laugh their assess off… I kind of start laughing too.
I lean back and I chew my lip as I shake with a tiny chuckle.
I think I’m losing my mind.
But I still manage to ask.
“I’m too cute, though, and too funny?” I whisper at both of them, “Right? Right?
Sardonix finally, finally breaks my panic with some sweetness.
“We’re kidding around,” he whispers, “Relax.”
“Okay,” I nod, “Can the handcuffs come off soon?” Sardonix shakes his head, “Please? Oh come on, pleeeease…” I whisper it, I almost moan it. I don’t know why.
“A word of advice, puppy,” this comes from Clypto, glancing over at me, “You’ll have to beg harder than that if you want to –” he cuts himself off.
I think. Clypto was going to say. Live. Beg harder if you want to live.
Fucking hell.
Where did the game start and where did the game end?
Were they going to kill me or not.
I slowly, slowly, glare back up at Sardonix.
“You’re a sadistic fuck,” I whisper, acknowledging one thing, he loves this thing we have together. Back and forth, back and forth.
“…and you’re a masochistic pup,” Sardonix responds, with a raised brow, and I swiftly shut up.
The asshole might be right but I wasn’t going to admit it.
“Why am I even in this car anyway,” I growl to myself, as I struggle to turn around with my back to Sardonix, so I can look out the windshield… we’re really driving into deep forest already, “Oh yeah,” I hiss at myself now, “I FUCKING SAT IN IT. FUCK.”
And now?
I had no idea.
I don’t know what they wanted.
I don’t know. But I said no. To everything. And it kind of… backfired?
What was plan b, c, d, e…? Why was I handcuffed again? Were we going to hell?
Oh my, fucking hell.
They were taking me to a gateway into hell.
“Oh my god. I worked it out. You’re going to do whatever you want to do,” I suddenly piece it together, “And I’m going to let it happen. Because I can’t resist Lycans… I’ll beg for it, even if it’s d…” I trail off, feeling pale.
Sardonix puts his chin on the top of my head, humming, “Mmmmhm. Smart puppy.”
“Are you…still… hungry?” I whisper.
Oh yeah,” Sardonix drawls over my head, letting the Lycan out, “Very.”
“I can’t wait to sink my teeth into you, slut,” Clypto drawls that uncontrollably.
How did I get here again?
Oh yeah.
I invited the pack back to Ricochet. Because I wanted to win against demons.
To beat them at their own game.
To outwit their delicious sinful charm.
To be really sane, in the face of purest insanity.
…here I was, with a one-way ticket to hell.
█▀▀▄ █▀▀█ █▀▀ █▀▀█ █░█
█▀▀▄ █▄▄▀ █▀▀ █▄▄█ █▀▄
▀▀▀░ ▀░▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀░░▀ ▀░▀

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