Blas Archangels: ASHWINGS (Complete, 28 Chapters) – C. Swallow

Ashwings -12- Design & Destiny
I stay in the library throughout the day, and I read a little – but eventually, I meet other females of different species.
The three different kinds in the Lavent Ashwing seemed to be fairies, witches and succubus. One fairy, Dezma, is heavily pregnant and had been walking around the library before intercepting me, while one fellow fairy friend, Willow and one succubus called Xera, keep her company at all times.
Dezma is proud of her round belly, every inch of her glowing with joy for the baby that was due, sometime very soon. She sits next to me.
“It is sad to us fairies and succubus,” Dezma chatters, her voice high pitched, “How weak you witches are. You’re half mortal, half demon. My kind, the fae kind, we’re more three quarter demons… far more powerful.”
“And succubus?” I ask, sitting in my alcove, catching the eye of Xera.
“Half demon, half angel,” Xera explains, her voice as melodic as it should sound.
“The worst of our lot in this E.W.” Dezma chuckles as Xera scowls, “Don’t trust the succubus, they’re compulsive liars at every turn. At least fairies enjoy the truth –”
“You enjoy withholding truth,” Xera sweetly responds and slowly turns from Dezma and a chuckling Willow, to face me, as I smile, “You think it’s funny, new blood? Witches have a good sixth sense… but that’s about it… funny why you’re so desirous to the Archangels, perhaps because you trust and worship them for pleasure. The rest of us are slightly more aggressive, I’ve eaten my fair share of Angel cocks right off… oh, don’t fret, they grow back,” Xera laughs like what she just said is a knock-knock joke.
I lose my smile and Willow tut-tuts Xera, grabbing my knee and shuffling over closer to me, “Do not fret, witch, Xera targets her tormenting ways to the male kind… most of the time…” Willow smiles warmly to try and keep me at ease.
“Oh yes, just as fairies enjoy teeth, bone and blood for their jewellery,” Xera snaps.
“Speaking of blood,” Dezma sighs, shaking her head, “There are a few fairies killed and resurrected as vampires here, so please, Ivy, new blood – stray from them. They will attack if you are found without protection.”
“Shall we go swimming next, Dezzy?” Xera grabs Dezma’s wrist, lifting her hand and massaging the fingers, “We want to keep the baby well and strong for their start on Exodus 17.”
“Yes. I guess we shall move off for some healthy exercise,” Dezma’s second hand is gripped by Willow, and she stands with their help.
All three are adorned in purple frilly garments that suit their translucent wings. Except for Xera, her wings are black and filled with purple veins, like a bat. Ew.
Xera winks at me and licks her sharp teeth as a farewell.
The three depart, until I quickly find my voice, “But wait!”
They halt and turn back, while I lean out of my alcove and find my feet, “What is Exodus 17?”
“They do deliver the truth slow, don’t they?” Xera growls low.
“Val, Myron and Guz, create worlds in their spare time and plant species of their own kind’s creation,” Dezma smiles and a tear leaks from her eye, “To prove the will of our offspring is not evil, but rather smart enough… to choose good. It’s deliciously forbidden… and full of risk… however, while it’s sad to see our offspring start new species, we’re still proud of their destiny.”
“I doubt my offspring will survive if they look tasty enough to roast,” Xera laughs loudly, but I don’t think she’s joking when Dezma smacks her on the back of the head, scolding her for suggesting something so vile.
As my three new acquaintances walk off, I decide to go for a stroll.
It was interesting information, something I would question Valentine about later.
The library had been a good place to rest my mind for hours upon hours, but now that the afternoon was creeping by, I wanted to explore.
I had not yet heard from Valentine, nor Myron, nor Guzza, nor December, nor Alexios.
I assumed they were busy. But with what? Perhaps four of them were busy making a mess in their bedchambers, consumed in wild pleasure.
But, Valentine… hmm… I wonder if he’s left the Lavent Ashwing to do work in another part of the universe.
I calmly walk down halls and eventually follow some Angels into another part of the palace. A more masculine look to the walls and furniture, wooden accents and white and gold patterns, make this part of the E.W. look like a business section.
One such corridor spreads wide, with offices either side, all empty or appearing with the illusion of emptiness.
One large door at the very end has a large V printed into the wood.
I hear sound filtering out through the wood, loud, robust voices… an argument.
I chuckle inward, it would be funny if Valentine was busy arguing with God. If that was even possible.
However, as I get closer, I pick up on more than I bargained for.
I hear everything, far too clearly as I eavesdrop outside.
“You need to send them in,” an accent I have not heard, speaks firm.

“You told me you had the necessary influence –” Valentine replies.
“Just send them in, I beg you, we need Judgement.”
“Give me one good reason too. Convince me to end up with blood staining my wings darker than this ash.”
“I don’t have any other reason. We just need peace.”

“What’s his name?”

“It’s a she that convinces the world to war. Ennite has stricken fear world wide. No one believes it’ll end. It’s a world war. There’s no sanity left.”
“And what is Ennite’s occupation? What are the rumours?”
“Queen of an Imperial State that sucks life from it’s enslaved so-called allies. She is rumoured to prophesise the future, and her blood runs like water…”

“…blue?” Valentine laughs, “A Blue Blood? Now? Is this a joke?”
“It’s real. I swear it.”            
“Did your God send you?”
“Yes, is that a bad thing? I’ve been sent here to send a message. We need your help.”
“Fine. Planet position?”

“Acute Vapour 20, nebula origins…”

“Who do you want to die?” Valentine is conceding.

“Any who torture children, any who lust for the end. Ennite must be slayed first.”
“How old she is? Does she have a council?”
“12 years. The main council is her father and her aunt.”
“So, she is influenced by others? I know she is innocent. Blue Bloods often are.”

“You pity a mass murderer, Archangel? A Queen of Terror?”
“She is 12, you should know everything she says will be influenced by her controllers; being her family.”

“Please. I beg you to kill her, to start Judgement, to cleanse Acute Vapour 20.”

“You have my word, I will rain fire, if you manage to kill Ennite yourself. I will not kill an innocent child. That is all.”
“Thank you, Valentine, we await you.”
I wait for more.
But eventually I hear nothing but silence.
I boldly grasp the door and I spin the brass handle, peaking in. I don’t mind being found, and I am already smiling a little, excited to speak to Val about his work. Perhaps he’d even like to discuss his anxieties with me –
Valentine is standing directly in the middle, huge wings held high and tight with tension, his mouth moulded into a deep frown. His nebulic eyes are full of frustrated fury, and the office around him is empty of furniture, it’s just marble cream floor, with strange black patterns etched in.
A circle, a star… satanic symbols.
Ah… oh, “Um?” I whisper, “I’ll come back… later…”
A wind, from literally nowhere, gusts behind me and pushes me forward.
I drop to my knees and the blue dress rips, in lieu of the large door slamming violently behind me.
I attempt to rise from my position, but as I get to my feet, I watch Valentine holding his flaming sword.
As it materialises inch by inch, I close my eyes and shield my vision, as it burns too bright.
“Guard the door,” Valentine speaks in a deep drawl, “When I am done cleansing Acute Vapour 20, I’ll fuck you in another dimension for being a nuisance. Somewhere with snow.”
Snow… hmmm… “To mask your wings as white?” I whisper, you could say my sixth sense, gives me that answer, “And when will you return?”
A blinding flash gets warm and hellishly hot on my skin, before it dims. My vision is black for a moment and then it readjusts to normal.
An empty room remains, with a message burnt into the wall. Large letters spell out the lesson, ‘Ivy. You please your master, you do not question’.
Uh, okay? I thought we were on better terms than that. Master and Slave, still?
Huh. Right.
I turn to the door and I try opening it, already knowing that – yup. It’s locked.
I sigh and turn back around to the message.
A few minutes pass before the silent, boring room, shows a hint of activity.
The ring itched in the marble, starts to flicker and burn brighter.
Oh, crap.
I think Valentine is coming back. Already.
I can guess, it was something to do with a warp and the bending of space and time. What was hours or even months for Valentine, was mere minutes to me.
I brace myself, but I’m not sure I’m going to handle his return; and the lust that’s rooted from sending a whole civilisation through Judgement and Final Death.
A burning white light, floods over my skin and blinds me twice.
I’m not ready to be dazed again so soon. And I’m no where near ready for this kind of responsibility.
I think quick, and my panicked mind narrows to one answer. Valentine gave me a lesson, or perhaps more of a warning, on that wall, so I guess I had to focus on that to deal with what came next.
Do not question. Just please. Please and obey… and I should be okay, right?
█▀▀▄ █▀▀█ █▀▀ █▀▀█ █░█
█▀▀▄ █▄▄▀ █▀▀ █▄▄█ █▀▄
▀▀▀░ ▀░▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀░░▀ ▀░▀

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