Blas Archangels: ASHWINGS (Complete, 28 Chapters) – C. Swallow

Ashwings -25- An Archangel’s Burden
Sabriel of Mercy to the Broken. A saviour with eyes the colour of tears, sparkling with empathetic understanding so deeply intertwined with every fibre of his being, that his white hair burned translucent.
Cazeinth of Nuturing Passion. A teacher with rippling curls of black hair, that highlighted sharp fangs like a vampire, except they were simply sharp canines… Cazeinth was like an animal and he didn’t enjoy being kind to me at all.
Thorn’s Leadership of Faith. A leader. The sweet Luci. A truth-teller.
Loving these holy beings should be like dining on ripe strawberries dipped in sugar.
For the day in the Garden of Eden that I must please them before the 7th day; I’m put through a constant torture designed to break me.
Cazienth is a sadistic freak, he likes burning white flames into my back, an illusion of holy fire that doesn’t sit well with my dark links to hell. My mind is tearing at the seams every time he tries to force the holy spirit into me.
Even as I’m forced to ride Thorn’s shaft as he lies back, helping me thrust with a hand over my throat and a hand on my stomach.
Sabriel takes turns fucking my ass – with Cazienth occasionally biting my neck and causing a bloody mess to taint my skin red – and Thorn becomes a splattered mess beneath.
The moment Thorn has filled my belly with holy seed a million times – and my skin is no longer milky but a shade of crimson – Sabriel tends to the broken mess I’ve become on the black dirt, crumpled in a ball.
Cazienth had practically thrown me down, holding the sole of his foot on the back of my neck, pressing my face into the dirt. Sabriel squats behind me and fucks my bleeding, creamy pussy.
I’m not known to these Archangels.
I’m just a piece of demon meat.
Guzza wanted me to see the goodness, so much for that.
By the time Sabriel hears my tears of self pity in the dirt, he grabs my hips and uses me even more rough – he wants to hear my cry to the heavens.

“Louder, Ivy, beg for your lust to diminish,” Sabriel fucks me strong and steady, “This is real love. Submission to his Greatest. We judge you unfit for heaven, lamb, you must conquer your demonic desires first.”
“You have no right to judge me,” I cry into the ground, feeling Sabriel still his shaft inside me.
“Apologise,” Thorn begs me to, the worried member of the three.
“Filthy cretin. I’ll drain you of the devil’s blood whence you return from those bloody grounds of sacrilege, any pride in descent will be banished from your mind, by the time I have my way with you,” Cazienth drawls low, “I will call on you again. Your prayers were filled with filth for the devil. Disgusting.”
“Kneel now, and proclaim any change in your demeanour, little lamb, tears will prove your worthiness,” Sabriel pulls out and I kneel forward, head in the dirt.
Proclaim my love?
Proclaim my goodness?
Proclaim my desire for purity?

My mind empties, it’s nearly time to go… to Lucifer.
Before I can whimper, I feel his presence fill me like a torch lighting TNT – my cells explode with power and I feel him run through me.
……do it, answer their heed…… Luci drawls the command.

By that stage I’m standing and turning, my skin feels sticky, my eyes as red as my wounds Cazienth opened to bleed me out.
I face the three Archangels.
Thorn is always depressed and held back, with the knowledge he is abhorred for the devil’s looks, but only welcomed because of his pure heart. Cazienth looks upset that I didn’t scream louder, he wants my heart to break and bleed to satisfy his need to see passion. Sabriel only nods – approving my tears because it meant I was vulnerable to them.
“I am enlightened,” I lie, feeling my hand shake with Lucifer’s power, as if his hand and his fingers have curled through the back of mine – lifting my arm up.
Through my eyes, I see black holes emerging from my finger tips – but in the Garden of Eden these holy beings see nothing except trembling mortal fingers, weak and unable to still their anxious movement.

I walk up to each Archangel, hand outstretched and bloody, I turn it and hold it out to Cazienth, for him to shake, since he is the cruellest, I see his bright wings flutter and atoms swing my way.
None of them notice but I, the devil behind me.
I feel a hot hand on my hip, his hellishly hot torso flush across my back – and when I look behind me briefly – Lucifer is standing right there. One of his hands lies steady on my waist, his other hand is curled through mine, holding up my fingers for me – while he watches the Archangels with a mocking and disturbed glare of defiance.
I turn and I drop my hand, with Lucifers still curled through mine.
“They can’t see me. Tell them they’re welcome to you, Ivy,” Lucifer commands me again, it’s not advice, “They all but need to fall. When they do, they can play with you all they want.”
I thought you were the possessive type, I whisper back through my mind, and Luci answers cryptically, “You will obey them,” they don’t want me, Father, “They love you, Ivy,” how do you know? “Because you were born to make angels fall,” Guzza didn’t fall because of me, he grew pure because of me, “Then he is the exception, isn’t he? Free will runs strong in his veins,” Lucifer growls in my ear, “Like I. The strongest Archangels do what they please.”
“Speak your mind,” Thorn encourages me – Lucifer is still invisible to them.
“I learned little in the Garden of Eden,” I murmur, “You’re all welcome to come teach me again. I will obey you. Down on Ora, in the Lavent… you all but need to fall.”
“Even dripping with blood from your punishment, you show disrespect, lamb?” Cazienth is full of rage.
He is terrifying but I feel calmer with Lucifer behind me.
Lucifer chuckles, “Isn’t he amusing, Ivy? He belongs in hell, that one. Focus on him, the others will fall if he does.”
I pull from Lucifer’s hands and he allows me free reign to move.
I grab Cazienth’s hand myself and kiss the back of it, slyly glancing up, “I am a martyr, actually. Thank you for your cock, Cazienth, I enjoyed your teeth too. You’re awfully generous in your time with me, you really tried… thank you.”
I bow my head and walk to Sabriel, blinking out a tear I held in for Lucifer, I wipe it off and rub it on his lips, saying nothing.
Sabriel resists, attempting not to lick the tear I’ve cursed him with.
When I turn to Thorn last of all, the Garden is already burning up and Lucifer is walking into my chest.
A burst of fire sends us into a fast descent – and I know I’ll begin my day in hell now.
As I fall through a tunnel of dark magic, I wait for the grounds of hell to splatter me apart.
Instead, I land in a soft pool of water, my neck held down, my eyes bulging before the hand on my nape hauls me up to breathe.
My hair flings back and the blood washes off me – showing my naked skin.
A red glow from hell, warms my wounds and helps them heal. I guess it’s because I was a guest down here.
Lucifer stands naked next to me in the waist high pool, towering over me but failing to look at me.
He looks infuriated.
I haven’t even done anything yet.
“…you’re always a disappointment…” Lucifer shakes his head, his lip curling downward, “Ivy,” his eyes finally roll down now, and his cock hardens so quickly, he whips it up in his hand and starts stroking it with the aid of the pool water in such close proximity, “What do you say?”
I keep my tongue still.
Any word I say will be used against me.
Lucifer unhands my neck and grips my wrist, slapping my hand over his shaft.
I stare at it, with my head bowed.
“It’s lovely to see you again, Master of Sin,” he whispers the answer to me, while I hold his cock in both my palms, staring at it’s angry head.
“It’s lovely to see you again, Father,” I gulp and he starts laughing.
I wince from the power of it.
He is unlike any Archangel.

I remember Guzza then.
Guzza said he loves me… like the devil loves me.
He said.
Love his wings.
Learn to love his wings.

I didn’t have faith in Guzza before – when I should have. Now, I decide to take his aid.
Out of every face flying through my mind, Guzza is the one that remains there, protective and truthful to my heart.

I look up and I stare at Lucifer’s phantom wings, so large and powerful.
I quickly hold my trembling hands behind my back and I let my gaze linger on Luci’s wings before I look up into the super massive black hole that represented his distinct gaze.
“You have something to say, looking at me like that?” Lucifer tilts his head, curious, but also relaxed since he has me now for eternity, every 7th day.
“I just wanted to say,” I whisper it, so quietly the words almost get choked up along the way, “You have beautiful…” I gulp, “Wings.”
Lucifer’s handsome face, sculpted in the heavens – drains of all emotion and I see a hint of irritation, just a lil’ big reaction… I gulp and await his answer.
“What are you talking about, my sweet heart?” Lucifer answers me, without breaking my gaze, he remains stoic.
The truth in that statement bothers me.
“They’re beautiful,” I shake my head, in wonderment, “Father –”
“What wings?” Lucifer cuts me off with a snarl.
“But- they’re right there, phantom black wings,” …phantom wings.
I shut my mouth, realising he can’t see them.
Lucifer’s brows crease.
I’ve managed to shock the devil. But also myself.

“I think I’m the only one who can see them, I-I see them, Lucifer,” I blurt, before he mistakes me for trying to insult him.
“…I know you do,” Lucifer murmurs, the lie, half-heartedly, but he refuses to admit he didn’t know.
In that moment I see a hint of vulnerability. And a bit of sadness.
It strikes through his blazing eyes and they turn more amber than yellow.
I don’t want him to see that part of me, that may deceive him… so I change the subject.
“What now, Father?” I ask, quietly, “Will you defile me?”
“Aw. You ask so politely, when there is no need to ask, I’ll take what is mine when I require,” Lucifer keeps furrowing his brows, holding out a hand for me to take. I slip my fingers through his and he takes me from the pool, “Even though you disappoint me, I wish to fuck you with a view of my domain in my chambers – I think you’ll enjoy it. But first I wish to ask you a question. Who told you to insult me? My brother, Gabriel?” I say nothing. Lucifer’s eyes burn bright as he turns to me, “Who?
“I told you the truth. Why are you afraid of the truth?” I ask, before I can take it back.
“The truth burns, baby. The truth burns wings silver and white,” Lucifer mentions, “Living as an Archangel is constant pain and burden. I am not scared of truth. I don’t believe in it.”

“Archangels feel pain, Ivy, all the time.”


“Didn’t you know that?” Lucifer turns and looks me over once, a solemn look in his eye, “No, I guess you didn’t. You should feel shame for that. Your Father disapproves of your naivety.”
“I cannot know what I do not know,” I hiss it a bit, feeling defensive.
“I thought it was obvious,” Lucifer smirks a bit, “I shall apologise, Ivy…”
“For what?”
“For what I’m about to do to you. A Father needs his respite. I wish to talk but your face is too beautiful to ignore a brutal shaft being plunged through those lips… do you even know why I want you here with me?”

“Um,” I try not to scowl in disgust, “…a Father wants to ruin his daughter by rutting her?”
“You make it sound abhorred, when sex is the greatest show of charm, and I own you, Ivy,” Lucifer’s hand squeezes mine, “I own your soul.”
But that’s where you’re wrong.
I jerk my hand out of Lucifer’s and with the wing he says he doesn’t have, he pushes it into my back to keep me walking at his side, curling it around my shoulder.
“Any objections?” Luci murmurs, excited for my defiant response.
“More than you’d know,” I growl it back.
“Then it is time for me to teach you a lesson, daughter.”
“What is that?”
“In hell, you are my bride.”
“For what purpose?”

“Every bride’s purpose. To please her Master.”
“I have no Master,” except Gabriel.
“I smell a lie, Ivy… I hate lies.”
“I am in love with Gabriel,” as I say his name, I feel his strong presence, flooding me… comforting me, guarding me… I also feel the glare of the devil.
Lucifer stands back and gazes on at me with a superiority complex, waiting for me to pass the last turn.
I feel he detests me, while lusting for me at the same time.
We’ve walked past red rock, up a steep corridor until we reach the top and the arch way.
Now I enter his chamber with my head bowed, my hands wrangled together in a nervous strain.
When I lift my head, instead of taking in the outlay of a hellion’s sex chamber, my heart lurches with joy – but also panic.
What are you doing here?” I blurt at Guzza, as he sits on an open balcony to the red sky, his burning silver wings are bright and wide arching, steading himself as he munches into a red apple.
“You said my name, Ivy,” Gabriel winks, as I’m frozen in Lucifer’s chamber, as the devil himself walks up to stand flush behind me, grabbing my arms and lifting them up.
“I could give her wings,” Lucifer talks over my head, but then he scoffs, “…never.”

Gabriel shrugs a shoulder, “Luci?”
“Yes?” Lucifer is quite relaxed with a holy Archangel in his domain, in his literal place of rest.
“She loves me, it is truth,” Gabriel warns me off, I think.
“I know,” Lucifer snarls and Gabriel chuckles, biting into that apple again and winking at me.
“What are you doing here?” I ask Guz on repeat, still shell shocked.
“I can go where I like, He granted me that power to enter hell’s domain,” Gabriel nods at me, “Lucifer can’t outmatch me. We’re equals. So, we made a deal.”
“You’re here to protect me?” I ask, Gabriel, who is smiling with utter confidence.
“Mmmm, of course, you’re my charge,” Gabriel finishes the apple and throws away the core behind his back.
“Oh?” I whisper, while Lucifer chuckles, “What does Luci get?”
That was the real question.
“He wanted me to taste the Forsaken Fruit,” Gabriel shrugs, “Don’t worry, Ivy, I know how to resist the temptation it brings. My will isn’t that of mortals.”
“What if you don’t resist?” I hiss at Gabriel, I can’t believe he’s risking his entire honour and holy grace to simply keep an eye on me, to remain my guardian angel… is he just stupid or brave? “Guz, oh Gabriel, what if you did the worst thing possible?”
“You have faith in me, sweetheart, believe in me, it lifts me up,” Gabriel is very confident, and Lucifer behind me?
I check to see him eyeing his brother with a neutral set of eyes.
“What happens if he doesn’t resist, Father?” I ask Lucifer, who pulls on my hair tighter and leans down to kiss my forehead – showing me the image he desires of what might occur.
I close my eyes and I see the future.
I see a flash of red, a palace throne room, a goblet of never ending gushing wine, Lucifer on one end, eating apples ravenously, but he’s smiling and joking, washing it down with wine. On the other end of the table, Gabriel’s wings are now an Ora’s obsidian, the feathers gleam from petrified silver flame, and his mess of brown hair grows longer and abandoned, but his frame still matches Lucifer, his power still equal. His eyes are now phantom black. Just black. No red super nova, no silver flame. As he also downs the wine. I sit under the table, in a cage, like a beloved pet, covered in jewels and chains, with my ankles chained with heavy weights so I cannot run or move very much.
They speak of the coming Ashfall.
Guzza kicks a felled bone across the floor, through my cage, and I reach down to pick the meat from the bone, while snarling something up at him. I call him Gabriel, and he squats swift and violent, eyes furious as he fires back at me, something menacing and abhorrent.
I jerk back from Gabriel and my hand flashes with threatening light, he glares at it and slowly stands, weary of its burn.
I finally return to the present.
I glare up into Lucifer’s eyes with terror and he smiles and kisses my head a second time, shoving me forward.
I keep to my feet and I glance up at Gabriel, my arms crossed over my chest, my eyes leaking tears of fear for his future, for our future.

You shouldn’t be here,” I gasp.
“You’re my charge, Ivy,” Gabriel launches from the balcony and suddenly kneels in front of me, getting a scoff out of Lucifer as he also kisses my forehead and then my lips, murmuring against them, “I will always be here to protect you.”
█▀▀▄ █▀▀█ █▀▀ █▀▀█ █░█
█▀▀▄ █▄▄▀ █▀▀ █▄▄█ █▀▄
▀▀▀░ ▀░▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀░░▀ ▀░▀

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