Blas Archangels: ASHWINGS (Complete, 28 Chapters) – C. Swallow

Ashwings -19- Our Father
I’m greeted with beings from heaven, while I’m held by Guzza’s protective hand on my elbow. The problem is I can’t see the three divine faces, only their bodies and the Swords of Faith blinding me and seemingly mocking me at their sides.
Valentine has welcomed them in and now Guzza pushes me down to my knees and Myron pets a hand through my hair as I’m set on display.
“Welcome to the in between, brothers,” Valentine shuts the front door and they walk in but I bow my head, unable to stand the heat of perfection as they judge me with their gazes, “Sabriel, Cazienth… Thorn… would you delight in a feast with us, before we have to chase you off back to Heaven?”
“You mistake our visit for Repentance, Valentine,” one of them speaks, I don’t know which, and my ears ring with the sound. I have to press my palms to my head, to block it out, so I can only hear the resounding echo, “You entered Heaven without permission, with this demon in your arms.”

“Escaping Lucifer requires all stops,” Guzza speaks for me, “…we’re already fallen – what do you require for payment? We owe you nothing.”
“His Greatest has assigned us to patrol the split you created between hell and heaven – a gaping wound that will take time to heal. In this time, demons will foster and Lucifer may even roam. We’re only here to tell you that we’re assisting in the fight of evil, so there is no need to war with us today. Your demons are yours for now.”

“Where is the gash brightest? We didn’t leave a crack, from what I saw,” Valentine growls suspiciously, “We don’t make mistakes between hell and heaven.”
“You did today.”

“Then it’s set. We’ll fly to secure the perimeter immediately,” Valentine motions to Guzza and Myron.
I am forgotten as they all blast out of the door and into the air.
Wait… what in hell?
I’m alone!
Patience, Ivy, Valentine mocks me, We’ll fuck you in 12 hours. Play with our favourite angel whores and rest in the meantime. Your Masters and our guests will need your full attention when we’re done patching up the split. Prepare yourselves for ravishment at your cost.
I try to call back but Valentine cuts me off.
I stand up and I wobble off, my knees still aching. Argh – 12 hours in the Lavent Ashwing would feel like an eternity. It is only noon – so they’ll be back by midnight.
I choose to shower, then I get dressed into a pink soft day dress, braiding my hair and doing some fun make up around my eyes with burnt yellow and bronze. I powder my face, colour my lips nude and then I find my eyes falling to a certain necklace on the dresser.
A moon and a star? I haven’t seen this one before.
I pick it up because it’s so pretty and place the thin chain around my neck. As it sits, a light feeling overcomes my body. The weight of being stuck here lifts.
I hold the moon and star in my fist and I feel… a calling.
I stand and I walk from the princess bedroom, down the hall… my feet taking me towards the north of the Lavent Ashwing.
As I’m walking, I notice red drops of blood coating the floor. The drops become streaks, yet my feet are spell bound until I’m even walking through entire pools of blood… wondering where in hell so much blood has come from.
Eventually I slow down to glance out a bay window and I see that the garden is painted in blood – as if it’s rained from the sky. How odd.
I walk up to the next bay window and I gaze out further, wondering where everyone ran off to.
It seems like everyone is in hiding. Oh… Repentence.
Everyone was hiding because they thought it was Repentance.
But… no one realised it was just a six divine patrol. The blood, was probably from the gash… and the –
Oh, no.
I’ve frozen by this window pane, to gaze out at the back gardens, through the seating and the white pillars holding up the Lavent’s garden terrace – I see the intruder with my two eyes.
Our Father; Lucifer.
He’s walking with phantom black wings, lavish black hair to his shoulders, almost like a wig from a play… and he is completely naked while his heavy wings drag behind him. I dare look towards his eyes, though I only see the side of him.
Red and yellow burning bright around black; a super massive black hole.
Falling forever.
Truly, if Lucifer fell from ego… I see why.
Holy hell; he’s not gorgeous. He’s devastating to the eyes. Huge in every way, not dissimilar to Guzza’s size, but with Valentine’s grace and Myron’s swagger.
I feel myself being ruined just by looking upon him.
I squeak in fright when my name is hissed behind me.
It’s just December. I turn and she helps spin me toward her faster. Her feet and long white gown are also covered in splashed blood. Her hair; in braids like mine. A necklace on her breast, of a moon and a star; like mine.
“We were called forth and then released into free will – we need to run while we can before he thinks we’ve willing chosen to meet him,” December barely separates words, she speaks so fast, in a panic.
“Hurry!” Alexios hisses from another corner and we run hand in hand towards her. She’s also adorned by the necklace, while she wears a fluffy grey towel, nothing else; and her white wavy hair is in a wet mess.
Alexios, December and I run through dead halls with bare feet, looking for a place to hide. Where oh where could we hide in such a small territory?
Valentine? I call out.
Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
They’re not even in the realm of the E.W. They’ve gone somewhere else.
For 12 hours!
Oh, no.
Oh, no!
This was bad; literal hell –
Alexios, December and I skid around one corner dramatically, but that’s when we see Lucifer roaming around the very far end of this marble hall, nonchalant as he turns to face us.
Alexios slips standing still, “…wah!
“Get up!” December goes to grab her hand and she too, slips in a nervous panic. December twists as she falls, landing on her back. Alexios tries to get up but slips a second time onto December’s chest, her lips accidentally and lighting landing on hers.
They blush and remain as they are, frozen on the floor. I’m too afraid to move my feet, lest I slip too, so I just feel my core burning as my eyes hold onto Lucifers.
He’s paused to watch us fall and make fools out of our selves.
While I watch his powerful irises burn, his gaze finally locks onto mine. I force myself to move, by leaning over slowly. I press a trembling hand onto Alexios’ elbow, to help her get up.
Lucifer smirks at my attempt.
I close my eyes.
I can’t look at those exultant eyes.
The pure power in Lucifer’s gaze has me feeling disoriented and dizzy. I feel vertigo swamp me, as if I’ve been standing on the edge of a cliff.
I feel myself falling forward and then I’m slipping next, however, I land on my hands and knees alone – bruising both.
“…fuck…” I whisper and tremble while Alexios looks upon Lucifer and bursts into tears. December is closing her eyes, praying.
“Please don’t kill us, please don’t kill us, please don’t kill us, please don’t hurt us, please go away, please, please, please, Lucifer –” Alexios tries to shut December’s trembling lips with an equally unsteady hand, clumsily pulling her lips back together.
“Shut up, shut up, Decy,” Alexios whispers, “Don’t –”
“Father,” I speak solemnly at his feet, now so close, killing the distance while I lose sense of time and space in his presence.

“Lovely daughters,” Lucifer speaks his first words, slowly dropping, descending to his knees, floating while falling, to land just inches from December’s wide eyes as she’s on her back, with Alexios still frozen on top of her, tears streaking down her face as Lucifer focuses his gaze on Alexy, “Sweet heart, why are you crying in the presence of your Father?”
“…it’s… you,” Alexios’ trembling turns to total shaking as if she’s got the chills and is going to die from pure terror any second.
Lucifer’s hand swipes up her chin; we all hold our breath.
Then he leans in arrogantly, to catch her mouth with his.
I watch with December, unblinking… and my pussy warms.
Oh, no.
I knew, as God had children, they weren’t ‘related’ to him. I knew we weren’t ‘related’ to Lucifer.
But he was equivalent to a deity; one to be worshipped.
December and I continue to watch in fascination as Alexios’ chills stop entirely as she opens her lips to Lucifer’s hungry and deep kiss. The very moment she submits, Lucifer’s lips part as he pulls back and I watch a shred of saliva share the air between them.
He unhands her chin and she bows her head, biting her lip, I can smell her sex leaking profusely… already. Like mine.
“Alexy?” December whispers, terrified that maybe her best friend’s soul was taken.
“I’m still here,” Alexios whispers back, before raising her head, meeting the blaze in Lucifer’s lusty gaze, about to command what’s his.
“Now kiss your sister calm for me,” his voice drowns absolutely all reason and suggests there will be a problem if he’s met with defiance.

“Yes, Master,” Alexios nods and leans down to grab December’s cheeks, transferring Lucifer’s saliva to her lips.
December relaxes. Her will submits. I sense it.
In the mean time, Lucifer remains still on his knees, phantom black wings once dragging, now lift slightly when he notices that I manage to rise to my knees, sucking in a breath.
Just another Blas Archangel. I repeat it. Just another Blas Archangel.
“I’m different,” I whisper, defiantly.
Lucifer’s widening eyes lock with mine, and he doesn’t blink.
“You look just like your mother… you sound just like her too,” Lucifer – I gulp – because he frowns after his drawl of admittance to a fact, one corner of his lip down turning solemnly. But then he’s pushing forward into my space, his wings giving him the speed to frighten the life out of me. My death almost flashes before me. I’m sure with one hand… if he wanted… he could plunge it in my chest and rip my heart out. Just like that. Instead, Lucifer’s face hovers directly above mine, so I have to look up and up some more, because he rises, standing above while leaning over my kneeling form, and he asks a single, menacing question, “Are you trouble too, Ivy?
Am I trouble ‘too’?
Thoughts spin my mind to somewhere wicked. Was my mother like me?
Was I a dishonest slut, an insubordinate slave, a wilful whore, a collector of lies, a useless spawn that thought she could… win?
Because I refused to believe I wasn’t good, still?

Yes. I was everything I wasn’t but wanted.
I… I wanted
I wanted so much.
How else to explain my inner turmoil?
My eyes release a single fat tear as I stare at Lucifer’s cock, now growing and gracing my vision in front of me. My eyes are trained on the head of it, as Lucifer’s hand rises and chooses to warm my cheek, his thumb brushes away the sparkling tear under my right eye as if to say your tears will be useless to you now.
I’m too entranced by his cock. I zone in on the tip. It’s offered… tempting the trouble from me, no doubt.
I want to suck Lucifer’s power out – I want to taste creation.
But I also want to say no, go away. I want to be free. I want to deny it. To be free to deny it.
To remain strong, always!
I also want to drown on it and then starve for it and scream as I die continuously on top of it.
Lucifer’s love.
As Lucifer’s hand caresses my cheek again, petting his ‘daughter’s’ cheek, he barks down at Alexios and December, “Find us a chamber worthy of me. You’re all going to learn to please me. It’s quite the task – but I’ll guide all of you, generously…” Lucifer leans down and goes to seemingly place a kiss on my forehead, but a sharp canine razes across instead. I bleed for him. I also feel the pain of Lucifer’s hand running back over my braids, now winding them together, and tugging them back as he drawls over my forehead, “I’ll own all of you.”
█▀▀▄ █▀▀█ █▀▀ █▀▀█ █░█
█▀▀▄ █▄▄▀ █▀▀ █▄▄█ █▀▄
▀▀▀░ ▀░▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀░░▀ ▀░▀

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