Blas Archangels: ASHWINGS (Complete, 28 Chapters) – C. Swallow

Ashwings -24- 6 Days
•°¯`•• Monday ••´¯°•
Guzza allows me to get off a larger punishment, by simply tempting me to suck his cock right here on his balcony. The priority of forcing me to call him Gabriel, is pushed back for now; for this. Me on my knees, submitting to him.
So, I please Guz thoroughly while his silver wings burn brighter around us with his heightened pleasure.
Lucifer goes quiet, but I know he watches the act.
I feel my core burn with his hidden eyes – within my mind – reading my every thought.
I cry from sudden fear of it, and what is to come on the 7th day. As I choke on Guzza’s cock, he leans down to lick my tears – promptly cumming on my cheeks and slapping his cock across my trembling lips.

I gasp, as without another word, Guzza flies off, leaving me on his balcony to reflect upon my disobedience. He was upset that I would disobey him, but cumming on my face gives him some sense of comfort.
I leave his mark on me as I stay on my knees, looking up at the night sky.
Here I was, Mary’s daughter, forbidden from Heaven, welcomed in Hell, daughter to the Father of all Sin, and the charge of a beautiful valiant Archangel; Gabriel.
All in all, I just wished to belong somewhere.
I had lust and I had love.
Now I had to find my place, knowing I had a calling inside me to challenge Lucifer.
Even though Guzza thought Luci was possibly playing into his good books, because he was powerful enough to match the devil himself… I wasn’t so sure.
My Father? Was ruthlessly selfish.
I stare upon that handsome face now, feeling rather frozen as Thorn, Valentine and Myron, at that point, fly up and over the balcony.
I stay on my knees, cum still coating my face as they land on Guzza’s balcony.
Valentine heads straight inside, Myron feasts on grapes, standing upon the stone rail, while Thorn drops right before me.
For one moment, I feel I am kneeling at the foot of the devil, but Thorn soon squats and reaches my level, looking upon my face.

“You are one special witch, Ivy,” Thorn’s voice is so much in likeness of Luci, except sweeter and more pure.
It’s worse.
I do not say anything.
“Answer him,” Myron jumps down, flicking his wing forward, it warms my side as he approaches, “…you fear a pure Archangel. Cute.”

“I am weary of those I do not know,” I speak to Myron, solemn, “Why are the three of you here?”
“Come inside, Ivy,” Valentine calls from the archway, and I turn to follow. I’m happy to remove myself from Thorn’s intensity.
I lower my gaze so I don’t have to be judged by all three every damn breath I take as I enter inside and stand away from them, pacing up and down slowly.
“What do you need?” Valentine asks the question.
I finally look up to see Myron reclining on Guzza’s bed. Thorn standing at Valentine’s side.
Still, my gaze can’t tear from his looks… Thorn’s expression… the fact it shows no malice, not even a hint, bothers me beyond reason.
“Leave me alone,” I whisper it in a panic and I turn and run from Guzza’s room.
I meant it, so at least the truth would be obvious to each one.
I successfully put space between myself and the Blas Archangels.
I head off to my bedroom, where I lie down to sleep.
All I wanted was to dream away my exhaustion; and hopefully wake up with the answers.
•°¯`•• Tuesday ••´¯°•
I do not wake with any answers.
December and Alexios braid eachothers hair that morning, they greet me, kindly enough. I feel a weary energy from both of them, but I myself, don’t feel like girl time.
I just want to be alone until I feel better.
So, I spend the morning in the library, and I spend my lunch by the fountain outside.
Reflections hold my attention. Apparently, from what I’ve read, liquid mirrors could show hints of the truth.
I wait by the fountain, patiently awaiting the one Archangel I need to pass by.
I think of him hard enough, until I see Thorn approach soon after, his wings blocking out the sun.
I stare intensely at the reflection while Thorn is directly behind me…
…and my breath catches.
“I think we need to start again,” Thorn explains, ignoring my strange gasp, “Ivy. I can teach you how to find solace in prayer to the true Father of the Universe.”
I ignore his statement.
I just stare at his face through the water.
Thorn’s mouth doesn’t move even as I hear his speech behind me. His eyes remain burning red, yellow and orange.
I see the devil… sad.
I eventually spin to face the reality.

Thorn is innocent face to face, as I assumed.

“How do you exist in My Father’s complete likeness?” I ask, blurting it out.

“…Lucifer created me through his rib. I have not his mind. I promise. Only his body,” Thorn shakes his head, “I am not the devil. I am just…”

“The Archangel before he turned,” I murmur, “You’re like a reincarnation.”
“No. I am my own. But don’t think of me. I think you don’t understand the power you hold, Ivy,” Thorn raises a handsome brow, “…you’re going to make the devil bow to you…you don’t have to know me. Nor believe me. But I think I know this… you will surprise everyone. You have an energy that is totally chaotic but it’s not going to ruin you. I promise. Not with friends around you. Guardians. We will guide you.”

“…have you Fallen yet?” I nod to Thorn’s wings, “You have the slightest grey appearing.”

“From time in limbo, little lamb, but I have not Fallen,” Thorn scoffs and shakes his head, “I am still pure to the bone,” Thorn smiles, “I will not… give into… my lust. I control it. I manifest it in my passion for God. The Greatest. I promise you, Ivy. I will help keep you sane while I’m visiting.”
“What happens if someone tempts the devil out of you?” I ask, still unconvinced.
I boldly take a step forward then. I gently press a hand over his loose cotton pants, over his shaft – already semi-hard.
I glance up, feeling the cock jump.
Thorn quickly steps back.
However, he remains largely closed off, he will not show me a hint of emotion.
“We shall chat another time,” Thorn spreads his wings and flies off.
I watch him go, and I am left with more questions than answers.
•°¯`•• Wednesday ••´¯°•
“Where is Guzza?” I snap at Valentine. I’ve intercepted him reclining on his bed, with December and Alexios both attending to his needs. Alexios is gulping down his balls, December is licking the shaft generously.
I simply stand at the end of the bed, crossing my arms over my chest, pretending the sex isn’t happening.
Valentine still looks stressed, but his nebulic eyes narrow and his ashwings flutter across the pillows in clear irritation.
“It’s none of your business,” Valentine growls back, “You pissed Gabriel off. I won’t dine you with answers, Ivy.”
“Does he hate me?” I ask, feeling my chest construct.
“Gabriel hates no one,” Alexios turns to face me, drool covering her chin, “Chickpea, please stop worrying so much. He loves you. He loves all of us.”
“Where is Guzza?” I ask it again, ignoring Alexios, “Valentine. Please. Answer me.”

“Leave us, Ivy,” Valentine commands it, “We’ll deal with you when we’re ready.”
“What does that even mean -?” I try to ask the question, but Myron sneaks in behind me, clicks his fingers and uses his magic to easily teleport me to his bedchamber.
“You won’t get side-tracked from your next task, Ivy. I need you to kneel and pray,” Myron growls, annoyed as he forces me to his knees, “Gabriel commands it.”

Is he in Heaven?” I ask, confused.

“Yes. Now pray. To Cazienth and Sabriel. Ask them to bless you. Mean it.”
“Um,” I don’t know how to, so I look back to Myron for guidance and he rolls his eyes.
Leaning down to whisper in my ear, Myron gives me some words to work with, “…with all due respect, you’ll be a nun before Sunday and you won’t stop praying until they answer you. So, begin. Practice,” Myron kisses my temple.
“Why would you do that?” I ask, “To pity me?”
“You are indeed worthy of pity,” Myron’s long brown curls bob, and he drawls, “I’ll be here to feed you in the mean time; you’ll be here a long while,” Myron sighs and walks off, “No fucking until you prove you’re connected to the light in you, Ivy.”
That’s all the answer I get.

So, I remain kneeling; and I attempt to pray since Guzza requested it happen.
•°¯`•• Thursday ••´¯°•
24 hours later. My knees bleed. Tears roll down my face.
I can’t do it!
I’ve tried to pray to the mentioned purity, but I am tainted by thoughts of Lucifer in the mean time.
“Cazienth, Sabriel… Guzza… please…”
My voice is husky.
And by the time I fall down, shaking and near passing out, I’m lifted up by Thorn and put to bed in Myron’s chamber.
I don’t remember much, but I do know I’ve failed.
“You just have to say Gabriel,” Thorn whispers in my ear, the answer, kissing my other temple like Myron did.
I slip into sleep on a shaky, angry breath.
I am spent and thoughtless.
I cannot give in to that.
So, I sleep instead.
•°¯`•• Friday ••´¯°•
I am left alone with my thoughts. I am drowning in a depression. No one visits me.
All I want is Guzza to come back and say everything will be alright.
Instead, I am forced into isolation.
Until midnight, that is when the answer finally comes to me.
I undress and I climb to the top of the Lavent Ashwing, finding a bell tower, I climb the stairs and I step on top of the stone rail, holding onto a pillar.

“Catch me, Guzza – or so help me, I’ll die!” I take the risk, knowing it’s naught a risk at all.
The air is still, the clouds are already opening, shining a silver burning light – as my feet push me off the edge and I fall; forcing Guzza to catch me.
•°¯`•• Saturday ••´¯°•
On the stroke of midnight, the bell chimes and Guzza swoops down from heaven like a shooting star and collides with me.
I’m scooped to Guzza’s strong chest in a burst of light, his silver eyes burn with a passion for my passion.

But it’s the wrong kind of feeling.
I was meant to find a connection to the light, instead, I just found a connection to something brighter than the sun; a love so strong, I was starting to despise it.
Ivy! Why did you do that?” Guzza snarls over my head, genuinely pissed as he flies upwards into the sky, “You sneaky little angel whore… you were meant to face your short comings and beg for forgiveness through prayer.”
“You want me, that’s all I care for,” I am brutally honest, “Don’t ever leave me again,” I pound my fist into Guzza’s chest, “Don’t. Ever. Leave. Please.”
“It was worth a try, Ivy,” Guzza blinks slow, “… but I am not taking half measures with Lucifer… I have one last task and it’s the only time I’ll force you into this. I think…”
“Force me into what?”
“The Garden of Eden.”

“B-but why – why?” I stutter, confused.
Guzza’s silver wings burn bright, as his magic opens a portal of green and blue above us, “To please holy Archangels… what other use does a whore have?”
Guzza takes me through into paradise while I refuse to answer him.
Oh, my… I can barely take it in.
The Garden of Eden.
A perfect place to feel high on soft clouds of green, before hell beckons me back to the flame in 24 hours.
I wonder how fucking purity will fix anything, but Guzza seems content.
As I’m deposited on the green grass of another perfect utopia, I see Sabriel, Cazienth and Thorn… naked and waiting, reclined on boulders covered in soft moss.
I turn back to look up at Guzza, “I don’t understand why you’re making me do this.”
“No matter how they ruin you in the Garden, Ivy… you will only be a poison for them in this moment of time. And they will not fall from whatever they choose to do. Your task is to love the holiness in them. Respect them. Bow to them. Do you understand me?”
How will this help me?” I beg to know.
“I told you how you’ll win, don’t deny your task,” Guzza leans down, placing a hand on the small of my back, warming me with a small comforting rub, “You’re going to love the Archangel He was. Not the demon He is now. It’s in Him, a faint fire of good-will, you’ll need to learn about it by practice. Learn where to look. Are you okay with this, Ivy?”
“I won’t fail you,” I whisper, before adding, “Even though I’ll never, ever stop calling you Guzza.”
“We have whips for that kind of impudence,” Guzza drawls in my ear, “But I’ll deal with that on Monday.”

“Will I even survive until then?”
“Of course.”
How do you know that?

“Because the Devil is in love with you, Ivy. As am I.”
█▀▀▄ █▀▀█ █▀▀ █▀▀█ █░█
█▀▀▄ █▄▄▀ █▀▀ █▄▄█ █▀▄
▀▀▀░ ▀░▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀░░▀ ▀░▀

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