Blas Archangels: ASHWINGS (Complete, 28 Chapters) – C. Swallow

Ashwings -21- Thorn in the Side
How dare you!
“Argh!” I cry out as I’m bent over the sacrificial marble bench, in front of the entire Lavent Ashwing populace once again. My ass is bleeding as Valentine spanks me with a bouquet of freshly picked roses with long stems.
I sob into the crowd of jeering onlookers. Guzza and Myron sit front row along with one Archangel. I couldn’t look at Thorn or any pure Archangels when they arrived 12 hours ago because they were adorned with the Swords of Faith. It was too overwhelming.
One of my Master Blas Archangels – I don’t know which one – discarded Thorn’s holy weapon and he was the only one to remain down for a longer ‘visit’.
And guess what?
I can see every inch of his face now, right in front of me, front row, front seat… watching.
The eyes. The face. The mouth… curling up in my mind, even when it remains in a flat line before me.
Lucifer’s exact image, imprinted upon Thorn. A brother. A twin perhaps?
But they look exactly the same.
Alexios and December are being simultaneously spanked beside me, also bleeding as Valentine hands out the cruel punishment for wearing forbidden jewellery from hell… and for fucking Lucifer.
How were we to know?
Valentine’s thorns smack into my ass again and I feel another tear in my skin, upon another wound. I scream out and Val snarls, “You disgust me! Useless! I should give you all a Final Death right now!”
December and Alexios start begging together, “NO! No, Valentine! Please, NO!”
Yet I remain without words.
Yes, I cry. But I do not break and give in to Valentine’s fast reaction.
“You’ll scrub all the floors a brilliant sheen of purity for your crimes, while bleeding for it,” Valentine whispers over December’s neck, pushing her down and ploughing his cock into her pussy – while her ass bleeds – and he discards the ruined roses.
As Decy cries, whimpers then cums – my eyes do not leave Thorn.
He ignores my staring, but I see his lip twitch visibly as Valentine starts making Decy moan in pleasure.
He is Lucifer. He is the Devil. I know it.
No one else knows it.
But I do.
I… think.
As Valentine breaks December down, Alexios grabs my palm and turns her cheek to mine.
“I’m sorry, Ivy, I’m sorry it happened like this – I’m so sorry – I wish we could have been more lucid when they came back,” she whispers like an anxious wreck, “We should have known better to clean it up – to do a spell… or something.”
“Shut your mouth… filthy demon sluts… all of you, and you’re next, Alexy!” Valentine finishes with December when she cums so hard she almost stops breathing. He shoves her off the bench and she collapses in the grass, “Start cleaning. Now.”

Valentine passes my bleeding butt – to spread Alexios’ cheeks, to use the blood to lubricate her asshole.
As Valentine pushes in, my eyes go to Thorn again.
This time the pure angel seems to be more aware of my mind.
He focuses those burning eyes onto me and tilts his head.
You hate so much, little demon? You should have changed that emotion into faith of His Greatest. Your truest Master. Your savior. Your Father. Now; you bleed and whimper. You poor thing.
The voice is Luci-! I don’t even finish the thought.
“NO!” I scream and try to scramble off the bench, the crowd gasps as I try to lunge straight for Thorn – but Valentine easily restrains me. By throwing me down on Alexios’ back, so I face Val’s deep scowl.
“You dare attack a guest of honour from Heaven –?” Valentine growls at me.
“Thorn is Lucifer!” I scream back.
Daft little witch! Do not speak his name on your tongue; when you’ve disregarded my territory, my E.W. my Lavent Ashwing, by fucking my dastard brother – ” Val pauses with his cock half way into Alexios’ ass, he smirks and looks up, “Thorn… please… it’d do me a great pleasure if you could take over this whore’s punishment. Something to busy you while you remain a little while longer. After all, you enjoy teaching faith, don’t you?”
“Indeed. I will help. Thank you.”
So fucking polite. Argh!
Thorn doesn’t even hesitate.
I want to scream and cry. Lucifer was so polite sometimes, yet wicked. A perfect bad. And now Thorn, identical in every way; Lucifer – was going to trick everyone and me again.
No way!

I close my eyes and go limp as I feel Thorn’s hands pull me over to a spare bloody part of the bench. He sits me up to watch me squirm.
I still.
Thorn’s hands grab my shoulders and he starts to preach, but I drown him out.
I call to the ‘real’ Lucifer.
I needed to remedy my insanity.
Hello? I call out uselessly, Where are you? You said I could call -?
……I kissed your mind, I’m right here, always inside you…… daughter……
I think I can hear Valentine yelling at me now, the sound echoes into nothing, but I cannot break this moment for him.
Are you in hell?
I needed to hear Lucifer’s answer.
……why are you scared by a pure Archangel, yet brave when you face the devil, Ivy……?
So, you are not Thorn?

……come visit me for your punishment and I’ll confirm whether yes or no……until then……I suggest you tread lightly while in limbo……
I open my eyes and I see Valentine holding my throat, choking me back to the present. Valentine has never been so violent. It’s like he is possessed with rage.
Who am I kidding, Val tried to kill me once!
My breath flutters when I see Thorn’s gaze, focused between my legs, at the cream pooling out at every word flowing from Lucifer’s cursed lips within my head.
But I’m done now, as Val’s hand remains on my neck, my throat, my body… mine!
I’ve had enough abuse!

“Get away from me!” I scream it at Valentine, my heart blooms and something suddenly flows out from my skin in a powerful burst. A flashing blinding light, surges from my own fury, and it ruins my vision. I can only see after the flash has dimmed, that Valentine has flown backwards, shocked as his hand is glowing red with visible burns.
“Martyr?” Thorn asks, pressing a daring pure finger onto my clit.
I feel my lust being sucked out of me; into him.
I don’t want that either! What was he doing to me?

I throw a weakening fist at Thorn’s face and I jump off the bench, falling to my knees as I try to crawl away, I’m still bleeding too!
Guzza is the first to stand and he doesn’t have to say anything.
I feel him walk over, from the silent crowd.
I feel his hand wave over my bleeding skin, sealing the wounds. Guzza picks up my elbow and hauls me to my feet, pulling me along with him at a fast pace.
As I hiccup on a breath, I know he’s eager for my tears.
But I’m not sure, when we’re alone… if Guzza will treat me any different.
Or if the coming punishment will only get worse.
When I finally make it into his bedchamber by my Master’s side, where Lucifer fucked me last – I am relieved to see the sheets are now changed, at the very least.
I stumble forward as Guzza unhands me. I eventually turn in the middle of the roam to face him.
He’s right here.
I almost melt into Guzza’s chest, as his arms wrap around me and his ashwings block everything out.
I look from the middle of his gigantic torso, up to his neck and his jaw and his red super nova eyes.
I expect judgement. Or hatred.
I see kindness.
“What happened to me?” I whisper.
“We may have a problem with you, Ivy,” Guzza’s beautiful voice almost makes me faint forward. I try to focus on his lips moving so I remain awake, “Martyrs are saints.”

“My Father told me that…” I close my lips, but Guzza’s eyes widen.
“You are a saint, half a one… a very pure one…” he guesses well, “…is Mary your mother…?”
I nod and collapse forward into Guzza’s arms and his skin.
“…hold me…” I whisper it so quietly, the words barely exit my mouth.
Guzza doesn’t need to say anything, he just widens his wings once, pushes them down and we go flying, out the window and up into the sky.
Guzza answers my silent prayers.
He takes me away.
Away from anywhere but here.
█▀▀▄ █▀▀█ █▀▀ █▀▀█ █░█
█▀▀▄ █▄▄▀ █▀▀ █▄▄█ █▀▄
▀▀▀░ ▀░▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀░░▀ ▀░▀

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