Blas Archangels: ASHWINGS (Complete, 28 Chapters) – C. Swallow

Ashwings -14- A Catch to Die For
Free falling to my death becomes the most beautiful descent, as my eyes watch the terrain coming closer, I pray the end doesn’t hurt. I pray there is something better after death, even for a witch.
Maybe if I was let into heaven… or…
What the hell?

I see a shape rushing up towards me. But it’s not Valentine.
My body collides with Guzza as he snatches me to him and holds me into his chest, a deep growl reverberating from his throat as he looks up.
I’m in such a shock, I can’t breathe, hitting into his chest has winded me.
I choke on a sob of relief, seconds from passing out, simply too traumatised by this change of events.
I witness Guzza glaring up at Valentine, I feel his arm tighten around my middle and then… I don’t remember anything else.
“Shit!” Myron’s voice wakes me, while I’m laid down, covered in blankets, December cooing to me while rubbing my hand between hers. Alexios is by my feet, hand on my knee protectively.
Myron is pacing the room with Guzza sitting… oh my…
Guzza is sitting behind me!
I’m laid up, I thought I was against a mountain of pillows, but I look back and I see Guzza relaxed, wings heavy and drooping across the huge bed, while I’m snuggled against his chest, his arm around my waist. He’s holding me, protectively against his chest. He has pants on, though they hang low, but I don’t believe he’s fucked me.
I think he’s simply holding me.
Myron is still pacing the bedroom, only halting when he turns to see my eyes are open.
“What the hell did you do?” Myron asks, coming over, “Valentine doesn’t burn for anyone. He tried to kill you. Guzza saved you. If he wasn’t watching… if he didn’t sense what was going to happen… you’d be dead.”
“I don’t know what I did,” I whisper, “I was just kind to Val –”
“Oh, it’s okay, Ivy,” December pats my hand, “Valentine is just a meanie sometimes.”

“You stay away from him,” Alexios adds more seriously, watching me through her white blonde locks of hair, as her eyes widen, “Understand, new blood? Valentine is unstable. Whatever you did, or didn’t do… you need to stray from him. He’s gotten worse.”
“I don’t understand at all,” I try to sit up and I turn to see Guzza grab my hip and raise a brow at me, he still seems like he wants to hold me.
Fine. I lean back into him and Guzza pulls me up, popping his chin on the top of my head while his hand rubs over my stomach.
“Well said, Alexios,” Myron drawls, roughly at her, “Stay away from him, Ivy.”

“You should just ask him directly, what happened,” December mentions.
“Yes,” Myron agrees, “I really should but I’m not sure I want to know the answer,” Myron puts a palm to his forehead and slowly wipes his brown handsome locks back from his brow. He blinks and turns.
A shadow has fallen in the door way to the princess bedrooms.
What I witness, has my heart shredded in seconds.
“Here you are, sweet lamb,” Valentine is standing with a young girl clutching onto him, he motions her forward into the room, “Meet your new friends, Ennite.”
There is one more thing that has caught my attention.
A second girl.
Another new Blue Blood, along with Ennite. This one stands beside Valentine, although she is shaking, he holds a hand over the nape of her neck.
She is of fuckable age.
That’s all my stupid brain can focus on.
And then Val seals her fate.
“…are you ready to please your Master, Eztra?” Valentine murmurs over the girl’s head. He ignores me completely.
“Val,” Myron turns, growling for everyone, “What the hell, why did you drop Ivy?”

“Relax, I’m not losing control,” Valentine laughs, chuckling lightly… so lightly… it breaks my heart even further.
Guzza’s arm wraps around my waist again and holds me even tighter.
“But, Ivy –” Myron tries to continue.
“Bored of her,” Valentine murmurs and shrugs a shoulder then finally glances over to me. I note he can’t make himself look at me, but he does glance at Guzza, “If you enjoy her so much, have her yourself.”

I can’t breathe.

I can’t fucking breathe.
Valentine turns and drags the girl with him; Eztra.
She has doe eyes and is fully matured, she looks a little bit like me, but she’s from Ennite’s world.
The 12 year old herself, the infamous Ennite, huddles in a corner and doesn’t approach any of us.
I watch Alexios, however, slowly approach her, to comfort her, while Myron’s fists clench.
December is still grabbing my hand tight.
“I’m so sorry,” December whispers, however, I start to move. First, I claw at Guzza’s arm… unsuccessfully.
I’m so full of blinding rage, I want to kill Valentine. I try to get up, “Let me go,” I whisper, my voice breaking through a sob, “Let me up!” the more I yell, the tighter Guzza holds me, refusing to release me.
“Fuck,” Myron hisses and I don’t know why he cares. I don’t know why Guzza cares either. “I’m going for a fly,” Myron growls, “December. With me. Now.”
“Yes…” December stands and hesitantly lets my hand go. I’m too much in a rage to listen to anyone anyway.
I watch Alexios convince Ennite to follow her out of the room, to go for a walk around the Lavent Ashwing.
I’m left with Guzza.
I’m shaking completely and crying in his arms, full of so much pain. I didn’t understand. I had fallen in love with Valentine and he had left me to die.
I was meant to die on that mountain peak. But Guzza saved me.
I was only alive because of him.
Maybe I would be better off dead.
I still in his arms, sucking in a breath.
The giant Archangel speaks for the very first time, and his voice is like velvet, or perfect poison, the lullaby effect has me relaxing back and looking up at him, looking down at me. I’m totally distracted and entranced in this sudden slamming moment, especially because he keeps talking, “Ivy. I know your thoughts would turn suicidal eventually, so I’m guarding you from such nonsensical action. You’ll live.”
“Why care?” I mouth it, whispering it.
“Your mouth is no use if you’re dead,” Guzza smiles a bit.
Oh.. okay.
Filthy but kindest Blas Archangel,” I lay back against him, sighing, before adding, “…thank you…”
Thank you for speaking to me.
Thank you for holding me.
Thank you for saving me.
“Please, Guzza, don’t go,” I add, perhaps uselessly. Guzza just growls, but he doesn’t speak to me anymore.
I turn into his chest and he allows me to make the specified movement. I lay my front against his, my cheek against his pec.
I close my eyes and wrap my arms around him in the biggest hug.
A few moments later, I feel a distinct hardness against my knee.
His… cock? And his pants are gone, with his magic.
I don’t move, but Guzza grabs my hand, and guides it down.
I let him place my palm on his velvet, massive gigantic pole of a dick.
I play with it a bit, hoping to get my mind off Valentine.
I guess this was something… I could do.
I slowly slide down and I sit on Guzza’s lap, my tear stained cheeks, still wet as I blink them clear before I gaze at Guzza’s face, wondering of his needs.
I bravely grab his cock in both hands, I try to think of every reason to do it.
But I…
I just…
I burst into tears on the spot as I hold his hard shaft and Guzza quickly sits up to face me.
I’m surprised and a little shell shocked at how violent he is when he grabs my cheeks in both his palms, holding my face up, his tongue runs along both my cheeks, swiping up all my tears, even over my eyes. I feel like I’m being licked by an eager puppy, except Guzza just ends up groaning and eventually lays back, stroking his cock… I hiccup on a short breath and watch the cum spurt out and drip down the sides of his shaft, leaking all the way to his balls.
I wait for him to gaze at me and he does lean up once more, grabbing my shoulder, he simply hauls me back into his chest.
I lay against him, not expected to ride him, but I feel his comforting warmth, his arm around my shoulders, playing with my hair. My head is under his chin once more and I let my mind wander… until…
Until I figure it out.
My eyes narrow.
This bastard wanted my tears.
He made me cry. Or he was waiting for the right moment. Then he gobbled them up and now he was waiting for more!
I gasp and pull from Guzza’s chest, pulling up, I slap him as hard as I can and crawl off the bed, finding my feet.
Guzza sits up, smile lost, he is unamused.
“You should have turned into a pig after falling,” I lean down and I pick up a stray heel, throwing it at him, “How dare you use me!” I turn around and I pick up other things, “How fucking dare you!” I grab a lantern next and I turn to threaten him with it
Guzza’s cock… is hard again, after my antics, as he sits on the edge of the bed, about to chase me down. Bastard!
He’s eyes are hungry while looking over my distressed form!
“No!” I yell, “I’m not going to fuck you.”
Guzza raises his hand… and snaps his fingers… while smirking.
Before I know it, I’m face down on the bed, totally spread eagled, and totally naked.
I’m tied to each bed post.
Neat fucking trick.
I growl and cry into the sheets as Guzza slowly lies down on top of me, crushing me into the bed.
He kisses one temple and then my other temple, his hands clasping my breasts.
“This’ll be good for you,” Guzza seems so certain of himself and even his words, as if he was quoting the damn bible. I admit though that his choice words and his stunning voice do cause my juices to flow more readily.
“I’d rather be a nun!” I yell the protest anyway, while Guzza slowly descends… and descends further… until I feel his hot breath between my legs.
Oh… okay… I wouldn’t… I wouldn’t mind… just…
Oh, yes.
Guzza’s mouth kisses my awaiting quivering little pussy, his tongue sliding out into my folds, licking through me, devilishly slow.
I raise my hips and he grabs me to him, holding me dead still as he licks faster against my clit.
I can’t move and it helps.
When my body starts shaking, just before I start to cum, Guzza hauls himself up, kicks my legs together and then slams his massive cock down right between my legs and then straight through my wet swollen folds.
He fucks me long and deep, causing me to whimper every thrust. I try to keep my screams of pleasure inside, and he can hear me holding it all in.
Guzza speeds up his thrusts while I claw at the sheets with fingers gone wild. I can’t concentrate, I can’t think straight… and… I’m going to… cum!

I scream it all loose when Guzza makes me explode, only for himself to bury deep and explode with me.
I feel his hot cum penetrate my womb and Guzza snaps his fingers again.
My wrists and ankles become free, and I spin on the bed, my body still trembling as Guzza now stands at the end of the bed, shaking his head at me, as if angry that I’ve been so ungrateful this whole while.
I can see his leg twist, he is about to go elsewhere –
“Stay,” I squeak out, “Please,” I quickly add, “…Master?”
Guzza pauses, slowly smiling.
“You’ll continue to fuck me if I stay,” Guzza warns me, but also commands me.
“I love your voice,” I whisper, my thighs wobbling as I try to sit up, “It’s so beautiful. But may I ask… why… why do you want to fuck me, Guzza? Aren’t I just sloppy seconds?”
“I’m doing you a favour,” Guzza leans down to grab my ankle, his cock already hard again, “I’m making Valentine jealous.”
“How?” I ask, faintly as he drags me across the bed toward him.
Guzza grabs my chin once I’m close enough to be held in such a way. He holds me in a vice like grip, tilting my head up as he looks down at me.
“He’ll only be jealous when you’re a convincing little Angel whore for me, Ivy… we have a lot of work to do…” Guzza’s lip twitches in the corner, into an excited smile.
“Are you going to… enslave me… Guzza?” I ask, already panting when his cock twitches up to hover before my lips. He’s so big. Guzza moves his hips just a little and my lips get kissed by the head of his cock.
“Is this an answer for you, little lamb?” Guzza forces my jaw open, “Wider… a little more… good girl.”

I feel Guzza push his cock head past my awaiting lips.
I suck on the head and he raises a brow down at me.
“No more talking,” Guzza warns me, “Only sucking. Do you understand?”
I nod while I taste his cock.
I could get used to this.
That’s what I believe.
But I can’t be prepared for what comes next. First, I have to give my broken, fucked up heart to him. Then Guzza’s plan would work. I’d be Guzza’s whore.
And next, Myron.
And then, only then, would Valentine start to care.
When I was in love again.

And not with him.
█▀▀▄ █▀▀█ █▀▀ █▀▀█ █░█
█▀▀▄ █▄▄▀ █▀▀ █▄▄█ █▀▄
▀▀▀░ ▀░▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀░░▀ ▀░▀

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