Blas Archangels: ASHWINGS (Complete, 28 Chapters) – C. Swallow

Ashwings -13- Crimson Snow
Every inch of Valentine is covered in blood, his wings are dripping with it. An Archangel of Judgement and Final Death stands before me now.
He watches me, a different look in his eye.
Val is not so tense, but he does turn to gaze at his message he left behind for me, Ivy. You please your master, you do not question.
Valentine slowly turns back to me and holds out an arm.
I step forward, hesitant when I see fat drops of blood drip from the edges of his wing tips, staining the floor.

I force myself to get closer to Valentine, trying to be brave on the outside. After all, this was my life now, being graced by the presence of an Archangel. His fingers beckon for me, steady as he watches my hesitation during my advance.
I wonder briefly if the blood lust of slaying, will cause him to have a desire… to rid Ora of my kind. Witches. Then, he could prove himself to God and get back into heaven.

My hand trembles as I rise it up and I grab a hold of his blood red palm and strong fingers.

Val holds my palm tight and raises it high.
I can’t look Valentine in the eye, so I just stare at our hands intertwined… his hand so mundanely human… if you didn’t see the wings.
“If I were to kill you, Ivy, it’d be painless… and pointless…” Val murmurs, quite low. I inhale slowly and I gulp down my need to puke from the smell of iron.
“I don’t want to die –”
“I’m never going to slaughter you, little lamb,” Valentine is simply being direct, but I gaze into his eyes now, which ring with the power of a nebula.
I think about what I learnt from my new acquaintances at the Lavent Ashwing… that Val, Myron and Guzza made planets, whole worlds.
“Well, I… certainly hope I get to live a long life,” I gulp and manage to look up and meet his eyes. I wait and Valentine blinks slowly, calculating something, “Are… are you okay? How long were you gone?”
“2 weeks,” Valentine expresses the time difference and I open my mouth into an ‘o’. I don’t know what else to say. I just gulp. “Why are you worried about me?” Valentine blurts out, jerking me forward. I lunge one leap inwards to match how far his arm pulls me to stand a foot from him, looking up at him as he looks down at me, confused by my anxiety of his condition.
“Valentine. You’re… bloody… and… I can’t imagine how hard it must be to–”
“Oh, sweet soul. I’m a Blas Archangel for a reason…” Valentine raises a brow, reaching up his second hand, he squeezes the blood from one feather and he tastes the blood and doesn’t wince. He seems to roll the flavour on his tongue, tilting his head left and right and looking up at the ceiling briefly, “Their souls tastes like… loose morals,” Valentine smirks a bit and glances down at me, “I’m basically one step above the devil… one more step down and I might just become… the same,” Valentine is trying to scare me now, but he doesn’t increase the intensity in his tone, he’s just stating facts it seems.
“One step above?” Great question, Ivy. Argh. I wish I could take it back, but it’s already in the air between us.
“Unlike the devil, I don’t enjoy murder or torture… unless it’s… necessary, consensual, or to cleanse. Keep an eye on the E.W. Horizon, we’ll get a new arrival soon. Ennite.”
“The girl who started a world war?” I ask.
“So, you were eavesdropping on that conversation,” Valentine pulls me a bit further forward, into his front, “I’m going to have to punish you for that, sweetheart. I expect my slaves to keep their distance when I’m conducting business. Which brings us to the here and now. I said I’d take you to another dimension. Snow. I was thinking, Ivy… a mountain peak for you.”
“Oh? And I said the snow would mask your wings white,” I add, smirking, “And you were… ha… god damn angry that I said that…”
Valentine narrows his eyes.
“So now, Ivy, you’re swearing unholy phrases in front of me? Should I make you a nun instead? No sex for eternity?” Now Valentine slowly smirks as my eyes widen in horror. I shake my head, no. Val leans down, his lips hovering over mine, “… I didn’t think so, little darling. Although I would love to see you suffer through wanting so much…”
I can’t help my line of thoughts.
“I guess before you fell… you were kind of into nuns, right?” I raise a brow, “Good joke? No?”

Valentine tries to keep a straight face, but grins menacingly.

“Oh, you have no idea, little lamb…” Valentine wraps an arm around my waist, “Hold on to me.”
He doesn’t give me much more of a warning.
Everything warps. We’re stationary, then, we’re falling through the sky.
I scream out on instinct at the top of my lungs, both chilled to the bone and light headed as I wrap my arms around his middle and hold on for dear life.
Valentine holds one arm around me. I close my eyes when I see the drop below. I’m terrified. Oh, fuck. We’re flying fast, until Valentine and I are no longer soaring… because…? I’m dropped. I fall in four foot deep snow. I land on my knees and hands, finally opening my eyes to look around.
I’m on the peak of a mountain top.
Valentine has flown off somewhere unseen.
I’m going to freeze to death up here, in my thin blue dress. I shiver, crawling forward, I hold onto a rock, looking over the edge of the mountain.
The vertical drop… goes on… forever…! I scramble backwards almost immediately.
Whatever dimension this was, the horizon was fields of salt, but this mountain was an enormous construct.
I wait impatiently, wondering if this is how I will die… if Valentine doesn’t come back soon –!
But – There!

I spot him rolling around in some snow down the slope to my right, wings cleansed of blood and holding onto the white.
I grin despite the fact I’m turning into a human popsicle right now. Sorry – witch, popsicle.
Valentine launches off into the air and heads around a rocky ledge, out of sight.
A blast of a blizzard obscures my vision. I don’t see him again until he lands right behind me.
I turn, teeth chattering but my heart failing to pump… especially when I see Valentine with purified wings – or at least… the illusion of such.
It’s fucking beautiful. Marginally more beautiful than Ashwings.
Valentine blinks away his pants, now naked and his wings curl forward as he stalks up towards me.
Val’s hands grab my waist and his wings curl around my back as he drops to his knees and he lays me down. Valentine keeps my dress on, but kicks his thigh up between my legs. I wrap my own smaller thighs around his leg and I bite my bottom lip as he watches over me, assessing my expression and my breathing.
His wings are so warm on my back. I feel safe now… and Valentine’s new look… it’s honestly entrancing. I rub my pussy a bit on his thigh, letting out a shaky breath.
“V-Valentine?” I grab his neck, softly with both palms, “Fuck me?” I whisper it, “Just because I’m still… pretty god damn cold… and I need you closer.”
Valentine takes the bait, without answering me directly he pulls me up a bit further, hands on my waist. He leans down to kiss my tight perky breasts, all the way up my neck while nibbling along my skin.
Every nibble has me squirming and riding his thigh harder. Valentine growls, seemingly happy, kicking my legs apart with his knees. I feel his scorching hot cock lay hard and erect along my stomach.
“Please?” I don’t know what’s gotten into me, but I spread my legs even wider and I whisper with respect and submission, “Please. Please.”
Don’t worry, Valentine’s voice travels through my mind, catering directly to my horny feelings.
“…you’re just an Angel whore, you don’t have to beg so hard,” Valentine drawls in my ear, adding, “You ready?”
I nod and Val pulls his cock back, slamming it forward into my pussy.
My hips rise and my eyes roll to the back of my head as he fucks me.
“Your mother was one of Satan’s whores, so this position suits you, Ivy,” Valentine explains while he fucks me senseless, using short and deep thrusts to warm my belly and cause my blood to boil.
“I wouldn’t… mind… dying… like this… to be… honest!” I pant out, not sure why I’m being so morbid. Valentine leans down and kisses my cheek softly as he fucks my pussy red, “Ah… Val… I’m going to cum already!”

Valentine chooses to catch my lips in a deep kiss while my body spasms around his cock, sucking him in deep.

I wrap my arms around the back of his head and I hold him close, kissing him back while our hips meet and his wings cacoon both of us from the icy blizzards on this mountain peak.
Just when I think Valentine may return us, he pulls back and pulls his hard cock from my pussy. He observes my spreadeagled form, my eyes cloudy with lust.
“You shouldn’t miss the view,” Valentine smirks, yet something unknown, that I couldn’t have guessed, was menacing and lurking behind his nebulic eyes.
I was about to find out.
First, he grabs my hips and spins me around, so he can fuck me from behind.
I raise my head, as Valentine pulls me back onto his waiting cock. I look at the edge of the mountain and Valentine shuffles… forward… and then forward again.
I scramble with my hands on the snow, scared of the edge. I don’t want to look over, the vertigo was horrible, but Valentine keeps fucking me harder while shuffling me towards the edge.
I feel numb and weak from his loving already, my body squeezing around him while he pushes me to the very, utmost, edge of the peak.
“Valentine, no! No, no! NO!” I scream out, terrified.
He laughs, loudly, totally amused by my terror. My fingers are gripping the edge of the mountain cliff, and I can’t take it. I close my eyes, holding on for dear life.
The moment my eyes shut, Valentine thrusts in deep, holds still and stops laughing.
“You don’t even know… sweetheart… what I had planned…”

I try to hold onto a moan that eventually forces it’s way past my lips as his cock seems to harden inside me, to the point it’s like a freakin metal pole. My noises of pleasure get louder, as his cock gets hotter, Val’s hands clench my hips and then… lift off.
I squeal as I’m shoved forward… off the edge – but I’m held onto Valentine’s dick, his hands holding me under my thighs, near my knees, lifting my body up and down off his cock as we fly away from the mountain.
We’re fucking in the air. Shit.
I’m just crying when I look up and back at him.
Valentine’s wings effortlessly lift us up and up and up while my stomach is curling and dropping and squirming to find stability with gravity.
But Valentine enjoys the torture.
“Look,” Valentine encourages me with a deep meaningful growl.
“No,” I shake my head and Valentine’s wings stop moving – so we fall. I scream and change my answer, “Yes! Okay! Yes!”
Valentine flies us up again and he bites my neck in a warning.
“Better,” he rumbles, while I open my eyes and Valentine drops me on his cock, feeling the convulsions of my pussy, while I bravely open my eyes and look… down.
My whole body starts shaking so hard, we’re in a stationary position with his wings beating evenly.
I’m sure we’re in the stratosphere, because I can see the land of this planet, spread and curved at the edges, the light of a civilisation sparkling in little patterns. Purples, browns, yellows and whites. All kinds of terrain, changing and interweaving. The salt fields cover one area, and then they roll into different textures.
It’s… sobeautiful.
Valentine slowly fucks me, pushing me up his cock and letting me slide back down.
I realise with how high we’re up, how my body hates every bit of it, yet my womb is just all the more sensitive to his cock plunging into me.
Oh, no.
I’m going to… again… soon… oh, no…
“Cum for me… little lamb,” Valentine whispers in my ear and I can’t hold back with his command.
Valentine also lets go with me, shoving balls deep and emptying inside my womb as I cry out through another bone shattering orgasm.
As we’re done a second round, Valentine grabs one of my wrists and lifts me up… so high, that I’m no longer able to grab onto him. His cock slips from my body… now, the only thing holding me afloat… is his hand around my wrist.
Valentine holds me tight with his one hand, turning me to see me dangling, flushed, freezing and wet.
Valentine watches me flail, my mind scrambling, my heart having palpitations.
“…hmmm… you really are… going to be nothing but trouble…for me… aren’t you, slave Ivy?” Valentine asks, eyes hooded.
Why does he sound so serious?
He seems… angry.
“Wha –?” I start to inquire.
But my stomach suddenly flies into my throat.
Oh my god.
I’m dropped. Val dropped me!
I’m free falling to my death!
When I few seconds pass, I’m sure it’s a joke, or a prank.
It’s only until I’m able to see upwards, that Valentine isn’t following… and I start to believe… this is it.
Valentine isn’t just trying to fail to catch me.
Valentine is trying to kill me.
█▀▀▄ █▀▀█ █▀▀ █▀▀█ █░█
█▀▀▄ █▄▄▀ █▀▀ █▄▄█ █▀▄
▀▀▀░ ▀░▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀░░▀ ▀░▀

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