Blas Archangels: ASHWINGS (Complete, 28 Chapters) – C. Swallow

Ashwings -17- Wishes & Terrors
Some lapse in time & judgement later
Words whisper through my mind. On repeat.
Taking me to Hell, risking my life when I can’t even fly to safety? Fuck you. Fuck. All. Of. You.
Evil words. My mouth. My lips.
And then I –
– was here?
With my friends. Somehow. No bother –  I, I guess?
“Oh, no bother, Ivy, if you storm out on them like that, all they’ll do is ignore you,” December pulls me over a … oh… the edge of a pool… into the shallow warm water, we glide forward. Alexios is here too.
It’s a round knee high water feature with clear water that flows from the top of an oversized fountain. It sits on the north of the Lavent Ashwing as some kind of massage area. No one is around but us. It’s just us.
The sun is slowly going down on this half of the E.W. and we’re getting a twilight tan.
“I don’t really care what those Blas Archangels think right now,” I speak through gritted teeth as I let go of Decembers hand and sink under the water next to Alexios who is floating around, her white hair billowing out around her.
“Can you imagine what it would be like, to get wings and fly away – or match them,” Alexios whispers, “We could summon a sword of angel death and wave it in their faces.”
“Did you hear?” December adds onto the conversation, kneeling in the water by me, “Fallen Angels. Some female angels. It rarely happens.”
“I heard them talking about it, I wonder what the female angels did to fall?” I ask, shrugging.
“We’ll never know, Ivy, but one of the angels is a prior lover to Val and Guz,” December adds, half shrugging.
“…what?” I whisper it. That’s – odd. I was the current lover of Guz, prior to Val… and they fought over a female angel. Now she was being kicked out of heaven? “She won’t come here, will she?” I ask.

“If any of the female fallen angels came here, they would probably kill us in an attempt to get back into heaven,” Alexios speaks now, finally sitting up and picking up a dry leaf from the water, her eyes transfixed on the… thing, “…hmm…”
The dead leaf starts unfurling and growing a stem, thorns and a blue rose.
Right in Alexios’ palm.
One of the thorns pricks Alexios’ hand and she squeaks out with the pain. She drops the blue rose into the water and it floats between us, while her blue blood drip drip drips and the clear water starts turning rapidly, like dye – blue – like her blood – and –

“I was kicked out of heaven because I’m a Blue Blood, turned into an angel, which is tumultuous ground to say the least.”

There is a voice behind me.
A beautiful voice.

December’s face drains of colour and Alexios purses her lips, her eyes tearing up.
What the f -?
I splash around and I see a slender perfect foot on the edge of the pool, connected to a perfect marble sculpted leg, which attaches to… the rest of the female… a female angel.
Blas Angel.
Even though her wings are draped down and loosely grey, barely grey… almost white… her skin still shimmers like she’s just been bathing in golden glitter… just like her golden hair, which I think is black, but it actually shimmers gold in the sun.

“Are you here to kill us?” Alexios bursts out into tears on the spot and holds a palm to her chest in fright, while the angel just shakes her head.

“No, God created me from dust and sent me here to speak to them, where are they?” she asks, “I’m not truly fallen, it just hurt like hell falling down… to be able to come back here…”

“Back?” December jumps up, “Are you… that girl?”
“Eztra. Yes. That’s me.”
“Bullshit,” I blurt.

“What?” Alexios squeaks and nearly faints, so December grabs her hand.
“Calm down, Alexy, shit,” December tries to comfort her while I turn to ‘Eztra’.
If I allow my eyes to look at her face. So perfect. So lovely. Once under Valentines body no doubt… indeed… it is Eztra.
“Valentine gave you Final Death, and you went to heaven?” I ask her, “How is that possible?”
“God chose divinity for me, I was able to prove my worth,” Eztra explains, which has Alexios gasping for air, “I’m not going to kill you, relax.”
“But what do you want?” Alexios asks, panicking. I don’t understand why she’s so upset.
“I… I have to talk to Valentine and Myron and Guz,” Eztra steps back away from us, “I just came to you first, because I thought I should say… make your peace with this reality, if I can convince them to do what God wants – you three, will all become like me. A divine angel. Well, Val, Guz and Myron will go back up to heaven, but you girls will have wings and get to live with wings, just as Blas Angels. You get to live. Um. Anyway. I have a time limit. So. Bye,” Eztra turns and skips off, almost floating while she heads off to find the Blas Archangels of the Lavent Ashwing.
When she’s left the area, I look to Alexios as she trembles with adrenaline and December catches my eye, she is wide eyed but brave.

“Has this happened before?” I ask her.
“Once,” December whispers, “The only way to kill an Angel is to rip their head from their body, and that’s what happened last time.”
“It was a different bargain, this happens sometimes. Last time, God offered the Blas Archangels redemption if they killed us and accepted the companions made for them. You know, like real angel whores? How ironic. They were made to serve them under God’s hand. Beautiful creatures. They were butchered by our lovers,” December hisses it dramatically, “It was horrible. So much blood. Death. Guts.”

“But. What’s so evil about a Blue Blood turned Angel?” I wonder, “I mean, it sounds… fine… right?”

“Sure, but Val and Myron and Guz like us like this,” Alexios explains, “Because we can’t escape so easy.”
“Umm… so we could have been turned into angels this whole time? What’s the criteria?” I blurt, suddenly excited.

We could have freedom again.
To roam outside such strict boundaries.

“The cost is something like forgiveness for the Final Death, so, it’s kind of complicated,” December murmurs.

What did that mean?

However, we don’t have much time, “We need to help Eztra before Valentine kills her,” I jump up and December and Alexios follow me when I start sprinting back the way I came.
“You don’t want to do that, Ivy!” December calls out.
“Oh, why?” I stop and turn, grinning, “It sounds amazing –”
“Stop,” December catches up to me and grabs my shoulder, spinning me back, “We can’t speak to them, if they are in heaven and we’re fallen – we can’t communicate. We’ll never see them again.”

“Oh,” I pull out of her grip and ponder, “What’s so good about this bargain then?”

“Not much, Ivy,” Alexios hisses, “Stop making rash decisions for all of us. I would love wings but… what would we do with them? Build a tree house on Ora and a shrine with a candle, to talk to Guz and Myron and V-?”
“Devine Archangels hunt Blas Angels.”
Myron speaks.
I keep getting snuck up on; like a nightmare.
I turn and see him standing with the others.
Valentine. Guzza. Myron.
Eztra is still alive, but her hair is gripped by Guzza as he drags her along.
“Out,” Guzza snarls and walks to a window, kicking the shutters open and throwing her away.

December and Alexios sigh at the sound of his poisonous voice.

“No!” Eztra flies up and comes back in, “Stop, let me convince you!”

“Get away!” Guzza keeps shooing her away, “We don’t want to return.”

“Why? God will give them wings  –”
“Shut up, you don’t know anything,” Myron hisses at Eztra while Val… um… Valentine is just staring at me, eyes focused and full of fire.
“What?” I hiss the question, I can’t handle that stare.
“First you wish me lost and dead, and now you want wings too?” Valentine asks, holding out a hand…
…he burns his sword of Final Death to life.
Oh no.
“No!” Alexios screams in a panic and Myron has to lunge forward and scoop her up into a big hug to stop her screaming.
“It’s okay!” Myron yells at her while glaring at Valentine, “Stop it, Val.”
“You want wings? And I’ll return to heaven,” Valentine steps forward, the flickering sword inches from my nose. Guzza is frozen, Val is so close to butchering me in half with a flick of his wrist, “I dropped you, Ivy, because it was a gate way back into heaven. I was sick of my weak powers here. I wanted the reputation I used to have. I was going to bring you back… as an angel… anyway, idiot,” Valentine hisses this at me, “Ungrateful angel whore.”

“Sorry! I forgot I should have read your mind!” as I scream, Eztra pulls me back and stands in front of Valentine’s sword. He can’t seem to stand the fact she is Devine and he is not.
“Listen, please,” Eztra holds her hands up, “I know you’re all worried about the catch. There is only one catch. Whence you give Ivy, December and Alexios Final Death… they must be judged.”
“No,” Valentine snaps it, “Ivy will fail, Guzza made her into a drooling little slut. All she is, is the embodiment of lust. The other two…” he stops, “Might make it.”

I gasp.
“What the hell?” I ask.
“Blasphemous words, Ivy, why don’t you practice,” Valentine drawls, that sound is turning into a frustrated growl.
“Can you talk again?” December sighs at Guz, who rolls his eyes and then… speaks.
“You’re not seriously considering this, Val?” Guz asks, and December wobbles on her knees and drops, letting out a moan that I think… I think she just half way orgasmed with the sound.
“Is that why you’ve been ignoring us for so long?” Alexios asks, “You’re training us to be… good? We are good.”
“You can feel as much lust as you want in heaven, as long as you have a good judgement down here,” Eztra explains, “You and December are so well behaved, I think you’ll make it.”
“Not Ivy,” Myron seconds Val.
I am genuinely offended. Shocked.
“I’m good!” I complain.

“All you think about is me, sweetheart,” Guzza explains.

You and Val,” I blurt it before I can stop myself, “Um…”
The excuse of a century interrupts my mishap and Valentine’s triumphant gaze.
“What about me?”
The 13 year old Blue Blood rounds the corner and walks forward, shy.
“Only 3 can become angels,” Eztra gulps, “That was the other catch.”

I can see it happening. 3. December. Alexios and Ennite. Becoming angels.
So, they could all get wings and I would be the one left here all alone?
I don’t say anything.
“Yes, Ennite, you’ll make it,” Valentine speaks.

“You have until sundown to decide what you want to do, so maybe in the hour?” Eztra gives a hug to Ennite then she nods at the rest of us, “3 for 3. Get your power back, Val, Myron, Guz… and 3 alive Blue Bloods… as fallen angels.”
Everyone becomes an emotional blur.
“Just do it,” I whisper, to nothing and no one, “Go without me.”
Everyone smiles.
Everyone dies.
And then –
I gasp in air as I wake up, my whole naked body covered in sweat while I lay across white silk sheets… my body… on the sheets… my head… resting back on – a chuckling sadistic Myron.
Oh. My. God. I had a nightmare. I blink rapidly, I mean… what the hell just happened…?
Valentine was an Archangel of Judgement and Final Death.
Guzza; Archangel of Guardianship.
Myron –
“Truth and Fear, little lamb,” Myron’s firm and large hands rub my arms, slowly, “Interesting dream, Ivy. Now I’m fully aware of all your deepest wishes… and secret terrors.”
Oh, shit, it was true then.
I gulp and force myself to sit up. Myron allows me to, but he sits up with me so I feel his front against my back and his arms slowly wrapping around my stomach, holding me back firmly.
At first, I would assume it’s a hug of comfort.
With Guzza, it would be.
Instead, it’s a restraining device with Myron.
Myron was so blunt. So honest. So cruel. No wonder, it was his fucking specialty.
At the end of Myron’s bed, Valentine and Guzza recline on big comfy couches, sipping wine and watching me intently.
“Report,” Valentine drawls, looking from my eyes, to Myron behind me.
I glance at Guzza and he is silently watching me, no smile, no nothing. He’s just rightly pissed.
It takes me a second to work out how the hell I ended up here in this predicament.
But I soon know, with Myron’s report, that this is my punishment for flipping them all off and disrespecting them. My Masters. The property owners and law makers at this Lavent Ashwing.
I broke so many rules.
“So much is going on in Ivy’s mind,” Myron murmurs next to my ear, “It’s okay little lamb, it’s always painful before it gets thrown off your shoulders, onto us. It’s my job. It doesn’t mean you won’t regret doubting, fearing or acting upon such terrible sour thoughts…” Myron warns me ‘gently’ but it’s the most terrifying thing ever in all honesty, “Report… Ivy fears abandonment. Ivy fears her self worth is overlooked by her Masters. Ivy sees her strength through December’s perceived courage and Ivy sees her fear and anxiety through Alexios’ perceived gentle nature. Ivy is plagued by the balance of fear and bravery in her heart. She’s stuck in between a valley of confusion. Eztra returning as an angel showed Ivy’s desire to be desirable and perfect and good like her. Because Valentine… you slept with Eztra after your incident with Ivy at the Mountain top… as for little things… Ivy desires that Guzza speaks to no other Blue Blood but her… it makes her feel special and wanted… how vain,” I try to struggle and complain but Myron holds me tight and continues with his perfect voice, “She also fears that she’s… evil… she fears her father’s blood in her. You should,” Myron growls in my ear, before continuing, “Ivy fears that we’ll kill her to go back to heaven, or abandon her… they are both potent terrors. Ivy’s deepest wish… is to be adored and savoured by her Masters… all three of us… she also wants lasting friendship with December and Alexy… but most of all, Ivy wants a home where she is desired.”
“In conclusion, why did Ivy act out, wish death of me and curse at all of us with Blasphemous language…?” Valentine asks, even though he already knows the answer.
“Negative attention, Valentine,” Myron reaches up and grabs my chin, forcing my head up when I was trying to look down to hide my first tears of humiliation, “Show us your tears Ivy. We’re not going back to heaven. We’re staying right here to punish girls like you for eternity. You’re not dead because you’re our lust… you’re our desire… you are ours… Blue Bloods are our toys to indulge in for eternity. We are your home. You will never leave this place. You will never die. You’ll always be ours. Ivy… and you will never have wings,” Myron drawls that last part like it’s from some kind of sacred Blas Angel Bible, “There are plenty of tears to share, as you can see,” Myron keeps my face up so my tears are presented to Val and Guzza, “You’re welcome to feast on them.”

I’m surprised they don’t all bulldoze my face and then cum all over me together.
Instead, I see a look of knowing patience get passed around between each Blas Archangel.
“Indeed. But first. Let me explain what’s going to happen now, Ivy,” Valentine leans down and takes a last gulp of his ash wine. He looks at the empty goblet and then up at me, his nebulic eyes full of that strong knowing – unbreakable confidence, “We’re going to do whatever in heaven we want with you.”

“Heaven?” I ask, whispering it, “…and what’s heaven like?”

“It was just a play on words this time, Ivy,” Valentine smirks, “You’ll never see it. You’re damned through and through.”
“So are you,” I spit that out, even though I don’t know why I’m arguing about this.
“A lie, Ivy. I’m redeemable, you’re unredeemable,” Valentine shuts me down, “That’s why my only task is burning you, but instead of killing you like I should, I keep you alive to use. We all do. Do you understand?”
“So, you don’t actually love us?” I whisper it, my heart squeezing.
Myron chuckles by my ear, answering for Val, “The truth is… Guzza…” I look to Guz and he remains stoic and emotionless, “Valentine…” I glance at the smug bastard, “And me,” I turn to look to Myron as his eyes hold mine, “We don’t hold love for demon spawn. Only lust. But it’s reciprocated lust. You can’t love. You can only lust. So… where does that place all us… an E.W… our ground… this place… just one small example… the girls have told you about the days that feel like they never end… that’s because you are in limbo, little lamb. Our limbo. This is the real in-between.”
“Limbo? Lust? I feel love,” I whisper it, not sure why I’m complaining.

“You feel nothing but lust. Angel whore is your occupation, only… tell me why love matters here? It doesn’t. You’re a damned little slut, our toy and if you weren’t our toy you’d be your father’s toy… Lucifer doesn’t care, Ivy… be happy with your fate, compared to our more sadistic brother in ashwings, we’re quite gentle in how we love…” Myron finishes, but Guzza concludes.
“We’ll prove it to you. Ivy. That you’re nothing but a thing to fuck, while we’re busy doing our divine work, in a state of Blas or otherwise,” Guz’s deep professional voice echoing through Myron’s bedchamber, causes my womb to rupture, my pussy leaks, my thighs get sticky so quickly and…
…after that point, when they all come onto me…
Love. Lust.
I forget the difference.
█▀▀▄ █▀▀█ █▀▀ █▀▀█ █░█
█▀▀▄ █▄▄▀ █▀▀ █▄▄█ █▀▄
▀▀▀░ ▀░▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀░░▀ ▀░▀

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