LYCAN NIGHTS (Complete, 13 Chapters) – C. Swallow

Lycan Nights -·=»‡«=·- Chapter 11 -·=»‡«=·-
Sardonix’s POV
I stand in the devil’s house, I’m directly opposite his throne ready to gather instructions for our next assignment in Hell. The Fallen Archangel demanded my presence at once, so we put our sweet Angel to bed in our penthouse and I immediately descended ahead of the pack to get the news.
It wasn’t often that Phantasy morphed into his true form Lucifer, so I knew this was bad.
“Your call was fairly urgent,” I start off after walking in, “What’s the matter? Has there been a severe breach?”
I can already tell asking these questions that the devil doesn’t care about my line of questioning… this is about something brand new. I get a dry bitter taste in the back of my throat and I try to ignore the dread of what’s coming…
“…I see you’ve got a new obsession… and you know you’re my favourite hound,” Lucifer reclines on his throne, hiding his mouth with his fingers, and I can tell he looks displeased. He knew about Angel… and he was likely her father… what he wanted with her, I wouldn’t know. All I know? Is he wants something now.
I tread carefully with my next words, “…would you like to elaborate about this supposed ‘obsession’ of mine?” I ask.
“Angel… is not yours, dog,” Lucifer starts, his eyes cutting, “She’s mine,” I go silent, my heart racing in my chest. What the hell does he mean?
“Come again?” I ask carefully.
“I’m her father – and she’s my blood, you discovered this and still you kept her,” Lucifer starts, his hand falls from his mouth and lays open as he shows his teeth, “My blood,” Lucifer can see that I’m lost, so he responds with more detail, as he shakes his head and looks at the ceiling and the swinging chains, sighing dramatically, as he focuses back on me, “You’re going to perform a new ritual, that I’ve never taught you, yet,” Lucifer gets up off the throne, smiling with cruel intent. I know that look. He raised us with that vicious nature, “…do you think she’s a slut-pup…?” he asks, condescendingly, “A star crossed lover? She’s not, she’s just pure, at heart,” Lucifer explains, “Like I was – like we all are, at the beginning… if she is still a virgin, you can kill her quickly, but if you’ve ruined her innocence… you and the pack, will dismember her while she screams – and that part is your own punishment,” Lucifer stops walking down the steps to meet my gaze.
His eyes burn with celestial ancient knowledge, while my burn with lust and jealousy and possession.
“Angel is our soulmate,” I growl this, my eyes hardening.
“No… she’s just my blood, irresistible, smells good, fucks well too… I bet,” Lucifer tilts his head, smirking, he lifts his hand and he grabs my jaw before I can step back, and he holds me still, “She’s not a slut-pup, she’s a believer – and her power is mine. You will deliver her to me – and I will watch you use every magic rite I ever taught you, to extract that soul of hers from her bones, carefully and methodically, preparing her into a magical fucking stew, that I’ll drink and consume–”
“We can’t do that. We already marked her as ours,” I snarl out, even though he holds my fucking face.
“I don’t fucking care, hound,” Lucifer snarls back and smiles with his fangs. He unhands me and turns, walking back up the steps to his throne, “If you disobey me I will strip you of all demonic power, I will cage your beast, I will make you a mortal, you’ll die in a few decades,” Lucifer sits back on his throne, “You’ll labor for basic necessities and crave sleep… you’ll be consumed with exhaustion, not power like you are now. Don’t make me remind you again – you belong to me, your demon is my creation, as you all are,” Lucifer calms down, waving his hand, “Go. Now.”
“Let me get this straight, you want us to dismember Angel and you’ll consume her,” I repeat the instructions, “Your own daughter.”
“She was bred for this,” Lucifer explains, shaking his head, totally unfazed.
“…so why were we obsessed, was her angel blood confusing to our senses?” I ask, “Is that what happened?”
“Most likely,” Lucifer murmurs, casually, “You won’t find your mate for millennia – you have to prove you want this life, you are so arrogant, my Sardonix, you let everyone else do the work for you… when your pheromones stop making them weak at the knees, when your pheromones mature and start making them run – less and less will be inclined, until murder by jealousy will not pay for your debt to me. You will hunt down the rot, and the ones who shall not exist – by my decree, and since I am the creator of Angel… I will be the death of her… she is not for God to take. Her blood? Mine.”
I try to keep in my rising confusion, making my gut twist.
I respond how I am taught to respond.
“We’ll get it done,” I snarl it out and I turn to leave, gritting my teeth and hiding the fear in my eyes.
“She is mine,” Lucifer’s voice travels throughout his home, echoing back and forth with his energy, “Angel… will die. I’ve been watching you play with her, parading her around to your own father. Onyx knew. Why do you think he was so cold to her… some girls don’t get a happy ending…”
His voice haunts me, and like always I have my clear instructions.
All I have to do, as per his words – is execute. I was his Lycan and his Slaughterer.
Lucifer had always been a second father to me.
He raised us all in Hell, to do his bidding, to use his magic as mortal men – as that was our majority-blood. So, we ended up his sorcerers and his preachers. We conducted his black magic.
We never failed to deliver what he asked for. He was always hungry. He craved two things; rotting souls or angels.
And me?
What did I want?
It didn’t matter.
I had… no choice. No say.
Only a command.
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