Blas Archangels: ASHWINGS (Complete, 28 Chapters) – C. Swallow

Ashwings -26- The Devil’s Smile
“The way you kiss her, brother. I see how you love this little angel,” Lucifer whispers behind my head, as Gabriel’s lips leave my mouth, “But do you mind if I fuck her senseless? I only get to delight in her once a week, I am not asking much,” the devil murmurs this next part in my ear, while Gabriel grabs my chin and ignores Luci, to speak to me directly.

“Do you hate his ravaging, Ivy? You can be truthful with me,” Gabriel looks into my eyes, then stares at my lips, “…I am here to hold your hand. Physically. Spiritually. Anyway you want; I am here for you. My charge. My life is to protect you. Understand?”All too well, Gabriel.
My heart is splitting in two.
Love is two ways. Give and take.
Gabriel has rocketed down a dangerous path, and now that he’s eaten the Forsaken Fruit… I know Lucifer has won, in that brief vision he shared with me. Of the near future. Was it pity? Sharing with me something so inevitable; warning me.
I feel that the defeat coming is inevitable, upon this current path.
I feel that the devil knows this game all too well.
…there is only one way for me to save Gabriel.
“Answer your lover, Ivy,” Lucifer commands me, his voice still a seductive whisper in my ear.
The pain in my heart is enormous, and I shy quickly away from Luci’s touch. I grab Gabriel instead, holding his large neck as I glance up into his silver burning eyes, breathing steady to say the words I must.

“Guzza,” I speak swift, “Leave.”

Gabriel pauses.

He glances past me, up at the devil, his brother, and then back down to me.
“Ivy,” he warns me not to insult his pride, opening the very direction I need to take.
“You’re being rude, Lucifer requested he have this day. I agreed to it. You’re not welcome here. Today I am Lucifer’s bride,” I force the words out. They are not Lucifer’s coerced words. They are my own, “Leave. Gabriel.”
“…leave…?” Gabriel tests the word, but he’s hesitating too long.

Leave,” I hiss it again but I can’t look him in the eye, faking each word of the lie as I whisper now, rushed, on a gasp, “I never loved you. Stop doing these things. Love December. Love Alexios. GO!
I love the Archangel I’m tearing apart with my lies.
But I had to do something.

His silence, faith within my words, is the final blow.

A cry tears from my throat and I shove away from him, shying from Lucifer’s phantom wing span as well, running out the door and leaving both of them.
All I know is I hear the hellish skies break apart as a shooting star leaves the realm.
Guzza left.
I did it.
He’s gone.

I saved him.

I repeat this, over and over, while I sprint through hell, trying to put distance between myself and the Master of Sin.
It’s all red rocks and ruins.

I somehow find myself traversing corridors filled with grotesque art, shock value, is my first thought. A good distraction. A great distraction. This art. A distraction from the horror in my mind. The hysteria threatening to break through.
I sent Gabriel away and he was my only anchor.

But I had to save him. He saved me enough.
Stop thinking.
I slow my run down to a walk, as I pass by robed demons hobbling past, ignoring me, barely representing ghosts of beings, barely sentient. Zombified.
Lucifer was so alone down here, where were his mortal whores that popped out Blue Bloods? Witches? Anyone?

I walk steadily down a main corridor, where the crumbling ceiling is more intact. I find myself no longer feeling naked, but clothed in hell’s burn.
Who needed material when the air was hot like a coffin. It would only feel suffocating to add on layers.

The red rock beneath my feet feels vibrations, intensifying in magic, pulsing with power.
Lucifer is coming for me.
The craziest part; I wasn’t worried about that. I was worried about my mind. I was losing all sanity.
I just needed to keep distracting myself.
I find myself turning into a temple chamber, with a sacrificial table.
Blood runs in a pool down the middle through a channel in the rock.
The red rock bench is surrounded by pillars in a circle.
It’s quiet in here. Like a library.
Out of all the places I want to retreat, I choose this space.
I walk into it, and I sit upon a middle step leading up to the bench.
I look at my hands and I stare at my finger tips, trying to centre myself to something.
Not too soon later, I feel a demonic presence right before me, a shadow around a pillar so close, as Lucifer takes his time approaching his toy for the day.

I have nothing else.
But I have a voice.
“Don’t talk to me,” I whisper it, clenching my fists, “Don’t look at me. Don’t desire me. Stay away from me.”
“Shhh… I would never sacrifice myself for someone else,” Lucifer speaks to himself, then. I am surprised he almost-kind-of listens to me.
I glance up to see Luci staring at the other end of the sacrificial temple, leaning back against one strong pillar, the side of his rippling torso is what catches my eye… and the wings, drooping low. He was a giant. An absolute giant. Like G –
Don’t think.
I stare at Luci’s black hair, a wig of perfection framing a haunted face that is chiselled with secret pain.
“You are better than Mary,” he says.
I say nothing.
So, Lucifer keeps purring, “Purity… and Filthy Lust. When you master the in-between, you are better than any deity. The cost is a short life. Humanity,” Lucifer seems smitten by humans when he says it like that, “The luckiest creatures.”
“I am not a human,” I give in, speaking to him now.
I guess his flattery won. I was too curious to fall into his trap.
Lucifer turns his head to mine, perhaps happy I took the bait so quickly.

“You’re a vessel for me, but I can’t take away your independence. That is yours. Do you know what humanity lives for?” Lucifer questions me, in a low satisfied drawl.
“No idea.”

“To fight evil,” Lucifer looks at me now… with such an innocence; I’m shocked, and it’s terrifying.
Almost like –
Like he is the victim.
Like I am the bully.
Like I created his isolation.
I am so confused by my feelings, with Luci’s eyes boring into mine.
“You know why I like Sin, Ivy?”
“Why?” I keep talking, perhaps to my detriment.

“Because Sin doesn’t exist. ‘Sins’ are normal things; natural.”

“What about truth?” I murmur the challenging question. I wouldn’t let Luci become the saviour here. No way.

“I want to fuck you,” Lucifer raises a brow, tilting his shoulder, an Archangel’s habit to show relaxation, “That’s a truth.”
“You want Gabriel to fall even further,” I whisper.

“Also a truth,” Lucifer’s eyes are hooded beacons of evil, but I also note how confident he is on this particular topic.
I knew it.
How dare he attack my lover.
My love.

If you hurt Gabriel,” I hiss it, “You want to know my truth?
“Careful, Ivy…” Luci warns me not to step out of line, his eyes blink, anticipating the moment I bite.
I do not care.
I stand up swiftly, and I lift my chin, “I’ll kill you myself.”
There is no pause. No moment of intense, brooding silence. That all happened as he waited for my threat.
The devil’s smile catches me off guard completely.
A brilliant smile, wide, white teeth gleaming, a genuine happiness, with joy and satisfaction. It almost looks perfectly angelic.
“Why are you smiling?” I ask, blinking, my tone almost devoid of emotion.
I do not care. I should not care; what he has to say.
“I’m smiling because that’s what I said in heaven… the very last thing I said,” Lucifer murmurs, “To Him…” he looks up and then back down to me, faking the sign of a cross, “My Father.”

“You’re really charming, Luci,” I hiccup on a breath, terrified of his admission.
I’m done.
As tears of frustration stream down my face, Lucifer approaches swiftly now.
He lifts my chin, kissing my eyes and licking my cheeks, all while lying me down on the steps, thwacking my legs apart with one of his, and casually lining up to fuck me.
I feel my arcing back as Lucifer ploughs in, with a hand behind my back, steading me. He fucks me through rough, all while kissing my face repeatedly, in gentle little sweet pecks, all over my skin, while he breaks me with his cock.
Kiss, kiss, fuck, fuck, fuck, kiss, kiss, kiss, fuck. Again and again.

Lucifer enjoys fucking brutally rough, straight into my womb, thrusting into me so hard that my spine curls and I feel like I’m getting exorcised, or maybe I’m getting impregnated; who knew.
“I hate you so much,” I whisper and hiccup through Luci’s kisses and he catches the words from my mouth, opening my lips with his across mine so suddenly, commanding my tongue still, to dance with his.
“I hate you too,” Lucifer speaks into my mouth, so easy, so natural.
Fuck this.
I give into the lust, sick of fighting this beautiful monster, and I end up screaming and squirming on his cock, while Lucifer happily lifts me up, body still held by his cock and one arm; walking me to the sacrificial bench.

As Luci lays me down he holds one of his ridiculously impressive muscular arms behind his back, then I watch with wide teary eyes as a flaming red weapon appears in his hand.
A sword of pure rage.
Lucifer smacks it down into the rock by my head, so my cheek is inches from the sting.
“You know what that is, whore?” Lucifer asks me, casually, as he stands straight and fucks me with my ankles in his palms, “You know what this rock is?”
I shake my head as he curls his lips.
“The place I’ll execute Gabriel and every last Archangel from heaven, on this rock, with that sword… I don’t share my whores,” Lucifer leans over me then, running one elegant hand over my face, fingers gently shutting my eyes as he coos at me, “I eat them.”
I know he lies.
I taste it as he licks the tip of my nose and blinks slow while fucking me, waiting for the fear to register.
“I… don’t believe… you,” I whisper between thrusts.
“Fine. What makes you scared?” Lucifer asks now, truly curious, “If not swords, or murder and being eaten. What. Scares. Ivy. The. Princess. Of. Hell?” he pushes my ankles back, impressed by their flexibility.

“Nothing,” a truth, “Nothing scares me.”
“Demons? Spiders?”


“…love?” Lucifer slows his fucking, and actually makes the tiniest smile form on my lips. I quickly wipe it, but he’s caught the moment, “Love.”
“It’s a human thing, you wouldn’t understand it,” I quickly whisper, wincing when Lucifer shakes his head, flips my body so I’m on my knees and he mounts my spread ass, dipping his cock into my second hole instead, thrusting in to rip me apart once again.
“I understand it, sweet heart,” Lucifer lays one hand on the small of my back, “I invented it. Truth.”
“I think His Greatest invented it,” I growl into the table and Lucifer scoffs loud.

Love is the most selfish thing of all,” Lucifer smacks my ass, “Didn’t you know?”
“Enlighten me.”

“I’d rather hear you scream, daughter,” Lucifer drawls behind my head, leaning over me while grinding into my ass.
“Always with this incestuous talk –“
“Hardly,” Lucifer shoves in deeper and unloads with his balls rubbing against my ass, feeling like damn silk, it wasn’t fair how perfect he – “Ivy?” Luci kisses my ear, heating my back.
“I want to tell you a secret.”

“I’m actually a really nice guy.”
I burst out laughing, and then the devil has me in his claws.
Because now I’m happy.
And I fuck happy… for the rest of my visit.
█▀▀▄ █▀▀█ █▀▀ █▀▀█ █░█
█▀▀▄ █▄▄▀ █▀▀ █▄▄█ █▀▄
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