Blas Archangels: ASHWINGS (Complete, 28 Chapters) – C. Swallow

Ashwings -27- Devine Intervention
Like a hard-core drug; the devil fucked me so hard and so long, I barely remember a thing of it. In the garden of roses, a signature attraction of the Lavent Ashwing, I sit down in the grass, by myself, hiding from everyone. I have my legs crossed while I’m wearing a pink dress with a fat pink ribbon tied around the middle. I fiddle with it while I stare at the flowers.
My mind was elsewhere.
The Blas Archangels were outside preparing a twilight dinner in the E.W. nature setting, rather than in the palace.
It was particularly warm outside, a perfect chance to dine under the setting sun.
I’m watching a lady bug climb a stem when I hear the thud of an angel somewhere to the left of me. I know it’s not Guzza, as he had a naturally larger thud.
“Everyone’s been looking for you, little lamb,” Myron walks over to me and I smile up at his pale and perfect marble sculpted muscles. Always likened to a walking statue in my mind.
“Not Gabriel?” I ask sweetly.
Myron says nothing about that as he sits on the grass next to me and grabs one of my ankles, as if anxious I’ll just disappear and sink through the ground.
“…tell me about it…” Myron waits, hiding his usual suffocating arrogance, and I shuffle around on my butt, smiling brighter, “God, Ivy, it’s like you’ve been lobotomised when you smile like that,” he cringes from it.
I lose my bright smile, geez, “I’m fine, Myron.”
“You were in hell for 24 hours… and you’re fine?” Myron squeezes my ankle, “Ivy. You’re not fine.”
Excuse me?
“Don’t put words in my mouth,” I say it lightly, even though I want to snap it.
Behind me.
It’s not Guzza.
It’s Valentine.
Something inside me stirs and it’s not… it’s not nice.
“Get up off the grass now, and stand up when you speak to your Masters,” Valentine is behind me and he’s absolutely impatient.
I know a lecture is coming – and my calm state breaks.
I stand, I spin and I launch at Val, hurling slaps and kicks as fast as I can. Myron restrains my arms from behind and Valentine snatches my throat, his nebulic eyes judge me harshly.
“She is falling faster than that damn fool!” Valentine snarls past me to Myron.
“Who is the fool?” I whisper, losing my rage just as quickly. Don’t say –

No one has to say it.
My head turns and I see it upon feeling at which direction to stare.
I blink three times in succession.
Guzza, holding the necks of two succubus, while one hangs off his hips and bites into his neck. He’s laughing, his silver wings are burning but he’s acting… odd.
I keep blinking.
“Get that fool now, Myron, and bring him to my chamber,” Valentine commands his friend while he scoops me to his chest and launches up into the air, flying me to his balcony.
I am numb by the time he sets me down, and I am staring into space again.
With my name told, I walk forward into Valentine’s room.
I do not listen to Valentine. I walk up to his bed and I sit on the edge. I cross my legs and I cross my fingers.
“Little lamb,” I look up as Valentine scoops up my chin and assesses my state, “What are you doing?” When I do not respond, Valentine releases my chin and snatches my wrist, holding up my hand, “Forgive me, you’re dazed by your visit; let me help.”
I can’t see his face when his Sword of Judgement and Final Death burns to life in his spare hand, and he slowly, slowly, brings the shine of it down towards my palm.
When the heat burns so bright, so close, I feel my soul jump inside my skeleton.
It’s the most terrifying real life jump-scare of my entire existence. From the inside, it shakes me.
I jerk my hand out of his grip just as Valentine gets shoved right away from me by Guzza and his large hand that just smacked into Val’s shoulder.
Valentine swoops out his wings before he crashes into the stone wall, while Guz turns slowly to look down at me.
My trance is broken. I’m back. And I’m frozen stiff from Guzza’s stare.
“Get that weapon away from my charge, Valentine,” Guzza doesn’t sound like himself. He sounds unhinged. He turns to me and he looks me over with cruel amusement, “Enjoying yourself, slut? I’m still in charge of your welfare. My eye is on you. Ivy,” Guzza holds my chin, but he swoops in to leave a ruthless kiss on my mouth. It’s a possessive, rough kiss, not a gentle or romantic caress in the slightest, “At all times,” Guzza pulls off my mouth just like that, before repeating, “At. All. Times.”
And then he stands back, as Myron comes in, hands up in surrender.
“You’re all Luci’s bitches, holy shit,” Myron states, point blank.
Guzza snarls and his lip curls, turning his angelic handsome face into a part way monster.
I start to cry tears of exhaustion and Myron rolls his eyes.
“Did you tell them?” I whisper, looking at Guz, “You ate the Forbidden Fruit.”
Surprisingly, it comes as news.
Myron creases his brows at that revelation.
Valentine’s sword disappears but he walks up next to Guz, and just behind him, he whispers, “Get the hell out.”
“The irony, Valentine,” Guzza laughs back at him, “I appreciate it. But I don’t need your rage. I’m myself. Entirely. I’ve resisted.”
Myron steps aside as Gabriel stalks out, wings spreading and taking his magnificence out of Valentine’s domain.
I’m left on the bed while Myron and Valentine exchange glances.
“It’s a slow decline,” Valentine murmurs to Myron, “Follow him. He’ll start killing soon. And then worse. Cut off his wings if you have to.”
“I understand,” Myron nods, then glances at me, “Poor thing. If it gets too hard. Ask Valentine for Final Death and he’ll grant it whenever you need,” Myron winks and gives me the challenge, a quiet pride in his eyes, as if he wants to use reverse thinking to help me.
It works.
I wouldn’t be asking for such a pitiful easy death. Least of all from Val.
Myron follows Guzza.
Valentine turns to me.
We are alone.
I look at my hands and then up to Val, thinking deeply before I blurt out, “Why did you drop me, Valentine?”
I ask it point blank, the one rift that could never leave us.
Why not ask it? So I just do.
I ask it calmly and with total indifference.
And when Valentine does respond, and so quickly? Every word cuts deep and true.
Valentine’s wings flare up with embers and he smirks, “You have a likeness to a lamb at the slaughter, a gift to take,” he answers so smooth, without single pause, “To dispose however I please. You tempt ravagery. And for the record,” Valentine closes the distance now, grabbing my throat and lifting me up onto the bed to stand, so I’m eye to eye with him. I choke for a moment, and then he lets me breathe, “We fly with the speed of shooting stars,” Val leans into my ear, “I was going to catch you a few inches from the ground,” he pulls back, watching my face contort with every emotion, “Simple to watch you squirm. Ivy.”
I try to slap him but Valentine grabs my hand first, and threads his fingers through it, a usually sweet gesture becomes extremely intimate and dominating as he controls my hand and my head, “How is Luci’s touch? Are you drooling yet just thinking about your Father? Dirty little lamb.”
“Why would you even care to ask?” I speak through gritted teeth, “You’re cruel –”
I’ve been alive longer than infinity,” Valentine drawls back, quick again, “I create worlds. I destroy them. I’ve done more universal damage and shape shifting than the devil will ever care to admit. If you want real power, you should see me completely pure… I am the Commander of Life and Death. I have God’s power as a Blas Archangel. I am not God. But I can wield his hand. I do what I want, with the abilities I have. And Ivy, that’s a lot of magic,” Valentine speaks at me, an authority, and a true one at that.
I gulp.
Valentine unhands me and stands back, fluttering out his wings as if discarding the weight of his unrest since our separation.
“I. Play. With you. I still do,” Valentine raises a brow, “That is all. You don’t like it; boohoo. Ivy.”
“That’s not love the way Gabriel loves me,” I start to smile with my victory, and he tilts his head.
“You are sorely mistaken. Ivy, I’ve loved you since the moment I laid my eyes on you,” Valentine does not smile, “…witch minds… see with 6 senses. I act on every atom. Don’t you understand the difference? You obey and believe. Now listen to my language. Ivy…? You’re being tempted by the Devil and you’re madly in the throes of lust with Gabriel. You step back now. Step back from your feelings. Because, trust me, your feelings are dumb,” Valentine smiles now, warmly, smirking even, “I would know, I can read you like an open book.”
“Then why were you stressed about Guzza and stressed about the devil –” I hiss, trying not to be completely obliterated by him.
“They’re my brothers, Ivy, everything I do, they can too,” Valentine shakes his head, “It’s all, at the end of the day, guided by faith. So, you have faith in the right ones, okay, Ivy? Me. Myron. Gabriel. He ate the fruit like a complete fool, but I assure you he didn’t do it for you, he did it for the glory of defeating the effects. He’ll survive but not without… repercussions…”
“Don’t cut off his wings, just – don’t – I had a premonition –“ I beg.
“Even an angel without wings can be recovered, Ivy,” Valentine speaks quietly, yet his command silences me, “I can promise nothing beyond what I know.”
What do you know?” I gulp.
“Do you want to prove the devil wrong?”


“Then fall to your knees before me, Ivy,” Valentine banishes his leather pants in a burst of quick flame, leaving behind minor soot and ash on the floor. He points to where he wants me. At the foot of the bed.
“…but… Luci wants me to pleasure his brothers,” I choke on Lucifer’s name, as Valentine’s gaze burns through me with utter judgement, surging guilt rising through me. I almost want to puke.
“You will throw up his seed inside you, you should be cleansed of his poison,” as Valentine keeps advising me I find myself stepping off the bed and kneeling promptly.
I try to look obedient, I try to look like I believe in him.
It’s hard. But I try.
“It’s never been about Lucifer, Ivy… it’s what I want,” Valentine squats briefly, “You’re going to puke. And then you’re going to get defiled to… yeah, to hell and back,” he lets himself say the phrase and I manage a small smile.
…but then my stomach rolls.
“On the floor,” Valentine advises, without disgust, “I’ll help you.”
“There’s so much inside,” I close my eyes, feeling my mouth salivate before the worst  of it, “I –”
“I know, little angel whore… I understand, but I don’t care for your delusions. So obey. Will you obey, Ivy? I can save you from this nightmare.”

I believe Valentine.
It’s dumb.
I feel… like he’s being honest.
I nod.
And then as the rest follows up my throat, Valentine whispers through my head, you’ve been loving the wrong ones, Ivy, but it’s been a pleasure to see you fall.
█▀▀▄ █▀▀█ █▀▀ █▀▀█ █░█
█▀▀▄ █▄▄▀ █▀▀ █▄▄█ █▀▄
▀▀▀░ ▀░▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀░░▀ ▀░▀

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