Blas Archangels: ASHWINGS (Complete, 28 Chapters) – C. Swallow

Ashwings -5- Judgement
The second entry into the E.W. causes my thoughts to warp just as badly as my vision and I throw up on the spot. Wet crumbles from the short bread angel promptly exit my stomach and my eyes are bombarded with shifting yellow, purple, green lights.
Voices. I hear many voices, shocked words, gasps and laughs. No wind, only a warm breeze winds its way between my thighs, fluttering my dress. I feel an arm wrap around my waist, a hand over my eyes, then my feet leave the ground and my stomach drops.
My spine curls with rejection of the sudden flight, clearly I was in the air even though I couldn’t see what was happening. Behind me I could feel hot male skin pressing into my back. A naked angel?

“One little boo and you fell across, soo easy,” Myron’s voice floats through my ear drum and into my head like an arrow piercing and breaking apart my comfort zone, “Poor amor.”
It felt like half-hearted sympathy.
I know from Myron’s confidence and the voices making up all the white noise hitting my ears – clearly from a large, large crowd – that I was about to learn how my life would change forever.
We land abruptly and I feel the push of wings as Myron’s feet hit the ground, his hand comes off my eyes and my body collides with a stone table. Myron lays his sword down next to me.
A sacrificial plaque?
I was about to die!

I lurch up, only to have the angel standing in front of me, grab the back of my neck and hold me down.

“Don’t. Move. Trespasser,” it’s Valentine and my breath halts, only for my sobs to rack out a moment later.
“I’m not, I’m not –!” I cry out but I halt when my mouth seals shut and I realise it’s not my will.
Valentine forces me to remain quiet.
“Say nothing and you’ll find lenience after it’s done,” Valentine unhands my neck and he steps back. My vision clears and I feel my breath escape my lips in an absolute moment of terror at the strange warmth ignited from the event happening behind me.
Myron’s hands have slid under my blue courier dress, his hands run up my thighs… to my ass… and that’s all he does, after flicking the dress over my back, his hands run over my butt cheeks, warming them.
I feel a strange lust pulse through me from behind, spreading in waves through my body, making me feel like I might just start thrusting on the stone plaque… but from the front end, I feel fear through my eyes. Through what I see.
If the whole palace had been waiting for a show that Valentine had been planning, this was it.
What in god’s name did I do the first time to deserve this humiliation? This trickery? What did Valentine want with me?!
The endless green lawn was filled with waiting angels and their female companions of all kinds of species.
I could see everyone watching me, every set of eyes were set upon my form being bent over and caressed from behind.
“Guzza!” Valentine yells at the crowd and I wait as people part. A few seconds later, another naked, giant, muscled angel comes striding through.
He towered over everyone by a whole foot, his wings were a dark grey, his hair a ruffled brown mess like he didn’t care about keeping it neat.
“Up here, brother,” Myron calls to Guzza, “I first…”
I didn’t want to think about it.

What was about to happen.
Everyone knew and even Valentine didn’t have to announce it.
I watch as Valentine steps down, wearing nothing but his leather pants. He turns and sits on a silver throne, his wings spread and drooping, relaxed. His chin waits on a fisted hand and his blue eyes spark, changing to endless nebulas.
His wings shimmer and from the ashes I see orange light leak from between the feathers.
He’d been in many battles, what kind, I had no idea.
Guzza walks past the plaque at that point, catching my gaze. His eyes are a red explosion, surrounded by blackness, like a super nova. He joins Myron and I glance over my shoulder.
These angels were carved from marble but had the ability to move, that’s how stone perfect their physiques were.
Myron catches my gaze and his eyes have also changed, from brown on the street in Ora, to a silver flickering orb, like a white dwarf star in space, “What’s wrong, amor?”
Myron is now enjoying this.
Remember my words. Valentine speaks in my head, gently reminding me, in the most sadistic way, to keep quiet on my own to receive leniency.
So, blindly trusting the angel who manipulated me into returning illegally to his E.W. I shut my mouth and I obey.
I gulp.
Anyone would break and scream under this pressure, but I wanted to prove Valentine wrong.
His impossible request wasn’t going to break me.
“Both of you will have your way with our newest blue blood, her trespasser status will be revoked after you fuck her before our witnesses,” Valentine winks at Myron, with a smile on his face, noting the crowd… it pleases them… these three angels loved this attention. That thought has Valentine glaring at me briefly, as if disapproving of my judgement upon him. Eventually, Valentine nods to Myron, “Begin.”
That was it?
No trial?
…The Lavent Ashwing is my Everlasting Wanderlust, I rule the law of this land, blue blood… Valentine speaks fluently again through my brain.
A hush descends upon the crowd and my hands clench on the plaque, I nod my head forward, closing my eyes and leaning into the stone of the bench.
I hear giggles from the crowd. They were laughing at me.
At least I wasn’t going to get gutted.
“…look at her… so nervous… how endearing…” Myron murmurs to his brother, Guzza. What an awful name. It probably represented his brutal nature.
Myron’s hands glide over my backside once more, simply exploring my soft skin.
I was a virgin, so how could this be how I lost my virginity? By angels, of all things? This wasn’t fair!

In a bold move, one of Myron’s hands slide down and cups my entire nether region. It’s just a hold, but the magic that seems to flow from his hand, causes my blood to pulse in waves.
I’m not sure if this is a fever or lust that consumes me. My body starts to convulsively sweat and my cheeks flush with blood. I can feel my heart beating against my ribs, trying to escape as it burns up inside my chest.
I keep my eyes shut because when I open them, I want this to be over.
Myron’s hand leaves me and something else replaces it.
A velvet cock head, is perfectly placed against my entrance and an almighty moan escapes my throat, without my control.
I try holding my lips shut, but my voice cracks through in sobs mixed into moans.
Now, the crowd murmurs in delight. Even though I can’t see it, I can feel Valentine’s gaze taking in my whole reaction and Myron leans back, just to hear me whimper out in sudden complaint as his cock stops contact.

I almost scream out please, but I hold it in because it wasn’t me.
Myron growls something, displeased, “…be graced, blue blood…” he seems to say it to himself, because the next thing that happens is so otherworldly, I think I’m in another dimension.
His hot, thick rod, slams into me and I feel my body suck him in.
I’m so concentrated on my breath, my vision blacks out, my hands release the stone and my body cools, briefly.
Did I die?

I dream of being rocked against the stone, my hair being pulled back, my first orgasm building with every thrust. And then minutes later I wake up with my body rubbing back and forth on the plaque. I’ve woken to my punishment and it’s almost worse than the first time that I realised my predicament.
I’m so confused, all I feel is Myron fucking into me, my body slowly curling in anticipation, his balls are slapping loudly behind me as he speeds up marginally. He was performing, I think, performing a show that was done on the regular.
It wasn’t carnal fucking, it was methodical, based off my climbing orgasm.
Myron leans over me suddenly, grabbing my arms and holding my wrists down, my vision of twilight is darkened by the shadow of his wings spreading out above me as he pushes into my pussy and grinds.
“You going to cum for me, amor?” Myron asks with such perfect precision, I can’t deny his request.
He holds himself deep and buries his way through my womb, straight to my will.
I can’t stop the way my body rocks back against him, suddenly spasms unleash violently around his cock.
Myron leans down to my ear, while I whimper through the intense moment, he murmurs his fine choice of words, “Welcome to your everlasting sentence of enslavement, amor.”
I don’t understand!
Myron pulls out and my body tickles with the dust of his feathers, which fall on my body and help me to heal. I feel back to normal almost immediately, opening my eyes, I dare to look at Valentine.
His chin is still on his fist, his nebulic eyes were focused on my gaze the moment I dare to look at him. While he doesn’t smile for me, he does glance up and wink again at the next punisher.
He says nothing.
I feel him approach and I hear him spit before I feel it hit my asshole. And a second glob of spit follows. I don’t hear anything, not a growl, or a rumble, or a breath. I just feel Guzza’s hands grab my hips, they were so large his thumbs reached each other across my back.
I glance at Valentine in a panic.
My ass was next?

Was this a joke?
Was this a test?

Valentine jumps a brow at me, the slightest reaction, and he waits for me to deny my self resolve. To break.
No, no, I can’t!
I won’t!
I want to prove him wrong.
I suck in a breath and I lay my head back down, my body cools some more… my trembling from my first orgasm has faded and I feel Guzza’s cock prod at my ass.
That’s when I realise he hasn’t done that thing Myron did, that trick.

He hasn’t pulled on any magic to guide his cock forward into a perfectly ready hole.
Because pushes forward, just a tad, and then I feel the pain.
A tiny inch forward, after gaining forced entry, Guzza spits again. He shoves in a little more and he spits a fourth time.

I brave a look over my shoulder, this time pleading silently with silent Guzza.
His red supernova eyes collide with mine and he smiles without mercy.
I watch him drool his saliva this time, and I gulp as I feel it run over me as it passes over his cock, coating all of it.
I imagine every inch will be in little by little.
But it’s about a couple of inches into me that he decides he’s waited long enough.
Guzza, always silent and without words, shoves all the way in to the brink.

His balls press against my ass and my breath exhales, as if he pushed it out of my mouth.
It was somehow less pain while shoved straight in and deep, but the feeling of lust was totally overwhelming from my previous orgasm.
I had a cock filling my ass.
I literally hold on for dear life while Guzza pounds in and out with long, unforgiving strokes, in and out, in and out.
Totally unrelenting.
“Lucky bitch!” some girl from the crowd literally screams that out to me and she sounds envious.
What the fuck?!

I didn’t understand the insult, but I feel the hardness of Guzza’s cock like a damn arm shoved up my body.
In and out, repetitively, like a perfectly performed wet dream that was more pleasure than pain, he fucks me wide open.
It’s brutal, it’s intense and it’s unstoppable.
Somewhere in the middle, my insides split apart into an explosive second orgasm that comes out of nowhere.
I scream out as I clench down and his cock only feels wider, longer, totally owning me now.
Every faster thrust and it’s barely any effort for the angel, but a whole load of feeling for me.
A couple more, a couple more, soon, soon… soon this humiliation would end.
As Guzza unloads inside me, he presses deep like Myron.
I feel a hot gush inside me and my stomach gurgles.
I hiccup and that one thing makes me want to die of embarrassment.
When I glance at Valentine in a daze, I catch the slightest smile.
Guzza pulls out and one palm grabs my ass, giving it a light squeeze.
He slaps my dress down and I feel numb and unable to move.
When I glance at the crowd, the ending is what’s cruel.
Valentine wipes off his smile, stands up and walks away, totally bored.
Myron and Guzza also walk off together, not paying me any attention.
The crowd murmurs to one another, but they also turn and retreat towards the palace.
Everyone leaves.
The show was over.
I blink through tired, hurt eyes… waiting to see if anyone will stay to help.
I think no one will bother, but then I spot movement by some large looking oak trees to the left of the plaque.
Two girls remain by a thick tree trunk, hiding behind it, watching and waiting for everyone else to leave.
And then they approach… and I hope to god that they mean well.
Because the others were all gone, rubbing in that it was a punishment, plain and simple and I didn’t deserve any attention afterwards.
I was left to dramatically contemplate my new reality here in this place; Valentine’s law, his will, his way.
That was what I had to live by now.
I already knew they’d be no escape, only lust that induced a death like fever and attractive male angels that could do whatever they wanted on this property.
Blas Angels… I wonder if I’ll ever know what they do… or if this was it…
“Hey, hey, don’t cry, don’t worry, new blood!” one of the girls puts her arms under mine, lifting me up. The two girls hoist me between them and their smiles slightly reassure me, “We’ll help you settle in, don’t you worry… we know how to have fun, don’t we Alexios?!” the one who picked me up has braided long brown hair and a reassuring grin.
Alexios is on my other side and has wavy white hair and a sassy tilt to her lips.
“Of course,” Alexios glances at me and my eyes promptly roll to the back of my head.
I remember.
My first memories, I remember a mention of December and Alexios being pains in the ass to Valentine.
I’m so relieved, and for whatever reason, I bloody faint; again!
█▀▀▄ █▀▀█ █▀▀ █▀▀█ █░█
█▀▀▄ █▄▄▀ █▀▀ █▄▄█ █▀▄
▀▀▀░ ▀░▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀░░▀ ▀░▀

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