Blas Archangels: ASHWINGS (Complete, 28 Chapters) – C. Swallow

Ashwings -20- Right to Ruin You
Alexios leads the way to the nearest chamber, holding her towel until it starts burning at the trim, then she has to hop out of it to avoid the flames. She hurries naked, straight ahead, while I hold December’s hand once more, walking in a march – with Lucifer happily walking behind all of us.
Somehow, he leads from reversing his position. Watching from behind.
I can’t even look back at the mischievous Blas Archangel, I just squeeze Decembers hand, while our thighs all drip simultaneously with leaking pussy cream.
Alexios turns down two more corridors until we near Guzza’s bedchamber on the second floor. I’m familiar with the surroundings and a part of me hopes he’ll be here, but of course – he’s not back yet.
We’re still alone with Satan himself.

Alexios walks into the flat stone bedchamber, with a wide open view of the perfectly drowned rose garden in red blood.
The bed lays neatly collected, white sheets silky with milky see through curtains around the four poster wooden frame.
Alexios collapses at the corner bed post, kneeling into stone, leaning against the wood, palms of her hands on her knees as her breath flutters and her pussy pools a visible mess.
December and I kneel, near Alexios, knee to knee. December in the middle. I on the end.
I don’t know how we end up here, but at least December and I are still clothed.
All our necks are adorned in the cursed necklace, while December licks her thumb and rubs it across my forehead, clearing my blood from my wound.
None of us can look towards the Lord of Hell pacing forward, gazing in at Guzza’s things.
A simple room for simple pleasures. Guzza’s cock did most of the talking.
“I dine old fashioned – you will show your Father, as my daughters, your love and obedience. A question for you. Are you obedient, Alexios?” Lucifer speaks so calm.
Yes, Master,” Alexios whispers.
“December, are you ready to show me your petals, so I may fuck you over Alexy’s sweet head – and she can lick the aftermath of your pussy’s murder…?”
Oh, hell, I almost moan aloud.
“Yes, Master,” December gulps.
I stare at Lucifer’s feet – as his eyes burn into my bowed head next.
“Watch and learn, dastard daughter.”
He sounds disappointed in me. What did I do?
I hold steadfast, however, as I watch Lucifer place his hands under December’s arm pits, lifting her effortlessly and burning away her dress.
She squeezes her eyes shut, unable to stare into his hellish beauty too long.
Lucifer places December gently over his cock, and then again, gently positions the pounding of her pussy over Alexios’ head.
It’s a perfect threesome, with perfect angles from my view.
While Lucifer’s wings lie lazy across the floor and bed, I feel the tip of a wing brush along my knees; a softness I can’t explain.
My heart contracts, explodes and melts all at once from his wing’s touch. I also watch, entranced by the fucking. I can’t look away while my hand grabs his wing tip, keeping the softness close.
Lucifer doesn’t seem to mind, as he continues to pound December apart, her head lolling back – pussy cream dripping onto Alexios’ tongue. She kneels and gets fed – while December gets railed in. I see her womb expand with Lucifer’s cock, digging deep past her cervix.
Fuck – that must hurt like hell.
Some long time passes where my eyes turn lazy and everything warps out of reality.
All I can focus on is Lucifer’s burning eyes, unblinking always as he watches December fall in love with him every thrust.
Again. I sense it from her.
Even Alexios has transferred to hugging his leg, wishing she could attach herself to him.
Her hands cradle his balls, as she catches all the stray juice per his command.
A life time later, Lucifer doesn’t cum, but he releases December and basically drops her on the bed beside them.
She collapses in a heap and he guides Alexios’ chin to his messy cock – shoving it down her throat without any warning.
She chokes loud, uncomfortable as Lucifer holds her down and forces her to open up and take it without moving an inch.
“Swallow it, sweet heart,” Lucifer speaks so sweetly himself, even as Alexios is practically choking to death on his cum.
When he releases her head, she pulls off and collapses, cum bubbling from her lips as she lies on the cold stone floor.
I’ve remained kneeling, knees bruising further, pink dress still in place after possibly hours.
You,” Lucifer is truly disgusted with me, as he waltzes over, hard cock always promising and his hand now hovering above my head, without touching me as he walks around me, inspecting me slowly, “So they love you, do they, lamb?” he murmurs, “What; for your pretty face? Answer me. Why did they bring you to my domain – tempting me forward?”
I’m not exactly clued into Val, Guz and Myron’s games. I can only guess.
“They tricked me, I do not know why they chose me to bring to hell –”
“Because, Ivy, your mother has the eyes of an angel – but the soul of a woman. Mary.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“You’re sweetly divine by accident, enough to birth the son of God. Or other Archangels – without insemination,” Lucifer growls, “Born my daughter. Born pure by me. Just like your mother. Funny. Really. She never served me; I had to take her by force and train her to lust. Now. Ivy. She. Loves. Me.”
I’ve closed my eyes, but I see Lucifer anyway, staring at me from a bedchamber in hell. It’s now in my mind.
A sheet of phantom black on a cloud, by blood red rocks and a fire place. Lucifer lies and gets fucked here all day, all night, sometimes he fucks them in return. Usually, they’re chained on the wall – wrists hung, legs spread, poles digging into their wombs.
A torture chamber at its finest.
When I open my eyes, Lucifer is suddenly holding me up and above him, hands somehow under my arm pits.
I look down at the Blas Archangel with the greatest ego and a blackened heart.
“How many do you love, Lucifer?” I ask.

“I love those who lust for me,” Lucifer is honest, and he burns my dress off.
I want to close my eyes and beg to be taken next.
Instead, I force myself to do the opposite.
I find my fist swinging – into his face.
Lucifer drops me and I fall right onto his cock in retaliation.
He doesn’t even have to hold me. Guzza had pulled this move on me many times. I’m stuck, legs flailing and my hands pressing to his chest as I gasp with his cock ploughing through me.
Lucifer wraps a muscular arm around my waist and pulls me in close into his abs, as his cock slides in and out, fucking me while standing. His face is pink from where I threw my knuckles.
Lucifer smiles, down at me, before he spins me around and launches us onto the bed.
We float down and he shoves my face into December’s boobs as he grinds into the back of me.
“Oh, Ivy, I’ll never forget you striking me, silly little dumb angel whore,” Lucifer’s hand burns a palm into my ass as he smacks me with the force of a fucking freight train, “Now suck on your sister’s nipples… taste her milk for your Father, be a good daughter – obey me.”
What the actual f-?
Lucifer simply places a burning palm to the small of my back.

It’s not pain. It’s ruin from the inside out. Knotting up. Pure bad karma.
It’s a feeling I don’t want to feel.
No –
I have to obey.
I open my mouth and I suck on December’s nipple while she’s passed out.
First, it’s nothing, but as Lucifer fucks me, I taste enchanted milk from an unholy spell.
“You think I don’t know how to manipulate a female’s body, Ivy?” Lucifer runs his palm over my stomach and I feel it grow.
Heavy… as his cock… pulses and unleashes.
Load after load, just spewing inside my guts.

Since when did Lucifer take his cock and place it in my ass?
I feel my throat taste the cum bubbling it’s way up. I’m going to throw up everywhere. Just as I’m about to puke, the swelling subsides and the illusion disappears.
My stomach flattens out.
It was all a straight illusion.
“…thirsty for demonic dominion, yet?” Lucifer trails circles on my back as he fucks me slow and steady, patient to burn me slow, “Ivy? Drink your sister’s milk until I say you can stop. Oh, Alexy? On your knees. Wake up. You’re all going to take turns fucking Ivy with your little fists. I want an arm in each of her holes; while I approve the defilement. I’ll guide it, I promise -”
“No,” I try to crawl off Lucifer’s cock, but he drags me back with hands on my hips, shoving my face down onto December’s other nipple.
“Where are you going, daughter?”
“NO!” I open my mouth to scream.
Again. I defy!
But in response?
My vision, my mind and my body go blank.
I’m floating. Then…
I’m falling through nothing, and I see blank dark space all around me.
I think I’m inside a black hole.
I believe I’m alone until I see Lucifer flying towards me, eyes hooded, wings wide and arched as his arm flies around my middle and he dances us through the nothing in my delirium.
I twirl and my back hits Lucifer’s hard chest, while his cheek presses against mine and his hands run down my waist.
“…I love to be loved… you love to be loved…” Lucifer drawls poison in my ear, “I’ve taken you here briefly, to kiss your mind.”
“What?” I whisper.
“I will never forget your insolence. I will never forgive your little mouth screaming no to me. How dare you fight it -”

“Me striking you -?”
“Your lies. Ivy.”
“I don’t lie.”
“You lie all the time – you belong with me.”
“I belong with myself.”
Little slut. You think you know pleasure and pain. You know nothing. And you’re confusion lies in your deep knowing that I can provide that; to centre you. To bring out your magic. Call to me; I’ll always fuck you high, Ivy. Even though I hate your pretty face of purity – I’ll always serve your lust in full. I’ll guide you; as a Father should. Down to me. Give in. And receive truest power.”
I wake up in the bed sheets, Lucifer directing Alexios and December into digging their fists into my holes.
I’m barely conscious.
After that, we’re all licking his cock, taking turns.
And after that? We’re told to lie face down, side by side, while Lucifer rides our asses.
It’s all extreme debasement.
I can barely comprehend the end of it or the inbetween of it.
12 hours of it.
Being promised power over and over.
Alexios and December at the end of it, are kissed with a special gift whispered into their ears.
Lucifer, however, finds me crawling away in a sheet, pressing my head into a pillow to escape his torturous mind.
Lucifer’s lips find my ear anyway and his hand caresses one breast.
“You’ll get your punishment when you visit next. Remember. Sweet heart. I don’t forget. Just call to me. I’m always listening for you. Ivy. Your ruining is my right – and this here is just a little taste… the rest is for eternity, as my foot rest, you’ll be used when needed.”
I don’t know if that’s the moment Lucifer leaves.
But it’s the moment I start to dream deeply.
And the entire time, I’m ridden by Lucifer’s cock while he draws circles into my back. Every time I crawl forward to escape, he pulls me back even harder, brutal palms burning into my ass.
This time, when Lucifer cums, I do spew over and over in my dream, cum puddling around me until I’m swimming in it. Pregnant with it.
Too much.
It’s too much lust and need and want and fuckery.
All I know is my dreams will never be the same from his kiss to my mind; and neither will my heart.
█▀▀▄ █▀▀█ █▀▀ █▀▀█ █░█
█▀▀▄ █▄▄▀ █▀▀ █▄▄█ █▀▄
▀▀▀░ ▀░▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀░░▀ ▀░▀

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