Blas Archangels: ASHWINGS (Complete, 28 Chapters) – C. Swallow

Ashwings -9- Burning Blind
Now. Open your mouth. Wide, is Valentine’s latest command, while he stood above me on the bed, his strong hand caressing my jaw, my vision lost, and Myron and Guzza waiting back from the bed for Val’s command.
I could say yes. I could say no.
I had a choice.
I was temporarily blind and practically helpless, but I had a choice.
“It’s my choice and I don’t want to do this, Valentine!” I whisper the denial and the absolute lie, in a forced hiss, even though the absolute majority of my immediate thoughts are – stick out your tongue, wrap it around his cock, swallow him whole and never ever let him leave your throat.
Valentine’s palm moves along my skin, as if petting me.
“Typical of a blue blood to think they have a choice, just like Eve’s lips on the forbidden fruit… but Eve was punished, and neither do you have the choice to lie, Ivy, to commit sin, you’ll be punished with sin. Your eternal and burning end at the mercy of our touch, your masters… you will submit and accept your fate,” Valentine murmurs above me, while a thumb brushes my trembling lip, slowly entering my mouth, curling over my teeth and pulling my jaw open. I gasp with his taste, especially when I feel something warm, velvet and large slipping past my lips, tantalizing the tip of my tongue, “Wider, Ivy.”
My jaw seems to unlock, and I want to open it, but after a fraction of a second, with every single nerve I can force to fire, I jerk right out of his grip and fall back on the bed.
Though I am blind, I have my will. My sanity. I’m okay. I’m fine. I still have a say.

“Your heart burns blind,” Valentine snarls from above, “What choice? You’ve been fucked in both your holes and you want it again, but you keep lying to me, Ivy… submit and you’ll find mercy,” his last grumble is on the edge of patience. I don’t think he’s ever had a girl fight so hard for nothing. I was trapped by him eternally but I was challenging that. I was in a prison but I was refusing to give up my soul. Val might not be the devil, but he was something close to it. I gasp. I remember the stories of the devil once being an archangel.
Valentine was no different. Which meant he could be just as cruel, just as evil. It didn’t matter that he was from heaven, that he spoke of punishing sin. He used it all to his advantage.
No,” I whisper, holding the pillow to me as I scramble off the bed. I can’t see but I don’t care. I have no hope, but I keep resisting.
Valentine lets me go, because as I try to wander with my hands up in front of me, I only make it a few steps before I feel one drop of hot wax fall onto one of my exposed nipples. I scream out from the harsh shock and I jerk backwards, stumbling back towards the bed, I start to fall as I trip over my own feet. It’s as I’m rushing past air to meet the stone floor that Valentine swoops forward and grabs my arms, dragging me up, ironically catching me even though he was the one executing this torture.
The kindness doesn’t last. He roughly throws me back on the bed, his foot landing on my ass, his wings tickling the back of my feet.
“…Myron,” Valentine whispers encouraging help from his right hand.
“My pleasure,” Myron chuckles and Valentine raises his wing.
The next moment, a whip cracks and pain emanates from my back, my ass and my thigh. It connects with as much skin as possible.
I squeal this time, but I also burst into tears on the sheets. As I cry and my feet fail, the three Archangels of the Lavent Ashwing fall silent.
I sob loudly, gasping on air, my chest constricting with suppressed emotions.
They went too far.
A few seconds later, I hear a wing shift and I feel ash tickle and fall onto my single wound along my skin. The ash, makes the pain turn from one feeling into another. It’s not gone, it’s morphed into something else; deadly want. My skin is itchy, like I need someone to hold me, or rub against me, or just take all of me.
This would surely be my final stand, as the rush of extreme lust fills every capillary in my body, I imagine it’s what Valentine feels for me, transferred through his ash into me.

I don’t even know what’s up or down anymore, but I continue to cry and I feel my knees wanting to rise, to show my ass, to show them that I was ready. I could already feel wet strings of desire leaking out, coating both holes and my thighs. I force my legs together and I squirm into the bed.
Valentine kneels beside me and grabs one shoulder, spinning me, gently but firmly onto my back.
As I land with my front exposed to him, I’m still shaking all over, my arms are crossed over my chest and my body is terrified of what will come next. Every breath of mine is sharp and forced while tears soak my face.
I can imagine the three of them watching me closely. I don’t expect to feel a hot breath fan across my lips, before a tongue lands along one cheek, tasting my tears. The tongue runs up and over my closed eye. Valentine growls near my ear in pleasure and leans up.
A grip falls on my chin and I feel Val forcing my mouth open again.
“Open your mouth for Guzza,” Valentine whispers, “…and your legs for Myron…” Valentine sighs and I feel a hot burst of something fly across my face, covering my cheeks, my nose, my mouth. Oh, god, the power of blue blood tears was this? I think it’s over, until I wait a bit longer and another load is unleashed, splattering across my forehead, leaking into my hair, “Don’t let her wipe it away,” Valentine snarls at Guzza and I feel a large hand curl around the back of my head.
My head is lifted, I’m breathing through my mouth as hot thick liquid pours into my nostrils as it drips. Myron is at my ankles, thrusting apart my legs.
I feel Myron between my legs, breathing in my scent, a tongue flicking out to bury inside the wet juices gushing out.
And my mouth, breathing wide, is smashed open wider as Guzza forces his cock into my mouth. My lips lock around it and I start sucking almost instantly. My knees open and bend inward, locking around Myron’s shoulders. I pull him closer and my body weakens.
I realise the aphrodisiacs are fully working. My body is starting to submit, my mind going numb.
I try to swallow down Guzza whole, despite how huge he is as he hovers above me.
Myron tortures my pussy with his tongue and I blink through the semen of Valentine. I wish I could see. I feel the bed move and I know Valentine kneels beside my face, watching me getting owned.
“I’ll give you your sight back, blue blood. Just answer this one question. Are you worthy of this treatment? Nod yes… or moan no.”
I nod while sucking down Guzza, and Valentine cruelly pinches my nose shut.
Wrong answer Ivy.”
I gag on Guzza and Valentine doesn’t let me breathe until I’ve truly started to panic. Every inhale I take when I’m not allowed to breathe, Guzza thrusts forward, stretching into my throat that constricts around his horribly long and thick shaft.
“I ask again. Are you worthy of this treatment, Ivy?”
I moan no.
I feel Valentine’s hands run over my eyes and I blink – I can see.
But something else… is now entirely wrong.
My throat, empty. My pussy, free of an explorative tongue. I’m alone.
I reach up for my face, feeling for the cum. I can’t. It’s not… it’s not there.
I sit up, naked on Valentine’s bed. There is no one here. In the corner of the room, a fire place burns. The shadows seem to laugh at me.
I’m going crazy.
I’m going insane.
That was one hell of a fantasy, wasn’t it, Ivy? Valentine drawls through my mind.
“It wasn’t real…?” I whisper.
Why would I leave my own feast and ask my men to stop attending to their women, just to delight in your selfish desires? You’re one dirty little darling, aren’t you, blue blood…?
I can’t help but hear Valentine’s super smug tone, and I feel like something is absolutely wrong about it.
I’m not so sure I believe him. I’m not so sure that all was just a deluded, vibrant fantasy.
My gaze slowly assesses every inch of the room, nothing. Then I look out to the balcony, shifting down the sheets to see more… as I look… I find them. I see a whip and burning candle on the balcony stone edge.
…who was the liar now?
I close my eyes for a few seconds and I open them up.
The whip and candle are gone. I knew it.
A trick, and a mistake on his part, corrected at the last second.
Valentine was trying to mess with my head.
Unfortunately for him, if this experience was meant to break me – it just made me the hell more determined to resist him.
I would not bend to him.
Blue blood. Demon blood. If I had the ability to think for myself, I would confirm that with December and Alexios.
But first, I had to get the hell out of Valentine’s bedchamber.
█▀▀▄ █▀▀█ █▀▀ █▀▀█ █░█
█▀▀▄ █▄▄▀ █▀▀ █▄▄█ █▀▄
▀▀▀░ ▀░▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀░░▀ ▀░▀

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