Blas Archangels: ASHWINGS (Complete, 28 Chapters) – C. Swallow

Ashwings -18- Cruel Sensations
First I was completely exposed through Myron’s skill. Now; I was to face penance for my fears, doubts and vain selfish desires to have all three Blas Archangels to myself.
My embarrassed tears only fuel their egos; a great start.
Myron makes me stand on his bed, flapping his wings once to push us both up onto our feet upon the silk sheets. It’s a weightless sensation, but then it’s all heat as Guzza and Valentine also fly onto the bed – blocking me in from the front.
I put a palm each on Valentine’s and Guzza’s chests, even as they make sure I’m completely immobile and dwarfed between the three of them.
Their cocks were closer to my mouth than you’d think – all I needed was a hand to force my head down over one cock head – or two… or three.
My gaze lands on Guz first, who wants to prove to me the most that all I’m good for is a squeeze for his cock.
As for my tears… Guzza leans in to lick them right off my cheeks and from the corners of my eyes, while Myron’s hands run down my arms, my ass, my thighs – gripping me and lifting my legs up until their straight and stretched back fully.
Valentine’s eyes fall below, to the wet sticky mess now on display for Guz and Val.
Guzza is busy with my trembling mouth, kissing the last tears that fell to coat my lips. I’m certain his cock is about to burst with his passion.
Wait,” Guz holds Val back from diving to my pussy.
Guzza has to unload fast, so he pummels his cock into my dripping pussy and cums deep inside. Every part of me shivers from his poisonous voice – it was far too velvet.
Then I feel another cock head poking at my ass. I try to move but Myron has full control of my entire body, lifting me up and dropping me back onto his patiently waiting dick.
As Myron splits me apart from the back and I moan and groan, Guzza finally pulls out, greedily sucking on my tits next – while Valentine decides to take his spot.
Valentine causally presses a finger to my clit.
One. Blinding. White. Finger tip.
The pain is like a burning sensation. I feel my soul, running towards the light and then – I combust internally. My entire body shakes and drips with my first orgasm while Myron is easily pumping me up and down off his cock, not slowing for anything or anyone.

“I came so hard already!” I beg Valentine to remove his finger, but he only slips it down and then inside. He doesn’t even smile, he just watches me die a little between them.

The sensations from the burning inside my squeezing pussy, has me screaming as my vision distorts and disappears completely for a moment.
I can’t see a thing. Only white nothingness.
I can feel Val’s finger pushing through more of that feeling… of purest pleasure.
I’m pretty sure I’m liquid. Probably all blood and guts – maybe he actually killed me.
But just as quickly, I come back to my senses. The shining moment dissipates and my vision encompasses Valentine at my front, ploughing his cock through my sensitive pussy, making every stroke an orgasm all on its own.
I’m pretty sure this is illegal.
Even for a Blas –
“No, no, no!” I scream at the top of my lungs.
Yes. Yes. Yes!
“Shut up… little lamb!” Valentine slams a hand down over my mouth while his abs squish me further back into Myron while Val’s hips rock me between their cocks.
Guzza is standing back on the bed, arms crossed, his brow cocked in pleasure at my total annihilation.
I guess this is why – you never, ever – tell an Archangel to fuck off.
They’d just. Fuck. Through you.
Straight to your filthy wanting soul.
A whole new meaning to the word fuck is born as my body winds up and unleashes never ending waves of gyrating pleasure as Val and Myron slide in and out of my orifices with non-stop brutality.
I’m pretty sure I’m incoherent as I dribble with my head back, Myron’s lips caressing my forehead and Valentine leaning in to lick any stray tears from my neck… now he’s ready to unload too.
Val’s cock, once taming me – is now simply torturing me as he amps up the speed and power of each thrust to break my womb.
Myron shoves balls deep every time into my ass, so that Valentine and him cum together.
I don’t cum, at the end, because I’m in a constant state of blinding lust – but I do collapse in a heap as Myron and Val pull out and let me go.
I feel their body heat pull back while I lie on the sheets, just like a used up piece of meat.
Guzza speaks once more, now from a window, “Holy, mother…  God sent them down. Here we go. Again.”
Fallen Angels?
I wonder.
I turn my head and I see Valentine, Guz and Myron staring out at the sky – and the white winged beings soaring down with fast flight to the Lavent Ashwing with massive swords of silver light in their palms.
It’s purity in its finest form.
“Three this time round,” Myron murmurs, “It looks like Sabriel, Cazeinth and Thorn.”
“Another three Archangels,” Valentine adds, “Hmmm. We’ll turn one. Which friend should we recruit. Sabriel of Mercy to the Broken, Cazeinth’s Nuturing of Passion or Thorn’s Leadership of Faith. A leader. A saviour. Or a teacher,” Valentine looks back at me.
“It’s happening, isn’t it?” I ask the cryptic question, remembering December and Alexios’ warning about this annual event.
The one of two times in a year that God’s greatest warrior angels came down to convince Val, Guz and Myron to repent and return.
December, Alexios and I would be major targets.
“It’s called Repentance,” Guzza speaks for me, “We always talk first, Ivy, before any blood spills,” Guzza sighs, and it’s beautiful, “I guess they’ll knock on the front door. Let’s go, Valentine. Myron.”
“They always knock first. Always so polite,” Myron agrees, chuckling, along with Guzza.
Argh. God, damn it. Guzza’s laugh has my legs squirming. Oh, god, I could listen to Guzza read to me all day or laugh like that, in my ear – the sound alone making my womb implode every damn time.
I wriggle as I cum just at the thought alone.
I gasp out and the three Blas Archangels turn to face my writhing form on the bed.
They’re not surprised. They knew their affect.

“Up you get, little lamb,” Myron walks over and grabs my hand, hauling my shaking and trembling body up to stand with them, “Let’s greet God’s greatest.”

“Don’t be so scared, Ivy, they only want to quarter you,” Guzza adds in a murmur, smirking, watching my body sing with his heavenly notes. Myron has to hold me up steady by grabbing my elbows, leading me out before I cum again.
“We’re… g-greeting them?” I blurt out, “At the front door? Just like that?”
“In our previous negotiations, we usually start the fight sooner,” Myron explains, “Today, Val wants more firepower for our humble E.W. – so we’re going to pick one to convince to fall,” Myron seems quite sadistically happy about this thought.
“Which one? Ivy?” Valentine drawls over at me, “You can choose when you meet the purest archangels. We’ll convince at least one of them to burn with us. All you have to do is tap into their ego. That’s how easy it is…” Valentine blatantly stares at my naked tits and wet thighs, as if to silently say… and that, too, also helps a great deal.
“Or… they’ll tap into your egos instead, and convince you to return to heaven,” I voice my worry, even though I don’t need to.
Myron, Guzza and Valentine don’t answer me directly.
But I do hear Val lean over and murmur into Guz’s ear, “If Ivy can’t choose which new Archangel she wants to fuck the most, we’ll aim to steal all their swords and lock them in a dungeon with Ivy… and December… and Alexy… for the full 24 hours that they’re allowed to wander from heaven.”
“Not a bad idea, Valentine,” Myron answers for Guzza, “Our guests won’t kill our dearest angel whores without their Swords of Faith within reach – maybe we’ll even gift their weapons to our darling brother of the underworld so they know that they don’t have a chance in hell retrieving their weapons; which will focus their eyes upon our sweetest lambs,” Myron adds, highly amused.
All this; it sounded like pure entertainment for Val, Guz and Myron.
Great, I mean, look at the bright side, at least without their Swords of Faith meant to quarter the witches, including me, at least they can’t kill us. And I suppose that was meant to make me feel better.
I couldn’t wait to see how December and Alexios reacted to this. At least I’d have them with me to… I guess… uh, I guess we…. were meant to fuck God’s prized warriors.
But that… would involve seducing Archangels, without the Blas involved.
I have a feeling this is going to be painful, if not impossible.
And while Valentine, Guzza and Myron laugh – the angel whores would be left with the aftermath.
Fantastic. Of course, December, Alexios and I could just do nothing and refuse to seduce them, too.
That’s the real plan!
Except for one thing I can’t anticipate – that we’d all change our minds… when we met them. Not just because Blue Bloods are demon spawn or because we’re born to have a little bit of evil and natural temptation… 
…but rather because angels aren’t exactly something you can ignore, can you?
Especially when they look… like… that.
Like a prize wrapped in perfect ribbon – waiting to be unboxed and then played with, to push every button, to test… every use, every mode… to find the design flaw or weakness.
Like lust. Like ego.
But first; I had to ignite that forbidden fire.
Luckily, if anything, I seemed to have a knack at pissing off Archangels.
…and so did Alexios and December.
█▀▀▄ █▀▀█ █▀▀ █▀▀█ █░█
█▀▀▄ █▄▄▀ █▀▀ █▄▄█ █▀▄
▀▀▀░ ▀░▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀░░▀ ▀░▀

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