Blas Archangels: ASHWINGS (Complete, 28 Chapters) – C. Swallow

Ashwings -6- Eternal Wait
I wake up quite suddenly in a bath, jerked from a total depth of unconsciousness to consciousness like I was just tugged up with a rope. I awaken to a soft scent that filters into my nose of light gardenia. It’s pleasant and it mixes into a whiff of smoke from a nearby candle. When I open my eyes fully, I see I’m surrounded by a large bedchamber and two girls lounging on a love seat, clinking champagne glasses and chatting lightly.
“…to another day of pure boredom…” Alexios sighs.
“…to another day of eternal wondering,” December and her friend clink glasses and take a sip.
“…to the sky we can’t touch…” Alexios murmurs.
“…to the blue of our blood, that drives them wild…” December and Alexios clink glasses again, take another sip, and then start the game a third time. God knows how many times they’d done this already.
“…to your ears…” Alexios raises an eyebrow.
“…to your mouth…” December laughs and they take a whole swing of the glasses then go to grab the champagne bottle set on the stool, together, grabbing the neck of it at the same time.
“Um, hi again?” I whisper to the two girls, who are draped in white togas.
December of the brown long braids, turns to me with a relieved smile and Alexios takes the bottle while she has the chance, drinking straight from it.
She gulps it all down and burps, lying across the pink love seat and sighing loudly.
“Welcome to hell, little lovey,” Alexios murmurs to herself, staring at the ceiling.
“Ignore her,” December jumps to her feet and waltzes over to the tub, holding her hands behind her back she watches my expression, wondering if I’ll start screaming bloody murder after what I had been through, “…you okay, girl?”
“I’m fine, I think,” I shrug.
“You healed,” December nods, “We all do. It’s in our blood… and the ash of their wings,” she winks and turns, sitting on the edge of the tub, crossing her arms over her chest and glaring at Alexios, “Don’t be rude to our new friend!”
“It’s hell, what else is it? Time goes so slow it feels like an eternity every single day, from dawn, to dusk…” Alexios is husky with regret.
“So, the Lavent Ashwing is hell then, truly?” I ask, only to have December look at me over her shoulder and shake her head.
“Oh, no, little lovey, it’s either or,” she considers her next words carefully, “…once you’re done bathing… get up, get dressed in whatever you like and explore. You’ll be safe enough.”
“Safe enough?” I ask, gulping.
“It’s not our property,” Alexios calls out from the couch, “…they can kill us, fuck us, enslave us, chain us, whip us, ignore us!” Alexios yells the last one out dramatically, sounding far more annoyed by the prospect of being forgotten.
“Attention whore,” December pffts at her friend and they try to fight with a glare each but they both seem unable to keep it up for long. They’ve no will to fight.

December stands and waltzes back over to Alexios, collapsing in a heap on the other side of the love seat once more. They seem rather defeated by everything for now.
They’re both in the breeze of an open window, while the rest of the room is one big bedchamber, with three beds, four posters, and large dressers lining the walls. It felt like a communal princess room. Pastel pinks and greens seemed to be the tone.
“So, am I stuck here forever?” I ask, leaning forward in the bath and looking at the flame of the candle on a stool next to me, licking higher than most flames should.
“Oh, yes,” December murmurs, “Welcome to heaven –”
“Pure hell,” Alexios jumps in.
“It’s better when they’re focused on us, makes the time pass quicker,” December explains.
“Pass quicker to what, December? More periods of being ignored, so that eternity can’t feel any longer…? We will never die unless we’re granted Final Death and Valentine is too much of an ass to ever be generous and kill us if we ask for it. He’ll keep us around forever so we suffer eternally. The cruel… cruel Blas Archangels of Lavent Ashwing… oh, how I judge them and their whims…” Alexios could be singing a song she is so certain of her words, as if she’s spoken them a thousand times.
“I’m confused, what exactly happens here?” I ask, “Besides how I was… humiliated… and taken by those angels who punished me.”
“Myron and Guzza?” December straightens her back, fluttering her eye lids, “Which one made you cum harder?”
“Oh, shut up,” Alexios closes her eyes, “…sleep… take me away from this place…”
“You must understand my best friend Alexy,” December explains while speaking to me, “She practices being ungrateful to annoy Valentine to the extreme. We are bound here forever so we’ve made it our goal to make it as much of a punishment for him as it is for us.”

“You don’t like Valentine, do you?” I ask.
“Oh, sweet lovely,” Alexios turns to me, shaking her head, “Pray you never fall victim to his attention… he’ll ruin you. Well, any of the Blas Archangels would.”
“How?” I ask.
December holds up her hand to silence Alexios.
“Some things are better learnt than simply heard,” December scolds Alexios while advising me, “Little lovely, what is your name?”
“Like I tried to say, Ivy, welcome to heav-”
“Stop interrupting me, Alexy!” December throws a pillow at Alexios and they growl at each other while I feel a shadow appear in the door way before I see it.
Without thinking a moment longer, I promptly close my eyes and pretend to sleep.
I am terrified by the shape of that shadow; wings.
The girls go quiet as the angel enters the room.
“Is she still out?” Myron rumbles.
“My dearest bird man,” Alexios lowers her tone, adding in sultry after notes, “…you have been ignoring our pleas about easing the boredom…”
“That’s not what I asked,” Myron is short and not amused.
“She’s… out, yes,” December speaks of me, “Can you not see?”

“You’re both to roam, now,” Myron snaps.
“Now? Why?!” Alexios pleads.

“Do as you’re told and do not tempt the disciplinary in me, little lamb –”
“We roam then,” Alexios stands and so does December.
“We bore of oxygen, Myron,” December snaps as they pass him, leaving him where he is.
I pretend to breathe normal, but it’s hard when I feel him standing there, staring.
I feel my heart pulse and warm and my eyes open on instinct.
With a turn of my head I see three pairs of eyes on me.
Myron stands at the forefront, with Valentine and Guzza behind him, looking in from the door way.
The way they all gaze at me is utterly intimidating.
I sink into the water until it covers my mouth and I watch as they enter the room, overlooking the perfect princess bedchamber.
They look over me briefly and then promptly turn their backs to me as they gaze at the room’s furniture… right before they start searching, violently…
I watch in confusion as each angel flips beds and couches, looking for something.
Even though they all know I’m awake now, they don’t speak of me or at me.

“Nothing,” Myron snarls, turning to Guzza, “Brother?” Guzza doesn’t speak, he just tilts his head in a no.
“Bitches of hell,” Valentine picks up a pink nightgown that says Alexios, woven in, and he somehow sets it on fire without even speaking, watching it burn up in his palm, “I’d put them in confinement but they’d only enjoy it.”
“They haven’t shed proper tears of pain in many weeks,” Myron murmurs, “I do miss it…”
“Sometimes I would consider more…” Valentine growls, “December’s family is full of sin, I’d slit their throats just to see her weep in true regret –”
“Don’t break her, Valentine,” Myron scolds.
“Or I’d set a Final Death for Alexios, just to see December’s face,” Valentine raises a brow and Guzza snarls, without words.
“No,” Myron speaks for Guzza, “We’ve ignored them for long enough. Tonight, we should feast, they as our dessert. We have three now, after all… one for each…”
I watch in fear as each pair of eyes turn to focus on me, and their wings arc a little in focused attention.
Suddenly, I can’t remember how to breathe.
Myron is confident in wracking me over with his gaze, as is Guzza, but Valentine merely hangs back as if he’s too good to give me that kind of attention for longer than a secondary glance.
Not that I wanted it.
Not that I craved it.
Why was I even thinking about it?
“Are you dissatisfied with your welcome, slave?” Myron asks, “…speak.”
I raise my mouth out of the water and I exhale shakily.
“I don’t know,” I whisper.
“So shy,” Myron points out, needlessly.
“Don’t pretend your innocence,” Valentine speaks above Myron, finally settling his nebulic eyes over to mine as he turns, slowly, “…you’re an Ashwing whore now, Ivy. Be blessed.”
“But why did you force me when I crossed over?” I ask, to all of them.
“You know why, yet you dare question your masters?” Myron asks.
“No,” I whisper.
“You dare lie, as well, then?” Myron is forcing on a punishable tone, but his eyes twinkle with amusement, because he’s playing with my emotions on purpose.
“Enough,” Valentine puts a hand on Myron’s shoulder, “She’ll be left to roam,” Valentine meets my gaze, “You may come to me for whatever needs you require. Simply ask, Ivy.”
“Lenience?” Myron murmurs.
“An invitation,” Valentine keeps staring at me and it’s making me uncomfortable, “…to the feast.”
Myron slowly grins, as does Guzza.
“I can taste their tears already, Valentine,” Myron turns and stalks his way out of the room.
Guzza glares at me and exits second.
Valentine flutters his wings and doesn’t shift expression from total focus.
“You scared, blue blood?” he asks, monotone.
“Should I be?” I squeak.
Valentine lazily looks at the door, eventually turning with a tilt to his lips, waltzing out while deep in inner thought. He doesn’t delight me with a reply, an answer of any kind, not even a final glance or farewell.
I guess that was more of a yes to my question.
Because it certainly wasn’t a no. And it does the trick. My heart pulses violently, with both anticipation and utter terror of the unknown.
█▀▀▄ █▀▀█ █▀▀ █▀▀█ █░█
█▀▀▄ █▄▄▀ █▀▀ █▄▄█ █▀▄
▀▀▀░ ▀░▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀░░▀ ▀░▀

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