Blas Archangels: ASHWINGS (Complete, 28 Chapters) – C. Swallow

Ashwings -22- Arclight
“I need you to be very strong for a short while, just for me, Ivy,” Guzza rumbles in my ear, as he flies me through the E.W. sky. He waits for my answer, after I had been enjoying the wind on my face and the rhythm of his wings beating.
Trusting Guz, I nod.
The only thing that worries me is that Guz is focused up ahead, and won’t look me in my eyes.
I turn to see a tear in the sky, a portal that whirls with white and green and black. It’s different to the usual tear, but when we plummet through, where we end up – Guzza holds me even tighter.
I look with widening eyes over my shoulder and I see a red rock – it looks like one directly from hell, but it’s hovering in a phantom black sky – a black hole.
Oh, hell no. Not this again!

“No, no –!” I whimper quietly into Guzza’s chest, hoping he understands my fear.

“You’re safe, little lamb, I promise you,” Guzza speaks over my trembling head, his lips curling down as he waits.
“Where are we?” I whisper.

“Arclight,” Guzza spins me in his arms and points to a ring of light, it burns white, and gives off a glow, appearing from the rock, it’s an archway, “A place to communicate with –”
We both see his shape fly down in a lazy landing, phantom black wings dragging into the rock as he waits wearing black leather pants – dripping with fresh blood on the other side of the Arclight.
No doubt he had been busy when called.
Lucifer?” I whisper it and I turn back into Guzza’s chest again, hiding.
Seeing Lucifer again was worse a second time.  There is no brilliance this time. When I look over my shoulder, I blink through the ash floating near his wings. Lucifer’s wings are still massive, he’s still equal to Guzza’s size, and just as handsome –  but his burning eyes are focused on the back of my head and I feel his lust.
Guzza doesn’t want to speak, and neither does Lucifer. Perhaps it was a sign of submission to talk first.
Ivy. I’m sorry. But I needed to see this. I’ll be right here. I’m right here.
Guzza whispers through my anxious mind and then he pries his arms from me, I spin to see Guzza flap his gigantic ashwings once, floating up and away… and then he falls through the same portal he came through.
NOOOO!” I can’t help it, I collapse to my knees in my panic, holding my arms around my chest, waiting for Lucifer to scoop me up and deliver me to an eternity of burning.
I wait.
And I wait.
Yet nothing happens.
Feigning new bravery, I wipe away my tears in a hurry and I turn my head to see Lucifer standing on his side of the Arclight. He flutters his wings and tilts his head, but he seems rather annoyed by my state of anguish to be left by another – and not him.
“It’s nice to see you kneeling, Ivy,” Lucifer’s lips twitch as I jump to my feet, “So predictable…”
I stalk my way up and down my half of the rock, shaking out my hands.
“What does Guzza want to see?” I hiss.
“What I want,” Lucifer answers, “And I want you. He wants Mary,” Lucifer waves his hand through the air and I see a white shining light materialise in a mortal who looks just like me.
She’s standing to his left, well dressed in her blue robes, not a single bruise or cut on her body.
The woman crosses her arms and stands far from Lucifer, but gazing at me? She cannot stand, as if she knows who I am.
Trust me, Ivy. Trust! I’ll come back to get you. Guzza is still here? He has just whispered so softly in my mind, I don’t understand, until he’s swooping right behind me, hand on the back of my neck, pushing me towards the Arclight.
Lucifer simultaneously uses his wing to push Mary forward.
She gladly walks over the line – but Guzza has to shove me across because my heels drag into the rock.
Now on Lucifer’s side, my whole world falls part.
My trust that I’m meant to keep in Guzza. My heart. My mind. All of it falls away. I did not need this break in my mind – I needed a moment of solidarity but this torture breaks a vital part of my sanity so soon, after everything that had already strained my limits in the last 13 hours.
This was the very pit of my existence, being pushed across here, traded, whether it was a safe plan or not.
I turn around, already knowing; Guzza and Mary?
Are both gone.
There was no use screaming now.
There was no reason to cry.
I stand with wide eyes, arms at my sides, staring at the empty half of the rock.
First Valentine. Now Guzza.
I can barely breathe through being let go a second time, the moment I started to trust – I get punished.
“It hurts, doesn’t it?” Lucifer queries with his poisonously deep tone, his arms are crossed, his eyes staring where mine stare, at the nothing that’s left behind, “When your spurned the very moment you don’t matter to them. I’m sorry. Ivy. Your Mother will outweigh your importance every time.”
“The important question is why do I matter more than her… to you?” I ask, “I thought she loved you.”
Lucifer smiles.
I almost fall at his feet. I try to stop it at my knees wobbling.
What now?” I ask.
“The Final Question,” Lucifer puts out a hand towards me, “I’m feeling risky. You have free will. I grant it. You can leave or you can stay, my sweet heart.”
I lower my arms again.
My Father didn’t just give me an option – did he?
I guess you were meant to fall to temptation. Perhaps some would just run into his arms at this point.
I look towards the Arclight and then Lucifer.
Well, obviously, I’m not going to burn in hell!
But I also have a one-up right now.
I could test him.
I take a swift side step to the very edge of the Arclight – my face swivelled to freedom. Then I pause and I look back at Lucifer – to see a calm rage simmering.
I knew he’d show emotion if I defied.
I guess that didn’t prove much – but it was nice having that control.
Devil’s Spawn. Saint’s Daughter. I don’t belong anywhere but –
“Valentine did the same thing, you know, he told me I could leave the E.W. but never come back – then they tricked me anyway,” I explain, needlessly, “What happens if I stay with you, Lucifer?”
Lucifer doesn’t respond straight away, he’s cheek twitches and I know he despises how close I am to crossing over. He wants my willingness so badly. That, I do know.
“There’s no one waiting for you on the other side, Ivy,” Lucifer explains, holding out his palm, his fingers slightly curled with his want, “Take my hand. Sweet lamb. Come to me.”
“Ivy, whatever you do, don’t touch him,” Valentine!
Panicked, I turn to see Val fly down from a rip in the black sky, landing and waiting for me, “I didn’t know about your mother, Ivy – you’re an oddity! You’ll never be made again. You can choose what you want – but don’t choose Lucifer, it’s all pain down there,” Valentine begs me, “Please. Ivy. Don’t fall to his corruption. It’s sweet – for all but a second -”
“Why do you fret, Valentine? I was never going to reside in hell, I was just talking to Lucifer because I, well, I was kissing his mind,” I feel a sense of victory as I turn to Lucifer… he pauses, curious of my words – but then I push it further.
I do the unthinkable.
I despise liars.
So, I spit at the devil’s feet.
I quickly take a step back while Lucifer is watching that spit boil.
Now on the other side of the Arclight, I grin triumphantly, “No one guides me. No one tempts me outside myself. That’s my gift. Trick me all you want. It’ll all be hollow victories, and that’s for all of you,” I turn to Valentine and even as he grasps my arm, I even spit at Val’s feet as well, “I only choose you because my friends are there, Valentine.”

Look what you’ve created!” Valentine snarls at Lucifer, who is rather smug, “She’ll be torn apart overtime.”

“If you ever feel that chaotic, Ivy – I’ll gladly hear your thoughts – just call to me,” Lucifer calls out, politely.
Far. Too. Politely.

When I turn, Lucifer is gone.
Valentine wraps an arm around my waist and flies me off.
As we fly back, Val swoops down over the Lavent Ashwing and drops me on his balcony.
I stumble forward and Valentine lands ahead of me, pacing into his bedchamber, “Whatever you do, Ivy, don’t call to him. The moment you do, he’ll have access to you at any time,” Val turns to me as I walk in to sit on the bottom of his black sheets, “Do you understand me, Ivy?”
I nod, “Where are you going?” I murmur it, feeling bitter, about everything.
“Waiting for Guz – he’ll come back gifted, he was going to save you – but I thought I’d help,” Valentine grimaces as he looks me over, “You really are trouble.”

“Oh?” I’m smiling, happy for Guzza, but… also suddenly alone as Valentine disappears.
What a day.
I turn and crawl onto Valentine’s made bed, sitting in the middle. Breathing in, I get a washed out feeling. Of weakness. Like some of my inner magic – pulses out then simply fades away.
I slouch my shoulders.
The return to limbo is bitter-sweet.
Don’t call to him. Yet I already did on the alter. When I was getting my butt whacked with roses; thanks a lot, Valentine.
Did that completely ruin my future? Why was I told such information so late?
I shuffle backwards and I feel… oh… no.
A sudden silence weighs down on my subconscious.
I don’t want to look behind me.
So instead, probably just as worse a decision – I shuffle back an inch and then lean back in slow motion without looking behind – waiting for the comforting pillows to soften my fall.
I don’t fall far…
…when my side and outreached hand touches fire hot abdominals.
I kissed your mind, lamb.”
Lucifer is angry.
I slowly gasp in a breath that never, ever ends – as my naked body is touched by his large confident hands clasping over my biceps, then trailing over my breasts… sliding down my stomach… making my pussy squeeze.
Lucifer’s hands are steady, as one dips below my legs, fingers spreading my petals, torturing my clit, two thick fingers sliding inside my body with his other hand heavy on my thigh, clenching my skin.
The fingers inside me, make me burst – I cum over the heat of him, grinding my hips up and down while I flail and grab onto Lucifer’s forearms, squeezing my nails into his skin, I try to maim him in retaliation and he fingers me to my G-Spot, letting out a flaming punch to my guts – the force of a thousand orgasms, “Bad. Little. Lamb.”

Lucifer’s whole voice wraps around my mind and cancels out my soul – just for a second, I feel like I’m an extension of him. That I don’t exist as my spine curls.
I’m screaming as I collapse into empty air and the pillows.

I’m alone, but I’m battered.
I clasp a pillow to my middle and I cry into another as my pussy leaks profusely.
I want to be filled.
I don’t cry from the abuse or the force.
I cry from the split in my mind.
I don’t ever want to see Lucifer again – and I want him to never, ever leave when I feel that kind of pleasure.
Please, I don’t want this torture anymore, I beg to Lucifer, of all choices, Stop confusing me. Please. I beg you. Don’t torture me like this.
……then we’ll simply make a deal…… little lamb…… be mine every 7th day……
I hate that word, Ivy. How about every moon rise for your insolence?

Every 7th day, I concede on a whimper through my mind.
Every Sunday, Lucifer’s voice fades like dust…
…my sanity returns.
I sit up in the pillows and I feel okay again.
I’m okay! I look around, and I feel fine.
Just maybe I won’t be so okay… every 7th day.
Oh, no
…what the hell did I just agree to?
█▀▀▄ █▀▀█ █▀▀ █▀▀█ █░█
█▀▀▄ █▄▄▀ █▀▀ █▄▄█ █▀▄
▀▀▀░ ▀░▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀░░▀ ▀░▀

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