Blas Archangels: ASHWINGS (Complete, 28 Chapters) – C. Swallow

Ashwings -28- Angel of Ashfall
Imploding, gut wrenching and mind splitting. I can’t explain it any other way, as Valentine’s scolding drowns out in my ears, and I throw up repeatedly.
Afterwards he uses a warm rag to clean my mouth, then he walks me to his bed.
Choosing to lie down, Valentine guides me over his hips.
I sit on his lower abdominals and I’ve fallen once again into a second trance.
I can’t explain my state of disconnect, but Valentine suddenly becomes curious when he notices how distance I am from the present.

Val uses a thumb and finger to hold my chin and guide me over his face, so he can look into my eyes.
“A light,” Valentine murmurs, and I hear him speak that word – light, with some astonishment, “Can you hold it? Bring it closer, little lamb?”
I nod and close my eyes – feeling that implosion of weakness.
In fact, it’s a river of courage waiting for me… over there.
“Focus,” Valentine commands me and I find my hand moving through the air and lying across his lips to silence him.
Ivy? Cazienth, the pure Archangel of Nurturing passion. His velvet voice rumbles through my head, and I feel – Lucifer staring at me from behind. I don’t have eyes in the back of my head but I don’t need to see to know… he’s right there listening to every word of the spiritual conversation.
……don’t stray, be careful, little one…… Lucifer warns me.
The sweet and tempting voice of my Father, just propels me toward that river, swirling through darkness and flooding towards me in a wave when –
Valentine flips me onto my back, furious that I’ve slapped my hand over his mouth.
“How dare you handle your Master like that, Ivy,” Valentine has broken my trance again with a snarl of jealous displeasure, and this time I don’t whimper and give in to his strength.
Get off me,” I hiss it, “Let me –” concentrate.
Valentine grabs my mouth and closes my lips, while fluttering out his lazy arrogant wings with victory.

“Shut up.”
Without the trance, without my eyes closed, I call to him; Cazienth, I hear you. Talk to me.
You’ve be an Angel without wings, born in the natural cycle, it’s hidden your fate. You Judge the Fallen. Ivy. Girl. Listen closely. You’ll burn the judged… you’ll burn them all into an Ashfall if you want it, can you handle the consequences to that? Cazienth caresses my mind, and he abruptly snarls as Lucifer tries to pop up and push the purity out of my head, but Cazienth scares Lucifer off by flooding my mind with such light – my eyes burn out the glow.
“Shit,” Valentine pulls up away from the light source, as it burns his cheek, “Ivy –” Valentine sounds confused and panicked.
He’s off me, so I can sit back up and close my eyes again.
Cazienth, you were so cruel to me in the Garden of Eden.
Testing your faith. You deserve a medal.
Where is Sabriel?
Do not worry. He will bring mercy to souls who deserve a second chance, and you judge the souls who’ve had an infinity to choose the light.
But what is Ashfall?
The power you behold from Mary – coupled with Lucifer’s birth from a morning star. You can obliterate god like power – in the form of Blas Archangel sentients.
I can kill the Blas Archangels?

No. You can burn them into hell, locking them away from limbo.
Cazienth. I can feel the power. I’m scared of it.
You’ve been granted it for a reason, I’ll guide you while you do the holy deed.
Am I saved?
You’re a servant of the universe, I can hardly say you’re saved, Cazienth makes sure he isn’t too kind, or maybe he is just honest, I will guide you, he repeats.
What about my friends? He knows I mean the females.
This Ashfall does not touch them, as they are not infinite beings.
I’m ready.
“Can you hear me yet?” Valentine calls to me while standing at the end of his bed, wings spread bright and high in alertness.
My light is out of my eyes now, and instead it shines in the palms of my hands.
“Yes, Valentine?” I ask, feeling something inside me open – with the river of light and courage flowing into me. When he does not answer me, I ask him, “What is this light called?”
“That’s the kind of fire that burns the unholy,” Valentine murmurs, genuinely reserved and seemingly exhausted by the sight of it, “I never thought I’d see it again. It’s what cut me from my ties to heaven. Why are you harnessing it? Did you make a sneaky deal with Luci, your Father, for magic?” Val tries to turn it on me, his nebulic eyes dancing with uncontrollable mischief and an abuse of power so natural, he does not think twice of it.
That was a bad sign.
A sign of guilt.
“I’m holding it, it’s mine,” I whisper to Val, speaking my truth, “It’s my power to judge.”
Valentine loses all his expression suddenly, as he turns cold.

“Judgement… your power?” Valentine… is… jealous.
I blink as I see Val’s defiant wings flare with more embers from burning feathers, “Archangel of Judgement and Final Death,” I speak loudly and my voice echoes, “I judge you now as you turn from me –”
Val has turned, considering flying off to get space… or run.
I don’t let him get away.
I let the river gates open from my palms.
A flash of warm light cascades from every pore.
It blinds me.
It washes out of me in one easy wave; over the Lavent Ashwing, a stunning glittering display of holy magic.
I watch how it turns Valentine into a heavy metallic dust.
Burned. Judged.
And every other Blas Archangel for that matter, would have burned to the dust that sinks down.
As I watch it happen, I know it’s affected more of them.
But; it feels right.
It was a necessary step towards clean souls – if they ever redeemed themselves.
I go to stand once alone, and there is… something… on me.
A heavy wait from my back.
When I look over my shoulder I almost collapse from shock.
I then stumble off the bed, as if I can walk away from them.
But they’re attached to my body.
I’m requesting permission to reside with you, as a guide, Cazienth speaks professionally through my mind, before he adds in a warning, do not fly too high.
I find myself flitting forward regardless, my wings, dancing me across the tiles, my toes tickled by the wind.
I – I find myself laughing as I hold the bed post to steady myself.
As I flit out to the balcony next, I stand on top of it and glance down to the outside dinner.
The female demons are freely running to the E.W. wall, after someone has screamed about the Event Horizon disappearing.
The lock on the Lavent Ashwing is gone.
I blink in shock as majority of the female demons all sprint away so quickly for freedom. I guess I never thought about how long some of them might have been stuck here. Perhaps centuries… or even millennia.
I look for Decy and Alexy… but I don’t see them down in the garden.
But… I do feel their presence with my sixth sense.
I glance further down until I see them with Thorn through a window in a drawing room. I flit down to the ground, a little unsteady, while my stomach is twisting with the excitement of the drop. I giggle as I run across the grass and knock on the window – staring in – my wings splayed wide.
I watch as light gifted from Sabriel’s hands, bathe across the backs of a kneeling December, and Alexious too.
Wings start to grow on my best friends, as they are granted Sabriel’s Mercy. Thorn grins and turns to me.
I feel no foreboding whatsoever.
A weight – lifts from my chest.
The insanity – gone.
Even though Thorn is the dead ring of Lucifer – I see his separate form as his own, now winking at me as he opens the window and pokes his head out.

“How do you feel, Angel Ivy, Judge of the Unholiest Unholy,” Thorn raises a brow, “That doesn’t sound right. How about the Angel of Ashfall… sound better, angel?”
“Yes,” I smile, because I like being called angel.
And I feel – powerful. Every atom in me is charged with positive power.
And then in the midst of it, as I glance up and I see a shooting star falling from heaven – it’s Cazienth – a little-big presence in the back of my head, rising forth.
But this time, he is not driving me insane like before.
He is just a voice.
Just words.
……Ivy…… while I admire your courage…… I’ll see you in 7 days, my sweet angel…… Lucifer is smug, or pretends to be.
I brush it off, rather than worry.
“HOLY SH – I mean wow!” December jumps up, and nearly falls over in the circular drawing room from the size of her wings. Sabriel helps her keep steady, while Alexious is next to stand.
“They are so beautiful,” Alexy gasps and turns, knocking into Thorn’s wing with hers and grabbing his to stay steady also, “IVY!” she squeals, when she notices me, “Your wings are burning!”
“No, they – oh,” I look behind me.
They are, “That’s not a bad thing, is it?” I turn back to Thorn and he shakes his head.
“Never,” Cazienth speaks from behind and I spin, accidentally knocking him with my own wing. I lift it and he helps guide it away while his hard expression remains… hard. He doesn’t’ like flinching or showing compassion unless it’s deserved.
I purse my lips at Caz, “So, are the Blas Archangels being punished in hell?” I break out into a smirk, “They all deserve it. You know – I feel amazing now,” I lift my arms and while Thorn laughs for me – Cazienth scowls.
“No, Ivy, their power is always the same – they’re just bound to one below,” Cazienth shakes his head at me as if I’m daft and he starts to walk inside, “Silly girl. You are uneducated.”
“He’s a grumpy old man,” Thorn whispers, “Don’t worry about him.”
“Bound to one below? What does that mean, Thorn?” I ask him, since Cazienth didn’t stick around to teach the uneducated.
“One below? Burning in hell without a ticket out,” Thorn shrugs, “Forbidden. Kind of like how you were stuck here – in limbo. They’re stuck in hell. So… you’ll be okay. Just stay away.”
“…but I can’t – I have to go back in 7 days…” I whisper.
Thorn opens his mouth and quickly closes it, “Just hide when you’re there,” Thorn winks again and I shrug and manage another real laugh.
December and Alexios are trying to fit out windows together, failing while Sabriel scolds them.
“Stop, go out a door!” Sabriel face palms himself.
“THORN! SABRIEL!” Cazienth’s yell thunders towards us from the middle of the E.W.
What the h – heck?
I fly up above the Lavent in seconds, I’m there first – hovering above the pleasure palace.
I’m staring down at a split, a green and black portal, cut through the forest set in the middle of the Lavent Ashwing.
“That doesn’t look good at all,” I whisper.
Thorn flies in behind me, and his wings beat with mine, while he lays a hand on my waist and leans past my cheek to survey it.
“No… that’s not good… that, Ivy, is a chaotic split of atoms – it will never seal again,” Thorn murmurs, “We’ll have to guard it day and night. Every moment.”
“Who can leave through that?” I gulp.
“None of the judged, only He who put himself their willingly,” Thorn gulps, “Luci.”

“Lucifer can exit?” I pffted, “…he doesn’t scare me now, Thorn… nothing scares me now… if he comes up here? I’ll burn him back down!”
I feel a cold detachment in my head, from the place Luci would comment, as I speak of how I would burn him so quickly. But his bonds on me were officially broken.
Lucifer used to love my lust and my hungry eyes which would drown in his perfection and beauty. I wonder how my Father felt now, that I could detach myself from his poison?
Thorn goes quiet, “It’s never that simple, Ivy. You need to train for a fight with your new wings.”
“Hmmm,” I sigh, but it’s not of defeat, only quiet anticipation, “Nothing ever is simple, is it?”
Thorn kisses the top of my head and flies away, while I feel my heart skip a beat.
Many things cross my mind in that moment.
The split.
My friends.
Our new guides.
Burning Blas Archangels.
An rather empty Lavent.
And… last of all, I wonder how sex is different… with wings?
Thorn, Cazienth and Sabriel were at hand now; and they should know. So, that was a start.
… Alexious, December and I would have to find out the answer to our question between training… or we might all get a bit bored in the mean-time.
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Thank you so much for reading, check out book 2 Ashfall here.
Love, author C. Swallow
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