Blas Archangels: ASHWINGS (Complete, 28 Chapters) – C. Swallow

Ashwings -15- Possession
Guzza slapped on a chastity belt for the week. It had a key that only he could access. Apparently; he was possessive. Really… really… possessive.
Which was all the more intriguing to me because he refused to speak much to me since that first day I willingly allowed him to enslave me as his. Although we fucked every night and during the day when he wasn’t busy doing Blas Archangel business with Myron and Valentine.
Other than that, I stayed in the library or hung out with Alexios and December. 
Right now, after eating a feast like lunch, I had been feeling a little… off. Like I had caught some sort of evil spell from a Succubus who didn’t like the look of me. Or… maybe it was the ashwine I drank not too long ago… offered by Guzza himself as he passed through.
So, I wasn’t sure if this was a trick, but I was definitely feeling it.
All I could feel was a deep consistent throbbing. My mind was turning away from most logic. My legs were… were wet. My pussy was burning hot through the metal chastity belt, as if that part of me had a fever alone.
I’m walking with shaky legs to Guzza’s office.
He made it clear; never interrupt his work.
Very specific.
However, Alexios and December were on the other side of the palace in the pool and I was desperate for help now. Besides, I was stuck with this chastity belt on and no one could help me remove it.
Now, I had no choice.

I had to interrupt Guzza and that might mean running into V –
Never the matter.
I didn’t need Valentine, Guzza had been fawning over me all week. I knew who I belonged to, and I loved it. I loved the possession, his caring hands, his deep growl only I was blessed to hear… and the occasional, good girl, he kissed me with… when I was indeed a compliant pet to his every whim and desire. Which often had a major focus on my own pleasure, too, which is why it was so easy to fall for him. Guzza; was generous. In lots of things. In pleasure. In time. In compassion. Everything.
So, I’ll know he’ll have mercy if I break his one rule; not to interrupt him.
I limp forward, an anxious sweat dripping from my legs before I finally find Guzza’s office door, two down the hall from Valentine’s office.
The door is ajar, and I can see inside.
I almost push right in, until I realise they are all talking. Including Guzza.
This was male Archangel business. I could hear the masculine authority being passed around, no female slaves to listen. I don’t know… the last part of my brain that works is majorly offended by it, even though I have literally no idea what I’ve just walked up to.
All I can hear is their shared and easy banter.
I slowly drop to my knees to get comfortable.
I had peeked Valentine sitting on the edge of Guzza’s desk, with Guzza himself lounging on a long sofa, a glass of spirits in his large hand. Myron was standing between the two, and they were all animated in their speech.
“…you saw there faces, right?” Myron chuckles, “When they fell?”

“You mean the very moment?” Valentine confirms.

“Such pain,” Myron thumps his chest once, “Heh. I like it when the female Angels fall, you know they only last so long on Earth before they fall victim to some kind of love-bond with all the inferior species.”
Oh my God.
I hadn’t expected any kind of locker room talk to be this basic and misogynistic.
They were Angels, well… Blas Angels… Archangels… but… still!
“Or they crawl to Satan and make those cute offspring; Succubus –” Guzza speaks and my ears attune to every word. Damn it.
“I don’t know whether to behead them or fuck them,” Myron growls, “Fucking evil sluts. Hot but… evil.”

Oh my God. Again.
Maybe this was my fever. I was not hearing this right now.
Oh, who was I kidding?
“I like the Succubus,” Valentine is softly spoken, “They enjoy nothing mortal. They are either extremely angelic or extremely demonic. I don’t mind either. Being mortal… or witch… now that is fucking unbearable.”

Oh my God.
“…but Blue Blood tears…” Guzza sounds delighted as he gruffly growls low, “My favourite kind…”

Ivy is so quiet,” Myron adds in, “Why… are you smirking because she is taking on your manners? Guzza and slave.”
“…I enjoy her… obedience…” Guzza sounds a little coy and I watch the door as it slides open, the hinges singing with the betrayal of my location.
But I have a feeling they all knew anyway.
My arms are wrapped around my throbbing core, I’m glaring at all three Blas Archangels even as they all ‘catch’ me eavesdropping while fevered on the marble ground.
“I… I didn’t know…” I stutter but I have to close my eyes to force out the words, “Infamous Blas Archangels… bitched… and gossiped… like… old withered demons,” I let out a laugh, in the face of their silence, “…Master… oh sweet silent giant…” I can’t keep the sarcasm out of my tone, “Take off the belt. I’m burning up.”

“She’s not crying like you promised,” Myron huffs out a complaint but he is also hiding a smirk, “Guzza spiked your wine, little lamb, in the hopes you’d come here and hear us…”
“I heard the truth, my witchy-feels say you weren’t even pretending,” I laugh and Guzza pats his thigh.
“Come here and cry… Ivy,” Guzza, so deliciously poisonous with every word he chooses, curls his fingers at me.
“You grace her with words?” Valentine blurts out, “You don’t do that to anyone that is not angel bred…?”
Myron is watching me crawl, winking at me as I struggle to make it to my Blas Archangel Master.
However, Guzza’s reply to Valentine has everyone silenced in total shock.
“Ivy made the Valentine I know snap like a fucking twig… so I have respect for the new blood… and now she’s my little angel whore. I guess… I always did… enjoy stealing your things, Val–”
I can’t make it all the way to the three of them because a boom like thunder crashes through the business office.

Valentine has stood from the desk, and a black-green E. Horizon strip cracks apart between Guzza and Valentine in the air. They both fall through it, Guzza grinning… Valentine’s face screwed up in a fury.
They’re… going to fight!

I’m still on my knees looking at the E. Horizon suddenly disappear.
Blas Archangels of the Universe, alright. No wonder, they could make portals to anywhere, at any time.
I glance to Myron, who’s looking a little irate by the sudden climax between his best buds.
“Well… that escalated quickly, didn’t it, Ivy?” Myron asks me, his eyes twinkling with their dwarf star brilliance.
“Guzza likes stealing Val’s things?” I ask, breathless as I kneel but don’t have the capacity to stand.
“Oh no… he simply… hmm… he once stole… argh… Valentine’s ‘first love’, in heaven,” Myron shrugs his shoulder, “Guzza didn’t fuck her, he just flirted non-stop and gave her things. Why? Because Valentine was always so cold in heaven. He was so quiet he was almost the silent one. Guzza, the one of words,” Myron relives old memories, “Don’t get me wrong, Guz isn’t interested in breaking hearts. He’s core job is guardianship, so, he’ll… probably… groom you, care for you, love you… no matter who you are. Including us, angels,” Myron walks over to the couch Guzza was lying across and he picks up a key, “Isn’t this convenient, little lamb…?”
Yes, please,” I shuffle the rest of my way there and then stand up.
I can’t process everything Myron just said. Not while I feel like this.
Myron pops the key in and turns. The metal chastity belt pops open and loosens. I shimmy out of it and collapse on the couch next to Myron, shamelessly lying on his outstretched wing.
“Oh, I have the chills and can’t think straight,” I roll around on his feathers, I’m sure I’m tickling him but it’s so damn soft.
“Guzza gave me permission to fuck you, Ivy,” Myron speaks, business like, while I have my eyes closed and my arms stretched over my head.
“Really, when did my Master –”
“Just now,” Myron chuckles.

“Oh, really?” I blink open one eye and look up, backwards.
Myron is totally relaxed, looking like a sculpted marble statue… as always.
“I won’t,” Myron shakes his head and looks away, pressing a slow hand through his brown locks, “You’re clearly in need of a cold shower.”
“Or you could fuck me in a shower, your wings wouldn’t fit though,” I sigh, “Maybe a mountain top, where you can drop me off to die, like some possessed psycho –”
I’m just rambling.
But there is an awkward silence.
And then a cough from Myron.
I look from his face, I look forward and my eyes… they witness… company. Already.
I jerk in fright at the fact Guzza and Valentine are back.
Both Blas Archangels are standing, right by the couch, looking down at my naked body spread out and my loose lips, now frozen shut.
Guzza is watching me patiently, like he can’t wait to fuck me.
However, my frightened eyes lay on Valentine.
Those nebulic eyes know everything that just slid off my tongue.
“Master?” I roll my eyes to Guzza, holding out my hand, “Please, take me?”

Guzza leans down with a warm, generous smile.

He grabs my chin instead and gives me a wink, “…you’re going to fuck all of us… aren’t you… Ivy?”
“…mmm…?” I let out a noise of complaint, because Guzza taught me not to say the word no… I learnt the hard way what happened when I said no. Aka, his pole dick up my ass all night.
“Mmmhmm,” Guzza nods and continues where I left out.
“Mmm…mmm…?” I slowly shake my head.
“What was that? Was that a no?” Guzza asks.

“N-” he almost tricks me.

I shut my mouth.

“…possessed psycho…?” Valentine finally asks, growling it.
“You did give Eztra Final Death after you fucked her last week,” Myron points out, “You never do that.”
What? That’s where the new blood went?

Valentine killed her?
I’m suddenly terrified and Guzza holds my chin tighter, forcing me to keep my eyes on his red super nova beauties.
Guzza sees my worry but in his gaze… I see confidence.
“I didn’t want to overcrowd the Blue Bloods, four is enough…” Valentine explains smoothly, “Guz. Are we fucking the sinner of denying angels, or are we going to let her free… to roll in the wild flowers… like a pup.”
“Don’t liken me to dog,” I growl, only to have Myron lean over and slap a hand over my mouth.

“Denial? Again?” Myron murmurs, “How odd… you’re training isn’t very well rounded, is it, Guzza?”
“She’s my whore, not yours,” Guzza growls, glaring at him and then Valentine for good measure, “Mine. I want her split with three Archangel cocks.”

“Why?” Myron asks, coy, as if he already knows the answer.
“…she’s been a good girl, haven’t you, Ivy?” Guzza asks me, smirking.
I just nod.
I glance at Valentine to see him looking… smug.
What the hell?
“Where and how?” Valentine asks, short and to the point.
“…a dungeon…” Guzza trails off, sounding… menacing.
I feel Myron stiffen.
“…in hell…” Guzza adds.
“You can’t be serious?” Myron asks, genuinely interested for a truthful answer.

“He is serious,” Valentine chuckles, “Always so devious and risky when I take you as a flower picker, Guzza.”

“I want her to know the value of her place, here,” Guzza states, innocently.
I’m waiting for the catch.

Myron casually runs a finger along my lips and pops one into my mouth, then two, urging me to suck on two of his perfect fingers.
I would, except…
“…ere?” Where? I ask, while Myron’s fingers are just casually in my mouth.
They all answer.
█▀▀▄ █▀▀█ █▀▀ █▀▀█ █░█
█▀▀▄ █▄▄▀ █▀▀ █▄▄█ █▀▄
▀▀▀░ ▀░▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀░░▀ ▀░▀

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