Blas Archangels: ASHWINGS (Complete, 28 Chapters) – C. Swallow

Ashwings -16- Hellishness
You’d think being escorted through hell by three Blas Archangels should give you some sense of comfort. Guzza has a hand on the nape of my neck protectively, leading me through crimson red rock walls, appearing like ruins. I’m pretty sure if blood could solidify into stone, this was what we were surrounded by. I wanted to throw up, because the meat-ness of it was so obvious, yet the smell was like a feeling. Like a feeling of lust plus everything else really, really bad.

So, I’m walking, feeling rather dead, yet also rather doomed.
As we head down corridors that widen into large halls big enough for dragons to fly through, I see the dungeons.
Valentine is already flying around in here, having a great time checking everything out. He really shouldn’t look like he’s having that much fun down here.
Myron walks with a hand on my lower back, also being protective.
In this strange place, large double story cages stretch up, but not to the top of the ceiling.
“What do you think?” Myron asks me as we stop between two dungeons.
“I don’t like it,” I stay honest, glancing from Myron to Guzza, “I hate it.”

“You were born here,” Myron goes on, cruelly honest, “Some part of you should like it.”
“I was not… was I?” I whisper, “I still don’t like it and I really, really do hate it.”

“Daughter of Satan… you’re a princess in hell,” Myron sighs, “Guzza, we’ll have to slaughter her for her hellishness.”
I know it’s a joke, but really -?
Guzza grunts an agreement.
I step forward out of his grasp and then I see a white hot flash start to blind out behind me.
I spin on my heel and jump back a few steps, feeling strange power running through my limbs. Was I faster in hell?
Guzza is spinning a white blinding sword of Judgement, smiling quite devilishly himself.
I have a weird thought… I guess they’re technically all bros of the Lord of Hell. Ha, ha? Not really something to laugh about. They were literally one step from being him. Which wasn’t a scary thought. At all. Eek…
Myron holds the tip of his blinding sword towards me.
“Why don’t you run… princess,” Myron’s dwarf star eyes flash with some kind of blood-lust.
Hell wasn’t making them crazy, was it?

I gulp and look between Myron and Guz.
But then I squeak when I’m blinded by a third sword, skimming inches from my shoulders and then hovering right below my chin… a hairs breadth from my throat. I back up into the iron hard torso of Valentine as his voice travels to my ear, “…caught you, princess… you have two choices… enslavement or death… what do you decide? Or maybe we should abandon you here -?”
“No,” I beg, “No,” I look at Guzza, “Don’t.”
He says nothing, teasing me with the fact they could be literally fucking with me this whole time. At any second, any moment, nothing was stopping them from snapping their fingers, opening a portal and jumping out of here, leaving me to sweat for a bit… or eternity.
I watch Myron’s sword turn and slowly swirl to dust as he frees up his hands to come up in front of me. I gulp, unable to move from Valentine’s own blinding sword at my throat, tempting him to finish me with one little slit.
I’m honestly scared Val might do it, just because I called him a possessed psycho minutes ago in Guz’s office.

Myron is level with me, looking into my eyes, “I see truth in this one’s gaze,” Myron glances at Valentine, “We should torture Ivy to find out that truth.”
“Agreed,” Val is happy about that.

What?” I’m so confused. However, the moment Valentine’s sword flickers to ash and then swirling dust, I try to side step away from both of them.

Myron steps with me and puts his hands on my waist, throwing me up over his shoulder.
“Dungeon fucking will do,” Myron spanks my ass, “It’s so much fun.”
I look up from Myron’s sculpted back to find Guzza behind me, grabbing my chin and holding me up… why? For Valentine, next to him, to get a chance at me.
I don’t want to kiss him –
I wince as Valentine’s nebulic eyes dance with dark humour as he leans in and teases my lips with his. They never touch my own, but he sucks out my breath from my mouth. I feel like my lungs go weak and I’m gasping for air as he pulls back, chuckling.
“Be truthful now, spawn of hell,” Valentine speaks professionally, as I see the cage of the dungeon surround me after we enter one, “Do you enjoy being a slave to our desires and our innate beauty?” I can’t answer straight away because Myron deposits me down… over a wooden stock. Oh… I look down, my hands gripping the wood plank where you rest your arms and neck… oh… where the hell did this come from and why was it in this dungeon…?
“Master?” I plead with Guzza but he smirks and snaps his fingers.
Boom. I’m in the stock. I hate it when Guz does that.
“Answer the question,” Valentine drawls in unison with Guzza and Myron.
When all of them speak, it’s like a perfect melody poisoning my will to resist. Three Blas Archangels, right before me, what chance did I even stand here?
“Lust?” I whisper, while my eyes are literally at eye level with their three cocks, their beautiful ashwings and their strong veiny arms and perfect freakin sculptured bodies, “Of course I’m full of lust. Look at you.”
“So… you do think we’re beautiful… so beautiful you want to fuck an Archangel?” Myron leans down and looks me in the eyes, he has this way of making you believe you’ve really fucked up. That you’re in big, big trouble, “Really, Ivy?”

“I’m Guzza’s slave,” I answer, like it should be obvious, “Doesn’t that answer your qu –”
Myron covers my lips with his hand, but it’s so unexpectedly gentle, running his palm along my lips while his… his cock jumps. He’s violently hard in seconds. I don’t know why, I didn’t do anything.
I also haven’t noticed Guzza walking to the other side of the stock, until I feel his cock head at my dripping pussy entrance and his large hands tickling my waist. Guz teases me with his cock and I close my eyes, pursing my lips, waiting for him to ram it in. He liked ramming it. I think he was proud of his size.
“Valentine,” Guzza speaks and I feel more of my pussy juice gush out, “Myron – perhaps my little darling fuckhole would like both your shafts jammed down her throat?”
I say nothing but Guzza smacks my ass as he slams into my pussy.
As I yelp out, Valentine grabs my hair and pulls my face up, to stare down into my expression. I’m confused, assuming he’s about to shove his cock in my throat… however, my eyes tear up with pleasure and Valentine… just… looks at me.
Val is not smiling, he’s seeing how much I love Guzza’s cock filling me up.
As my Master starts increasing his thrusts, an unstoppable whine of pleasure leaves my throat while Valentine is staring down into my eyes.
His cheek twitches in annoyance and he only gets interrupted by Myron standing up and taking my cheek, pulling me towards his cock. I open my lips and stick out my tongue for Myron.
I didn’t care what Valentine thought.
He tried to kill me.
And I didn’t care that he was jealous.
“How good are you at swallowing it down for long periods of time, little lamb?” Myron asks me, while pushing in inch by inch. I show him how good I am by swallowing and sucking him in deeper, despite the fact I can’t move at all in this stock.
I close my eyes as Guzza tears me apart from behind, every single pounding thrust is building me to my first climax, and now I had another angel cock to swallow into my body. Parts of my soul felt like it was flying already. I loved being like this, at their mercy while they filled me and quenched my desires.
I get so lost in the moment of having two of them fuck me, that I forget about Valentine.
I only remember when I’m stuck for air and Myron pulls out to let me get my necessary amount of oxygen – whereby, at that moment, Myron is shoved aside. While I’m delirious, Valentine grabs the back of my head, lifts it up and shoves his own shaft violently into the back of my mouth, forcing his way down into my throat.
“Easy on my little sweetheart, Valentine,” Guzza speaks so calmly while he’s fucking me so smooth.
My little sweetheart?” Valentine mocks Guzza, but there is a real strain on his tone as he tries to sound in control, “Ivy… Ivy has never been just yours, Guz – she’ll always be my pet first and foremost,” Valentine snarls that last part and I choke loudly. It sounded like he meant it, which is why I couldn’t concentrate.
Valentine is forced to pull out, but he doesn’t give me long to splutter and cough.
Whose angel cock are you really lusting for, Ivy?” Valentine asks me, grabbing my chin and holding my jaw open as he shoves back in, as I’m wheezing.
“Good question,” Myron aggressively shoves Valentine back and aside, then quickly pops his cock back into my drooling mouth instead, “We’re sharing, Valentine… sharing is godly caring… and don’t be so jealous, you’re an immortal, stop debasing yourself,” Myron is laughing, but Valentine doesn’t think it’s so funny.
A sudden flash and Val gets his blinding white sword out, turning to threaten Myron with it.

What the hell?

Myron has to pull out of my mouth, hissing as he turns to Val, making his own sword burn back to life.
Really, Val?” Myron asks, “Me next?”
“Let’s make one thing clear,” Valentine’s tone drops significantly, “Ivy is nothing to me, but my name won’t be smeared by your words, Myron.”
“By nothing, you mean everything?” Myron snaps, “It’s okay for an Archangel to love, Val – she clearly loved you.”
Loved. Damn, they were all so brutally honest with each other.
“I’ve claimed your ass too many times to ever give you away, Ivy,” Guzza pulls out of my pussy and prods at my ass next, “Are you ready for your next hole to be spread, sweetheart?”
I open my mouth to answer – yes.
But –
My vision tilts out of the red.
And my guts start to boil.
“Guz?” I gasp instead, “I don’t feel okay… Guz?” I cry out and I feel like I’m falling to the red hot earth, but before I know it, I’m in Guzza’s arms and we’re flying out of the dungeon.

My head rolls back and I see Valentine and Myron holding out swords as they face an intruder.
But it’s no demon.
Through warping space and blasting hot air, this Blas Archangel burns red hot and his wings run pure black.

“Just visiting, Luci, see you next time brother!” Myron laughs very loudly and jumps back, launching up to fly after us, quickly losing his smile when he’s catching up, giving Guzza a look – to make a portal – ASAP.
I continue to look down and I see Val also leaving some banter, some last comments while he speaks to a long lost sibling who resides over Hell.
I see rocks spew open ahead of us and we fly outside the strange complex we were just in, towards the red sky. Outside here, I feel warping power in the air.
“Shit,” Guzza swears, “…we’re not far enough away from Lucifer,” Guzza snarls at Myron and starts flying faster, holding me tighter… one movement in his wings is smooth and normal… and then? Vooosh.
I feel it. The speed of shooting stars.

But then that rush ends and collides through the portal that we make at some distinct distance away from Satan himself.
Everything is colours, rising from the sunken red, back to blues and yellows and greens and white.
Guzza steps onto his office floor and drops me. I stand on my feet, feeling like I’ve just been to heaven and back. I feel… amazing.
I turn around and I see Guzza’s huge form. He is… he’s on one knee, bent over… and he starts to shake.
Myron is also in a state of pain… or something.
“Shit, what’s wrong? What happened? And – where’s Valentine?” I ask.
I watch Guzza look up and try to give me a comforting smile, even as he tries to hide how much he’s hurting.

Myron stumbles to the couch and collapses onto it, his wings crumpled as he also starts shaking.
I don’t know what to do.
I almost start to believe Valentine won’t be coming back, but then I feel a surge through the air and a black and green portal splits through.
Val appears and the portal burns to dust.
Valentine stands now, with a huge split wound through his chest, black blood pouring from him as he stands and bleeds heavily. But he doesn’t collapse. Somehow, Valentine watches Guzza and Myron slowly regaining their strength and then he glances at me briefly.
Myron abruptly rolls to his back on the couch and breathes deep… but he’s relieved, I think.
Guzza stands up and he looks… weak… but okay.
They all exchange knowing looks with one another.
“That was way too close,” Valentine speaks it, “Holy fuck.”
“Blasphemous words,” Myron snaps, then breaks out into a grin, laughing loudly.
Guzza also smirks, but he’s pale as he does it.
Eventually, when they all glance over at me, I just cross my arms over my naked tits and ask, “…what… was too close?”
“Many things, we could have been scattered. We could have been trapped. If Lucifer saw you, we could of lost you – it’s his world, so he knows it better than we ever will,” Valentine explains fine and calm, “I create worlds all the time, but his world is different. You don’t want to get lost in it. Let’s not do that again.”
I don’t know what comes over me.
Maybe it was his unfair play at possession in the dungeon.
Maybe it was his calm – utterly calm demeanour now.
Maybe it was the fact Val was just a cruel Blas Archangel overall.
“Well, it’s a shame you weren’t lost in it,” I can’t help it, I feel full of fire, “Overdue justice for trying to kill me,” I let it sink in, even as a deadly silence suddenly settles over Guzza’s office. I don’t even think Guzza expected me to say something so bold – or so evil – wishing death on someone else.
But I had every right to have my say.
All was fair in heaven and hell.
I turn on my heel and I storm from the office, feeling rather indignant.
Ivy,” Guzza warns me not to do it, using that commanding tone, with a hint of menace.
I halt at the door, but I don’t stop to go back in.
I turn briefly, “Taking me to Hell, risking my life when I can’t even fly to safety? Fuck you,” I direct this to Guzza, but then I glance at the other two, “Fuck. All. Of. You.”
I was seconds away from being lost with them, in literally the worst place in the entire fucking universe. They risked me. All of them. I couldn’t let that slide.
Damn their anger and damn the consequences.
I turn defiantly and I walk out.
█▀▀▄ █▀▀█ █▀▀ █▀▀█ █░█
█▀▀▄ █▄▄▀ █▀▀ █▄▄█ █▀▄
▀▀▀░ ▀░▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀░░▀ ▀░▀

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